Lip Gloss -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine

on 12/18/2017 4:41:00 AM


I really thought this was going fo be a 1-lippie review, based on the first tube/shade I purchased...I’m glad I gave this product a second chance. I initially purchased the shade ‘Radiant Rose’ and it was terrible! Gloopy-thick, overly opaque, sticky, and just not a flattering shade on my skin tone. However, after seeing Dr. Dray review the ‘Soft Blush’ color on youtube, I decided to give it another go. Soft Blush is like a total 180 from the first one I’s thick but not gloopy; never sticky; and it really seems to hydrate my lips. Plus, it makes my lips look noticeably plumper, and it’s not super shiny (just more dewy than anything else). It stays put for a couple of hours while eating, drinking, and talking. As an added bonus, it’s scent-free and flavor-free, so it doesn’t interfere with the taste of things. I’ve basically started using this “gloss” (if you can really call it that) in place of Aquaphor on my lips when I want to look a bit nicer. The texture is like a mixture of gloss + an ointment of some kind, so I think of it more like a “treatment” that looks nice rather than a “lip gloss”. As a side note, the applicator wand is annoyingly wide, and it does take a few dips into the tube to get enough product onto my lips. Minor issues aside, I’ve been carrying this product around everywhere I go!

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Liquid -Neutrogena -Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20


This product is the greatest disappointment of my makeup life. I ordered it online having no opportunity to test it, I chose it in 40 nude. The shade turned out to be too dark and too pink on me, while the quality is the best I have ever tried before and after. It looks gorgeous and so natural, it’s my dream foundation. Anyway I will never buy it again because they don’t have my shade and tone(((

Cleansers -Neutrogena -Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

on 12/16/2017 1:25:00 PM


This stuff is toxic ☠️LOL they should print a freaking poison symbol on this crap 💩 ☠️! Read all the bad reviews on this garbage & believe them !& you should look 👀 @ all the bad reviews on their neutrogena website too & check out how this poison stuff messed up people's faces & it's interesting how neutrogena responds by saying " this is not typical please call us " in fact so many people have complained that it's bad so it is typical! 😳LOL!

Gels/Soaps -Neutrogena -Body Clear Body wash

on 12/14/2017 2:34:00 AM


This is a good product to maintain clear skin. If you have severe body breakouts, I think benzoyl peroxide products work better, but this is great to use everyday to help keep your skin clear. I repurchase this whenever I run out.

Moisturizers -Neutrogena -Combination Skin Moisture Oil Free


I have combination skin and whiteheads, blackheads, and sometimes small-ish papules/pustules. I've had my moderate acne for 3 years (genetic and hormonal, but maybe other factors played a part?). I live a pretty dry place. I wear glasses, so I had small whiteheads/blackheads where nose pads are on my nose, and the bottom of the frame touches my cheeks. I don't wear makeup, and my skincare regimen WAS Biore Charcoal Cleanser, Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer, then when I felt like it I used dabs of tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, and Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment -- some of the products may have been expired by a year or two.

I switched to this moisturizer because I ran out of my Clean & Clear Dual Action one which did nothing to my skin, around my nose/mouth got dry/slightly flaky, and my sister recommended this moisturizer (it worked for her, she's in her early twenties, so it may work for you, idk).

I was also changing my lifestyle (8 cups water, limit dairy intake, be healthy, etc), though my skin breaks out easily from unhealthy foods which I did sometimes binge on. Maybe that played a part but I'm still not happy with this moisturizer.

For the first few days of usage, it was the the holy grail. I had no papules/pustules, barely any whiteheads or blackheads, and my skin was the clearest it had been in the 3 years I've had my moderate acne. But then everything went downhill. Around my nose/mouth became more dry/flaky, and my skin seemed dehydrated/dry but was still oily. I got more papules/pustules than usual, and my skin quality was bad. And it still isn't, even though I switched moisturizers and cleansers, and now am doing the caveman regimen:(

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Eye Makeup Remover -Neutrogena -Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

on 12/12/2017 11:41:00 AM


It’s an amazing make up remover! With just one pad I can take away the heaviest eye makeup and even concealer! It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling and does not irritate my eyes. I love it.

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Lips -Neutrogena -Lip Plush in Violet Ice

on 12/12/2017 1:55:00 AM

Holy grail lipstick, I'm still searching for a replacement for color and formula wise. It breaks my heart that it is discontinued. It was perfect color and formula wise. Nothing has ever looked better on me color wise. If anyone ever finds a dupe, please post it. I've tried and failed to find one.

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Lotions/ Creams -Neutrogena -Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

on 12/11/2017 5:02:00 AM


This is an okay hand cream, but it provides no lasting moisture. As soon as I wash my hands, they are as dry as they were before using this hand cream. It only provides a protective barrier, which is nice, but not what I'm looking for.

Cleansers -Neutrogena -All-In-One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes

on 12/10/2017 4:57:00 AM


smells good
Wipes off everything
Does not break me out
Great for emergency or lazy nights where you just cant wash face (guilty)

packaging would be better if it had a better resealable lid that clicks. The glue starts to wear off and so the wipes on top dries out.

Bought the case for it! Now i think it wont be drying out. It was a bit pricey but i can reuse it as i cont to get the refills

Cleansers -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Whipped Foam Cleanser

on 12/9/2017 12:09:00 PM

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Whipped Foam Cleanser has many things I look for in a cleanser, proper packaging, decent price, skin beneficial ingredients. Unfortunately they have included fragrance in such a high amount that this cleanser is unusable on my dry skin. It is also very disappointing that they have included the fragrance in a higher amount than many of the beneficial ingredients. This cleanser left my skin feeling tight and flaky. My more detailed review can be seen here:

Skincare - Face -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum

on 12/9/2017 11:59:00 AM


I was very excited to try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum after hearing so many good things about Neutrogena's Hydro Boost line. Unfortunately this left me wanting more... much more. Growing up I was under the impression that Neutrogena had great fragrance free lotions for sensitive skin. Now that I'm older I've learned that Neutrogena cannot help themselves but to put fragrance in almost everything. The fragrance is in such a high amount in this product, and it is even higher than some of the beneficial ingredients, which is highly disappointing. My more detailed review can be seen here:

Foundations -Neutrogena -SkinClearing Oil-Free Liquid Makeup

on 12/8/2017 6:44:00 PM


This is the worst product I've ever bought in my 25 yrs of purchasing make-up. I have acne, as well as sensitive skin and this junk made my face so much worse. It was extremely difficult to get the product out of the bottle and when you do it seems to be very sticky-like. The coverage was sheer, I had to apply it in layers. Within 5 minutes it turned into a matte type finish. It didn't cover my acne and it clung to my dry patches. It didn't want to give up just yet, so I left it on for three hours.....HUGE MISTAKE!!! When I looked in the mirror my face was very greasy, amd I could literally see this s*** being pushed out of my pores (really not sure how else to describe it), but it was disgusting. After I was able to cleanse my face, I was horrified at how much worse my acne was along with redness, clogged pores, and flaky dry skin...DO NOT BUY THIS S***.... I actually want my damn money back...

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Cleansers -Neutrogena -Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

on 12/6/2017 8:04:00 PM


Love/hate relationship with these wipes. I like how quickly it takes off my makeup but the ingredients don't align with my beliefs. I also think this maybe a culprit in my cheeks breaking out.

Cleansers -Neutrogena -Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

on 12/6/2017 3:55:00 PM


I do not go without a pack of these in my house at all times! These wipes are the best make up remover I have EVER used!!!!! I wear alot of eye make up...alot and i only use 1 wipe to do both eyes completely clean with no residue. Even with my waterproof mascara I have no problems getting it off. I have sensitive eyes and eye skin and I do not have to scrub and scrub to get my make up off. I will not sleep in make up I can't even nap in make up when we are on the way home from somewhere thats quite a drive I am a strong believer that you should never sleep with contacts in or make up on and these wipes are the best make up remover I have EVER used in my life. You can use them anywhere without water every woman should have a pack of these on hand they even work great for little smudges or when you go thru your make up bag and get make up all over your hands!! Also your not left with your face feeling disgusting after using them like the oil remover (I can't stand oil removers they make my face feel so dirty and clogged) after using these wipes your face feels very soft and clean!!! These wipes are awesome!!! ♡♡♡♡

Foundations -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

on 12/6/2017 1:19:00 PM


This is a nice formula. The packaging is a major turnoff. The idea of using the applicator and putting it back repeatedly is unsanitary. If it was in a pump dispenser, it would be 5 tubes.

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