Eye Shadow -Revlon -Luxe creme

on 11/5/2017 8:39:00 PM


I loved it wo much! It ranges from black to ultra sparkling green depending on how much product you apply.
I only hope to find it again. I think it fits every skin color.

Lipstick -Revlon -Colorburst Matte Lip Balm - Sultry

on 11/5/2017 3:37:00 PM


I purchased the shade “Sultry” from Amazon, without having tested it in person. I tend to avoid mauve shades, and probably should’ve skipped this one. It’s not horrible with my complexion (NC15), it’s just that I prefer either more red or more brown shades. I think the chemistry of my skin causes Sultry to veer into the pinker/mauve tones. While comfortable to wear, I suspect I won’t reach for this shade. I will most likely be wearing the other Matte Balm I purchased, Standout, which is definitely a brick-red on me and better suited to my taste and complexion.

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Lipstick -Revlon -ColorBurst Matte Balm - Standout

on 11/5/2017 3:26:00 PM


This matte balm is more comfortable than I was expecting. “Standout” is a lovely warm brick-red shade, which I find to be quite wearable. For me, I would describe this as an everyday red, because I tend to select brighter and more intense reds for evening wear.

As others have mentioned, this balm is not transfer-resistant.

There is a peppermint scent and subtle taste, which does not bother me much. I would rather not taste peppermint, however, when I’m sipping Cabernet Sauvignon!

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Lipstick -Revlon -Super Lustrous Creme - Cherries In The Snow 440

on 11/4/2017 7:29:00 PM


Cherries In the Snow is just the *perfect* balance of pink and red for my pale, warm-to-neutral skintone. It looks more red in artificial light, more pink in sunlight, and gorgeous across the board. I was paranoid that it would pull fuchsia on me, but nope; just a divine cerise. It's a jeweltone shade; not bright, but vivid, saturated, and luscious. It has a creme formula that's a little dry, but wearing Cherries In the Snow over a light coating of balm keeps it from parching my lips. It leaves a long lasting stain, even after some greasy finger food, which is always a plus in my book. I *need* the matching nail polish.

Lipstick -Revlon -Super Lustrous Creme - Cherries In The Snow 440


Cherries in the Snow is a Wonderful Red Lipstick...Blue Red color with a little Pink...I put it on with my chap stick as my lips are dry...Will look good when I wear navy blue,red,cranberry clothes...Very happy to have this Pretty Red lipstick....

Polishes -Revlon -Unicornicopia

on 11/3/2017 7:33:00 PM

Unicornicopia is a lilac silver shimmery nail polish with a small holographic effect.It shines silver and many colors! Verry nice effect! It stays on long with a top coat!(maybe not put a base or a top coat cause it could be less holographic)love it!

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Foundations -Revlon -Youth fx

on 11/3/2017 12:15:00 AM


I too actually like this product but it can become textured if BB is not a tad moist for even coverage last power i on my oily skin it gives me about four good hours before start becoming a hit mess but paird with maybelline fit me loose powder it's fairly good it's wareable it's not High end but is has pro and cons it a and miss.

Hair Color -Revlon -Colorsilk in Dark Blonde

on 11/2/2017 4:46:00 PM


I was a regular hair-bleacher - and I loved it - until I became increasingly allergic to bleach. Once I figured out that it wasn't worth potentially dropping dead to have really cool hair, I started to figure out ways to transition between the bleached parts and my natural color, which is a dark ash blonde/30% gray combo. I typically use this in the months between highlighting appointments to soften the grays in my natural color, break the base, and blend the brighter lengths, and it works well for this. It does lighten up quickly, so around 4-6 weeks after I color it will be a lot lighter and more golden than when it is freshly done. However, I feel like this happens with all box dark blonde dyes.

Anyway, I've found the best way to make the color seamless is to put conditioner on my ends pre-color while my hair is dry, and begin by putting color on the roots down to a little above ear level or lower. I do this all over my head, leaving the ends untouched, and when time is up I rinse the whole thing out. I've found that if I put this all over my head or even put it in the ends of my hair during the last five minutes (as the box suggests) my ends look a lot ashier than my roots. This is probably because my ends are lighter and more porous, but they still get toned as the color is being washed out from my roots. This results in a really lovely, soft neutral dark blonde that gets very slightly lighter toward the ends of my hair. If you're a dishwater blonde who is growing out your highlights/bleach, I really recommend this to help with the growing-out process. And it's cheap. Until I can find a cruelty-free hair dye that works well, I will stick with this one.

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Primer/ Corrector -Revlon -PhotoReady Perfecting Primer (color 001)

on 11/1/2017 10:57:00 PM


I bought the pore-reducing primer, which is similar but not quite the same as the perfecting. When I used the tester of the perfecting on my hand, my skin started flaking. That didn't happen with the sample of pore-reducing, so I went with that one.

This primer would be actually really nice if not for a couple things. Overall, as someone with drier skin, I would say this isn't the best option. If I haven't had a heavy cream on for a bit before using it my skin gets really flaky. When you put it on, I love what it does. It mattifies your pores and does a good job of filling them for a drugstore primer. However, it does not mix with my concealer AT ALL. Sometimes if I'm lucky it barely settles, but most of the time it gets separated and overall gross on my skin. Because that could be an issue with the concealer, though, I think that's more minor. It's a lot pricier than I would like it to be, but it's not ridiculous. The packaging is fine by me.

You could give it a try but there are probably better options out there.

Lipstick -Revlon -Ultra HD Gel Lip Color

on 11/1/2017 7:05:00 AM


So recently (and delayed might I add), I was looking for a purple lipstick. I went shopping and couldn't get any cheaper drugstore brand so I ended up at a Revlon counter. Initially I was looking for a matte lipstick but was told that the particular range was limited edition. So I tried on the new Ultra HD Gel Lip Color in HD Twilight. It looks very purple in the packaging but when I applied it, it was not as saturated with color as I wanted and was more of a thicker gloss than a lipstick. The packaging was no fuss and the lipstick glided well onto my lips. It is a very hydrating formula with a fruity scent and it also matches well with the Revlon Vixen lip-liner. Unfortunately the color did not last very long on my lips. Without eating or drinking the maximum time was about 3 hours. It is a good product if you're looking for something in-between a lip-gloss and lipstick but on the price side, I didn't particularly find it worth the money especially for the quantity that you get (1.7g).

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Lipstick -Revlon -Super Lustrous Creme - Fire and Ice 720

on 10/31/2017 1:14:00 AM


The iconic fire and ice!!! What can i say...after 50 years this bright orange red is still a star. This is the staple shade you see on stewardess from the 80's till now. Its the typical generic red suited women all over. Im NC35 for ref

very creamy .. lips feel soft and balmy
rice pigmented color... it's the new formula you guys!
reasonably priced
no smell
gorgeous neon red shade
nice ad by Jessica Biel

no lasting power after meals
bleeds .. so be sure to use a lip liner
stains my wine glass..but oooooh thats so sexy

I hope the Revlon keeps this as their permanent line
...and also keep the nail color of the similar name going!
Iconic stuffs must stay
This color will last the ages

Yes highly!

Lipstick -Revlon -Super Lustrous Creme - Teak Rose

on 10/30/2017 8:29:00 PM


A brand new Revlon shade that caught my eye. I was wanting a new rose pink/mauve shade and this was just right. This does feel greasier on the lips than the other super lustrous creme shades. But it's not annoying and doesn't affect the wear. It's a rich but subdued colour that brightens the face and is not trying too hard. I am currently using this alternating with Toast of New York for a slightly orange brown autumn look. Both are throwback shades for me, like the ones I had in the 90s. Some days I still want a red lipstick, but when I want rose, this is the one I reach for.

Foundations -Revlon -Youth fx

on 10/30/2017 1:53:00 AM


I can't help being intrigued when people reviewing a product either love or hate it. This seemed to have either 5 stars or 1 star. I was thinking it might be just the thing for my aging skin even if it didn't work for younger skin.

Well, it's so awful that literally any foundation is better. Bare skin is better. This emphasized every line and wrinkle. The ivory shade was fine, but after applying, no amount of blending would make it look good.

I don't know who this product is designed for. If it's not for a woman with lines and wrinkles, then what's the "fill and blur" claim all about? I used to have a product that blurred wrinkles at least slightly, but it's been discontinued. This doesn't do anything at all except make me look much worse. It's unuseable.

I can see that I might love it if I was still unlined and unwrinkled. But it's being marketed toward women who could use this effect, and it was simply throwing my money away, "hoping" it would help a little. Nope.

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Polishes -Revlon -ColorStay Gel Envy in Showtime

on 10/30/2017 1:16:00 AM

GORGEOUS!!! Revlon's Showtime is a vivid and glowy metallic royal purple that's loaded with tons of blue and purple shimmer-flecks. It looks phenomenal and it's basically what I had hoped OPI's Turn On The Northern Lights would be.

Good formula too. Opaque in two coats, wears well. Application always a tiny bit gloopy, but the end results are so awesome-looking that I can forgive that. It's still a 5-star polish!

Love! I'd definitely buy it again!

Foundations -Revlon -Youth fx

on 10/28/2017 11:08:00 PM


I LOVE this foundation. As a 39 year old, I was looking for full coverage without making my lines and wrinkles noticeable. I also have sensitive, allergic and acne prone skin and I have had no breakouts in a week. The foundation is perfect, lasts all day (at least 8-12 hours) and gives me an airbrushed look. I don’t use my Beauty Blender or brush. I found it best applied with my clean fingers. Easy to apply evenly without wasting product. Love, love, love.

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