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Package Quality: 3.0

Price: $$$$


on 6/13/2010 6:31:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Other, Warm

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

Although I do like this, I probably would not purchase again after using the bottle. The sakura in this and also Hana-Sakura, which was a LE produced only for the Shiseido VIP club in Japan, smells to me of a light lily. It has a powderiness, a slight musk that is quintessentially Japanese, wears close to the skin- and instead of evoking a pink, powdery blossom with a cute, open face (as the stylized Japanese drawings of sakura suggest to my mind), this is more realistic, very very light scent, and evokes the image in my mind of pure, white flowers.

There are many different varieties of cherry blossoms, so the perfume versions I have very well could be the of the white variety. However, I really prefer the richer, stronger (perhaps Western) smell of the sakura note in Kenzo Amour. This note is a stronger, almost more ripe/ juicy scent, the powder is more voluptuous, enticing, creamier, enveloping. The Japanese market sakura scents I have sampled, by Kanebo and Shiseido wear very close to the skin, and for this reason, disappoint me. I don't know what I was expecting purchasing these, they are -japanese- fragrances, and this country, admittedly, does not smell like anything. No one wears perfume. The most noticeable smell while I was there was cigarette smoke, as everyone is allowed to smoke in any restaurant they want. Once I had to talk trash about them being careless of children's health to get a businessman to stop smoking sitting next to my daughter. =0p

As much as I absolutely love the concept of these fragrances, very minimalist, these fragrances have absolutely no sillage. They are very feminine, pretty scents, but I believe they could be enriched by being highlighted to be -slightly- stronger. The cherry blossom is practically begging in my mind to become Francofied!! (And no, not strewn Guerlainified into some tea with a side of lemon, thanks for trying!) A french/japanese mix.... bigger, lighter eyes and hair: enticing. Although, as a side note, Un Lys really did smell bad on me while in Japan. The vanilla was over-vanillic, and the obviousness of the fragrance itself made it smell department-store too sweet!!! When I returned to the U.S., (maybe because of the diet) it smelled back to its wonderful self again..... and balanced with the lily well. Very interesting.

Nioi Sakura, to my nose, is a very light, floral fragrance, which smells distinctly white floral to my nose. It focuses on the realistic, actual smell of the white cherry blossom, in spring air-- fresh, notably powdery (but NOT creamy), feminine, and so light as to be almost nonexistent. The musk in the drydown is a very subtle skin scent. It smells like the goldeny liquid elixir of Zen Pearl.

The cherry blossom, in general, could use a major east-meets-west revamping; it could be made into a pink, powdery sakura blossom, cute, yet strong enough to be noticed, perhaps the child-woman/hidden seductress type, slightly manga-like over-endowments, yet subtle, iconic, with a good deal more sexy skin musk.
I can honestly smell this in my mind.

If that were to one day exist, it would be -LOVE- love love, until then...... I will be waiting.... ;)

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