Cleansers -Clinique -Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C

on 1/10/2018 12:32:00 PM


UPDATE (2/22/18): While I quite like this cleanser, it hasn't replaced my HG's (Sage's facial shampoo nor JM's cleansing oil). It's best in the AM as an adjunct treatment especially for those who want to kick their skin routine up a notch prior to a special event.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Clinique's description: "Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C. Water-activated powder cleanser with fresh Vitamin C to purify, brighten, retexturize. Ultrafine powder activates with water for an exhilarating cleansing experience that delivers visible benefits."

OK, so I didn't want to love this stuff. Spending $1/day each morning on a powder cleanser seems crazy to me but if my skin continues to respond like it has, then I may have to overlook this fact. I have begun to try and shake out only half the powder which I've found is still enough to cleanse my face and neck. The residue goes on the back of my hands since some online reviews say it's been life-changing on hand "freckles." As advised, I leave the lather on for a minute or so prior to rinsing off.

$29.50 for 28 packets (1/2 g) does seem steep but if this is a "keeper," I will add this to my VIB cart during Sephora sales. occasionally has sales including first-time orders for 15% off. Of course, another strategy to economize is to use it less often, every other day and even weekly for a boost.

Lots of 5-star reviews online, including at Sephora and Nordstrom. A common thread is a comment that the serum isn't the workhorse of the "system" but that it's the powder cleanser that makes the biggest difference. I personally already have a C serum that I love (CSI), so I don't plan to test drive Clinique's serum.

This brightening cleanser would work perfectly for any bride who may wish to perfect her skin a month prior to the wedding.

Thumbs up so far. I will update at a later date.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Kaolin, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sapindus Mukurossi Peel Extract, Salicylic Acid, Allyl Methacrylates Crosspolymer, Cyclodextrin, Coconut Acid, Ethylbisminomethylguaiacol Manganese Chloride, Water, Disodium EDTA.

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Mascara -Clinique -High Impact Waterproof Mascara

on 1/9/2018 9:26:00 PM

I use waterproof mascara because I have long lashes (thank you Lilash), but they are very straight and downward turning. Nothing holds the curl I work so hard to achieve with my Ciate curler than a waterproof formula. I bought this mascara because I love a smaller traditional brush but I just can't get the formula to work. After several months of trying it once or twice a week I'm finally tossing it. It just doesn't build nice smooth, full volume and length. It makes my lashes look like burnt sticks that bend in odd directions. L'Oreal Voluminous waterproof is far better for me. Urban Decay Cannon Ball was the best but is discontinued. If anyone knows a good dupe for the UD, please PM me!

Moisturizers -Clinique -Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate


This one did not work for my skin. I used it as a hyaluronic acid serum (after toner, before oil and moisturiser), and while I do think it did help my skin retain a little more moisture, it did not do too much to hep, and worse, caused me instant breakouts... even on my cheeks where I never break out. Red dry bumps on cheeks and sizable bumpy pimples on forehead... not impressed at all. I do have breakout prone sensitive skin, but a terrible reaction after just one use (& continue over the course of many days), is really troublesome.

For a much much better result, I will return to my Vichy Mineral 89, which I highly recommend.

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Liquid -Clinique -Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology

on 1/8/2018 2:58:00 AM


So where do I start with this awful foundation...firstly my skin actually looks better without this, secondly it emphasises every pore around my nose and chin, thirdly it oddly has a shimmer to it. I don’t think Clinique understand that people with Rosacea can have oily skin too. This would suit someone with almost perfect skin as I just don’t see how this would suit the majority of oily/combination people...just an awful foundation! Stay away if you have larger pores..

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Liquid -Clinique -Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology

on 1/8/2018 1:11:00 AM


I really like this mainly in the winter. It does calm my redness and it looks very natural. I wear a matte formula in the humid months but this is my go to winter or if I just want to look a bit more natural. Easy to apply and seems good for my skin. Use Calming Honey which I thought they were discontinuing so I bought a few.

Treatments (Eye) -Clinique -All About Eyes

on 1/7/2018 6:44:00 PM


Not worth the price in my opinion. It does hydrate the eye area but La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour is less expensive
and gives me better hydration than this one.

Eyeliner -Clinique -Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen

on 1/7/2018 3:07:00 PM


Idiot proof, as referenced by the fact that I can use this successfully. I don't know as it is WP but it doesn't budge all day, isn't ridiculously expensive and the ink hasn't dried up within a week.

Moisturizers -Clinique -Moisture Surge Face Spray

on 1/7/2018 10:19:00 AM


Omg. Holy grail moisturizer! I’m a devout Clinique girl and don’t know why it took me so long to try this on my sensitive skin. Love love love.

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Lipstick -Clinique -Pop Lip Colour Primer

on 1/6/2018 7:22:00 PM


I have a cute little mini of 01 Blushing Pop that I chose because I thought it would have just enough pink to not pull muddy against my yellow undertoned NC10 skin. Unfortunately this has very little pink and reads straight terracotta on me. In addition to the ugly color, the formula just looks so corpse-like. I am not fan of the matte lippie trend since the formulas all tend to exaggerate my perpetually chapped lip flakes. I much prefer glossy stain formulas which stay put but don't hurt my lips or make me look dead. The only good thing I can say about it is that it is very pigmented and applies smoothly. I can't speak to wear time since I wiped it off immediately after applying it. Thankfully I got this free, it will be going in the recycling bin.

Brows -Clinique -Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse

on 1/6/2018 4:30:00 PM


I have purchased this product a couple times, because I liked the eye brush product. However, after buying this product 3-4X, I switched to another brand. (hint if you want to know what I switched to read my previous review ). The reason I switched to another brand is the product runs out way too quickly. I am like uh - 2nd week of purchase and I am struggling to get the product on the brush. The product is great color, coverage, and looks natural, but does not last. Sorry Clinque, I am a loyal customer but will not purchase anymore.

BB Cream -Clinique -Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30

on 1/6/2018 8:47:00 AM


I really love this B.B. cream; however, I cannot wear it anymore because they discontinued shade 01. This is very troubling. Large companies that make a lot of money need to stop discontinuing their lightest and darkest shades. I hope they would bring shade 01 back.

Clinique works for me because it’s allergy tested and fragrance free. I tried switching to IT Cosmetics CC cream, which is really nice, but there are a lot of ingredients in it. Of course fragrance. I get migraine headaches I don’t need perfume in my makeup...

I don’t know what I’m going to do next...

Mascara -Clinique -Bottom Lash Mascara

on 1/6/2018 6:40:00 AM


My bottom lashes are never the same again. You just need good application skills to maximise its potential. Or else it might clump abit. This has lengthened my bottom lashes and i can separate the lashes quite equally with the lash applicator very well. Love this product.

Liquid -Clinique -Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer


Okay,,this stuff is kinda pricey, but it really works. I had been using bare minerals powder (med beige) forever, but I started getting hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and needed something to cover it. I went to ulta and they matched me me this on neutral. It s amazing! Covers everything, blends great and is hydrating. I still have it on when I make it to the gym and it stands up to all the sweat. I bought it in august and still using the same bottle. Definitely a great find!

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Toners -Clinique -Clarifying Lotion #3

on 1/5/2018 12:42:00 PM


Worst toner I ever tried; should be called alcoholic potion rather than a “toner”!

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Toners -Clinique -Clarifying Lotion #3

on 1/5/2018 12:25:00 PM


This toner is actually good on my skin. It looks luminous after application and it surprisingly does not dry out my skin. I actually find it quite peculiar that this toner helped reduce my blackheads (compared to the Clinique acne solutions toner) because this one does not have salicylic acid.

One thing that I would like to point out is it contains alcohol so it might dry out your skin. I am aware that alcohol-based toner is not good for prolong use so I am not going to repurchase it. Price wise I do not think it is good value because it is mainly alcohol; I can find a lower priced toner with alcohol in it. Gotta say I wish the packaging has a small opening to it so it does not spill off too much products and also to keep it cleaner.

Two toner application tips that I have for you is to spray thermal water after washing your face, just to make sure that the tap water is completely off of your skin after you applied the toner with cotton pads. The second tip is after applying toner with cotton, pour small amount of toner on your hands and spread it all over your face—make sure it is not too wet or too dry. Place your hands on top of your face to heat your face up so that you skin can absorb the toner well. Then, make sure to apply moisturizer on your skin so it does not dry out. Hope it works out for you because it gives so much improvement to my skin

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