Lotions/ Creams -LUSH -Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion


Three months into my little pot I am convinced enough to write this review. Sleepy is a lavender and tonka creamy lotion that is for hands and body. However, I have been using it on my face with superb results.

A little about me: I am 50 this year, perimenopausal (those pesky whore moans!), normal to dryish, more sensitive than I used to be. I live in New Mexico and love being outdoors so have sun damage. I have never been particularly acne-prone, but since I started the perimenopause, my skin has had odd sensitivity with red bumps appearing that are somewhere between a pimple and a hive (a pive?). At least this was how my skin was behaving before Sleepy.

I use it every night after cleansing. It's a pot which is not ideal, but I find that I have plenty just by gliding my finger over the surface, rather than dipping in. There is a slight, fine, iridescent shimmer settled on top of the cream at first use, but this disappears upon application and does not seem to be throughout the pot. It smells gorgeous- like lavender but not astringent, it's sweet and vanilla-y like fresh baked cookies. It's a comforting scent rather than being sickly. My skin feels instantly hydrated and I wake up looking clearer and fresher. People have commented on how good my skin is looking! Fine lines have disappeared and my skin is so even! I am amazed. I sleep so much better too, which is having a positive effect on my skin as well as my general sense of wellbeing. Since this hormonal phase started, I have often felt tense at night and unrefreshed in the morning. For those of you who are not there yet, think of an alternative reality version of PMS that goes up and down and on and on... I am told it does get better though!

For the record I have used La Mer, SK-II, Clinique, Olay, Guerlain, Kiehl's, Aveda and La Prairie night creams amongst others and this beats them all right now. It's just what my skin needed. It might not be for you if you are oily or very acne-prone but I thought I would pass on my success story for those dry, sensitive, perimenopausal or insomniac types.

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Gels/Soaps -LUSH -Sexy Peel Soap

on 3/19/2018 12:35:00 AM


Wonderful sweet lemony scent and cleans gently. It is uplifting on bleary days and I can use a little piece at the time.

Fragrances -LUSH -Vanillary

on 3/17/2018 10:11:00 AM


Horrible. Immediately washed off. It’s really fake smelling. That’s can’t be a real vanilla smell

Cleansers -LUSH -Angels on Bare Skin

on 3/17/2018 4:32:00 AM


I tried this a few years ago and didn't like it, I didn't like the smell and didn't notice anything different with my skin.

Cleansers -LUSH -Dark Angels

on 3/17/2018 1:44:00 AM


At first when I started using Dark Angels, I was completely obsessed. The change in my skin was quite dramatic. Many of the flesh colored bumps that have been hanging out like unwanted bums began to vanish. Many of the acne scars and texture issues that I’ve accumulated over the years seemed to begin to balance.

This was short lived, and I’m pissed. I was using this cleanser twice a day to no irritation, but after two months, it just left my skin feeling dull. It went from drastic change, to no change seemingly over night; and I’m beginning to realize that that’s the outcome that I see with many Lush products.

Also, the cleanser began leaving a black dust on my sink, my bathtub, stained my towels, and after walking around with what looked like a five o’ clock shadow, I realized it was beginning to stain my skin as well. After frequent use it begins to seep into your pores....and stay there....for the rest of your life, if you don’t use an additional cleanser.

I took this out of my rotation for a while while the weather is still cold, and making me hate everything. I’m thinking this will be a better option when it’s hot, balmy, and like the seventh circle of hell outside. We shall see!

Masks -LUSH -Cup O' Coffee

on 3/16/2018 11:54:00 PM


Again, Lush products labeled as scrubs dont really work for me as my dry skin tends to hoard lots of dead skin, especially over my nose and chin. This product aint the exception, but it really does magic for toning and “waking up” the skin. I use it on mornings, 2-3 times a week, and paired with a good mosturizer it makes my face look radiant. Definetely would recommend, but be sure to have another exfoliation backup method.

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Scrubs -LUSH -Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

on 3/16/2018 11:48:00 PM


Honestly Lush products tend to appeal to the animal protecting, natural loving, hipster part of ourselves. Pretty packaging, promising things, but poor results. I have dry sensitive skin, and beyond the fact that it doesnt irritate my skin and it has a pretty good smell, it doesnt exfolliate all too good. I would honestly recommend saving money and buying cetaphil/regular glycerin soap and using a rough sponge to get better results. On the softness, brightening thing, my skin aint different at all. Wouldnt buy again :/

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Hair Treatments -LUSH -Henna - Caca Noir

on 3/14/2018 5:23:00 AM


I went to the hairdresser to have my hair lightened and, unfortunately, I suffered a severe allergic reaction (probably a PPD allergy) the next day with facial swelling and itching. It was horrible! To make matters worse, I didn't even like my new hair colour! I'm Asian with dark brown/black hair, but my hairdresser had bleached it so that it was too light for my complexion and there was a horrible orange/reddish highlight in my hair. After a month of avoiding myself in the mirror, I decided I wanted to dye my hair back to its original colour. As I can't use chemical dyes anymore, I thought I would give henna a try.

The first time I used Caca Noir, I followed the instructions by melting the cut up blocks in a bain-marie. I have shoulder-length hair and used all 6 blocks. I then applied the Caca Noir to my hair (which had not been washed for several days and probably had some hair product in it), starting from the top layer and working my way to the bottom layers. It was an incredibly messy process and I'm not sure if I managed to coat every strand of my hair. I left the Caca Noir in my hair for 3 hours uncovered. The results were good, but not great. I think my hair was darkened by 2-3 shades, but you could still see the orange/red highlights in my hair, especially under bright lights or in the sun. It definitely toned down my hair (which I really needed), but it still wasn't dark enough to my liking. After a week, I noticed that the colour had already faded quite a bit, even though I had only washed my hair once during this time. So after a week, I felt like my hair was only a touch darker than before the treatment.

1 week later, I decided to give the Caca Noir another try, especially since the lady at Lush said that the colour would intensify with multiple treatments. This time, I grated the blocks in the food processor with the grater attachment (it doesn't stain anything if you quickly wash the bowls and blades), and so it melted more quickly and easily. I also made the mixture a bit runnier than last time so that it would be easier to apply. I had washed and dried my hair the previous evening with a clarifying shampoo. I also used clips to pin my hair in small sections, so that I could apply the mixture to my bottom layers first and work my way up to the top layers. This was definitely an easier way to apply the Caca Noir, but I still wasn't convinced that I had coated every strand. I left the Caca Noir in my hair for 5 hours uncovered. Sadly, the results were minimal to non-existent!

My hair is probably a touch darker than before the second treatment, but it will probably fade in a couple of days anyway. My hair is now dark brown with still an orange/reddish highlight. Despite the name of the product, there is no black at all in my hair. Maybe because my hair had been coloured with chemical dyes, the Caca Noir didn't work as well? My hair colour is definitely a few shades darker than before I started using Caca Noir and my highlights have been toned down a bit, but it is quite a subtle change.

Given the pfaff that is required to use and apply Caca Noir, not to mention the endless waiting time (who has 3-5 hours to do this frequently??), the results are very minimal compared to the effort required. I've read that some people even sleep with this stuff in their hair overnight! The cleaning up is massive - it's called "Caca" for a reason ;-) Be sure to line the whole bathroom with newspaper, and you may as well have the cleaning products handy to scrub the shower or bathtub after you have finished rinsing out your hair (a tip I picked up in another review).

Due to my allergy to chemical dyes, I had no choice but to use henna to colour my hair. I think the Lush henna products might be worth it if you are after a subtle colour change, if you want to use all-natural products, and if you have a whole day to spare. I don't think I would use Caca Noir again, or any other henna product.

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Fragrances -LUSH -Karma Solid Fragrance

on 3/9/2018 11:34:00 PM


I love the way this smells on me. I used the solid perfume on my chest every day for about 3 weeks, until suddenly developing a few blistering spots of rash overnight where I was applying it. I'm going to take it easy with Karma from now on, especially considering how some people hate the smell.

Shampoo -LUSH -Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo

on 3/9/2018 5:29:00 AM


Though the scent of the shampoo is rather strong and herbal, the results make you forget all about it! I stocked up on this shampoo with plenty of full size bottles. When using this product, conditioner is almost unnecessary! Between the rich honey and the linseed mucilage your strands are left silky, soft, and free of frizz. The greatest part is that it doesn’t weigh your hair down! In fact, you’re left with bouncy, volumized locks that dries song gorgeously it’s perfect for those days you’re in a rush because you can trust your hair will dry in almost beachy, manageable waves. I can’t say enough good things about this shampoo.

Cleansers -LUSH -Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser

on 3/9/2018 4:50:00 AM


It is VERY RARE I write a review after ONE USE but I just have to on this one.

I saw a youtuber recommend this product on a video about how to tame a breakout. I have always had acne but it had calmed down for several years but I always had small breakouts. Recently, my skin is red, dry and flaky but ALSO OILY, inflamed and I have huge spots which are painful and deep. This could be due to stress or weather? I can't figure it out but it's causing me grief.

I went into store to ask about Ultrabland and the lady showed me on my hand. I had my reservations since you cannot wash this off with water. It has wax and oils in it that do not budge with water. I was recommended to use a cotton pad or face cloth and just put on a moisturiser if I wanted after. This freaked me out big time since I need to wash my face or I don't feel clean! I was advised I can double cleanse regardless.

I took it anyway out of desperation for my skin that was raging and inflamed. I tried it last night to take off a days worth of heavy make up. I started with a few swipes of it on my face and worked away with my cotton pad. LIKE MAGIC the make up came off, no harsh rubbing and NO RESIDUE!!!!
I then tried my eyes - I was told it was safe. Oil cleansers make my eyes go fuzzy and I temporarily lose eyesight with a fuzzy haze. I put some of the product on the cotton pad and swiped away tough mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow in one go. It was like a dream.

After a good wipe, I looked at my skin and found 0 traces of make up or eye make up. It really was amazing, I could have just left it like that. I did double cleanse with a face wash but my face felt amazing after. Some of the wax/oil stayed on my face but that was a good feeling since I didn't feel tightness from my stripping face wash and it left a nice subtle glow. I moisturised and went to bed.

Waking up, I can see/feel clean and soft skin. I'm just so happy a natural and non-irritable product can take off my make up so well. As for taming my acne, its early days and I'll update this review. I had to write it just to show you all how amazing this takes off EVERY TRACE of make up! 100% recommend.

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Shampoo -LUSH -Seanik

on 3/7/2018 8:50:00 PM


After telling the sales associate that I had been using Lush’s Big Shampoo, she recommended I try this product. I love love love it!!! The smell is amazing and it truly gives my otherwise flat hair lots of volume at the roots. I should mention that my hair is extremely greasy as in I cannot go a day without washing it. If you already have dry hair, this product probably isn’t for you. The only negative is that the packaging is garbage. It is legit just the product (a disc) and that’s it. When I travel I put it in a plastic bag, but otherwise it just sits on my shower window ledge.

Toners -LUSH -Tea Tree Water


I will forever buy this product. My face was always super dry after washing. And moisturizer seemed to just make it greasy so now I cleanse my face with a cleansing oil and then spray this on after and let it sit on my skin. It dries in seconds and my skin is moist but not greasy and my acne has pretty much gone away. I will never not have this in my bathroom!!!

Masks -LUSH -Cup O' Coffee

on 3/7/2018 12:16:00 AM


I love love this product. Im always up for a good coffee product, as i make my own coffee scrubs from home. My partner and i both use this product and both of us love it.

It leaves my skin glowing, i use it roughly 2-3 times a week in the morning.

Cleansers -LUSH -Herbalism

on 2/28/2018 12:06:00 AM


Suffered from acne most of my teen and adult life tried medicinal products such as clindoxyl gels and others and it just aggravated it more. It wasnt until I was introduced to this product that my life was transformed. As dramatic as I may sound, I rarely right reviews but this completely changed my skin. My break outs slowed down and after a year of using it consistently I rarely have any breakouts now. And a plus to this product is that after cleansing with it, my face doesnt feel stripped of moisture/natural oils and almost feels like I dont need to moisturize. Def a staple/HG.

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