Treatments (Face) -Chanel -Sublimage

on 11/15/2017 1:11:00 AM


i love it.

Lipstick -Chanel -Rouge Allure Velvet #34 - La Raffinee

on 11/14/2017 9:42:00 PM

What a beautiful lipstick. It covers very well but feels light on the lips A lovely muted “almost red” color. This is my favorite lipstick formula by Chanel.

Eye Shadow -Chanel -Quadra - 14 Mystic Eyes

on 11/14/2017 9:35:00 PM


I have the baked version with the circular pans. i have had this for quite a while but never got around to reviewing it because while it is beautiful, easy to use, and flattering, I am not quite sold on it for repurchaze.

I got this for the golden brown shade. And also I had seen great reviews of it on MUA over the years. I do enjoy it and find it quite flattering, decently long wearing, and pretty... but I am not quite sold on it for the price.
Used together eg with pink as a base all over, browns in crease and to line, silver taupe as a pop of shimmer, it photographs very well and looks very beautiful, naturally contoured with a glow.
Also I use the golden brown wet on lid, then the dark brown dry on outer v, blending them together (there is a blog where the chanel MUA demonstrated this). It is quite foolproof, but something about the colours, and payoff, apart from that lovely golden brown, isn't quite hG material for my taste.

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Treatments (Face) -Chanel -Sublimage

on 11/13/2017 12:54:00 AM


The eye cream and the SPF 50 are just fabulous! I think the eye cream is probably the best I have ever tried... and this includes brands like La Prairie or Lamer. Buying next the serum; for moisturiser I stand by the Le Jour and La Nuit that I adore, but can only be bought online which is silly!

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Treatments (Face) -Chanel -Precision Lift Serum Extreme

on 11/12/2017 4:56:00 PM

Oh, Chanel, Chanel! Why do you tease me so?? I managed to snag a tiny 0.13 oz sample tube of this to try on eBay, because I always wanted to try it and it's discontinued. This stuff was amazing! I put this on, and layered my tinted moisturizer over it, and WOW! My skin looked SO good all day! It just had such a great glow! The next day I put this on again, sans moisturizer, with only my sunscreen on top. My skin still looked amazing! Though I will say the only major caveat with this serum came on Day 2. It just didn't want to play well under my sunscreen. It made my sunscreen ball up on my skin. But I loved the look it gave me so much, I made it work. I managed to drag out that little tube for 3 days, because you better believe I was going to use every little drop. But alas, this is long discontinued, and I'm sure there are probably better serums out there - ones that will layer under sunscreen - but I haven't found it yet. So the search continues.

Moisturizers -Chanel -Le Lift Creme

on 11/12/2017 11:02:00 AM


I got a sample of this at Nordstrom, and it's truly lovely. If money was no object, I'd buy it right now. Unfortunately, money IS an object, so back to Neutrogena I go. :-(

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Lipstick -Chanel -Rouge Coco Shine #61 Bonheur

on 11/11/2017 2:02:00 PM

Love it! I am not a lipstick person, but this is in between lipbalm and lipstick. It ‘feels’ so natural, almost as if you do not wear anything on the lips. But still, it nourishes and gives a subtile color. At first sight, this bonheur color seemed to heavy for me, but it goes on less pigmented as one would think. It is ‘my lips but better’.
Will repurchase for sure.

Cleansers -Chanel -Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser

on 11/11/2017 2:17:00 AM


I only used this cleanser once, but that was enough to flare my Rosacea so that my skin burned for 3 days.

Fragrances -Chanel -Coco Noir

on 11/10/2017 6:21:00 PM


Wow this is utterly gorgeous.

At first spritz it's basically Coco Mademoiselle but then it gets darker, smokier and more woodsy. This is balmy and decadent. I was so enraptured by it that I bought a 100ml bottle. This is seductive and I guess that's what makes it "noir". This is one of those perfumes that will appeal to bold women however it is surprisingly versatile as well. If Coco EDP is the femme fatale of the 80's and Coco Mademoiselle is the rich bitch of the 2000s then Coco Noir is the dark-haired coquette who is understated yet still undeniably magnetic.

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Liquid -Chanel -Vitalumiere Moisture-Rich Radiance Sunscreen Fluid Makeup SPF 15

on 11/10/2017 3:51:00 PM


I am a big fan of Chanel makeup, but this foundation really does have a yellow undertone and I don't like that. I would prefer a true ivory for my redhead fair skin tone. Or even some peach, but not yellow. I don't understand this.

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Mascara -Chanel -Le Volume De Chanel

on 11/10/2017 11:34:00 AM


This review is for the bluish black mascara, but it applies to all of the colors, since the formulation is also a factor. Note: I am a mascara snob and connoisseur. Pale lashes, fine but lots of them. Also note: Chanel online is the best makeup you can buy, since they allow free returns without any sort of hassle. The return sticker is in the packaging, so you don't have to contact them (ugh, MAC!), and they return via UPS, meaning I can leave it out on my patio and not make an extra trip to USPS.

The BLUISH BLACK IS HOLY GRAIL. You. Must. Try. It. You can return it, easily, if you hate it. But you won't. If you have redness around your eyes, ruddiness in your skin tone, or are just fair--you must try it. You will thank me, I promise! It does not appear blue, at all. Indeed, it is more natural on me than black (too dark) or brown (too warm). This mascara has changed my entire makeup look, and I am desperate for them not to ever discontinue it, which is why I am writing this review. Other colored mascaras either have a crappy formulation/brush, or they are bright blue. This one reads subtle black on me, and it is the only mascara that does not make me look like an 80's punk rocker, or a piglet with red eyes. Oh, how I love it so. <3

Stellar. It is very thick, yet it applies evenly with a gloss, and it does not cause my lashes to look stiff or spidery. I don't need to use upper lid liner with this mascara, because it makes my lashes look thick enough without it.

Desert island, one product=this.

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Fragrances -Chanel -Coco Mademoiselle


I love, love, love this perfume! I have been wearing it for six years, and tried to find another to add into the mix (because I feel it's good to mix it up after a while), only to be disappointed by everything else. I understand this scent is basic and underwhelming for several people, but the ingredients in Coco Mad. mix very well with my skin. It lasts long and is a perfect balance of "barely there" and overwhelming. My husband has not liked any other scent on me, and has asked on occasion when trying other perfumes, "what happened to that good stuff you always used to wear?" :)

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Liquid -Chanel -Perfection Lumiere Velvet

on 11/8/2017 3:03:00 PM


It took 2 weeks for me to figure out how best to use this, but once I did, it was love!! I use NO primer and NO setting powder. On moisturized skin, I simply apply with a dry beauty blender. It looks natural and lasts my entire workday. I have over 40 normal skin/slight oily in T zone with lots of hyperpigmentation. Two passes will cover those areas.

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Loose Powders -Chanel -Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder

on 11/8/2017 2:17:00 PM


I first started using this like 5 years ago and I used to love it so much. Then I changed my makeup routine and started using Essence's Matt translucent fixing powder which is fantastic and cheaper! (and less messy since it's pressed)

I started using this product again because it was just sitting around on display and oh wow I remember why I loved it so much. Really finely mild, doesn't have a scent, keeps me demi-matte and not flat or cakey looking. I would not retouch with this because honestly no one would ever be carrying this around right? But anyway I never reapply powder during the day despite my oiliness.

I apply picking some powder on the puff thingy (idk how it's calle lol) then, eliminating the excess patting on the inside of the lid a couple times. Forming a U with the puff thing around my index and middle finger, I press and roll it where I get oilier, reppeating as needed. Finally with a big fluffy brush I pick some product and dust it all over my face.

I find this powder sits muchs better over dewier foundations than matter ones. For example, getting specific, over my Lancome Teint Miracle or Maybelline Fit Me! (not the matt one) it looks great and wears good. On the other hand over my Marc Jacobs re(marc)able (which is extremely full coverage and mattifying) it looks overdone and ends up lookin cakey.

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Fragrances -Chanel -Gabrielle

on 11/7/2017 12:54:00 PM


My first and all time favorite from Chanel has always been Coco. Yes I have #5 too but it has always taken a back burner to Coco. Now enters Gabrielle. I just had to have the large bottle! I got a generous sample and used it sparingly until I could buy a bottle. Chanel did put the price up there for this perfume but it is so worth it for me. I do not understand all the negative reviews here on MUA but to each their own. I find this fragrance last a very long time on myself and when I told the sales Rep. about the reviews here and how so many say they cannot smell it after a couple of hours, she said that it last a really long time on herself too. I used the last of my sample last evening a few hours before bed and the beautiful scent is still lingering on my skin and clothes at 10:00 A.M. this morning. The notes are listed as exotic jasmine with the fruity green notes of ylang-ylang, while fresh and sparkling orange blossom shines through, offering a glimpse of Grasse tuberose. The ad goes on to say, before creating the House of CHANEL, Coco was Gabrielle. A rebel at heart, passionate and free. So I take this to mean that the lady Coco Chanel's real name was Gabrielle? This is a feminine scent that is very rich from the first spray to the dry down. The bottle is not that impressive to my style but rather pretty much like the other Chanel bottles like Coco and #5. The scent is what I just had to have in my collection, just so beautiful.

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