Conditioner -LUSH -Veganese Conditioner


Hey there! This is another item which was influenced by this site. I pair it with the soak and float bar. Perfect combination of fragrance, hydration and cleanliness! I'm in my 40's and have some grey hairs. Said hairs are not the same texture as the others. This conditioner leaves my hair so silky! I had ordered the smallest bottle, just in case things didn't work out between us. I will definitely be purchasing the big bottle! I paid $20.95 /8.4 fl oz. Not sure if this is the same as the in store price, as I've never been to a Lush store. However, I do plan on making a trip and incorporating a little Lush shopping! Side note - my curl pattern seems a bit relaxed, but have used this only twice. Will continue use of these products unless my scalp decides to disagree. I am thankful that I am able to afford these, as I have definitely had times in my life where that wouldn't be possible.

Shampoo -LUSH -soak 'n' float shampoo bar


Hello, hello, gorgeous! First, let me say thank you to this site and all who contribute. This is what influenced my purchase. I was desperate to find something to help my poor scalp, which has had seborrheic dermatitis for so many years, off & on. Idk if it is triggered by stress or my autoimmune stuff.. But I get nasty flares, and have since about age 14. I'll be 44 two months. That's a long time! Unfortunately, there is no Lush store nearby, but there are a few within the state. This product was $14.95 & nearly the size of a Moonpie. It worked on first use. I am enamored with its fragrance, which is like that of a headshop. Or perhaps that is in combination with the Veganese conditioner that I pair it. Delicious fragrance!

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Treatments (Face) -LUSH -Grease Lightning Spot Cleanser

I adore this product. I was on vacation and breaking out horribly, I was freaking out cause I had nothing to spot treat and my friend let me borrow this. Overnight my breakout reduced (no completely gone, it ain’t a miracle). I looked into it and saw that all the ingredients which was a huge plus. I have naturally dry skin but also horrible acne. This means when I use heavily medicated face items or things with alcohol in them my acne may go away, but peeling skin is left in its place. With this I only have drying in my biggest drying spots (side of my nose, around my mouth), or where I may have applied too much. I just have to remember to do my moisturizer if routine with it (which you should never skip anyways!)

Lip Treatments -LUSH -Honey Trap Lip Balm

on 9/5/2018 9:09:00 AM


I like this lip balm but it’s not as moisturizing as aquaphor. The smell is really nice even though my best friend really hates the smell. So it’s not for everyone. I don’t like that you have to use your fingers to apply it, it’s kinda unhygienic.

Lip Treatments -LUSH -Rose Lollipop Lipbalm

on 9/5/2018 9:06:00 AM


I bought this one because I had the Honey Trap lip balm before. It’s moisturizing and smells really good. But I don’t think it really helps a lot with chapped lips. It gets dry and is difficult to apply and I really hate to use my fingers to apply it especially when I’m outside. I think the honey trap was better. The best for my dry lips is aquaphor.

Shampoo -LUSH -Fairly Traded Honey Shampoo


Love this because it is natural and smells lovely. it is thick in consistency, and i need quite abit of it to lather onto my thick hair. but it leaves my hair feeling very clean and smooth afterwards. no tangles. my hair also dries down to a good volume. will repurchase.

Toners -LUSH -Tea Tree Water Balancing Toner

on 9/4/2018 11:37:00 AM


I needed to find a toner and I heard great things about this one, so I decided to give it a shot. I love it! It doesn't have a strong scent or leave my skin dry/irritated. My skin always feels nice after using it.

I've used it two ways after I've washed my face in the evening: The intended way, where you just spray it onto your face and let it dry (I usually use my hands to pat it in a little), and the way I prefer which is spraying it onto a cotton pad and wiping it all over to get anything left behind by my cleanser (and maybe an extra spray or two after). I also give my face a light spray in the morning before I do my makeup.

I do wish the bottle sprayed it a little more misty though.

This is definitely worth a try.

Cleansers -LUSH -Dark Angels

on 9/4/2018 10:55:00 AM


I've bought this product multiple times and am still currently using it. For the most part, I really like it.

I was having a hard time finding a face wash that I liked, so I looked into LUSH products and saw a lot of great reviews for this one.The smell isn't good or terrible. I use it at night after I've removed my makeup. I take a small scoop in my hand, add a little water, and mix it into a paste. I massage it into my wet face and rinse. It's super exfoliating, so if you don't like harsh scrubs this isn't the product for you. I love scrubs because they just make me feel more clean. This one leaves my skin nice and soft, and it doesn't seem to dry out or irritate my skin.

However, sometimes it just doesn't rinse off all the way. I'll look in the mirror when I think I'm done and I'll have black patches around my mouth and on my cheeks. I can get these off easily with a wet wash cloth though. Most of the time it rinses off and it's not clearly visible, but it leaves behind some sort of residue. If I go over it with a wash cloth there is always some black that comes off, so I guess it never rinses off 100%. I like to spray a cotton pad with LUSH's Tea Tree Water afterwards and wipe my face with that to get more of the residue off. I wash my face again in the morning with a gentle cleanser and it gets off anything left behind. It is also quite messy. I take care not to let it drip or splash onto my clothes when use it (I'm usually in my pajamas at this point anyways). I also always have to wipe down the sink after I use it, but that's not much of a deal breaker for me.

This product is definitely worth a try.

Conditioner -LUSH -Sugar Daddy-O

on 9/3/2018 5:26:00 PM

Bottle-less shampoos and conditioners have been trending, and I was excited to give them a try. I have straight, untreated, Asian hair that reaches down to my bum, so conditioner is a MUST. To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for this conditioner but it turned out to be a happy favorite. I should also mention, that I do not like silicone heavy hair products that give your hair that slippery feeling. Although this one is supposed to be for blonde hair, it was recommended to me because I wanted something that was moisturizing but not heavy.

This product takes a little bit of effort to work into the hair. In comparison to the shampoo bars, this conditioner bar is pretty hard. I take a moment to wet the bar, and to rub it between my hands to get the bar going, then I smooth the bar down the length of my hair a few times, and then I work the product into my hair. You will feel a light coating on your hair if done properly. I leave it in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out, and my hair is nicely conditioned afterwards (but not in that slippery silicone-y way). I love that it contains shea butter and argan oil. It leaves my hair nice and soft, and the scent is not as strong as some of the other LUSH products.

For my hair type, this is the perfect amount of conditioning. I am not sure if it would be enough if you had i.e. curly or color treated hair. I would recommend going in for a consultation to choose the right conditioner for you if you are interested. I heard they give samples and have a generous return policy so it's worth a try.

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Shampoo -LUSH -Honey I washed my hair solid shampoo bar

on 9/3/2018 5:03:00 PM


So the idea of bottle-less shampoos has been very trendy lately, so when I ran out of shampoo, I was excited to give this a try. For reference, I have straight, untreated, Asian hair that reaches down to my bum. I should also mention, that I do not like silicone heavy hair products that give your hair that slippery feeling. I tend to get dry scalp, so I told the sales associate I needed something that was somewhat moisturizing but not too heavy (since I have straight hair). She recommended this one to me since it is good for sensitive scalps and its made with honey which is a humectant (traps and seals in moisture). It is important to know that this shampoo has SLS so if you have an issue with this ingredient, steer away.

So considering it is an SLS shampoo, I knew it would foam up a lot, which it does. About 3 swipes across my head, and it is enough to lather up my whole head of hair. I always do a double wash, the first wash is to rinse off any hair products/dirt, and the second wash to get my actual hair clean. The shampoo does wash out mostly clean, while still leaving a little bit of something so your hair does not feel parched, but it does not reduce volume. I wash my hair once every 3 days or so, and by the third day, the residue starts to become noticeable and a bit heavy. With continued use, I do notice that I do still get some flaky scalp, so I just switch to my flaky-scalp shampoo. I always use conditioner (because of the length it is a MUST)(I am using the purple conditioner from LUSH) so I can't say if this shampoo is moisturizing enough on its own.

The SA warned me to store it upright, and to keep it away from water when not in use. It is a very soft soap, and melts quite easily. I followed her advice and I have no problems. As with most LUSH products, this shampoo is heavily scented. The scent will fill up the entire room and more. Luckily, once its washed out, the smell does not linger in my hair for too long. I've been using mine almost exclusively for a month and a half now, and it's only been lightly used, so I'm confident this should last me at least another 3 months. I'm satisfied with the results, and I will purchase another one that is more deep-cleaning for the days when this shampoo feels a little too heavy. I would recommend this product. They have many types, they offer samples, and they have a generous return policy (so I've heard).

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Gels/Soaps -LUSH -Happy Hippy

on 9/2/2018 2:04:00 PM


I received a sample pot of this shower gel. It does have a gentle citrus smell but also another fragrance, which I can't place. Overall the combined fragrance doesn't really appeal to me. Laureth sulfate is the first ingredient, so anyone who has sensitive should take note.

I normally use Original source lime shower gel, which smells fresh and fruity and costs £1.80 compared to this, which costs £10 - no comparison, I will continue to buy Original Source

Masks -LUSH -1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask

on 9/1/2018 10:23:00 AM


I decided on a whim to buy a face mask from here. Sales assistant was helpful, and explained that this product can be stubborn to remove and advised using a face cloth. I found it tricky to apply, you almost need to emulsify it in your hands before applying to your face.
It is a little stubborn to remove too. Did i notice any benefit? My skin felt slightly smoother - which I would expect after any mask - but thats it.
Not one I would buy again

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Cleansers -LUSH -Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser


So who else is getting Younique vibes from all of the smug comments by Lush workers claiming that anyone who doesn't like this product is using it incorrectly? I've learned my lesson - never again am I trusting a product where the employees reviews claim crap like that because it just puts off all of the negative reviews from being posted, meaning a product is rated higher than it would have been otherwise. I have no doubt that people have used this product and loved it - but that's because I recognise people have different skin types and makeup performance. I'm not going to shame them for having a different experience.

I have followed every single direction and method posted here and explicitly told to me instore by Lush workers (all of whom told me very different methods but all agreed it was ideal as a makeup remover), and this product still sucked for me overall although there's some good things about it (which don't make up for its downfalls). I used this for four weeks straight as a makeup remover and facial cleanser, and then off and on as a cleanser. I noticed zero difference in my skin looking better which is really saying something because I'm allergic to coconut and I bought this because Ultra Bland didn't contain any coconut - so you'd think my skin would have looked much better since I was replacing my other cleansers and washes that contained it. I've since switched to another coconut-free makeup remover which outperforms this in every possible way (price, fast working, quantity, ease of use and skin condition) so I highly recommend Banila Co Clean It Zero instead.

As a lipstick remover - it's easily the best I've ever had. It removed my oxblood coloured matte liquid lipstick (Wicked) in literally one swipe - not even Clinique TTDO balm could do that.

As a base makeup remover - it's okay. Does the job but leaves a residue. It's not exactly difficult to find a makeup remover that does the bare minimum of removing foundation without leaving residue, which means the time this takes to work + the feeling after actually makes it below average. I usually wear mattifying primer, med/full coverage foundation, setting powder, bronzer, and setting (not fixing) spray for reference.

As a eye makeup remover - awful! I developed my first sty in over ten years because of this crap - it's useless for waterproof mascara. I wasn't even using high quality WP mascara, no I deliberately go for poor quality "waterproof" mascaras because I like them since they won't smudge, but are still easy to remove. No matter how long I massaged it in for or how much I used or how hot my wet face cloth was, it would never ever remove it cleanly. Even if I reapplied it three times. I'd get most of it off but be left with a gunky feeling in the lash line close to the roots where there were still mascara specks. Two weeks in to using this I developed a sty because of all the residue mascara goop that had stayed there. I could never rub my eyes after using this because I'd still get that nasty crunchy/sticky feeling.

As a facial cleanser - I could not discern any difference at all. If anything, my skin felt worse because it left that residue that every one else would talk about. You need to use a toner after this product, which is an extra expense that most people don't even need these days as more cleansers are within the right PH range for your skin.

I would apply and massage this stuff in, then use a face cloth in a steaming hot shower to "remove" what I could. I'd have to saturate and wring out the cloth again a few times as the cream was so thick.

This will make your face cloth stink horribly. I have several face cloths and machine wash them all at least once a week and just one single use of this stuff makes it smell of nasty milky vomit. I have never encountered that with any other face wash or makeup remover. It has no scent at all in the container, nor does it leave a smell on your face. My tub was nowhere near expiry either.

I don't regret buying it because I like how Lush believes in ethical pay and ingredients and whatnot, but I do regret wasting so much time and energy trying to make it work, and spending money on other products to try and make this better. It's a pain in the butt to use as well -cleansing balms/creams are hands down my favourite product but this is just so sub par compared to cheaper and easier to use alternatives out there. I'm only keeping this around as a lipstick remover, and I will not be repurchasing when it runs out.

If it helps, I have acne prone combination/dry sensitive skin. I have eczema and dermatitis, although this rarely affects my face. I tend to be allergic to a lot of ingredients, and while Ultra Bland did not break me out, it did not do anything to make my skin look nicer. I believe a good quality make up remover is one of the best skincare items you can invest in (on par with BHA) as finding a good quality one, like a balm, will work wonderfully as a remover and facewash in one, while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and plump and needing minimal prep before makeup.

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Cleansers -LUSH -Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser

on 9/1/2018 12:20:00 AM


3 weeks into cleansing only with Ultrabland and my combination, semi-sensitive and zit-prone skin has been clearer than it has since pre-puberty!

I’ve been using it in combination with Mario Badescu facial spray with rose/aloe and Embryolisse moisturiser and the occasional Weleda Skin Food. It might be the combination of products but I feel like it’s the Ultrabland mainly.

It must be the act of massaging the skin to cleanse, with the basic nature of the product. I remove it with a hot wash cloth, mainly in the shower.

10/10 would repurchase - if I had to pick only one Lush product forever, it would be this ultra basic Ultrabland

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Shampoo -LUSH -Daddyo shampoo

on 8/31/2018 2:03:00 AM


I went blonde about 4 months back and this is the only purple shampoo I've ever tried. I love lush products so I thought I'd love this too. The first time I used it, it made my hair purple. After that incident, I mixed this purple shampoo with regular shampoo and never had an incident like that again.
I don't know if its me but it just does not work so well. my hair still is brassy in some areas and it's extremely uneven. the top of my head is yellow, the center is white-blonde and the bottom is blonde. It's so weird???

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