Lip Gloss -E.L.F. -Lip Lacquer

on 1/13/2018 5:15:00 PM


I use in Clear as a dupe to Lipsense Glossy Gloss throughout the day to keep my color sealed and lips moisturized = will certainly re-purchas!

Loose Powders -E.L.F. -Studio High Definition Powder

on 1/13/2018 1:39:00 PM


THIS IS NOT THE SAME FORMULA THE INGREDIENTS ARE DIFFERENT. Why ELF did you change the formula? I loved this powder with the old formula. Do not buy the new formula it doesn't blend into the skin and is chalky. Leaves white patches on my face. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA. Trying to find the old formula online. :(

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Highlighters -E.L.F. -Cosmetics Baked Highlighter


I'm starting to wonder with e.l.f. if they have some bad batches of a product and some good batches. I bought this product online from Target on a whim. When it arrived, I swatched it on my finger and nothing showed up. I tried pushing as hard as I could into the pan, but still could not get more than a sheer layer of glitter with a hint of gold to transfer on my finger. This was extremely disappointing. The reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive and viewing the swatches that others have taken, it doesn't even look like the same product. I feel like e.l.f. products are very hit or miss. Some of their products have amazing pigment, and others are trash. I SO wanted to love this highlighter, but this was a complete miss for me.

Brows -E.L.F. -Eyebrow Kit


HG! Even on bare-faced, just-hanging-around days this is the one product I will always put on. Like we all did, I overplucked in the 90s and I still have some patchy spots in my brows. This kit fills them in so they look naturally full, without seeming fake or stencilled in. Have repurchased again and again, usually stocking up in multiples because the dark shade seems to sell out a lot. The dark shade is perfect if you have very dark almost black’s very neutral without any hint of red. The brush that comes with the kit is absolutely fantastic, something about it gets the gel and powder distribution both just right.

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Primer/ Corrector -E.L.F. -Aqua Beauty Primer Mist

on 1/10/2018 2:09:00 PM


I've been using this as a toner. It will not prolong wear of makeup. As a toner, it makes my face feel smooth and plump. There is no noticeable scent and it doesn't leave me feeling sticky. The bottle is nice. It's plastic but doesn't feel cheap. However, it is expensive for what you get. Cost per ounce Pixi Hydrating Mist is less expensive. Elf gives you a little over an ounce for $8. Pixi is $15 for almost 3 fl oz. Moreover, the elf spray is AWFUL. It's really aggressive. If you sprayed this over makeup, you would ruin your face. I decanted it put it in another bottle. I've tried other Pixi mists and know they have a decent mister. Next time, I will purchase pixi over elf. If elf changes packaging and lowers price, I will reconsider.

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Cleansers -E.L.F. -Daily Face Cleanser

on 1/10/2018 10:53:00 AM


The cleanser I have is called the daily cleanser, but it's not the one pictured here. It's white packaging with a splash of water on it. It's also 5 fl oz.

This is a cruelty free and cheaper alternative to Simple's moisturizing face wash. Both have similar ingredients and are gel to foam cleansers. Simple has a light and airy foam and is fragrance free. It does have sodium laureth sulfate in it. Elf does not and therefore has a creamier lather. It does have a light fragrance. It reminds me of clean laundry. The scent is really light and does not irritate me. I can be sensitive to scents. This product works well with my clarisonic and has become my new HG cleanser since going cruelty free. Elf is also less expensive. At target simple is $4.79 and elf is $4.00 for the same amount of product. Definitely worth trying!

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Eye Primer -E.L.F. -Mineral Eyeshadow Primer [DISCONTINUED]


Some primers are so hard to blend eyeshadows over because they stay so tacky even when they dry. I'm giving the hairy eyeball to the Too Faced lash insurance primer. Not this one. Eyeshadows blend easily and look significantly more vivid than they do on a naked lid. It also makes my eyeliner look blacker. It keeps all of my eye makeup on as long as I want it to be on, 8 hours or longer. The primer is slightly tinted, so on days I don't feel like wearing any shadow, this brightens up my eyelids because I have that veiny thing going on. By itself, it seems to catch the light somehow, without being noticeably shiny or shimmery. It just kind of "glows". It's very pretty. Also, am I the only one who thinks this smells really good? I don't think scent is even one of the ingredients but I swear this smells like vanilla cupcakes to me. Anyway, here we have the best primer on the market. I do wish there was more product in the tube, but it's cheap to replace.

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Liquid -E.L.F. -Flawless Finish Foundation

on 1/9/2018 5:02:00 PM


Overall, I love ELF products, which are generally of excellent quality. On my search for a foundation that I love, I gave this one a shot. I am disappointed. The closest color to my skintone, Sand, looked great going on, but quickly turned a little dull (which tells me that it oxidized a bit). Even though I applied it with a dry beauty sponge, the coverage was thin and the finish didn't dry down into something attractive. This is the first ELF product I've ever tried that actually felt, well, cheap. My foundation quest continues.

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Brows -E.L.F. -Instant Lift Brow Pencil

on 1/8/2018 2:03:00 AM


Use this daily to fill in my brows-super easy and quick for a natural brow look. Would definitely buy again!

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Misc Beauty Tools -E.L.F. -Studio Makeup Mist & Set Spray

on 1/6/2018 11:19:00 PM


$3.00 for 2 oz. ; $6.00 for 4.1 oz.

I'm giving this 5 lippies because I think the product is good and does what it is intended to do with no irritation to my face, no noticeable, lingering, fragrance and no stickiness. I will express my dislike of the product's mister and only give it 2 lippies for packaging. Come on E.L.F. it's not that difficult to make a better mister but the price is so good I feel kind of bad griping about the mister because it's not terrible, it just needs to be finer and more consistent.

This review is for the regular, I have not tried the Matte Magic Mist & Set.

This setting spray is not bad for the price. Is it the best I have ever used? No... but the ingredients are decent and it does set my makeup, makes it last longer and takes away the powdery look which I really dislike. I prefer a more dewy finish.

I have purchased several bottles of this and the sprayers seem to be hit or miss. Some seem to be worse than others but none are great. These are so cheap that I always keep a few on hand to use to spray my brushes to apply shadow to the lid, usually shimmers that I want to stay exactly in that one place on the lid and not migrate up toward the crease colors and it works fabulously. My shadow doesn't budge all day long. I detect almost no fragrance and what little there is dissipates almost immediately. I don't mind some pleasant light fragrance in a setting spray. I love the smell of Milani's and Flower Cosmetic's Seal the Deal sprays(Flower's mister is excellent, Milani's sprayer is not bad not great, hit or miss but I love the product).

I buy 2 of the large size E.L.F. for $12.00 and I put them into my empty Skindinavia setting spray bottle which has a really nice sprayer and I saved myself about 50% and have 8.2 ounces for $12.00, less if I catch it during an E.L.F. sale. During December they had 50% off everything so I stocked up, which gave me 8.2 oz. for $6.00.

I have no problem spending money for high end items but I honestly think there are many setting sprays, high end and drugstore, that are all just about the same. I prefer to spend my money on high end items that have no other similar products like them that are far less money. I don't care if my setting spray doesn't have a high end name on it. I think many drugstore setting sprays get a bad review/rating because of the sprayer, not the product itself. It's not that difficult to just put a good, inexpensive product into the empty setting bottle that has a mister you prefer. Speaking of misters..... One high end(not sure why it is...ugh), ...that I really did not like was Cover FX Illuminating. I was not prepared to have globs of liquid glitter on my face and to have to shake it up super well like a can of spray paint...( avoid unless you love glitter on your face. It might be good for New Years Eve or Mardis Gras, but for every day, not for me!). I hardly ever return things, but that one I did.

Description from the website:

4.1 ounce-Our best-seller is now 2x the size! This skin nourishing Makeup Mist & Set Spray is designed to hold your makeup in place, extend its staying power and revitalize makeup color. This formula contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E to soothe and hydrate the skin.

2ounce-The ultimate must-have, the Makeup Mist & Set Spray is designed to hold your face and eye makeup in place all day and to revitalize makeup color with just a few sprays. The formula contains aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, and E to soothe and hydrate the skin. Spray on your brush or sponge prior to makeup application for extended hold and vibrant color.


Water (Aqua), AMP-acrylates/Allyl Methacrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Ve), Retinyl Palmitate (Va) Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vc), Green Tea Extract,Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, Methylparaben,Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Butylparaben, Phenoxyethanol

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BB Cream -E.L.F. -Studio BB Cream SPF 20

on 1/6/2018 1:47:00 PM


I was surprised at how well this worked for me. I've been slowly transitioning from foundations to BB creams and of the three or four I've tried so far this is the nicest. I used the Beige shade and got full coverage and a really lovely dewy finish which is not ordinarily my thing, but it looks so pretty I'm going with it. The packaging is convenient and easy to use as well. I do wish ELF would expand their shade range to include darker skin, however. I took a lippie off for that.

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Eye Makeup Remover -E.L.F. -Makeup Remover Pen

on 1/4/2018 10:40:00 PM


Sum times you smear your wing tip eye liner sum times mascara goes on your cheek sum times mascara goes on your brow bone we all been there this makes it easy to remove the mastakes I love this definitely a must have

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Eye Shadow -E.L.F. -e.l.f. Studio Baked Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/4/2018 6:17:00 PM


I purchased California with some Christmas money that was burning a hole in my pocket. This is my first E.L.F. product. I'd read enough reviews of E.L.F. eyeshadows here on MUA to know that, coupled with the 'baked' qualifier, getting a noticeable eye look out of it would take some doing.

California is a selection of 10 shades that are mostly in the vanilla/golden/peachy copper/bronze/chocolate category, along with a deep silver and mauve.Some of the shades are very similar to each other, with one being slightly warmer or cooler than the other. I find them all to be best applied using a damp sponge applicator, allowed to dry, and then blended with dry brushes. Yep, there's a bit of a time commitment involved in using this palette. The finish is very shimmery, almost foiled, but not *glittery* per se. You can much more easily get the same or similar looks with any number of high end shadow brands, or even WnW, but if you want to spend around US$3 for ten shadows, and have the spare time and patience to mess with wetting and waiting, give it a try!

(Here's the subtext of shame, where I admit I bought it because the baked pearls of eyeshadow look so beautiful in their packaging. Their sexy, but flimsy, packaging. If you buy one of these, don't drop it!)

Highlighters -E.L.F. -Cosmetics Baked Highlighter

on 1/3/2018 4:46:00 PM


This highlighter is bomb when used correctly (i.e scraping the top layer off). I prefer this over my Becca Moonstone highlight. I like to apply the highlighter directly to my cheeks from the compact (soo unhygienic I know!) and use my fingers to disperse the product onto my nose and cupids bow. The result is a dewy wet-looking glow that is perfect for light skintones no crazy orange pigment here, just glow. Also it's only $3.

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Blush -E.L.F. -Shimmering Facial Whip


I got the shade Golden Peach.

The only really bad thing about this product is that it's kinda hard to blend. I put dots on my cheekbones then tried tap it in with my fingers and a sponge - and it did not move. The dots were still there. You Have to rub it in for it to blend.

One detail which, may be good or bad depending on preference, is that the glitter is quite noticeable. That means it can be quite unnatural for daytime wear, but for nighttime, it can be totally awesome. This actually reminds me of swatches I see of Fenty's Trophy Wife Highlighter, in the sense that the glitter is quite noticeable, and it's shiny af.

Now, here's my recommendation - PUT IT ON YOUR EYES AS A BASE FOR SHIMMERY EYESHADOW. Do It Dudes. Seriously That ish will transform your eyeshadow into a METALLIC Dream.

Overall, it's not bad considering you can get it for such a low price. It just depends on whether you like noticeable sparkles in your highlight, and if you think you're fine with working a little extra to blend. Or, if you want a wet base for shimmer eyeshadows, that would be a really good use for this product. But I would stay away from this if you prefer a very natural highlight.

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