Moisturizers -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Daily Hydration Moisturizer

on 7/21/2018 6:46:00 PM


It made me break out! I’m talking crazy acne for months! I just recently looked at the ingredients, and they have acne causing ingredients in it! Who knew?! So it’s currently in the trash. Here I thought it was something that helpedme

Contour -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Contour Palette

on 7/19/2018 6:43:00 PM


The powders in this palette are soft and feel far more luxurious than the price I paid for them. If not for e.l.f. logo, one could easily mistake this palette for a high end product.  Although I'm a brown girl, my skin is on the lighter side of the spectrum so I opted to get the Light palette because the contour and bronzer colours seemed dark enough and I wasn't wrong! They show up on my skin beautifully and blend like a dream.  Meanwhile, I use the lighter matte powder to set my concealer/foundation and I find myself reaching for the highlighter shade often as well. This surprises me because the shade is very white so I assumed it would look chalky on me. On the contrary, this shade has a nice shimmer to it and blends right into the tops of my cheeks with a highlighter brush I got in the Tarte Holiday brush set.  All in all, this is one of my favourite e.l.f. purchases ever and I will definitely rebuy.

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Makeup Brushes -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Blush Brush

on 7/19/2018 6:41:00 PM


I use this product everyday, but rarely for blush! I actually use it to set my undereye and my t-zone since it's the perfect size. It picks up powder nicely, pressed or loose, and dusts it on exactly where I want it.  Additionally, I also use this for light contouring on my cheekbones and jawline and it does a great job. I can't believe how little I paid for such a versatile brush As much as I enjoy my high-end tools, E.l.f. often kills it when it comes to certain products and this is one of them.

Lip Treatments -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Lip Exfoliator

on 7/18/2018 10:54:00 PM


This lip scrub has been a total lifesaver for me! Due to the recent change of season, my lips have become a lot more dry and flaky. Thankfully, I saw this lip scrub had great reviews and decided to try it out. I am totally converted to it now! I used to use Lush's lip scrubs, but they were quite messy and slightly unhygienic. I love that this one is in a lipstick bullet applicator, so I don't have to dip my fingers into it. I simply lick my lips to dampen them slightly, apply a light layer of this product, rub my lips together to help exfoliate and them wipe off with a tissue. It does a great job of removing dry flakes while simultaneously hydrating my lips. I have this in the Cherry Tart scent, which I do enjoy. It is more a generic artificial sweet scent than a true cherry scent however, but it is light and not unpleasant. It doesn't linger on the lips. It smells like candy and is not too sickly. This product is super cheap ($8AUD) and really effective. I will definitely repurchase when I finish it, and would recommend it to anyone. A+

Eye Shadow -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Best Friend Eyeshadow Duo


I have this in the shade Tea for Two which is a shimmery taupe and matte cream, and I've been reaching for this more than some of my other high end palettes because of its simplicity. I found with the taupe color it took a few uses plus a bit of scraping for it to show up but once it did the two work really well to make a basic neutral eye with no creasing and lasts very well through out the day. It's also very travel friendly and small enough to keep in your purse if you like to touch up your shadow throughout the day. I do find it's a bit powdery, but it's not really that noticeable so I won't knock off a lippie

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Blemish Control Primer

on 7/15/2018 12:10:00 PM


I stopped wearing foundation for a while, only occasionally. I started to wear it more often though, and I use the cover girl 2 in 1. I wasn't really using primer, and it applied smoothly using a brush. I saw my twin had the elf blemish control primer, and it had claimed to help with acne using helpful ingredients. So I decided "hm why not?" But as soon as I started using it, my makeup wasn't spreading correctly and was calling up. I thought maybe the brush just needed to be washed, so I switched to my beauty blender. It didn't make too much of a difference, but I figured it was because it was so hot those days that maybe it was messing with the consistency of my foundation or something. But then today I was in a rush, so I skipped the primer, and my foundation applied flawlessly once again! I really wanted this primer to work so that I could be helping my skin while still wearing makeup, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I would still use this if I wear just using concealer on a few spots, or if I were to wear a light foundation. :)

Pressed Powders -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Translucent Mattifying Powder-- ALL SHADES

on 7/13/2018 2:54:00 PM


I bought this when I was out of town on a trip, because I'd only brought one of my "illuminating" powders with me and it was just making me look shiny. When I got home, I just about never used it because I have a million powders. And I just about pitched it earlier this year - not because there was anything wrong with it, but just because I needed space.

I'm glad I didn't, though! I have been using it the past few weeks when I get ready in the morning - not all over my face because I don't need mattifying everywhere, but just in the places that can tend to get shiny. It seems like every product I use these days is "luminous" (and I love that, don't get me wrong) but placement is everything. Not everything needs to look "lit from within."

Extra points for packaging and the big mirror. Both very nice. The product itself is fine though there isn't much of it. I never used the sponge, so I have no opinion on that. It's inexpensive and readily available in drugstores, so I probably would re-purchase especially if I get caught out of town without powder!

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Eyeliner -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Mineral Eyeliner

on 7/12/2018 3:02:00 AM


This is an average eyeliner. It's soft and glides on well (there is absolutely no tugging) and the pigment is fine (I have the coffee-coloured one). Drawing a fairly thin line is not a problem. It doesn't last on my lids all day though, so I need to reapply after about 4-5 hours. As there are eyeliners that do a better jobb, I wouldn't buy it again.

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Beautifully Bare Luminous Matte Makeup Primer

on 7/8/2018 8:10:00 PM


I love this primer. It keeps me matte but also natural. It helps prolong my makeup and prevents cracking/ creasing, It’s perfect for under eye my eyes. I love the consistency of it, it’s not oily and not dry but somewhere in the middle. It keeps me matte for an extra bit of time, my forehead, nose chin and cheeks need slight touching up about 7 hours into my day (usually work.) I love the packaging also, it’s simple and easy and clean. my only complaint with this is the scent— it fades quickly but it’s def annoying, florally. It’s gross.

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Hydrating Face Primer


I bought this by mistake, I meant to purchase the blemish control primer by e.l.f.; but I decided to try it since I already had it. It was horrible, I have oily skin so I wouldn’t normally pick a hydrating solution, but this was awful from the beginning. It feels greasy when you apply it and the feeling doesn’t go away, it sits on top of your skin and our foundation will slide right off your face! Never purchasing again

Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Blemish Control Primer


I used this product for a long time when I didn’t know any better because I was just getting into makeup. It is fairly inexpensive, but as a lot of people have said, the packaging is really deceptive and you’re not getting very much product. I’d say it did okay on the ‘blemish control’ since I had no real breakouts when I used it, but as someone with oily skin, I could see my makeup sliding off my face within a couple hours! It was awful, especially in warmer temperatures. I guess for a beginner with drier skin it’s okay, but I’ll definitely not be using it anymore

Skincare - Face -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Hydrating Water Essence

on 7/8/2018 10:18:00 AM


E.L.F. - Refreshing unexpected cooling relief. Wisconsin weather becomes brutal when heat index climbs over 100 degrees. Under adverse and desperate conditions combined with laziness, I wanted to refresh skin without removing sunscreen. I saturated a cotton pad with Essence and patted on skin. Cooling relief was immediate. Since relief was overwhelming refreshing when patted on skin, I thought I could rub Essence on skin for cooling relief. I was wrong. Don't rub Essence on skin. Essence hydrates skin. Essence is a thick product that is not a lotion. Apply as directed on a cotton pad. Considering the outstanding value of this E.L.F product, I grabbed my bottle and cotton pads to share this cooling discovery as the heat index climbed into triple digits.

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Lip Gloss -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Gotta Glow Lip Tint (all colors)

on 7/8/2018 8:06:00 AM


I kind of regret this purchase. I use a color changing lip product daily. The reason I like products like this is because you can swipe them on in a flash with no mirror, they tint the lips much longer than a regular lipstick, are moisturizing, don't look like makeup and give just the right hint of mlbb color. Very low maintenance. I typically use Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince, or good old Tangee from the Vermont Country Store.

I was so excited to see this for only $6. It showed up as a beautiful natural rosy pink and other than my lips feeling a bit drier than I was used to, I thought I was sold. About 30 minutes later as I was leaving the house, I noticed that my color was completely gone. My lips actually looked a little worse than normal, like they were a little pale from being parched. I loaded on a bunch more, and at the end of a 40 minute car ride, it had vanished again.

I did like the color so I kept trying to work with it. I was hoping that this would stain as my Frog Prince and Tangee do. I put those on once in the morning and often times don't have to touch up all day. But the elf lip tint looks great for 20 minutes, then I need to put on another product. I tried it for 2 weeks straight and used up nearly a tube trying to keep some color on my lips, whereas Frog prince can last for many months even with daily use, and I have had my Tangee lipstick for years. By that measure, the elf tint ends up being much more expensive.

My lips also began to crack, which is something I have zero tolerance for.

I switched back to my beloved frog prince and life is simpler again. Swipe it on in the morning and my lips are tinted and moizturized all day. Zero maintenance. And my lips are buttery soft.

Sometimes you find inexpensive drugstore gems but in this case, I'd say save your $ and put it toward a tube of the good stuff.

Oh yes, and the cover is always falling off.

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Sunscreen -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer

on 7/6/2018 12:47:00 AM


The packaging was pretty and looked like other elf skin care products. It was nice and light with little to no fragrance. However, it left the dreaded gray mask on my face. I looked casket ready. I tried to cover it with a B.B. cream and it didn’t work. Maybe for someone with a different skin tone it would work but for me it was a no go!!

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Blush -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Blush - Tickled Pink


I'm quite pale (N10-15), with muted coloring and textured skin so struggle with blush. I really like this as I can apply it how I imagine people apply blush 'normally', i.e. without having to use a sparse fan brush and a very light hand.

This is a neutral pale pink, similar to Benefit Dandelion - perhaps slightly warmer and less chalky...but definitely one for the very fair. This only shows up a tiny bit when I don't have any other makeup on as the natural color in my cheeks competes - however it wakes me up really nicely and adds color back when I'm wearing tinted moisturizer or foundation.

I have a lot of other more expensive, 'fun' blushes but this wins out as easy to use and natural-looking. I would disagree re. lack of pigment - it's deliberately pale so will get chalky if you have deeper-toned skin and layer it. However that same thing makes it wearable on paler skins.

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