Mascara -Clinique -High Impact Mascara

on 6/24/2018 11:02:00 AM


Gives minimum length and volume, would not recommend.

Mascara -L'Oreal -Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

on 6/24/2018 11:02:00 AM


Doesn’t work on me at all, product clumps and my lashes looked messed up. Would not recommend.

Mascara -wet n wild -Mega Length Waterproof Mascara

on 6/24/2018 11:01:00 AM


This mascara doesn’t do anything special to my lashes, minimal length and volume. Would not recommend unless you are after the natural look. (Which you probably wouldn’t need mascara anyways.)

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Mascara -Urban Decay -Troublemaker Mascara

on 6/24/2018 10:55:00 AM


Product is ok in terms of giving length and volume, the only thing is that it smudges all under my eyes within an hour and I will not be using this again.

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Shawn Mendes Signature

Way too expensive for what you receive. This is like a lovechild of BS In Control Curious and Aquolina Gold Sugar. Packaging is sleek and stylish but can't make up for the mediocre juice inside.

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Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -You are Amazing Final Spritz body mist Vanilla Bean

Smells good, like BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar, but sillage and longevity are nonexistent. Waste of money.

Treatments (Face) -Alba Botanica -Acne Dote Pimple Patches

After trying these for the first time last night, I would recommend lowering your expectations on these despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews online. I am a veteran user of patches from Nexcare and COSRX and only decided to try the Alba ones for non-pustule lesions (in other words, for spots where Nexcare/COSRX would not offer any benefit).

For one, the Alba patches, even after 9-hour application, appeared to have done basically nothing in terms of improvement of the acne lesions.. That would not be anything horrible in my book, but unfortunately, they have left me with red marks after removing the patches -- apparently the adhesive is quite strong. In short, I can not recommend these.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

on 6/24/2018 10:32:00 AM


I have tried many products from the Ordinary (and continue using quite a few of them), but if I had to choose only one to continue using for the rest of my life, that would definitely be their Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. I am on my third bottle now and today I bought another two as a backup.
I had very oily skin when I started using Niacinamide regularly. Right now I describe my skin as combination, but it's actually quite normal on some days. My T-zone is never VERY oily anymore. And I do believe that this serum from the Ordinary helped a lot with my skin's sebum production. As a result, my pores around the nose and chin look visibly smaller.
I usually use this product once day, in the morning, as the first thing that goes on my skin after washing it. Other serums, SPF, and moisturizer go on top of it. Niacinamide does not effect the application of other products or my makeup at all. It is, however, important to remember to not use it together with Vitamin C products.
On the days when my skin tends to be more problematic, breaks out or suddenly produces more oil (usually around my period), I use this product twice a day. My breakout is ALWAYS visibly diminished in the morning if I used Niacinamide the evening before. I would really like to continue using it twice a day every day, but I'm a little worried that my skin might get used to it too much and the product will become less effective. So far my skin has been loving it! I highly recommend trying it for anyone who has oily skin, enlarged pores, and/or suffers from hormonal breakouts.

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Concealers -NYX Professional Makeup -HD Photogenic Concealer Wand (All Shades)

on 6/24/2018 10:28:00 AM


First things first: I have oily to normal skin (trending more toward oily) and use concealer as an everyday part of my beauty routine. I used the shade CW03 or Light and this was a perfect color match for me.

I really liked the consistency of this concealer and how smoothly it blended into my skin (I use a Beauty Blender to blend in my concealer). A small amount of product (2-3 swipes of the wand) provided medium coverage for me once it was blended, which is exactly what I like. It provided a smooth surface for powders on top of it without cracking, and it kept matte all day which is super important for my oilier skin. It really doesn't have an odor, which is also appreciated. Honestly, this is an excellent dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (which I purchased AFTER this but which I love) and I don't see any reason for me to pay $30 for what I think is an equivalent product at $3-$5!

My only complaint is that there seems to be a small amount of product in the vial. I bought another drugstore concealer at the same time as this one (Maybelline Fit Me Concealer) that quite literally has lasted MONTHS longer than this NYX product and costs the same amount. As a result I will probably buy that Maybelline product again over this NYX concealer or the NARS product, but I otherwise have no complaints about this concealer!

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on 6/24/2018 9:53:00 AM


I have tried them all, from drugstore to highend, and for a long time I stayed with Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX06, thinned and mixed with a silicone-based face complex, for my oily, dehydrated, sensitive, acne-prone complexion...oh what fun!

Recently, I had a terrible acne flare-up which left me with flaky skin and horrible scars which I am treating with Retin A. I find that I really need to raise the bar as the Kevyn Aucoin, though opaque and heavy, still couldn't cover the scars and the flakiness is very visible and horrible with the KA SSE.

I decided I need a heavy-duty makeup, like a stage/theater makeup, and read the reviews on Graftobian and bought one for myself. It is very affordable at USD25 for a 20g pot. The KA SSE is twice the price for a 18g pot. The color in between Ingenue/Vixen suits me well.

First, I am surprised by the texture - it is opaque but fine, creamy and powdery, with a primer-like texture, without any silicones. It is very different from the sticky creamy texture of the KA SSE, and I doubted if it would last for hours but it did.

I also applied in very thin layers, patting with my fingers, more where I needed them to cover the scars, and very little where I didn't. Although it looks a bit flat, I must say it gives a nearly perfect, smooth, matte, even finish. I didn't have to powder at all even in hot summer weather, but I applied highlighting powder, blush and a primer to achieve a more natural finish.

The Graftobian foundation also helps to hide the flakiness with the right method. The skin needs to be exfoliated (I used fine cinnamon powder, which fights bacteria, to exfoliate gently and naturally), moisturized with sunscreen, left to absorb and normalize, and the foundation must be applied by pressing and patting in very thin layers over the scarring, flaking skin. This is amazing as I couldn't achieve this almost flawless finish with the KA SSE which simply wouldn't stay put on the flaky skin.

So this is now my HG concealer and foundation, at a drugstore product price! I won't go back to the KA SSE - if I use the Graftobian as a concealer and apply tinted moisturizer/sunscreen over the areas where less coverage is needed, I achieve the same, more dewy finish as the KA SSE.

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Mascara -wet n wild -Silkygirl Lash Maximizer Waterproof Mascara

on 6/24/2018 8:55:00 AM

I am reviewing the one with a black packaging and has a thin bristle. Horrid . Even my daiso one works better . This is hard to apply evenly and does nothing to my lashes

Blush -wet n wild -Silkygirl Blush in 01 Nectar Blush

on 6/24/2018 8:53:00 AM


I actually collected all the colors over time and wear them for different occasions or to match my makeup. Quality is good as it is pigmented , easy to manage , bright in Color , cheap and has caused no irritation . Main issue is small size especially after I depot it I find it harder to use

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -You are Amazing Final Spritz body mist Coconut Water


The packaging was the only thing that I liked about this body spray. No point in mentioning how the coconut scent smells when sillage and longevity are soooo poor.

Waste of money.

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Piper's Perfumery Eye Candy


Yummy! One of the best Pink Sugar dupes, if you can find it. This is unusual, a body spray that wears like perfume...excellent sillage and longevity. Packaging is ugly but who cares when the juice inside is soooo good.

Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Piper's Perfumery Delicate French Vanilla body spray


I wish Wal-Mart still carried this. Strong vanilla scent similar to BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar but this body spray wears like perfume. Sillage and longevity are great. Reasonably priced but packaging is ugly. The juice inside more than makes up for it though.

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