Concealers -Estee Lauder - DW Waterproof All Day Extreme Wear Concealer

on 9/5/2017 5:24:00 AM

I went into Sephora because I wanted to treat myself so I decided to replace my used up under-eye concealer with a high end one. Coming from Maybelline Fit Me I don't think this is an improvement. The coverage looks pretty high from afar, but up close I can still see my dark circles showing through the 'seams'. It's quite a thick and dry formula so I don't really enjoy layering this on my foundation, especially since I wear glasses on a daily basis so my nose bridge area really builds up. Won't be buying this again and am definitely going back to doefoot applicators as the applicator tip on this makes it hard to control how much product comes out.

Lotions/ Creams -Estee Lauder - Aerin Tangier Vanille

on 9/3/2017 1:09:00 PM

To be clear, this is for the fragrance in its BODY CREAM iteration.

I love vanilla and I wanted to love this. It is a lovely "sophisticated" vanilla, meaning if you only know vanilla through BBW or Avon or something like that, you will probably not like this one....the Aerin website says that Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, and musk round out the Madagascar vanilla heart and give it warmth.

As a fragrance, I find this to be really overpowering; it lingers even after you wash your hands and competes with your perfume (I guess I can't complain about that since this is meant to be worn on its own or layered with its EDP counterpart). My issue is primarily with how the fragrance outlasts hand-washing but the moisturizing benefits do not.

I have tried the rose scent and found it to be exactly the same quality-wise.

Fragrances -Estee Lauder - Youth Dew

on 9/3/2017 12:04:00 PM


Estée Lauder Youth Dew is described as a Spicy Resinous Oriental. It is my signature scent for fall and winter. I adore this perfume! I got my first bottle in the mid 70's and wore it while I dated my husband and he loved it. It's so interesting how scents reach into a part of our brains that conjure up memories and and even emotions from the period in time in which we wore them. I had run out of my Youth Dew for a few years and my husband gave me a new bottle for Christmas. After I sprayed it on, we both were transported back in time and memories of our courtship flooded us both! So I won't go without my beloved Youth Dew anymore; it feels like a comforting, cozy, beautiful, blanket on a crisp fall day and the fragrance is so unique and it makes me feel very happy. Lasts a good 10 hrs on the skin. I know this scent is not for everyone- it's not a light, sweet floral or a syrupy sweet gourmand. But if you like spicy orientals and/or patchouli, this is a totally unique and wonderful fragrance. It's been going strong since 1953 so something about it is very right!!

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Fragrances -Estee Lauder - Pleasures Intense

on 9/2/2017 9:04:00 PM


Lovely floral for Spring/Summer. Not a shy fragrance, somewhat strong at first but becomes soft and lovely with excellent staying power, like most Lauder fragrances. I love wearing all different types and brands of perfume, but chypres and spicy orientals are my favorite. This is a beautiful and well done floral, when I want something lighter for warmer weather. Out of all of the fragrances I own and wear, and that's quite a few, this fragrance gets me more compliments than all my others by far, from both men and women.

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Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear [old formula - REFORMULATED]

on 9/2/2017 10:04:00 AM


I wear this foundation in the shade 'Tawny' on a daily basis and have for around 2 years since finding it and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
It leaves my skin looking so flawless, i apply it early in the morning then go through a full 8 hours at work, then a night out, and come home to it looking just as beautiful as when i first applied it.
The coverage is full, yet not cakey. It doesn't oxidise on me or settle into my fine lines which i've noticed most other matte, full coverage foundations do. It blends well and doesn't transfer.
This is my holy grail and I've repurchased many a times. Although my skin is no where near perfect I get so many compliments when wearing it!
Definitely recommend going to get colour matched and picking this up if you're in the market for an amazing foundation :)

( i use a mac pump with it, fits perfectly) x

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Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 30

on 9/2/2017 7:06:00 AM


As the Estee Lauder Double Wear Original is my holy grail foundation, when I saw that EL were bringing out a lighter version of the original, I went crazy with excitement!
It promises that it's oil-free and has SPF 30, they also claimed that it has 24 hour wear - which made me even more impressed.
The original Double Wear has been my holy grail foundation for a few years, as it's the only foundation which doesn't break me out, doesn't irritate my skin, and keeps my very oily skin at bay ALL DAY. I have extremely oily skin, and nothing usually stay on, and the original stayed on all day on my holiday in Florida in the heat and humidity, and stayed on even after going on water rides!

As I'm in love with the original - which only has 15 hour wear claims - I decided this foundation would be perfect if I didn't want to wear heavy foundation, and if I want a foundation to stay put for 24 hours.

I tried this foundation out for a first impressions video on my youtube channel (video below), as I wanted to try it out on camera for the first time.
I've tried this foundation out a few times, so I feel as though I know how I feel about it, and how it works on my skin.

My Skin Type:
Very Oily T-zone, oily-combination skin, very sensitive, acne prone, blemishes, lots of redness, large pores.

After using this foundation for a couple of times, here are my pros and cons.

Very wide range of shades/colours - 33 shades in Neutral, Cool and Warm undertones.
Light-Medium buildable coverage
Makes skin look flawless.
Colour matches are perfect.
My T-zone didn't look oily/shiny after 12 hours of wear.
Feels light on the skin.
Has SPF 30, so helps to protect from sun damage.
Has a nice scent.

Price is very expensive. (£32.50 in the UK)
Can't use with a beauty blender otherwise it looks cakey.
Shades tend to be lighter than the original (I wear 2W2 in the original, and I had to purchase 3W1 in this foundation)
Broke my skin out.
Breaks up on the sides of my face after 8 hours.
Doesn't last 24 hours on my oily skin (Barely lasts 8)
Doesn't stay on for as long as the original (which stays put throughout everything).

Overall, I don't feel like I'd repurchase this if I ran out. The regional Double Wear is still my holy grail, and it's the foundation that I will always recommend to everyone!

Check out my youtube channel: Chloeluckin

Check out my video here:

Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in place Makeup

on 9/1/2017 12:57:00 PM


I have combination more on the dry side, textured skin. I was really excited about this product because on youtube it was hyped up a bit by beauty gurus but one thing I noticed is that a lot of these beauty gurus already have good skin, so the foundation looks amazing. For me it accentuated ALL imperfections. Texture, dry patches and basically looked very very cakey and dry. My skin definitely looks better without it. It kind of made my skin look worse. I'm sure it's a great product for those that don't have too many skin bumps, dry patches and are more on the oily side. But if you have dry patches, texture - I wouldn't suggest buying it. And it sucks 'cause I wasted 45 bucks..

Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in place Makeup

on 8/31/2017 7:14:00 AM


This is my holy grail! I wear shade 1W2 and there's literally no foundation that is yellow enough for me besides this one...
I have a lot to cover up and this does it so well while not looking cakey or that ugly foundation-y kind of texture that a lot of other foundations give you.
Keep in mind that this does not build though, so I apply a lot initially because if you try to layer it, it just removes the previous layer!
I have extremely oily skin and while this doesn't really keep me matte all day, the foundation itself stays in place and looking good if i blot and powder. I also have horribly acne-prone skin and this doesn't break me out.
I don't think I'll find a foundation I like more because of the finish, coverage, and color! Just wish this came with a pump.

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Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in place Makeup


This is a very nice foundation, the shades are good but there is always room for improvement. I suspected after watching some you tube reviewers and research that I was probably between cashew and 2w2, I think Rattan? they are both nice shades I can see being able to wear cashew (3w2) alone if I got a deeper tan in the summer and also alone on my forehead now, but as far as the rest of my face its just a tad dark, but 2w2 Rattan is a tad light and not enough warmth in it. I am a medium deep golden-olive shade shade and need a foundation that is yellow enough, dark enough and just a tad of warmth, and while I really don't actually need another foundation I will be purchasing both because I am used to the reality of having to mix foundations in-order to get my perfect shade (I am very picky about shade much more the formula actually). As far as long wear in a regular day it lasted fine in the dry Colorado summer but also didn't apply so much (I used a damp beauty blender) I set with my Urban Decay Naked Ultra skin loose powder in medium deep, I can see you can build this up easily but I prefer my skin to show through, I don;t have issues with texture really although my skin can be a bit dry, if that is the case for you I recommend you use a moisturizing primer before hand. For reference my skin tone I wear foundation colors : maybelline fit me dewy and Smooth shade 220, BB stick foundation 4.0 and 4.75 on the forehead, Nars all Day Luminous in Stromboli, L'oreal True Match in Shade w4 powder and foundation, MUFE HD Ultra in shade y345, Touche Eclate Foundation in shade Bd50 with a drop of yellow corrector added) LA girl HD foundation in warm beige. Hope that helps if your in the same shade range as me

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Concealers -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer

on 8/29/2017 8:27:00 PM


Makes my t-zone, nose, and the areas around the nose look more oily after an hour of wear. Otherwise, the medium to full coverage it gives me is decent.

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Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear [old formula - REFORMULATED]

on 8/29/2017 6:53:00 PM


I broke out horriblyyyyyy! I am 35 and never break out! The coverage is great! Doesn't stick in your lines or accentuate pores but my face hated it! Another thing is, i dont know what people are using to take this paint off but my gosh! I used everything but a sander and still had traces on my cotton ball soaked toner! I wanted to love it and thought i was going to but I'm still on the look! :/

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Treatments (Face) -Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

on 8/29/2017 5:59:00 PM


MUA has helped me to find brilliant products that I'd never come across if it wasn't for you guys, so it's time I'd give some back by writing a review.

As the penny pincher I am, it took me looong to dare to buy this. But as I'm turning 30 within a month I thought that it's more than time for me to debut in the world of serums. And yes, I had very high hopes on this one.

The first night it broke me out badly, but I kept at it, thinking it might be other circumstances that caused this: I got a few samples of others creams from Estee Lauder, that WAS supposed to be used together with the serum. Devastated, I excluded the new creams from my routine, went back to basics with what I knew would work (besides the serum), to really give it a fair chance. As the days went on, my skin got worse. It's itchy from when I apply it in the evenings, to the in mornings when I cleanse my face, and the itchiness of course worsened when cysts basically formed everywhere in my face. My pores got larger, the texture somehow got more rough and the acne it caused didn't exactly help..

Why did I buy this serum? Endless reviews online seem to hype this super serum, now it's gotten me wonder how many of those are fake? I really wish I hadn't purchased this crap in a bottle. If you are acne prone, don't make the same mistake as I did.

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Cleansers -Estee Lauder - Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser


It's a nice creamy foaming cleanser but makes my face feel really "rubbery" afterwards. Same thing happened with the Estee Lauder crescent white cleanser. Lancome and Shiseido too, I get the rubbery feeling afterwards.

Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in place Makeup

on 8/27/2017 4:50:00 AM


I can't believe that I took so long to jump on the Double Wear bandwagon. I should've known that there were some really good reasons for people to recommend this product whole heartedly. It's awesome.

I was recently color matched at the Estee Lauder counter and received a 10-day sample. Here's what I love about this foundation:

1) It is super lightweight on the skin even though the coverage is medium to full. I had been using a MAC cream foundation that I love. But the Estee Lauder foundation just feels wonderful and barely there on my skin.

2) The foundation doesn't rub off on anything during the day. It's truly non-transferable. So I don't accidentally get any on my hands, on paper or on the neckline of my tops. I use a powder over the foundation. I'm sure that helps.

3) I'm chocolate brown with reddish undertones. I actually tested three different possibilities since Double Wear has a great range that covers women of color nicely. I finally went with Deep Amber. It's a gorgeous warm color.

4) I have combination skin with an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. I prep my skin well and the Double Wear works perfectly. I wear the Smashbox oil-free primer on my t-zone under the Double Wear and I just do minimal powder touch-ups during the day. And for my cheeks, I wear a slight smear of oil under my moisturizer and the matte finish in the Double Wear doesn't dry me out.

5) The product washes away easily at the end of the day since it is so lightweight.

My only con with the product is the lack of a pump in the glass bottle. However the Estee Lauder counter now sells a pump separately for $10. The product is thin and close to a watery texture. So a pump helps you to control how much you dispense. Frankly the $10 pump will help me to recycle since I'm not about to throw it in the trash each time I finish a bottle.

What a great product!

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Liquid -Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay in place Makeup

on 8/26/2017 4:21:00 PM


I think it's a great product for really oily skin. My combination skin worked really well with this in the first month but after some treatments my skin got back to normal. The foundation felt wet and sticky on my face the whole day and after 2 hours it looked cakey. It doesn't work with anything. I tried all kinds of moisturizers and primers. It's a shame because I really wanted this to work for me.

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