Lip Treatments -e.l.f. -Studio Lip Exfoliator


I LOVE this product! It came in a lip beauty box and I was hesitant to use it at first. I finally decided to try and it’s amazing! It doesn’t leave a mess, you just scrub your lips with it and wipe it off. It tastes and smells yummy too! I used it yesterday before I put on my lipstick and after I took it off and today my lips are the softest they’ve ever been.

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Blush -e.l.f. -Powder Blush Palette - Light

on 6/5/2018 1:04:00 PM


I was pretty impressed by this palette! I have NARS blushes, Tarte, Mac, The Balm, Laura Mercier, so I tried this out of pure curiosity. It's pretty pigmented (even if you do have add more product than say nars) but what impressed me most was the lasting power! Lasted through my whole day at work, and usually blushes don't. My favorite color for my NC30 skin (medium olive) was the right lower corner which is a peachy color. Similar to Nars orgasm but shows up better on my medium skin.

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Lip Gloss -e.l.f. -Tinted Lip Oil in Nude Kiss

on 6/5/2018 12:42:00 AM


I bought this in Nude & Pink; they are nice lipglosses. My lips feel moisturized while wearing this. Color is average been duped a mil X but if you want a safe nice nude that won’t look like concealer lips this is a good option. I like it but it’s not super remarkable. It’s for when I need something dependable & safe, conservative or makeup-not-made-up looks .it Transfers because it’s non sticky (a sticky lipgloss that will stay put MAC lipglass!). A little boring but this is a solid dependable product I can depend on count on. Grade: B+

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Highlighters -e.l.f. -Liquid Highlighter - Natural Glow


This is a perfect natural hi-lite. As mentioned need to shake up the tube because it can get separated. This isn’t a glow across the galaxy but I like it for every day since I don’t like major amounts of highlighter as it highlights my crater pores not give off a soft glow as intended. My makeup style is similar to Kate Middleton so I don’t like a wild highlight as I’m more conservative in my looks. You will not catch me often in bright lipstick red is basically once in a blue moon. If you like a subtle sheen you will like this. It’s classy & tasteful you might not think it’s there but it is. If you can see a stripe of highlighter on my face, then that’s not my style. This is a thin liquid I think it’s great! Grade: B+

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Eye Primer -e.l.f. -Essential Eyelid Primer - Sheer

on 6/3/2018 4:08:00 PM


I think this holds eyeshadow better than concealer does, but this is not Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I went on accutane and my skin got dry. I stopped using eye primer. I thought I didn't need it anymore, but lately I noticed my shadow fading. When I was oily, UD was my HG and the only thing that kept my shadow on. I tried the elf and thought it lack luster in comparison. Now that my skin is more dry-normal, I like it better. It has a sheer beige tint that cancels discoloration and keeps my shadow from fading. I find it still settles in my crease with this. Not setting it works best. Pat your shadow on and blend afterwards. I'd buy it again.

I think this works best for people who have drier lids. If you're oily, look elsewhere. I may buy a trial size of UD to see if it's worth it now that my skin has changed.

Powder -e.l.f. -Beautifully Bare


My fave DS powder. Keeps me matte! I use this with their fdtn serum & wnw matte primer/wnw matte finishing spray & I love how this turns out. This is how I keep matte. The powder is a little darker than what I had expected but it’s fine. The packaging is so pretty! It’s only $6 & I will be buying back ups. It’s finely milled & I like the complement & sponge rather than a puff. You can wear this alone too it has nice amount of coverage. Simply lovely & cruelty free. #winning Grade: A

Lips -e.l.f. -Day to Night Lipstick Duo

on 6/3/2018 11:53:00 AM


I have “...Nude” & “...Berries” & I looooove them. I love getting 2 lipsticks for price of 1 even if they are small I buy small lipsticks all of the time (Bobbi brown has GWP sizes u can get on Ebay & TOM FORD Boys & Girls Lip Color are smaller sized lipsticks), I haven’t finished a lipstick in years (so size doesn’t bother me as long as I’m getting a decent amount for USD$6), not since they DC my fave wetnwild mocha bean lipstick. The colors are perf I want to collect them all. I love the packaging. It’s ideal for my baby Louis Vuitton handbag. The packaging is sleek/attractive/functional & fits in the most impossibly small purses. These are not unique colors you probably already have them if you own more than 10-15 lipsticks you probably can dupe them but I love the colors. I carry a small travel lip brush bcoz the directions suggest a lip brush Although I can apply these just fine from the bullet. Elf has come out w some new stuff so I raided the display at Kroger for new stuff. I will BOLO for the shades I don’t got. #winning Grade: A+

Lips -e.l.f. -Lip lacquer

on 6/3/2018 11:28:00 AM


This lipgloss is bomb!! I love extra shiny clear lipglosses. I did not have any RN so I decided I wanted this at Kroger, having raided the display a bit. I love elf. Elf is my fave brand they sell at Kroger (my fave DS brands are elf, wetnwild & la colors also all 3 are cruelty free &. v affordable). I wanted this lipgloss I didn’t check the price when I got it but I know it’s <$3 elf doesn’t have anything over $10 in our display. What happened go the $1 elf items ev1 loved? All $3 now. Don’t tell me inflation. This is so shiny it’s blinding i love it. It doesn’t have much of a taste/scent. This would be perf if you have a little girl who wants her first real lipgloss (I got my first real makeup item when I was 4!) & Parfums De Coeur 'Skin Musk' Women's 0.5-ounce Perfumed Oil or Alrehab Tooty Musk (I couldn’t find it listed) would be my first choices for a real perfume for a little lady. Anyways this takes me back to a simpler time. It’s a great lipgloss you could layer over the top of matte liquid lipstick. Or use if your lips are chapped it fixes chapped lips. I want the other colors. I will have to buy a back up. This lives in my purse. Super awesome. 5/5!!! Grade: A++

Makeup Brushes -e.l.f. -Studio Small Stipple Brush

on 6/3/2018 10:47:00 AM


I own several elf brushes, this one is pure crap. It's very scratchy and hairs are falling out -- brand new out of the packaging. I tried it with some foundation, it's just way too scratchy to even use on the face. Not sure what I'll use this for, may either donate or toss. Not one of the best from elf.

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Liquid -e.l.f. -Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Foundation Serum SPF 25


I personally lurve this!! It has a few flaws mainly the deceptive packaging & cost. My DF bought it for me thinking I would like it—I do!! It is so light “like your skin but better,” but it does have a light sateen coverage that i use with Chanel loose powder. I have to blot once a day w this, typically, & add a pressed powder but I am v. oily. Idk which color I got but it was quite yellow I’m NC20 & oh it was perf! $16 or $17 for an ounce of DS fdtn is pricy. Nothing else like it at the DS. I wonder if this is a Perricone dupe? It has a good spf for someone who never wears spf unless around water or an outdoors activity (eg horse show, not running errands! My bad). It doesn’t break me out & has no scent. Try it if u don’t like it yer out $8 (who would return an $8 DS item half used?!!). all-in-all I would #DefReBuy #Win4OilySkin Grade: A-/B+

Scrubs -e.l.f. -Gentle Peeling Exfoliant

on 6/1/2018 4:40:00 PM


The 16 year old inside me wants to keep this a secret.
I love, love, love it.
Good bye scrubs!
This works immediately. I considered (for a minute) using this on my legs.

Edit/update: I used Gentle Peeling Exfoliate on my feet. The amount of skin exfoliated from the top of my feet surprised me and I can not even begin to explain how sweet using Gentle Peeling Exfoliate was between my toes.

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Moisturizers -e.l.f. -Daily Hydration Moisturizer

on 6/1/2018 4:58:00 AM


I have super dry skin and im a very simple person - I just want a low cost moisturizer that works. This moisturizer is super economical, smells great and great on my skin. I carry one with me all the time, I have one in my bathroom, and I have one tucked away in storage. I just love it so much.

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Lips -e.l.f. -Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain

on 5/29/2018 11:27:00 PM


This is the ultimate lazy girl lip colour. Easy to apply, stays on for quite awhile, and fades off nicely. Looks natural, but keeps me from looking washed out.

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Lipstick -e.l.f. -Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick

on 5/29/2018 11:26:00 PM


I was looking for something more sheer, but I like this anyway. Downside is that the cap comes off in my bag.

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Highlighters -e.l.f. -Cosmetics Baked Highlighter

on 5/29/2018 11:23:00 PM


Moonlit Pearl is my favourite drugstore highlight.

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