Liquid -MAC -Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF30

on 11/14/2017 5:36:00 PM


First off, went to Macy’s to find a medium to high coverage foundstion, and this is what the lady gave me because of my combination skin...WHAT A LIE!!
Let’s starts with coverage. This coverage is a B.B. cream. Light to sheer coverage, itll cover some forms of redness but any pores, fine lines, texture, scarring, brown spots, etc, (basically your skin) will not be covered whatsoever.
If you have already perfect skin that needs zero coverage, I guess this would be perfect. Then again why waste almost $40 on something you don’t need?

Lasting power was horrendous. Never thought this stuff would disappoint me so much. After 5 different attempts of wearing this with Benefit porefessionl Primer, Ulta face Primer, spray Hard Candy Cocoanut water face Primer, and no Primer at all, this stuff would not stay. After about 4-5 hours it pretty much slide off my nose and the sides of it making my pores all near my nose look magnified and dried out, not to mention caked on. Overall, my pores lookee huge, magnified, and clung to my under eyes. It made me seem like I was a 50 year old woman wearing cakey foundation. I’m only 22 and have some mild acne/scarring but my golly MAC.
Plus I broke out in places I never really have with this. It felt so cakey and looked so heavy on my skin. :(

The finish is watery (NO DUH!) after application, but after a good 20-40 min it turns powedery/Satin like.

Just wish this worked. I was so sad.

If you like foundation that makes your skin look awful, emphasizes everything you don’t want, buy this.

PS this is the EXACT same formula as Smashboxs’ BB cream.

Hey Mac, don’t sell foundstion that has the same last and coverage as a B.B. cream and then sel the B.B. cream for even more money. rip off.

Will be returning after 6 different tries aka let downs.

Skin shade: Fair. Bought (NW13)
Skin type: Combination/Flakes around nose/Drier in the winter

Eye Shadow -MAC -Intoxicate Eyeshadow (from the Femme Noir Collection)

on 11/14/2017 7:51:00 AM

This is a very rich deep inky blackened purple.Highly pigmented and very opaque. The veluxe finish is very bomb. There's nothing like it. This and Signed Sealed are my absolute favorites for a smokey eye and a cut crease. They both have hints of black and brown, but the purple does show up in both shades. So with the purple actually showing, it gives that something special to the look, rather that just straight black or brown. More of a wow factor in my opinion.

Liquid -MAC -Pro Longwear Foundation

on 11/14/2017 6:31:00 AM


I started using this foundation when I was just into makeup. For me, this was the first “high end” foundation I ever used. I was young, didnt know anything about skincare so my skin was a mess. With this foundation, that was not a big deal at all, the coverage is great. If you struggle with redness or acne scars, I would really recommand this one. Also, the foundation doesn’t get oily during the day, it just stays on.
The only downside are the colours, more specific, the fact that there are not many. For me, it’s always mixing mixing mixing, but not everyone is into that. However, it would be worth it!

Crème -MAC -Chroma Cake-Landscape Green

on 11/14/2017 6:09:00 AM


I bought this to be the Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween because it’s the same makeup used on Broadway for Elphaba in Wicked. The cake is large, which I was very pleased with. I almost bought two out of fear of running out before Halloween, but now I’m glad I only bought one as a little goes a long way. In the pan it is a vibrant Kelly green. After a couple failed attempts to apply this evenly with a makeup sponge, I went out and bought the Japanese hake brushes (1 ½” and 2 ½” wide) liked the ones used backstage at Wicked. Following the previous reviewer’s suggestion I applied this using a lot of water, making it very wet and thin. I used the wider hake brush to paint it on quickly, then used the smaller brush, still dry, to buff out the streaks before it sets, which is fast! Because I’d practiced in advance, on Halloween night it turned out great! So practicing with this makeup is a must! I used Ben Nye Transparent Waterproof powder to set it and I only had minimal rub-off. The only downside is that I still have a full pan of this stuff and nothing to do with it (I'll just have to convince one of my kids to be a green character in the future). Oh well, it was worth it for the pictures and memories.

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Eye Shadow -MAC -Lustre - Mythology

on 11/14/2017 5:53:00 AM


The copper color in the pan is bright and happy, like a brand new penny with pink undertones. Nail polish, eye shadow, or lip color, I’m a sucker for metallics. As soon as I got it home I brushed it on with a wet brush and it turned metallic orange, not what I wanted. It was a few days before I felt brave enough to try it dry. When I layer it with browns of purples is creates a faint coppery sheen, very nice. It is now in my regular rotation of metallic eye shadows (but nothing beats by absolute favorite Laura Mercier African Violet). Mythology makes my dark brown eyes pull a little more golden, which is kind of a fun way to change things up. I would buy this again, but I’ll never apply it wet again!

Eyeliner -MAC -Technakohl in Greyprint

on 11/13/2017 3:00:00 PM

FINALLY! I have been on the hunt for a grey liner that is not too dark for my fair complexion, one that can also be worn on my waterline. I don't have a MAC store near me, so I chatted with a MA, and they recommended Shoreline, which looks black on me! I asked about this color, and they ignored the question, so I ordered it anyway, and I am SO GLAD I DID. I am sending their recommended color back, and I may buy like 20 of these, in case MAC decides to discontinue this color! This color is PERFECTION for blue eyes. It is just stunning on me. It does not make me look overly made up and it negates the pink that I naturally have around my eyelids. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

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Bronzers -MAC -Mineralize Skinfinish in Give Me Sun!

on 11/13/2017 2:02:00 PM


I bought this product because I heard amazing things about it but it does seems too orange for me. I did drop it a week after purchase and the mirror shattered so I'll keep using it. The product does blend very well so i suggest you try it in store before purchasing. I purchased mine at Macy's and they have a sale going on, buy $50 save $10 or buy $100 save $20

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Lipstick -MAC -Retro Matte - Ruby Woo

on 11/13/2017 1:56:00 PM


This is a beautiful color and good formula -- but by no means effortless. I first purchased Ruby Woo looking for another classic red lip that I could just swipe on whenever-wherever, so I was disappointed when this dry, fully matte formula didn't quite go on my lips all buttery like some of my other favorite lipsticks. If you're looking for an easy red lip, Ruby Woo might be unnecessarily difficult. I thought it was, at first. In my case, though, the red was such beautiful color that I didn't want to give up on it.

Color-wise, the red of Ruby Woo is pretty universal. It wears bright on my skin. The shade of red brings out the best of many different complexions. Ruby Woo is also great to wear with minimal makeup in the summer -- just some feathered brows, light mascara, and sheerly applied base makeup. Since it's so matte, I combine it with dewy skin and always use lightweight and liquid products for the rest of my look.


Depending on how it's applied, Ruby Woo can last a long while with just one or two retouches throughout the day. I always start by moisturizing my lips thoroughly and blotting with tissue paper so only the right amount of moisture remains. If properly moisturized, the bullet can apply with minimal tugging and deposit the right amount of pigment. I apply a generous amount of lipstick to the center of my lips (not focusing on precision) and then I take my ring finger and blot the color outwards to cover all of my lips, including edges and corners. Then, I take a firm q-tip with a tiny bit of micellar water and gently clean up anything that smudged too far out. The overall effect is a blotted, diffused, puffy look that's fully matte. You can certainly get a really clean, dramatic edge with a lip brush, but I have other lipsticks I like better for that. For the Ruby Woo, I prefer blotted and a tiny bit smudgy.

After initial application, I always carry the lipstick with me and bring a lip balm that's not too wet (I prefer Carmex or Nuxe). The overall staying power of Ruby Woo is strong, so any wear tends to come from the center of the lips as I eat or drink. Thankfully, the edges remain super intact, and retouching the center is easy as long as I have a compact mirror on hand. Using a corner of my mirror, I'll blend a little bit of balm and lipstick until the heat of my finger has warmed up the mixture slightly. Then, with dabbing motions, I'll apply the mixture directly where the lipstick has warmed off and then take a couple of seconds to press the lipstick with my fingers in so that the new application blends in with everything else. Voila.

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Blush -MAC -Mineralize Blush - Dainty

on 11/12/2017 11:17:00 PM


This is a nice warm pink blush with some shimmer. The powder feels very soft so a brush easily picks up the product. It’s easy to blend out but I would recommend a duo fiber brush to apply and build up.

Lip Gloss -MAC -Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour

on 11/12/2017 5:38:00 PM


i was so excited for the release of the new MAC Grand Illusion Liquid LipColour. The color Lunar Module instantly hypotized me with its purple, blue, pink duochrome look. I also decided to pick up Rave Bunny and Let's Rock. These are definitely more of a glossy finish but it is not sticky and I also find these to be slightly moisturizing. The really nice thing is that these don't have much of a taste to them. There is the very slightest tingling when you first apply these but it goes away very quickly. Definitely worth considering. My video review and swatches can be seen at:

Lipstick -MAC -Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

on 11/12/2017 1:22:00 PM


Usually matte lip products aren't my thing, but I was intrigued by the swatches I saw online and had to try one of these. I chose Pearl Punk, which is a warmish/neutral pink.

My issue with mattes is that they can be awfully drying (Anastasia Beverly Hills, I'm looking at you) and unforgiving of any flakes or fine lines. This was drier than non-matte lipsticks, but not awful or uncomfortable. It lasts for hours without touching up, which is the upside to the dry texture. I can apply this before work and not give it a second thought until lunchtime.

Like other mattes, this isn't the best formula if your lips are already dry or rough. That said, it's better than any other matte liquid lipstick that I've tried, and it doesn't seem to highlight my less-than-perfect lips. I like the metallic finish--it's more interesting than a plain matte, but subtle enough for the office.

I like this, and might be inclined to try other Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours after I road test this a bit longer. Not sure I'd want to pay $21 for another one, though.

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Eye Shadow -MAC -Lustre - Tempting

on 11/12/2017 3:05:00 AM


This is a wonderful rich golden brown colour with slightly what I would call complex sparkle. i have a cle de peauquad in stellar gaze, and this is almost a perfect match for my favourite colour in it. I used to useTHAT every day, now i use this. I REALLY love it, with purples and pinks.

Lipstick -MAC -Cremesheen - Creme d'Nude

on 11/11/2017 11:21:00 AM


I have finally found my perfect nude lipstick!!
I absolutely love to wear nude lips, but I cant stand the feeling of most lipsticks on the lips. This is very comfortable to wear all day, you will need to touch it up tho. This isnt drying at all and when it wores off it doesnt look bad cuz its somwhat sheer. The shade is perfect. Not too pink or light. I would highly recommend this :)

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Eyeliner -MAC -Eyeliner Kohl in Costa Riche

on 11/11/2017 8:48:00 AM


This eyeliner is very unique and different, I'm a red head with pale skin, and it is a great substitute for traditional black. However, since it does have reddish undertones, when it starts to fade it can make me look straight up sick/stoned/crying. I looked in the mirror at the end of the day a few times after wearing this (after a lot of fading) and it just made me look TERRIBLE-tired and as if I have bad allergies. The staying power isn't good either, most of it wears off by mid day and I'm left with Thor weird reddish tint around my eyes.

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Mascara -MAC -Zoom lash

on 11/10/2017 11:42:00 AM


This review is for the GREY color. I use this on my bottom lashes and Chanel Bluish Black on my top lashes. If Chanel ever discontinues that color, I will use this on both. I am a "light summer," meaning that I have cool (pink) undertones and am very fair. I used to try to get the blackest black mascara I could find, since my lashes are blonde. However, I now realize that the grey is much more flattering than black, which is too dark. Brown, forget it, way too warm and makes my eyes look red and my skin look ruddy. I feel like this mascara on bottom, and the Chanel Bluish Black on top, makes my blue eyes pop and makes the ruddiness totally neutralize. It is really amazing. I found that the black in this formulation smudged, but I do not have the same issue with the grey, for whatever reason. The other great thing about this shade is that they only sell it in the $10 small travel sized version, so you can try it without spending a lot of money, and it travels well, needless to say. I am hoping MAC won't discontinue this, which they are prone to do! The grey is really fantastic.

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