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rated 5 of 5 on 5/8/2014 7:54:00 AM More reviews by cgem1203

Age: 44-55 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I just got eyelash extensions several days ago, and I absolutely LOVE them. I had wanted them for years, as I have long eyelashes but they grow straight down and refuse to hold a curl. A friend of mine has had hers for five years and she always looks amazing. A lot of the girls at work also have gotten extensions, and I realized that not all lashes are created equal. There was a definite difference in lash quality and the overall look depending on where they got their lashes. I ended up going with my friend's lash tech because even though she was the most expensive, she also had the most beautiful results. I find that I don't even need eyeliner anymore, and it is awesome to wake up and look bright eyed and polished even before you do anything to your face. I found the lashes really opened up my eyes and have me a younger, bright eyed look. Who doesn't want that in their forties?? They take a little getting used to as far as not sleeping on my stomach (it bends up your lashes) and not rubbing my eyes. But I really feel those minor inconveniences are far outweighed by the results. Just be prepared for the time and expense of maintaining them, because you probably aren't going to stop once you start. Oh side note...if you are going to take something out of the oven, wear sunglasses!! The heat from the oven rushing out the door will completely straighten the curl out of your lashes!

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rated 3 of 5 on 11/22/2012 8:56:00 AM More reviews by MaddyKate93

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral Hair: Blond, Wavy, Coarse Eyes: Blue

Ok, so this is definately a love/hate relationship!
I have been getting extensions for a year.. And been to about 6 places. I found the most expensive and well known salon to have consistency, fantastic customer service and procedure, but they fell out after a week. Now I have a place with TERRIBLE customer service and procedure, but great looking lashes that last and a good price. So that kinds sucks.
But the point is that they look amazing and they are super addictive. They do damage your natural lashes so if you want to stop getting extensions and grow them back you will need a good serum and at least 8 weeks. But if you already have long thick lashes don't waste your money because it is so expensive!
But if you have short nothing special ones, they do look great! Just be prepared to lose your lash health and spend a decent chunk of money every few weeks!

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rated 4 of 5 on 11/16/2012 7:09:00 PM More reviews by CarlynS

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I'm actually at first not a fan of eyelash extension. But I have always wished to have natural long curly eyelashes because for me, it adds beauty impact because our eyes are the window of our souls. I have seen a lot of eyelash extension stories and companies that provide such services here in Canada, but I am afraid of the pain that I'll feel.

But last September on my 30th birthday, I decided to conquer my fear and tried to have my eyelash extension done. Since Its my first time, I would not want to risk my eyelashes, so I went to the well known master eyelash technician in Canada which is Yvette Spencer from Eyelash Canada. I've heard a lot of good things about Yvette and the kind of service and expertise that she possesses. And she did live up to my expectations! I never felt so great on my 30th birthday because my wish for long curly eyelashes came true!

The good thing about having an expert do the extension is that you'll be assured that you are in good hands. Although itís a bit more pricey, the happiness and fulfillment that I felt that day can never be replace by any amount.

Anyways the extension lasted for 4 weeks, and I have to go back to have it retouched. But overall, the experience with Yvette Spencer eyelash canada extension service is outstanding and worth trying.

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rated 4 of 5 on 10/11/2012 8:08:00 AM More reviews by DawnDidIt

Age: 44-55 Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

I finally had lash extensions done locally (FL) and I'm thrilled with them! My first few attempts almost made me give up (didn't stay, wrong glue, wrong salons) but I just finished my second week in these ("Xtreme") and have only lost one single corner one...my fault and not noticeable. It's amazing to not have to put on mascara anymore and not waking up with those Raccoon Eyes is another plus! The brochure I got from the spa says they should last almost 2 months and once the initial shock wore off ($150) I have to admit I'm hooked. Fills are priced at $35 and I'm told I may need them every three weeks, so if you're over 40 as I am and tired of looking tired...I say...GO FOR IT.

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rated 4 of 5 on 4/15/2012 6:33:00 AM More reviews by bedheadmelissa

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

Got my eyelash extensions for the first time yesterday. (That's my photo up there.) It took her just under two hours to add my extensions. I went for the most natural lashes as I wasn't sure how they would feel and look. The process is fairly long, you lay still (but can still talk and stretch out if needed) as she applies individual lashes to your existing lashes using a surgical glue. My bottom lashes were held down with a damp under eye pad, which was nice as I was worried about having my lashes taped down. Upon finishing and re-opening my eyes I definitely felt it stung and it was uncomfortable for a few moments as my eyes watered and cleared out. It disappeared quickly. You do feel a bit a bit groggy after laying so long with your eyes closed, and I couldn't feel the lashes at all at that point. It was amazing to see the difference and I left a happy customer. Later that night I felt like my eyes were a bit red and watery, which they still are a little bit. I also had to do a big no-no, which is trimming ever-so-slightly one of the lashes, as it was bumping into my glasses and driving me crazy! All my girlfriends went nuts when they saw them and all of them wanted to get them, which is understandable, they really do improve your overall look. I'm now on my second day with them, and I'm a bit annoyed by them, when I use the bathroom I naturally check my face, and they need some adjusting (or maybe I'm just obsessive!) Taking a shower with them is...interesting! At this point as much as I love how they look I'm not sure if I will replace them. They look so good but the way they feel is annoying (at this point). I will update later on how it all goes. I should also add I sleep on my side which presents some issues, and requires you to take care in a lot of activities you might normally not think about your lashes. You are encouraged to leave them alone as much as possible (which I've failed miserably at, between arranging them and snipping the too long ones) so we'll see how long they last!
2 Days later edit: unfortunately it seems I reacted to the glue, so I had to have them removed. Many of my own lashes came with them, sadly.

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rated 3 of 5 on 1/17/2011 12:12:00 PM More reviews by Kgrrrl77

Age: 30-35 Skin: Dry, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine Eyes: Blue

There are good and bad points to having these.

They are fantastic for special occasions or holidays where you would like to look your best but don't want to wear makeup all the time. They open up your eyes and appear natural but glamorous...like you've been blessed with the best possible thick, dark, long lashes...

They are expensive to have applied and require infills every 2-4 weeks.

On the downside they can be scratchy and irritating to the delicate eye area, annoying when they twist and stab you in the eye and they do require special care. No oil based makeup removers. They are also a bit annoying when it comes to applying and removing makeup.

The major downside for me was that when they shed they took a lot of my natural lashes with them and after I had them removed my natural lashes were a LOT shorter and more sparse..and no it wasn't just the effect of being used to wearing the extensions.

Despite the fact they look fantastic and were a big confidence boost I think for me the cons outweighed the pros and I doubt I will get them again.

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rated 5 of 5 on 3/30/2010 11:02:00 AM More reviews by sophielondon

Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Medium, Neutral Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Hazel

I have had a few experiences of lash extensions, both myself, mother and friends trying out different brands in London. I won't say which places were not so good, as that is a bit harsh, but suffice to say we have tried all the best-known lash extension bars/salons in and around central London, on Oxford Street, and in a couple of department stores in central London. And then we found Natalie. She is absolutely amazing! No where else takes such care, and has such a light touch as she does when applying extensions. She puts one on every single lash (takes a good 45-50 minutes, but she has such a gentle hand you fall asleep on her sofa and wake up with beautiful lashes!) No where else have I experienced a lash technician who can complete your extensions without pulling/tugging ONCE on your lashes - with no irritation and none of the glue getting into your eye whatsover - and definitely not putting an extension on every lash.
She carefully advises you before hand what type of lash will look the best on you for whatever occasion it is, as she has several different colours/different lengths. Mine were for my 21st birthday, so we went for quite long, lush black ones with a full look. However, it was still subtle enough to wear to work the following week. You can see me wearing them in my profile picture and from a distance it just looks like good mascara. Up close and they are so pretty, they open up and fan out my eyes like the high end mascara of your dreams. And it's so nice not having to put mascara on in the morning! So far, they have lasted for six weeks and I've only lost about half a dozen of them (which is your natural lash shedding cycle, nothing more - they're probably falling out slower than normal in fact, as I'm not applying mascara or rubbing them.) They still look beautiful and I get comments on them everywhere I go. I haven't had to have any infills, which is rare for lash extensions. I can't recommend this girl more, she is the most skilled lash technician in London in my opinion. I won't write her website here as that may count as advertising, but you can tap Natalie eyelash extensions into google, if you live in the UK, and find her site straight away :) if you want excellent extensions, this is where to go.

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rated 4 of 5 on 10/14/2009 9:58:00 PM More reviews by Laniegirl

Age: 44-55 Skin: Dry, Other, Not Sure Hair: Red, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

I have been wearing eyelash extensions for about 7 months now. While I love them, it is a pain to go in for fills every 2 weeks. These are very addictive, just like fingernails. I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to make the transition from extensions to Latisse while still wearing the extensions?

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rated 5 of 5 on 5/11/2009 1:21:00 PM More reviews by piripiri

Age: 36-43 Skin: Very Dry, Other, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

My first try at lash extensions was a bit of a disaster but I have since found an excellent lash lady that has built her entire business on extensions and has a staff of 3 other people that are always busy. That is surprising to me in a town like Seattle - where people aren't exactly obsessed over appearances. But her extensions are just beautiful and if you want - can look completely natural.

I have had my extensions for over a year and I absolutely love them. I can say without hesitation that done properly with the right adhesives -they are absolutely gorgeous and not much trouble at all. At 50 years old - I think this one thing does more for maintaining a somewhat youthful appearance than any makeup or skin product could. Recently I have had blue and/or purple lashes subtly mixed in with black ones and they look very cool. I do a lot of public speaking and meetings in a conservative business so I love that fun little touch of drama.

The cost is about $850 a year with fills every 3 weeks. For me itís worth it to have long lush lashes 24/7. I ski and swim so my fills are probably a little more frequent than some peoples might be.

They are really light - nothing like wearing strips of false lashes and feel completely natural to me. I have a lot of lashes to work with so I get a lot of thin extensions for a full and lush look without being over the top. There are various thicknesses for people with less lashes or a more dramatic look. Length is up to you and you'll never need to curl your lashes again. Good technicians can do cool things with color and trimming them into various looks.

I do take good care of them and don't think my natural lashes have any damage at all. I clean them in the morning and evening with a mascara spoolie dipped in Witch Hazel. Oil free makeup removers are an absolute must. My lash lady tells me that her problem clients are those that touch their lashes a lot and get the oil from their fingers on them. Cream based cleansers will also weaken the adhesive.

Lower lashes are not recommended for anything more than a one or two day event because they just don't hold up. You can use mascara on your bottom lashes but I highly recommend using one that formulated especially for this purpose. There is a chemical in even water based mascaras that messes up the adhesive and sort of gums up and snarls the lashes before they just fall off.

I simply can't imagine anyone disliking a well applied set of lash extensions. Having long and full lashes has a huge impact on my appearance and I just love waking up to them! They are just so wonderful that I don't ever expect to go without them.

If you are thinking about extensions do some homework and find a qualified salon that makes this a specialty rather than a novelty or side service. Stop by their shop and take a look at some of their work on actual clients. If you want them for an event - you might want to get a full set far enough in advance so that you can get one fill before the event. You'll get far more lashes that way, they will look better and youíll know what to expect before the big day.

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