Pressed Powders -Essence -All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder

on 8/15/2018 10:57:00 AM


For this price this is a good powder. No breakouts , weird whiteness , no major pore issue. Just a good basic powder . I prefer wet n wild’s bronzer / highlighter eg reserve my cabana / bikini contest , as those have a nicer texture that softens the look of the skin and is around this price range . Coloured powders also tend to give more coverage which I need.

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Mascara -Lancome -Monsieur Big Volume Mascara

on 8/15/2018 10:56:00 AM


I received this as a mini and while it is not the best mascara I have tried, it's pretty good. It does give my sparse lashes volume, although it does have a tendency to clump (I really prefer mascaras which separate my lashes more). What really impresses me about this mascara is its staying power: it doesn't smudge or flake, no matter what. We have had a very hot and humid summer, and this mascara stays put from early in the morning until late at night (yet it removes easily with a water-based makeup remover).

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Eye Primer -NYX Professional Makeup -HD High Definition Eyeshadow Base

on 8/15/2018 10:53:00 AM


I had high hopes for this eye primer but it failed! My beef with this inexpensive guy is that by the end of the day, my eyeshadow is sitting in the crease. Not as bad as some, but I'd rather pay for my favorite, Urban Decay's eye primer, than lament my smudged eyeshadow every day.

Treatments (Face) -Dermalogica -Extra Firming Booster

on 8/15/2018 10:46:00 AM

I wanted to like this as it's light and sinks in fast. However, it doesn't seem to do anything and I've used it for several months. It feels nice and it hasn't clogged my pores, which is great. However, I want some sort of positive result and this booster doesn't deliver that. It's also quite expensive (even more so considering its performance). Will not repurchase.

Liquid -Maybelline -Superstay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation

on 8/15/2018 10:31:00 AM


I like this foundation, it's a good formula that works well with my skin. I like medium coverage, sometimes have a hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone, I would use this foundation again.

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Cleansers -Dermalogica -Special Cleansing Gel

on 8/15/2018 10:27:00 AM


I have tried Dermalogica products in the past and have not been very impressed. Despite that, I decided to give this cleanser a try. It turns out I actually like it. My face doesn't feel dry or stripped after I've used it and it seems to cleanse my combo skin well. I've had no adverse reaction to it, despite my skin being sensitive. I will probably repurchase at some point, but that said, I prefer my Kiehl's and First Aid Beauty cleansers to this one.

Mascara -L'Oreal -Voluminous Waterproof

on 8/15/2018 10:22:00 AM


I love this mascara! I have tried many and have failed to fnd a mascara that compares to this one. It makes my lashes big but not clumpy, I have a friend who uses MAC products but still uses and prefers this mascara. I highly recommend it.

Fragrances -J. Lo -Glow

on 8/15/2018 10:15:00 AM


I feel in love with this perfume many years ago. I love the fragrance and it works well with me. Kind vanilla and musk on me. Love it!

Masks -My Beauty Diary -Black Pearl Mask


A mask a day keeps the wrinkles away...well perhaps not quite - exercise, diet, sunblock etc also play a much bigger part, but if you find the right sheet mask to drench your skin with hydration and beneficial ingredients, and you do it often enough, then you are definitely going to be helping your skin when it comes to fighting against ageing.

So onto these little beauties. I stocked up on a few different boxes of these whilst on a trip to Asia not too long ago and have finally gotten around to reviewing them along with the Korean brands I've been trying.

I used the Black Pearl mask as the last step in my skincare routine, after cleansing and toning, yet before applying serum or moisturizer. On my first attempt I couldn't get the sheet mask to adhere around my nose and had to cut a line from the bottom of nose area to the eye flap so that I could let it sit where it needed to. This meant the sides of my nose missed out but I was glad to cover a more important area - my inner cheeks where the moisture was more required.

I let the mask do its things for 15 minutes and then removed and massaged in the excess. The best part is there was enough serum left to apply to my hands and arms. I didn't notice much difference in brightening, but it definitely helped saturate my face (no difference on arms or hands) with moisture and I found I did not need to apply a night moisturizer afterwards. I did apply later again in the week with similar results and then decided to set these aside and try out the 'Apple Polyphenol' which I will write up about separately. All in all a good purchase!

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora)

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: Jack Black - Intense Therapy
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Face Scrub: ‘Sisley' - Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Liquid -Maybelline -FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless)

on 8/15/2018 10:06:00 AM


I absolutely love this foundation! It's one of my favorites. Great application and wear. Evens out my complexion with long lasting power. I tried other cheaper foundations but found this one works better with my skin. Love it!

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Crème -Lacura -Beauty Foundation

on 8/15/2018 9:55:00 AM


I thought I would try this foundation as I use the Laura skin care serums, lotions, lipstick, and powder. For me it applies smooth but after a few hours my skin looks patchy, I have never had that with any other foundations. I don't know if it's just my skin or this product, but it didn't work good for me. I'll happily use their skin care line though as I love the results from those products.

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Polishes -OPI -My Address Is Hollywood

on 8/15/2018 9:42:00 AM


I saw this in my local Harmon Drug clearance bin for & $ 2.99! Having nothing in this color range I figured I'd give it a try. Compared to what I normally wear, either very dark or very light colors this warm rose seemed boring. It is not, especially in direct natural light which allows the micro shimmer to glow. This formula is delightful, fast drying, self leveling, opaque at 2 coats and non oxidizing. The color is watermelon meets warm yellow based rose pink with fine gold and pink micro shimmer. That said this is a great everyday rose for business and low key elegant manicures. I'm very fair complected and I believe this looks lovely on my naturally long nails. The image above looks far more blue based than how this color in reality looks.

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Moisturizers -Olay -Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30 for Sensitive Skin

on 8/15/2018 9:35:00 AM


I liked this sunscreen initially, before trying Japanese sunscreens. Looking back now, I hated it. It was so thick, hard to rub in, and left a thick white cast. It left my face really oily as well. I didn’t find it to really hydrate my skin in the way it needed. At the time, I liked it because it wAs moisturizer and mineral spf in one, which is hard to find in a drugstore facial sunscreen. I’m also unsure if it started breaking me out later on. I would not repurchase. But that being said. It’s relatively inexpensive and its providing spf so it’s worth at least giving it a shot.

Self Tanners -Clarins -Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

on 8/15/2018 9:11:00 AM


This is so natural looking. I have the face version and the body version. Mix a few drops with your normal facial moisturiser (i use it at night) and apply evenly, i always comb my eyebrows through so there is no clumping/also the hairline. Let it dry and wake up with a great and natural glow. Same with the body version. I am pretty clueless about fake tan and the like but i have yet to make a mistake with this. I have never had any irritation from it either. Price is fair in my opinion for how long the bottles last.

This is not a fake tan - it will not give you a differently coloured skin but it will give you a natural golden glow. I love it and hope its never discontinued. For reference i have sensitive dry skin - i wear medium in Glossier Skin Tint.

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Concealers -bareMinerals -bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

on 8/15/2018 9:02:00 AM


Love this. It's more thin than most concealers and therefore less detectable on the skin, but has great coverage. I use it to spot conceal, and just a tiny bit under my eyes. I just dab the tiniest amount on problem areas and buff it with my finger or a concealer brush, on days and occasions where I don't feel like wearing foundation. It's foolproof, doesn't move, doesn't cake, and really lasts. I love BareMinerals for their base liquid products. Their shade range is good, I have no trouble finding the right color. They're easy to use and fuss-free. Will definitely repurchase this one- it's the best concealer IMO, and I've tried all of them.

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