Cleansers -Neutrogena - All-In-One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes


I love this wipe. Will never go back to other facial cleansing wipes. They are the perfect amount of saturated wipe. Glides off your make up so easy. Feels amazing on skin and doesn't dry you out. They are a little bit pricey compared to some other brands but I'll pay because they work.

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Sunscreen -Neutrogena - Beach Defense Lotion SPF 70

on 7/30/2017 6:16:00 AM


Took two bottles with me on surf holidays to Indonesia.

- no white cast when applied on the bare skin (first application)
- I didn't get any sunburn while using it (25 days surf holidays - no sunburn, no red, no flakey skin for both me and my husband)

- difficult to spread
- reapplying gives a white cast, a large quantity can peel off
- very difficult to remove, the scrub is a must (can't say I'm willing to scrub my skin daily, especially on holidays)
- pimples, little pimples all over the face, a bit on legs, a bit on belly (I have sensitive skin) UPDATED - my skin cleared after a week of constant use, I haven't had any other sunscreen with me, so luckily my skin got adjusted to it. Still minor pimples here and there but nothing major.

I will recommend this sunscreen to the sun sensitive people, but there are better options with a bit less SPF for others.

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Sunscreen -Neutrogena - Clear Face Break-Out Free Liquid- Lotion Sunblock SPF 30

on 7/29/2017 6:33:00 PM


Best sunscreen I've found to date that is TRULY non-greasy, non-heavy, non-oily -- lives up to it's name (NO BREAKOUTS CAUSED BY THIS). Thank God I found this, was beginning to give up hope on EVER finding a usable daily sunscreen...
Lost a lippie simply due to the fact that it makes my skin tingle a bit right after putting it on (reaction?) -- although it's temporary and totally dissipates once the product is set. This also isn't a moisturizer at all, so if you have dryer skin, I suggest putting a LIGHT moisturizer on underneath this. Anyone with combo or oily skin can just use this product on it's own (and use a good moisturizer at night when you go to sleep to keep your skin balanced). Seriously, best product for a DAILY sunscreen I've found t date.

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Mascara -Neutrogena - Healthy Volume

on 7/27/2017 4:35:00 PM


First impression review:
Digging this mascara. Decided to try it after feeling like my usual was leaving my lashes a bit crunchy lately.

Not sure the "infused olive" does anything to nourish the little lash hairs, but my lashes do feel softer with this mascara on compared to other mascara. I have Black, and it has good pigmentation. Not shiny, inky black but rather a soft black. To me "volume" means thick/many lashes and this delivers on that, in a real looking way. My lashes look plentiful, long-ish and hold curl well with this mascara. It's definitely not a false lash result, but delivers a volume-boosted, natural looking finish. My only minor quibble is that the formula is on the drier side.

The packaging is fine and the wand is a bigger one, a straight bristle brush that works well for the formula. Hits every lash and builds them up without clumping. No spider lash, flakes, or smears, even on long, hot summer days. Removes with face wash and a little bit of makeup eraser without a fight.

UPDATE: Dropped down to a 2 score. This formula got so dry within a week of use that I ended up throwing it away. It was starting to create crumbles, make my lashes stick together, and even become too dry to apply smoothly. What a waste.

Eye Makeup Remover -Neutrogena - Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

on 7/26/2017 5:46:00 PM


I really wanted to like this because it's so inexpensive. But this stuff seriously irritates my eyes! If I get even a little bit in them, they burn and sting.

Regarding product effectiveness, it does a decent job of removing the eye makeup. No real complaints there. I also have not noticed any residue leftover as others have mentioned.

I also think the packaging could be better. I wish it had a cap with a small hole in the middle so you could get just a little product out at a time. When you take off the lid, the whole thing is just open and it makes it very easy to spill mass quantities of it everywhere when you're trying to pour it onto your cotton pad.

I'll use this up, but no, I won't repurchase it.

Cleansers -Neutrogena - Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser

on 7/25/2017 11:22:00 AM


I cant comprehend why a cleanser formulated for sensitive skin would have so much fragrance added. The smell, to me, was i was rubbing perfume in my face.
On a positive note, it felt gentle, didnt cause instant irritation and removed makeup...the frag/smell was such a bummer
Shame on Neutrogena!

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Cleansers -Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel

on 7/22/2017 3:44:00 PM


My skin doesn't feel dry right after washing my face; it actually feels hydrated. However, this feeling of hydration disappears after a minute or two. It has a light pleasant fragrance which I could have done without. It also foams up lightly.

I didn't really notice any changes in my skin, after introducing this cleansing gel to my skincare routine about 3 months ago. There are more hydrating and clarifying cleansers on the market.

This product alone is not enough to effectively remove makeup. I recommend using a miscellar water or a cleansing oil/cream/balm before this product to thoroughly remove makeup.

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Lipstick -Neutrogena - Moisture Smooth Color Stick

on 7/21/2017 5:34:00 PM


I am surprised by how much I like these. If it is moisture you are needing, these are worth trying. I've been paying outrageous prices for Chantecaille Lip Chics and Lipstick Queen Saint lipsticks. These rival those brands as moisturizing lip products. I own four- the lighter colors are a bit too sheer although they may be fine for other people who like a lighter lip. Perhaps I will try wearing over a Iip pencil. I will try some of the darker colors in the fall. I don't notice the scent others have written about. A really nice drugstore product.

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Lotions/ Creams -Neutrogena - Body Oil with Sesame

on 7/21/2017 1:08:00 PM


Have loved and used this product for many summers! I love the smell. It smells like honeysuckle & "summer". I use a needle and punch a hole in the foil tab liner to control the distribution of product. It's a lighter oil, so not a deep moisturizing product - but I love it after tanning on my arms and legs in the summer. The price? Eh....If I see a compatible copy-cat like @ Walmart, I'll usually grab that instead.

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Liquid -Neutrogena - Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20

on 7/18/2017 6:46:00 PM


I really wanted to like this! I really liked that it was suppose to be healthy (as healthy as a foundation can be that's not organic) and hypoallergenic. BUT... I just don't like it. I've tried it maybe 4-5 times now. Using 2 different primers, using a stippling brush and a sponge. But it just looks so bad on me.
It doesn't cover evenly, it clings to dry patches, sinks into pores and all around looks rough. Another reviewer said "alligator skin" and it kind of does remind me of that. I've even tried with argan oil and it doesn't help any. Plus it doesn't come with a pump and is really runny. So its easy to dump out too much.
The pros are good color selection and it feels super lightweight.
This is just not for me

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Moisturizers -Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel

on 7/18/2017 8:30:00 AM


I have very oily skin that becomes even more oily when i wake up, spend time under the sun and before going to bed. I must say that this product really saved my life. I put it on 2 times a day and it quickly reduces my shiny oily look and moisturizes. I love the smell too, its not that disturbing. I used to use primers as make up base but after discovering this miracle, Neutrogena Water Gel is now my #1 primer. I almost finished mine and I am sure I will buy it again.

I also loved other Hydro Boost products too, they are all worth it.

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Moisturizers -Neutrogena - Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser

on 7/18/2017 6:15:00 AM


Very nice moisturiser for combination skin. It really reduces acne and makes skin look better, doesn't block my pores, very light and fresh, smells nice. I use it after Neutrogena pink grapefruit foaming scrub and it really made my acne skin look healthier.
This product doesn't moisturise a lot - it better suits for combination/oily skin. Perfect product for teenagers that have acne. Also it irritates my skin around the eyes and doesn't feel good. Better not to use under the eyes, only on more oily areas.

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Scrubs -Neutrogena - Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub

on 7/18/2017 6:09:00 AM


I was searching for a drugstore facial scrub that would clean my blackheads on the nose and on the cheeks.. It is quite gentle as a scrub, it smells amazing and skin feels fresh after using this.
I used it together with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser and it really did the job! I usually use this scrub at night after removing my makeup and then apply a moisturiser. I noticed that in the morning my skin looks much better and it really reduces acne.
4 stars because it sometimes dries my skin out.

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Shampoo -Neutrogena - Anti-Residue Shampoo

on 7/17/2017 10:17:00 PM


Recently I've struggled with build up, and I don't use a lot of products so I'm at a loss as to what is causing it. My hair has been dry and brittle and maybe it's just aging and coloring, but it's a mess. I air dry a lot and deep condition regularly. I keep the heat on my flat iron at the lowest setting I can use and never pass over an area more than twice. I use it more to smooth than get pin straight hair. It occurred to me then that it was build up.

A few months back I used dish soap in a pinch and it worked wonders. My hair felt amazing. And now that it's summer I'm back to dry hair and frizzy ends and now a sticky feeling to boot. Head and Shoulders didn't help a lot. Just a little. And I need to color my hair but was really reluctant to do it with an obvious build up on my hair. I need the color to penetrate and build up won't allow that.

I picked this up at the market tonight as it's no where to be found at my Walmart. $7. I had already washed my hair this morning and was feeling that sticky, gummy feeling. The humidity wasn't helping today either. My hair was stingy and stuck to my head. And I. Just. Washed. It. I just bent myself over my kitchen sink and gave this a go. About a quarter size for my bra strap length hair. I never do a second wash. Followed it with a heavy daily conditioner since I'm out of masks. My hair feels about 90% better than it did before I washed with this. I can run my fingers through my hair with very little sticky stoppage. I can grab a handful and it feels like hair. No tacky. The frizz is reduced because my conditioner was able to do what it needs to do. And it air dryed much faster as well. My natural waves look amazing. They look like beach waves and not a hot fried mess.

Yes it smells like Neutrogena glycerin soap. But it's Neutrogena and that's what they do. And I'll continue to use this weekly or biweekly. Wish it was easier to find but I'll persevere.

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Tinted Moisturizer -Neutrogena - Oil-Free Acne Correct & Cover Pink Grapefruit Moisturizer

on 7/17/2017 12:19:00 AM


"Fair to light"?? No. The colour I got was much too dark for someone with skin like mine. It would suit medium skin I think. So I never got to wear it, but the formula seems decent, I wouldn't know if it controls acne.

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