Lipstick -Revlon -Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

on 11/25/2017 9:49:00 AM


This does not work. It’s patchy, doesn’t stay on the lips, moves around, doesn’t apply evenly. Got it in 050 Couture. The color is OK -a deep rosey-red- but the formula is disappointing. I’m sad that I didn’t look for a review before. Wasted my money on this.

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Liquid -Revlon -Color Stay Liquid Foundation Combination/Oily

on 11/23/2017 10:11:00 PM


I’m very fair/porcelain with neautral undertones (NC15)? And oily/combination skin -so it’s hard to find good foundations!

Usually have to purchase high-end foundation as cheaper ones don’t have a decent shade ranges- esp for very porcelain skin and very deep Skintones. This range does, which is awesome! :)

I purchased the shade Ivory- the lightest shade -and it matched me perfectly.

The formula is fragrance free & med-full coverage. I prefer lighter coverage, however I like this as can use little, sheer it out and it will last for ages. :) So saves money!

Looks great on skin, has a lovely matte finish. I prefer to use with a setting powder. It lasts really well all day, feels comfortable, soft and non-greasy. Only place it starts to fade at the end of the day is on my nose, but this is expected anyway. I don’t touch it up during the day. Easy to remove with makeup remover cloth and cleanser.

The packaging is good, glass and has a pump which is nice. Only complaint is they often put stickers on it, and when you peel it off leaves a nasty tacky surface.

In New Zealand it’s on the med/pricey side, in the $45 range - so like to get it when it’s on special.

Used the whole bottle up and would repurchase. :)

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Lipstick -Revlon -Ultra HD Gel Lip Color

on 11/23/2017 3:24:00 PM


Somewhere between lipstick and gloss. Opaque, smooth and lightweight. I got Dessert and Sand, both beautiful ‘my lips but better’ colours. Very moisturising and the moisture lasts even when it’s worn off. The fragrance doesn’t bother me, it’s kind of fruity, although I much prefer vanilla type scents. Better than some high end brands without the extortionate cost. Highly recommend!

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on 11/23/2017 2:46:00 PM


It's the cusp of winter, and my face is starting to get a little drier, so I'm upping my moisturizing products game. I picked up the Revlon YOuth FX Primer this week and thought that it would do well after my gel moisturizer and BB cream. Alas, I added a small amount to the area over my eye lids and under my eyes, a little on my crows feet, and another small dab on my nose, and they started to burn. I'm not sure entirely what's in the product to make it burn, but it was not pleasant.

I quickly removed the product and put it away for a couple of days. Tried it again, only this time the product went on without any other products to see if it was a reaction. Nope, still burned like a mofo. Gritted my teeth through it and added some blush over it on my cheeks and a light sweep of eyeshadow over top and some translucent powder. Took about 5 minutes before the burning stopped. But it was not pleasant. I've thrown the bottle out and will not be buying another.

Do not recommend.

TL;DR: Causes burning sensation wherever applied.

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Liquid -Revlon -ColorStay Stay Natural Makeup

on 11/22/2017 4:59:00 AM


This review is for the Colorstay "stay natural" foundation, which is different from the Colorstay foundations for different skin types. I'm not sure how different it is, but they are separate products.

This is a great foundation. For background, I apply it with my fingers, without any primer (I know. I'm lazy and life is short). It goes on smoothly, light to medium coverage, pretty buildable. The texture when you look close, I'm not sure how else to describe it. It evens out my skin really nicely and despite the SPF 15, it doesn't look shiny! At all! And it stays that way! I have normal-slightly oily skin and it keeps me matte! I don't know why, but I love that about it. I even went to the gym and it didn't slide off or get shiny. Another thing to love: it doesn't oxidise! When it dries, it does dry to a shade darker, which is fine for me since the colour I have is on the light side for me. It just looks so darn good.

doesn't oxidise
smooths out my skin
looks good with light coverage
can be applied with fingers
doesn't slide off, resists sweat

texture might not be smooth enough for some? that's literally it.

EDIT: I got it on sale for $20, when it's normally $30. I wouldn't have tried it at that price but since it's so good, I'll definitely repurchase even at full price.

Also, I have olive skin, and a lot of foundations look super orange on me - this foundation suits my skin!! I'm so happy!

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Foundations -Revlon -Revlon Photo Ready Insta-Filter Foundation

I got this at the grocery store for about $13.99 USD.
It has a sponge attached to the bottle. So you twist the foundation up and it comes up through the sponge. The texture of this foundation felt like paste, the bottle stopped working after two applications. So after shaking the bottle and twisting the bottom the foundation stopped coming up.

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Brows -Revlon -Color Stay Brow Pencil

I gotta show this thing some love. The texture is ideal- good and waxy, but dry, so it won't slide off... it lives up to the Colorstay name. The slant tip actually works to help create clean lines, and stays miraculously in shape for the life of the pencil. I'm repurchasing now!

Mascara -Revlon -Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

on 11/21/2017 2:49:00 AM


Worst mascara I have ever purchased. After one use, it became so clumpy it was impossible to use. Even during that first day of use, I had mascara flakes under my eyes during the day. The brush is small and useless. Total waste of money.

Mascara -Revlon -Super Length Mascara

on 11/20/2017 10:45:00 PM


Reached for this product after liking Revlon's lash defining mascara (the purple one in this packaging which I assume is discontinued). The product itself is a good mascara but -- and I don't know if I just got really unlucky -- the brush sheds, and that is baaaad. I tried wiping it off with a paper towel, thinking I could purge it of any loose bristles, and every time, more of them came off. Not good for a product I use on my eyes. I had to toss it, unfortunately.

Polishes -Revlon -ColorStay Gel Envy All or Nothing

on 11/20/2017 5:37:00 PM

I would have loved this nail polish if it hasn't destroyed my nails.
I never knew that my nails have so many layers and that they can split so badly because of nail polish.

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Lipstick -Revlon -Super Lustrous Creme - Fire and Ice 720

on 11/20/2017 9:34:00 AM


After reading the reviews here, I decided to get a tube of Fire and Ice for myself. I don't know, but it's not an orange red. It looks like a shocking pink red and I can't wear it. I have a lot of Super Lustrous lipsticks that I can wear. This one I can't.

Lip Gloss -Revlon -Colorstay Moisture Stain

on 11/19/2017 6:11:00 PM


This product is goopy and horrible. The applicator is way too big. If you use any more than the tiniest amount it just turns into a sticky mess.

Liquid -Revlon -Colourstay in Buff

on 11/19/2017 7:27:00 AM


I bought this in the Buff/Chamois shade in the normal/dry formula (I don't know if there's an oily/combination skin version) and have been using it for about 6 weeks. So far, I've been impressed, especially for its modest price. Goes on easily, gives a medium coverage, stays all day. It compares quite favorably to the more expensive brands I've used -- including Nars light 2 Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc (which gives lighter coverage) and Armani cream foundation (which goes one slightly more smoothly, but develops a yellow undertone over time). It also comes in a container with a pump I didn't have to pay extra for (like Nars) or couldn't get period (Armani cream foundation).

For years I've been using much more expensive brands -- YSL, Lancome, Armani -- but recently I've found that the less expensive, so-called drugstore brands have upped their game. Now my go-to brands are Catrice for lipsticks (fabulous!), mascara and eyeliner and this Revlon product for foundation.

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Foundations -Revlon -Youth fx

on 11/17/2017 11:33:00 AM


Bought this on sale in the drugstore for $4.99 was looking for an every day foundation. Didn't realize that its for an older age bracket, it's only ok, I find it cakes a lot and it doesn't apply easily not as lightweight as I was hoping for.
Not too annoyed considering the price I paid for it but will probably end up tossing it as its not the best for me.

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Polishes -Revlon -Romantique

on 11/16/2017 9:05:00 PM

I have been a fan of Revlon nail polish for decades. The last one I got, Icy Mauve, was perfect. But this one, Romantique, is thin and streaky like the crummy brands that I stopped buying long ago. What on earth happened in their formula? Also, even if it went on nicely, it's such an invisible colour that it's basically like putting nothing on the nails. It looks lovely in the bottle, but bland on the nails. I doubt I will ever use it again!

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