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Treatments (Face) - Galderma - Epiduo (aka Tactuo in Canada)

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rated 4 of 5 on 7/30/2014 2:07:00 AM More reviews by anniknicole

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

I was prescribed this by my doctor and am I glad she did! Wash my face at night, put this on my acne spots, then a moisturizer and off to bed. When I woke up in the morning I noticed the acne spots were smaller if not gone! Warning though, only put this on the spots you need it, it is very drying so make sure you have a good moisturizer to go along with it.

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rated 5 of 5 on 7/30/2014 1:17:00 AM More reviews by rg1101

Age: 25-29 Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

This was by far the best product I could have used for my acne. I started breaking out 6 months ago with adult acne and tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. I was the girl that always had great skin growing up and never dealt with acne. People were coming up to me all the time asking what happened to my skin and how my acne got so bad which was very hard to hear. After struggling for 4 months, that's when I decided to see a dermatologist and he prescribed me Tactuo and it changed my life. I had my engagement party coming up so I was desperate for fast results.

I started off using this gel and I did what others recommended not doing which was using this all over my face. Of course it tried out my face and made it look like it was sunburnt for the first few weeks but I committed to it for 4 weeks as it said that is when you would start to see results within 4-8 weeks. 4 weeks of excessive dry skin and barely being able to wear makeup.

I am 6 weeks in and all my acne has cleared up and the best thing is that my blemishes are also clearing up. Yes this product hurts your skin at first and your skin is super dry and flaky but I chose not give up on it because I was seeing fast results. Use a good moisturizer and always use sunscreen.

My routine was I bought the Clarisonic brush and used clean and clear continuous control acne face wash every night with my Clarisonic brush. This cleanser was pretty strong because it had salicylic acid and I have read people saying to use a gentle cleanser but this product worked great for me. I would then use rose water toner every night after cleansing and then apply the Tactuo gel all over my face and keep it on all night. In the morning I would use vitamin E gel, sun screen and Vaseline lotion and this still kept my skin pretty dry, but after about 4 weeks my skin got used to it.

I am down to no acne in week 6 and still continue to use Tactuo every night so the acne does not come back. This routine may not work for everyone and may be too harsh for your skin, but this is what worked for me, so only do what you're skin can handle.

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rated 4 of 5 on 7/20/2014 11:53:00 PM More reviews by heyimsabrinaa

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium Eyes: Brown

Been on epiduo for about a year now...awesome results! Firstly let me tell you it takes awhile to see results but when and if they show they are worth the wait. Definitely has helped clear up my acne. Not the perfect rating though based on the fact that this stuff is pretty drying...I would say this product has changed my skin from combination to dry, even perhaps made it more sensitive. My advice with using this product is LESS CAN BE MORE. Talking from personal experience here putting on too much of this can equal some horrible burning skin, lightly apply to areas where needed and be patient with results. And for people with likewise skin...MOISTURIZE!
Good luck x.

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rated 5 of 5 on 7/12/2014 2:47:00 AM More reviews by bAybeeTRAN

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

An absolute life saver. I've tried just about everything to remedy my progressively worsening moderate acne. I've tried everything ranging from: salicylic acid, mario badescu products (drying lotion, cream, mask), snail gel/cream, snail/bee venom cream, tea tree oil.. all of which were a waste of money and did nothing but make my acne even worse. Finally as an act of desperate I finally made an appointment with my doctor and explained to her my situation. She prescribed Tactuo and I haven't looked back since.

The first 3 months of using Tactuo were absolute hell. Tactuo burned my skin, and made it extremely sensitive. To make thing worse, my skin would get raw and flaky the next day which made it impossible to put on makeup. To top things off, my skin purged and went bezerk with new acne for those 3 months. There wasn't a moment where I didn't have at least 5 active pimples on my cheeks/forehead/chin. I've never experienced so much acne in my life, and my confidence went downhill. I was determined to stick with it, and thank goodness I did.

By the 4th month, this was when things began to look better, and I stopped breaking out as much as before. It was an amazing feeling to finally wake up without finding a new pimple. All that was left to worry about was my acne scars. Since Tactuo contains adalpalene, which is an retinoid, this helps promote collagen production and cell renewal. This helps reduce and heal acne scars.

It's been 5 months since I've first started Tactuo and although I still have leftover acne scars that are slowly healing, my skin is an absolute 180 change. I've completely stopped breaking out except for when I'm nearing my period, or when I drink a bit too much alcohol. The pimples I do get now are tiny and disappear within 2 days at most.

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing mild-moderate acne. Although the first few weeks/months are discouraging please, please, please, stick to it for at least 12 weeks because that is when the product really begins to work. Even when your skin is initially red, irritated, and flaking off, just keep in mind that the results are worth it!

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rated 4 of 5 on 7/9/2014 1:10:00 AM More reviews by jenmac24

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

I always get the odd pimple here and there (usually around my chin area) but have never suffered from acne. I am 20 years old and literally overnight all these under the skin bumps had formed on my forehead. They were everywhere. Although in darker settings they could not be seen they looked horrible in brighter setting - especially in the sunlight! I went to my doctor and he said it was a mild form of acne. He perscriped me tactuo. After about 4 days of using this cream every night all the bumps disappeared! It did make my skin a bit red and quite itchy but it is definitely better than the bumps! My skin is quite rough feeling but looks 100 times better! I will probably start applying the cream every 2 days, then 3 days etc. This stuff is fast acting and really did work for me! However, I am not sure how it would work for people with more severe acne.

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rated 1 of 5 on 7/7/2014 9:04:00 PM More reviews by Sophiewharton1994

Age: 19-24 Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

This stuff has been the devil to me. I want to stick it out so bad but don't know if I can. I've had ITCHY, RED, RASHES, SWOLLEN EYE, CRACKED PAINFUL SKIN please read on. Ever since I was 10 and my hormones kicked in I've had acne. I don't get cystic acne thank god but it's always been moderate, I've always had pimples on my face and never found any cleansers/slincare routine To even slightly help my acne. They would turn into big scabs regardless if I picked at then or not. Some stay on my face for up to 4 months. I'm terribly oily and now I realise after having a go at this how sensitive i am. I've used benzoyl peroxide once a few years ago which only made my chin flakey and dry out and my face went slightly red from it. So I had some idea on what to expect when my doctor prescribed this.

Let me just say I ONLY applied this on cheeks and below and along my jawline. I don't really get acne on my chin nor forehead or nose.

WEEK 1 all good no big changes in my skin whatsoever.
WEEK 2 I started to get dry and flakey on my chin. Goes to show how STRONG this stuff actually is as I never applied to my chin. Towards the end of week 3 I also started to notice a little bit of dryness on my eyelids but nothing alarming.
WEEK 3 into WEEK 4 - THE WORST WEEK dryness on chin continued At the start then my skin started to get really itchy also. Had a lot of difficulties sleeping. I was itchy around my eyebrows and cheeks. As soon as my face hits warm water I literally wanna scratch my face off. It was Friday night I washed my face as normal looked in the mirror and was shocked. Around my temples and cheeks was all bumpy. Not pimply bumpy but like rash bumpy. I didn't apply that night cause I thought a rash on my face couldn't be a normal side affect. Rolled on Saturday my face became incredible red and painful like sunburn. It stung putting everything even moisturiser on. Was really difficult to speak as my chin was that dry. Sunday was the same. My face was just that irritated that all day (crisp,dry,cracked,itchy,red and painful)I had the bare with the pain of slathering moisturiser on because once the stung went away I could actually get a moment of no pain.
Then came Monday. I had to leave the house for work so I put makeup on which just made my skin look terrible. At this point I still hadn't applied the epiduo since Thursday night. I took my makeup off. Itchy as hell. Then I noticed my eyelids were different. A little puffy and dry on my left and both incredible itchy and red. I woke up in the middle of the night again unable to sleep and looked in the mirror. My whole left eyelid was completely swollen!! Definitely feel I've had a terrible reaction to this. My face is still incredibly sore and itchy now my huge eye tops it off. My doctor has given me a cream to apply hopefully it goes down. For now I'm discontinuing my use. My skin has never been so terrible. I know there is meant to be an initial breakout but I think this had gone next level on my face. I'm gonna let my skin heal from all of this then perhaps start again. But I will only apply 2/3 a week so my skin can ease into it and not blowup like is has.

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rated 5 of 5 on 6/30/2014 11:05:00 PM More reviews by WaywardDaughter

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Normal, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I have had mild to moderate acne for a couple years now, and have tried a lot of things to achieve nice skin. From herbal remedies to drugstore facewashes and creams, nothing seemed to make much of a difference. I decided I wanted good skin badly enough to go to the doctor and see what prescription I could acquire. I received bcp and after and a couple topical products that destroyed my skin (redness and flaking, super sensitive and painful), I was prescribed Tactuo. After about a month of Tactuo and bcp, my acne started to disappear. My skin did not get nearly as flaky or red as with the other prescribed topical products. I also started on a milder, PH balanced facewash called Cetaphil which has assisted in keeping my face relatively clear. Now all I have to do is wait for the scars to disappear and my wish for clear skin will be fulfilled!

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rated 5 of 5 on 6/30/2014 8:23:00 PM More reviews by Brooke489

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

Amazing!! Takes a while to see results tho

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rated 4 of 5 on 6/23/2014 9:31:00 AM More reviews by beautycravings101

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

Before I used this, I had a pizza face. I had whiteheads, blackheads,cystic/Blind pimples, comedonal acne (bumpy skin coloured acne) on my cheeks, you know all those lovely things you get when you reach PUBERTY :/. DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS PRODUCT! It will be hell for the first 2-3 weeks, but after that it'll just be awesome. At 6 months of usage, my skin was porcelain smooth and I was completely pimple free. I had a radiant and youthful skin, thanks to this.

After that period, I stopped using it. As I didnt want to get used to this product and rely on it everytime I had a breakout. After 6 months of being Epiduo free, my acne came back, stronger and angrier. I tried it again for 3 months, however it didnt give me the same result as I did the first time. :( I still got the radiant and youthful skin however the comedonal acne on my cheeks were still there, but only a small amount of them.

Now im using Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask (rapid/visibly clear) and eskinol+clyndamycin toner, with less the price, it gave me the same result, I had radiant glowy skin. With just minor acne. Like TINY SPOTS. So thats good enough for me, no ones perfect so who cares?

Look into eskinol and clyndamycin toner, cuz URGE you guys to try it! But use a gentle cleanser, because the toner is a bit drying :) Mositurizer is optional, if u look like u need it, then use it. :)

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rated 5 of 5 on 5/21/2014 7:47:00 AM More reviews by adriannee

Age: 18 & Under Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Hazel

Don't know what I'd do without this! My skin used to constantly break out, it was so awful and I even had several rude, ignorant people (and my grandma) ask what was wrong with my face and if I'd been attacked by wasps. After a few months on epiduo my cheeks had completely cleared up, and since then my skin had gotten so much better acne-wise. I've been on it for 2 years now and I honestly don't know what I'd do without it, I only get the odd pimple that aren't even noticeable unless I irritate them. Unfortunately as far as I can tell, this does nothing for pimples caused by hormones :(
Would really really really recommend this. clear skin does wonders for self confidence

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