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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$$



Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Other

Short story: HG for congested pore sufferers. Not an acne or wrinkle solution.

Thank you, MUA, thank you. It took me days to get through the then-619 reviews on this brush and convinced me to buy it.

This is an HG product for me. I have very congested skin, it's oily and has a super-high skin cell turnover that helps blemishes heal fast but means that it's a constant losing battle to try to keep my skin exfoliated enough to be clean. My overall skin health improved when I started using Eminence products 5 years ago, but I continued to have massive blackheads and since I moved to the desert (we have frequent dust storms) my super oily skin has become even more congested and clogged- nearly EVERY pore on my skin is clogged, it's beyond disgusting. Nothing was making a dent in de-congesting it, and I couldn't use moisturizers without my skin breaking out, so I was fast developing hardcore wrinkles from sun damage despite my attempts to stay indoors and wear hats when I was out. I started to get dry patches in addition to being super oily, but any attempts to moisturize my skin resulted in MORE clogged pores, MORE blackeads, MORE blemishes. And now wrinkles, ugh.

I bought the Mia about 3 weeks ago because I wasn't willing to risk the $225 for the Plus brush. I've just upgraded from the Mia to the Plus because I love it so much.

Firstly, you WILL purge, especially if you have hyper-clogged skin like mine. Instead of despairing, I was ecstatic over each new blemish because they were all long-time clogged pore residents that had been defying all other attempts to get rid of them. I'm still purging 3 weeks later, and will probably continue to do so for about 6 months at least before they are all gone. The first week or so was a more intense purge, so don't despair if you break out at first. You WANT your skin to get rid of the junk that was lurking below the surface.

My nose was absolutely covered in blackheads and while they are not gone, they are lighter, my pores are smaller, and it's easier to do extractions. My skin has lost the dull, desiccated look and is developing a beautiful roses-and-cream glow that means all I need is a little mineral concealer and my skin is ready to go. I've honestly had moments of "my skin feels like a million bucks!" in the morning after using it. I regret not having this years ago. My skin is so soft and smooth, and is slowly loosing that sand-textured feel as my pores loosen and clear.

It will not be immediate. It isn't a magic bullet, it's just a super-efficient cleanser. Do not expect it to stop acne that isn't due to congestion, or for it to fill in wrinkles. It will definitely help, especially if your skin tends to react badly to products like mine does. Here's some key observations:

- It will intensify any product you use by 2x. **This means most cleansers are now too harsh to be used!!**

- I can use moisturizers now because they are no longer clogging my pores and causing breakouts

-Less product needed, whether cleansing, treating, or moisturizing, so my Eminence budget just doubled or TRIPLED because I need so much less product. Saves big $$$

-Moisturizers are more effective on wrinkles, skin tone, etc. as they are penetrating more deeply into my skin.

-Skin is no longer oily in the t-zone and no more dry patches, moisturizers are keeping skin balanced and hydrated all day

-Less makeup needed, also saving considerable $$$ and therefore fewer makeup-triggered breakouts

Please be warned about the cleansers being intensified as well as your moisturizers. It's easy to think that the brush is being too harsh on your skin, but it's probably the combination of your old cleanser and the brush being too much. You no longer need your cleaners to CLEANSE, ironically, because the brush is now cleaning your skin via agitation. You only need the cleansers to lubricate the passage of the brush over your skin and to soften dirt, oil, and makeup so it can be removed by the brush.

I actually bought a slew of samples for different cleansers and moisturizers, and the brush reduces my need for product so much that a single sample will last me a week or more. Be warned that you may have to completely overhaul your skin products, because my skin totally changed with the addition of the brush and will no longer tolerate the cleansers I used to use (except the Stone Crop Gel wash) and is now thirsty for moisturizers. Be willing to switch up your products if the brush isn't working for you, especially if your skin feels too dry or feels raw.

As I said, I loved the Mia so much that I just upgraded it to the Plus so I could have the 2 minute setting, additional speeds, and body brush. If it's done so well decongesting my face, I can't wait to attack my décolletage. If you can afford the Plus, I would go for it, but the Mia works great for the face.

I bought mine from because I wanted the points and the return policy; I'd recommend resisting ebay to save a few bucks and go with somewhere that has a return policy and good warranty, so you can return it if you don't like it.

I cannot live without this brush; the two cleanings I missed while waiting for the Plus to charge showed how much of a difference it makes. Go get one, you won't regret it!

I'll do an update in 6 months as well.

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Age: Unknown

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Black, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Before I own a Clarisonic [Mia], I was using the Pretika (check out my reviews). Basically the Pretika does the same thing that the Clarisonic does, for me at least, so I am not wowed by the Mia as of right now. I have to say though that the brush that came with my Mia was INCREDIBLY soft!!! A LOT softer than the brush on the Pretika, and for that..I do like the Mia. Now, today is my 8th day of usage, and my acne are healing. Before the Mia, I had no pimples, just some acne scars here and there, but when I started using the Mia, I broke out, BADLY. I wanted to cry and kick myself over and over again for even buying into the hype and trying out the Mia. I almost gave up after the 4th day but I noticed that the blackheads on my nose and around it is clearing, so I kept through with it. Now it's the 8th day, and the pimples are healing, I guess I purged, so..I'll see what happens after this and will be back to update along the way.
Price: I paid $111.75 for mine, at, free shipping, and it arrived 2 days after I placed my order. Just use code "ebay" when checking out and you get the discount.
~~~EDIT: 03/19/10~~~13th day/use: My pimples and dry flakes are healing, but I'm still getting white heads here and there..also, the blackheads that are on my cheeks (near my nose) are beginning to disappear. I'm currently using two cycles a night. 20 secs each on both cheeks, 20 secs. on chin/above lips, 20 secs. on nose, and 40 secs. on forehead. I think I'm over doing it, so I will cut back on those times in half.
~~~EDIT: 03/25/10~~~19th day/use: My skin is clearing up and looking smooth. Less blackheads and pores are looking smaller. and OMG!!! My skin is glowing!!! I thought that my skin was okay before, but I just realized how dull it use to be before using the Clarisonic!!! It glows!!! soooooo beautiful!!! I just realize it last night and couldn't stop admiring my face/skin!!!! I've NEVER had this glow before!!!!!
~~~EDIT: 03/29/10~~~23th day/use: Bumped it up to 5 lippies. No more breakouts!!! And I've been getting compliments on my skin texture!! LOVE it!! I've also been asked what I've been using lately, and this is it!!! Also..acne scars are fading little by little..smaller pores..and very little blackheads, so little that I can actually count it!!! (I'm only using one cycle a night..about 10 seconds on each area.)
~~~EDIT: 04/09/10~~~
34th day/use: So, I've been using this for a little over a month now..and recently I've been lazy and haven't been wearing make up, just moisturizer and sunscreen; and I've been getting compliments on how smooth my skin looks and how glowy it is!!! Some even asked for my skincare regimen!!! I REALLY REALLY love this product!! it makes my skin look REALLLY good!!
~~~EDIT: 09/14/10~~~
I went on a little vacation last week, and forgot to pack my brush head back, so I had to order a new one from Ebay (for $11.75), and is now waiting for it. At this time, I haven't been using the Mia for about a week now, and I've noticed that my skin is becoming a little dull. It doesn't have the glow that I had when I was using the Mia. Can't wait till the brush head comes!!!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Green

Lets just say I was one of the biggest skeptics of this product. I don't go along with all the hype I hear just because everyone is talking about it. Many products don't deserve the good reputation they have so I decided to purchase the Mia in Dec 2010 and give it a go and decide for myself. I have never owned one of their toothbrushes either. I had originally planned on purchasing this item and using it religiously for 2x a day for 3 weeks and see if I got good results. The packaging and reciept were huddled up in my closet and ready for a march back to Sephora if it didn't work out for me when the deadline was up. The lady at Sephora said, "we haven't had any returns or problems that I know of." I thought to myself "yeah I'll probably be the first." Well let me cut to the chase: I have had it now for 3 months and I absolutely LOVE MY MIA!! Every day for the first week, my skin was tight, my forehead was shiny and tight...almost like having a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. After the first week, I did think to myself "well this is very expensive product just to get clean skin, I may take this back." By the second week, my acne was completely gone and I think I went the longest I've ever gone without getting a pimple. I noticed how I could clean my face with a washcloth and then use the Mia afterwards, and I would still get makeup residue from foundation still coming off on the bristles. I began to think that maybe it was product still in my pores giving me the pimples the entire time. I get cystic acne and I have been using 65% lactic acid ( for about 2 yrs now which has completely helped my acne but I needed something that would help inbetween treatments. I was a bit afraid to see how my skin would act with the lactic and the Mia at the same time, so by the 3rd week, I was brave enough to try both but I didn't leave the acid on as long as I normally do. Not only does the Mia help with acne in between acid treatments but also with the dry flaky skin I get from time to time from using the acid. My face didn't purge much and I wasn't sure what to expect because I had already had a good skin care regime. I did get just a few TINY regular pimples just for the first week that went away quickly. My MIA is like a miracle to me, I truly have translucent, glowing skin for the first time since I was a kid. I do not take giving good reviews lightly, this product is a sizable investment and I'm not sure I would have sprung for it had I not had a 100 dollar gift card from Sephora but I sure am glad that I did!!

Lets be honest, not every product does everything it claims to and everyone's skin is different. For me the cons: 1) I can't say that its helped with any fine lines or sun spots/freckles. 2) Also, the charger, I mean come cell phone can charge my drained battery a hundred times before my Mia gets one full charge. It takes over 12 hrs to charge and I have never even let it get completely drained yet. I'd rather have some standard charger that charges fast versus a cutesy charger that is unique like this one. 3) I have tiny blackheads on my nose and in my chin fold that no one could see but me and it has not fixed them at all but I think my pores are tighter in those areas so its hard for it to get to, so thats just my experience. 4) Your investment isn't over once you buy the MIA, you have to pay for a replacement head every few months.

Is it worth the cons? I believe...most definitely!! Make your own call though, these are my honest opinions. Email me if you want any other information and good luck!!

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

The Mia works well to deep clean your face once or twice a week (any more would have been way too harsh on my skin), but I could never recommend this product due to its short lifespan and the terrible customer service I received from Clarisonic.

I took excellent care of my Mia, but shortly after my warranty expired, it died. It wouldn't hold a charge and kept pulsing while on the charger. I tried changing outlets, charging an additional 48 hours, and even borrowed a friends charger to see if that was the problem... nothing worked.

When I contacted customer service, all they did was offer a 25% off coupon if I wanted to buy a new one. A Customer Service Supervisor did say that if I had my receipt, he may be able to extend the warranty. The only problem was that my Grandmother had given me this as a gift, and then was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a few months later, then past away a few months after that. So, obviously, I did not have the receipt. My Clarisonic receipt was the last thing I was thinking about during that time, honestly.

I don't have much respect for companies that sell products they don't stand behind. Especially after the CSR told me that my Mia might have been malfunctioning because it "may have got a little water in it." Really? The Clarisonic is supposed to be used with water!

Anyway, I saw online where someone had taken one apart, and it only uses two AA rechargeable batteries (along with a few other cheapo parts). Then they seal it up so you wont be able to repair on your own, and are forced to purchase a new one. Clarisonic says the sealing is to make it waterproof, but I work with engineers who say there are other (way more practical and economical) ways to waterproof a battery powered product.

I feel sad that I'll no longer have this once loved device, but I would never purchase again due to the low quality and poor customer service.

Value Breakdown:
$150 for the Mia
$27 x4 for replacement brush heads
Frequency of use before product died: once weekly for 52 weeks

The Mia ended up costing $4.96 per use. Extremely poor value if you ask me.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Following a sudden acne attack at the age of 30 - and subsequently a massive knock on my self-esteem - I was desperate to try anything that would help with obliterate the huge, painful and rapidly-multiplying pustules on my face. This was the point that I decided to finally succumb to the Clarisonic Mia. I feel obliged at this point to say that many recommend against using anything too aggressive on acned skin as it can increase the likelihood of scarring and/or aggravating your condition; for me, individual pustules were lasting literally for over a week and eventually becoming so inflamed that they would rupture and scar really easily anyway, so I figured I didn't have much to lose.

I had waited for ages for a promotion to get a discount on the Mia, but unfortunately in the UK there are very few stockists to chose from so I ended up paying the full whack (£120). The standard Mia pack I chose came with a sensitive brush head and a UK charger, which is magnetic so it kind of snaps onto the unit. The unit is quite ergonomic in design, and I don't suffer any aggravation from the vibrations. The pack comes with a foaming cleanser, but I am a big fan of my Kiehls Ultra Facial (even though this doesn't foam too much) so I have only used my own product with the Mia. You can use your usual cleanser with this - just bear in mind that foaming cleansers appear to work better, as they work up a great lather. The instructions suggest using twice a day; 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on the forehead and 20 seconds on the nose and chin, using light circular motions. The Mia will automatically turn off after 60 seconds, and will vibrate and flash if it needs charging (I have charged mine twice in a month). The motion is a kind of pulsing rather than rotating; I was expecting something like my electric toothbrush, and was worried about the abrasiveness of the brush, so this was a pleasant surprise. All the same I personally use mine once a day as my skin is pretty sensitive and it gets a bit too red if I use twice a day. My routine basically looks like this; remove makeup with facial wipe; wet skin; wet Mia; add Kiehl's Ultra Facial to brush and rub a little to start a lather (it doesn't foam easily); work to schedule above; rinse skin and Mia; MOISTURISE! Brush heads should be replaced every 3 months. The unit is completely enclosed so can be used in the shower without risk of water seeping in.

There were several issues that I had with my skin at the start of my Mia experience (approx. 1 month ago); oily t-zone; fine lines; dry patches around cheeks and jaw; redness over centre of face/cheeks; blackheads on nose and chin; acne/breakout zones under cheekbones; acne scarring; large pores; general uneven texture. I'll break down my personal experience below in each area.

1) Oily T-Zone. This is one area of massive improvement. My forehead and nose used to be extremely oily; I would now consider them to be "normal". Admittedly part of this may be as a result of the current season; however I have never had a t-zone that has been anything BUT oily, even in winter, before. I noticed an improvement within a week.
2) Fine Lines. I have some fine lines appearing on my forehead and near my nose; I noticed some improvement in this area within a month. My forehead lines are a little deeper and still just about visible, but (touch wood) my naso-labial lines have pretty much gone. I didn't think the Mia would have much impact here, but I definitely see an improvement in the texture of the skin in this area.
3) Dry Patches. Absolutely gone. I think the combination of improving skin texture and allowing product to absorb more easily means that my skin is retaining more of my moisturiser.
4) Redness. Greatly reduced. Considering this was one of my biggest problems, I am really happy about this. It takes less make up to hide my uneven skin tone. I do notice that the skin is a little red after use (I only use this at night) but in the morning my skin looks great.
5) Blackheads. Small improvement, but I still have quite a few. I have had these as long as I can remember, so was not expecting a miracle, but was a bit disappointed here. As another member mentioned I think the shape of the brush makes it tricky to really get at the sides of the nose.
6) Acne breakout. Touch wood - no breakout since use. I had a short period of purging for a couple of days, but nothing since. I did use PanOxyl 2.5% to initially help clear the breakout, but I have not used it since the spots started to shrink, and have had no new breakouts. Wonderful!
7) Acne scarring. No visible change to existing scars.
8) Large pores. Very slight reduction, barely noticeable.
9) Uneven texture. This is one area I was massively impressed with. I had quite bumpy skin on my forehead from my teen years (this was where all my zits congregated) that has never improved. After literally first use I noticed a big improvement in the texture of my forehead. It was ridiculously smooth. Now, after a month, all the rest of my face feels the same way; it literally feels like flawless marble when I rinse off the cleanser (I wish it looked the same way - damn you, scars!). I would not have believed that this could have happened after day one.

In conclusion, I am really happy with my purchase and highly recommend the Mia if you can afford the splurge (for me, the fact that I'm now using less toner and fewer products overall means that this will eventually work out more cost effective anyway!). I am impressed overall with the changes to the texture and appearance of my skin, and, once my scars finally fade, I make even start to go makeupless! I have removed one point for the fact that, although this is now the star of my cleansing routine, it has not completely resolved all of my skin issues. Is there a product that will ever do that? I don't know - but for now, Mia brings me one step closer.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I've been using my pink Mia for a little over a week now. AND I LOVE IT! Previously, I had been using the Shiseido Skincare brush or the Cargo Polishing Cloths. With either of those two products, I felt like my skin was getting clean and I liked both products well enough. BUT... enter Clarisonic. I felt like using a manual brush versus the sonic brush is like the difference between washing your clothes in the sink by merely dunking them in sudsy water a few times and putting them through a front-loader washing machine. Sure, dunking your clothing in sudsy water might get them clean (enough), but having them go a cycle in a good-quality washing machine makes all the difference! That is how I feel about the Clarisonic. Sure, washing your face with cleanser gets your face clean, but using the Clarisonic *makes* your face very clean. And it is NOT harsh or abrasive.

My skin is experiencing a bit of purging right now, but I really don't know if that is due to the Clarisonic (other reviewers have mentioned purging) or due to the fact that I have PCOS and get acne anyway. Regardless, the zits I am getting are going down far more quickly than ever before. I haven't yet noticed a difference in pore size or blackheads, but I think you need to use it for quite a few months for that to change. But the rest of my skin -- oh my! It is glowing, it looks clear, it feels soft. I am one happy customer!

As for charging it. (The directions say you need to charge it for 18 hours for every 20 minutes of use.) Well, I just charge it overnight every few days. I've never had the battery die on me. I use twice a day, every day. Sometimes I run the cycle twice (just press the button again after it finishes the 1 minute), but not every time.

- It can run for 20 minutes on a full charge.
- The pLink charger is universal, and with the correct adapter plug, you can use it anywhere in the world. All you need is an adapter to change the pins in the plug. It does not need a converter.
- The charger attaches magnetically to the Mia. It attaches very securely.
- It is marginally smaller than the regular Clarisonic, but it is not dinky in any way. (This can be good and bad. My hand gets kind of tired if I run it for 2 minutes. I can't imagine how tired my hand would get with the full-size Clarisonic!)
- It doesn't beep at you to tell you when to switch from cheek to nose to forehead. Again, this could be good or bad.

I have been using the sensitive brush head on my face. I've actually used the regular brush head on my body in the shower.

What else? This is the BEST beauty investment I have ever made. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean and glowy. continued >>

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I am CRAZY about Mia! I am a Clarisonic devotee, so I won't bother with the exceptional quality and efficacy of this product. But Clari Traditional is not only a pain for traveling, there is no 'welcoming' space in my bathroom for the charger. When--after falling out of its precarious perch in my med cabinet--the charger cord was sheared in half, I searched for a replacement and also discovered Mia...whom I quickly adopted as little sis to my more upscale model. Her simplicity is a thing of beauty...ONE speed, ONE minute...ONE less decision to make. And her charger...Oh MY!!! Its smart and discreet magnet connection is lithe, elegant, and space-saving. Mia just may become my everyday...Thumbs up, Clarisonic!

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

Before I start, I just wanted you to know what this review was about. I wrote a review a while back on the differences between the spinbrush pro (and the different models) as well as the oil of olay version of the spinbrush. In this review I am comparing and contrasting them (this was before I bought one) to figure out which one would work best for me... I hope by reading this, you will have a better understanding of your options before purchasing a spinbrush...

I was very skeptical of this brush to begin with…. but I finally pulled the trigger after much consultation from my dermatologist. For any of those wondering, my dermatologist herself told me 1) this brush will make a huge difference regarding the health of my skin 2) that the Oil of Olay Spinbrush is just as good as the Clarisonic. That was her honest professional medical answer... So now I will give you my opinion on each of the two models.

The brush head: the brush heads differ on a few levels and I honestly feel that the The Clarisonic brush is superior. The Clarisonic brush head is much larger, even when comparing the smallest size Clarisonic MIA model to the Oil of Olay Spinbrush. The Clarisonic also has the optionality of different removable heads, one of them specifically for sensitive skin. I use this one. The drugstore versions do not have this optionality. After trying both Clarisonic brush heads (the regular and sensitive), I prefer the sensitive. I also feel the bristles on the Clarisonic model are softer and higher quality.

Cleaning power: About equal, but different. The Clarisonic uses a sonic oscillation system while the Oil of Olay Spinbrush uses a nonsonic rotating brush. The Oil of Olay version doesn’t really vibrate like the Clarisonic but just sort of spins around in circles. When using the Clarisonic you simply move it in circular motions around your face as the brush vibrates. The Spinbrush doesn’t necessarily work in that fashion since its already spinning around. They do feel different in my opinion. Probably both get you to the same place but I prefer the Clarisonic. I also think its much more effortless than the cheaper Oil of Olay brush. One thing that blew me away was not only how well it worked on my face- but also the eczema and tiny red bumps on my arms, after a few scrubs- GONE!

Charging: Clarisonic charges either in a base (if you buy the larger models) or in a simple handle attachment if you buy the MIA (that’s what I have). The Oil of Olay is battery operated- and this SUCKS! I have to change the batteries every two to three times of use (depending on how long I use it, which often varies). Yes, I do have rechargeable batteries, but still can be rather frustrating changing them SO often. This is why there is such aclassic difference in price, though. You get more with the higher quality, you just have to be willing to spend more too.

Models: The Clarisonic comes in 5, yes 5, confusing models. What is the difference in all of them? Why do we need 5 models? They differ in speeds, size, battery life, attachments they come with, and warranty. They range from $119 to $225. There is the MIA (both the MIA 1 and MIA 2). This is the most compact and does not come with a charging cradle but a charging link. The classic comes with a charging cradle. And the Plus and Pro models have 3 speeds and are for the face and body. I think this is all mumbo jumbo and all you need is the MIA. You really dont need different speeds and you can use the regular brush head on your body as well. Unless you really want a standup cradle I would purchase the MIA for $119. The higher models also come with more Clarisonic skin care products. You don’t need to use their products. Use your own favorite products. The Oil of Olay only has one to chose from, with no models to choose from. It is very standard and really comes with NO bells and whistles.

Body functionality: The Oil of Olay Spinbrush is very tiny, almost too tiny for the body. I think you can use the MIA Clarisonic for body even though its not marketed that way. You can really tell the difference in price here because the Clarisonic is well built, and sturdy... but the Olay version doesnt fit in your hand as nice, and its not as well built as the other models.

Do I really need to spend $119 on a brush to wash my face? No. You don’t need to. But it will get your skin cleaner and you will likely see improvement- like I have after using for just a few days. The brush removes significantly more dirt, oil and makeup than manual cleansing. Both brushes will help to loosen impurities from your pores alot more effectively than your fingertips rubbing soap on your face. However, this does not eliminate the need to exfoliate on a regular basis. The simple fact is that results from either brush are going to be better than not using one at all. The Oil of Olay clearly provides more value at $30. Although I cannot say for sure, it doesn’t feel as though it will last for years and years like the Clarisonic does. The Spinbrush is a bit flimsier in your hands than the Clarisonic. I have had my MIA for about a year now and I love it. I would recommend it to every woman really. Especially those women who are obsessed with new facial products, those who keep their skin a top priority and also those who have needs and maintenance when it comes to keeping their skin glowing. If you have dry skin, if you suffer from serious acne or a few blemishes, if you have large pores- this brush will be a godsend. Like I stated earlier, I saw results within DAYS of using this. Keeping in mind, I was using the Nutregena Wave beforehand, which I thought was just the greatest thing... NOT. It doesnt stand a chance against my Clarisonic, not even close. Plus I got sick of spending money on those expensive pads that you needed to attach. I dont have that problem with this- I can use any product i want, and can change them anytime I want. Well worth every penny ladies! Honestly! <

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

After a year and a half of having this product as a part of my skincare routine, I have come to the conclusion that depending on how you use it, it can either make or break your skincare routine. I suffer from acne and dry skin and trying to treat both at the same time can be very challenging, especially with all of the misinformation out there about how the treat acne prone skin! When I got this at the beginning of 2013, I used it twice a day, every single day with the sensitive brush head. My acne however got worse and my dry skin only got drier. I had watched various videos on how to treat acne prone skin and they all suggested to get the Clarisonic, wash your face with it once in the morning and then at night, use a makeup remover to remove all of your face makeup before again going in with the Clarisonic for a 'proper clean' with a cleanser and to always use a rich moisturizer after to combat the dryness. I used this routine for about 8 months before I finally gave up, wrote off the Clarisonic and that skincare routine entirely because my skin only ever suffered from it. My skin always felt soft with that routine because of the constant buffing, but the actual condition of it was deteriorating. Over the past 3-4 months though, I've added this back to my skincare routine in a different manner and only now am I reaping the benefits of this awesome product. Now for my skincare routine, I wash my face ONCE in the evening to remove makeup as well as cleanse in the same step, I only tone my face in the morning to remove any excess oil that presented itself overnight and I use a light moisturizer both morning and night. My skin is literally spotless. No dry patches, and no acne unless it is that time of the month. Where the Clarisonic now comes in to play in my routine is now to exfoliate my skin once every 3 or 4 days and I do not use it any more often than that under any circumstances. Why I suggest using the Clarisonic and cleansing less often is because your skin has an acidic barrier of its own that helps to protect the skin from any outer influences that may cause acne or skin irritation and when you use it everyday or twice a day, everyday like I did with a cleanser, you are actually destroying that barrier and in turn making your skin more vulnerable to acne.
Now based on how I use the Clarisonic, I absolutely love it. The one speed on the Mia and the delicate brush head work wonderfully for me, I do not feel like I need more speed settings. If you have had a difficult time jumping on the Clarisonic bandwagon, I really recommend taking a gentler approach to your skincare routine because your skin will thank you!

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Curly, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

Update 10/18/12: So I've had this a year. I still love it and it is still working perfectly (knock on wood). Hands down - it is still the best purchase I've made for my face. The expensive brushes are the only downside - but to have my skin look and feel as nice as it does, it's completely worth it. I've found the deep pore brush to be what my skin likes. The sensitive and regular both irritated my skin. I used it more frequently when it was purchased - but I've found 3 times a week to be the perfect frequency for my skin. Other than my hormonal break-outs, this thing has really kept my skin in check. And I've noticed old acne scars fading because of the exfoliation. Still HG. =)

I know this is an amazingly long review (for me the longest to date - but because of the cost and knowing the research most of us go through before committing - I felt it only appropriate. Thanks! =)

HG status for me! I only wish I had learned about this product ten years ago! I had heard about this product in magazines, on various boards and reviews. I, being of sound mind and body, had serious reservations about spending 130 bucks on what could very well end up being a glorified brush that sat in my pile of unused beauty products. I milled over the purchase for a good few months. I happened to mention it in passing to my boss - a super high end lady who knows her products - and she said she swore by it. (Though I'm pretty sure she has the pro - cause that's how this chick rolls.) Well that's all it took for me. I had a couple of returns to make at Sephora, so I took my credit and purchased the Mia. It was meant to be - I mean the returns came out to the penny on my purchase of the Mia - so for me, I considered it a freebie. (Yeah, I know it wasn't really free but it makes me feel better.) I picked up the Mia set that contained some various products (have yet to try them) and the deep pore brush head for $119 in white.

As luck would have it - within 24 hours of my purchase - I came down with the flu. There was no way I was going to try the Mia until I got better. About a week later, when I finally felt better I decided to try her out. My face looked awful. Over the week of being sick, I completely abandoned my normal routine. And my face showed it. I looked like hell warmed over - my mild rosacea was in overdrive from fever - I was dry and oily in all the usual places and broken out. Perfect! I figured if this thing could bring my face back - it must be the real deal. I tried it out in the shower using my TJ's Tea Tree Oil Pure Veggie Soap (all I ever use - all over). I slathered my face, neck and the very top of my chest. (Probably more skin than the Mia was meant for - but like all my stuff - you earn your keep!) It took about three minutes to get everything washed. It did tickle my nose at first, but you get used to it. The brushes don't move - but vibrate. {Am I the only one who thinks Clarisonic should really branch into other businesses considering they already have the technology ;) } I took special care on my cheeks and nose. I could see where it would be easy to go crazy. When I got out of the shower and dried off my face - I noticed all my dry flakes were completely gone. My skin had a softness to it that it's only had when I've used my Embryolisse creme. I was so excited. My face had a healthy glow. I called over my SO to feel my face. He commented on how soft my skin was. Nice! The best part - it didn't aggravate my rosacea at all! I put on my usual cream - Olay Micro-Sculpting - and it sunk in. It didn't just sit on the top of my skin like it normally would.

Over a two week period - I didn't notice a huge purge period. What purging I did have were black heads - on my chin and nose especially . I remember putting my moisturizer on and when I applied it to my chin, feeling two or three sand-like granules in my hand. (From resting the phone on my shoulder/chin when talking to clients on the phone for hours at a time.) I've also noticed that my skin looks noticeably brighter, healthier and much more clear. I suffer from large pores on my nose, and they definitely look smaller than they ever have. My rosacea has all but gone. In all honesty, my skin has never looked better or felt better.

On to the cons - and there are a few. The battery life is supposed to be 20 minutes. It feels more like ten to me. I've never timed it - and I should. Just be prepared to have it on the charger every few days. I was warned by the SA to only charge it when the battery is dead. And the brush heads - be prepared to thoroughly rinse out the brush heads and the unit itself after each use. And do not cap it wet! I did and walked away - came back the next day and I noticed it started to get a funk. I had to thoroughly soak everything in peroxide before using it again. It was fine after but this isn't a no-maintenance product. My routine with it after each use is to take the brush head apart and rinse each piece separately along with the unit and hand drying the pieces and leaving them to air dry on my counter. It takes all of two minutes but still. And as some of the other reviewers have mentioned - if you stop using it for a short period of time - you will notice a change in your skin. My SO and I have been bouncing the flu between us - so I didn't use the Mia for a few days. And I could definitely tell in the texture and look of my skin. My final verdict - I love it! The only thing I'm wondering now is if I should have bitten the bullet and gotten the Plus because I'm so impressed with the Mia! Highly, highly recommend! And like the SA at Sephora said - try it for a month - if you don't like it, bring it back (with a wink and smile).

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