Foundations -Deciem -The Ordinary Serum Foundation

on 11/22/2017 9:15:00 AM


This is so much better than the coverage one in terms of texture and staying power. This is much more watery than the coverage foundation but only a tad less coverage than the other. To be honest, it was easy for the other one to look cakey or “makeup-ish” so I only used little dots every time, maybe that’s why I think the coverage is the same. But the serum foundation feels better on spreading , also there’s less worry that it’d look unnatural. I ordered 1.1NS which has silver highlights in it. I noticed a slight sheen to it comparing to 1.2N but that’s all. Also a tiny bit paler, which is lighter than my nc15-20. I think 1.1NS would be suitable for nc10 or N10. Dried down to semi matte and it covers my pores beautifully.
However oil control is a big no. I’m oily in summer and I look greasy by the end of the day. Using oil control primer helped a lot unlike the coverage foundation where there’s no hope at all. In winter when my skin is good this is perfect. But when my skin starts to flake I would reach out to other more hydrating products. I do not see how I can use it alone as a foundation. Overall it’s a good product given it’s price and color range, good coverage and very beautiful finish, but touch ups are necessary for oily skin people

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

on 11/22/2017 8:25:00 AM


If you are on the shelf about getting this product - I say BUY IT. NOW. Especially if you are considering this or a $100+ vitamin c serum.

I actually have never reviewed a product before, but this has visibly reduced my pigmentation in 2 weeks. I had my skin analysed at a spa 2 weeks ago, just before I started using this product - I had not introduced anything else new - and when I went in this week for follow up images there was a very noticeable different in my skin! Like crazy. The girl was like - what have you been using?? And I didn't even want to tell her because here they are hawking $160 serums and my $9.80 brand came through with the goods.

Most negative reviews here (that nearly scared me off from buying this! damn you! evil spawns of satan!) are based on either irritation or consistenty of product, not actual results (obviously irritation makes it hard to get results cause you have to stop - so i'll give you that). Anyway here was my experience:

Irritation: I have sensitive (yes, truly sensitive - dermatitis prone) fair skin and blue eyes and did not find this irritating at all which is surprising. It DOES tingle, a lot, which freaked me out on first application - but I have not experienced any irritation. I was going to spot test it but I'm impatient so thankgod that worked out or it would not have been pretty.

Consistency: I was expecting the worst and happily surprised. It's a milky emulsion that is oil based, with small vitamin c particles in it which does give the product a slightly gritty texture. As for the grittiness - I apply this to slightly damp skin, and don't even notice. I think the damp skin helps, but have used it dry and it was fine.

Finish: Oooh is this oily. It does leave the skin shiny and since it is an oil based product (squalene) it takes ~20 minutes to absorb in, but if that's a big problem then I say just stick to using it in the PM. I use mine AM too but I don't use foundation, just a sunscreen after. I can see how with foundation on top this could all get to be a little too shiny.

ALL UP - if you have visible pigmentation (freckles or blemish scars) you want to reduce - get it.
If you don't have this, then maybe it's not for you, but it's 9.80AU so get it anyway.

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Primer/ Corrector -Deciem -The Ordinary High Spreadability Fluid Primer

on 11/21/2017 3:16:00 PM


This is a good and stable primer for daily/weekday usage under make up. I love silicon primers, so this is an excellent choice under my work make up. Not as good keeping my make up in it’s place during a party night or special occasions (for those, I go to my HG primer from Hourglass, excellent, but oh so expensive). But it does it’s job, and for a low price too. Works well with my many different foundation types as well, and provide a decent canvas for the rest of my make up.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

on 11/21/2017 3:10:00 PM


I’m not really sure of this product, it might be a little too potent for me. I have used othe C-vitamine products, like Paula’s C-15 Booster and the powder from Philosophy (which I absolutely love when mixing in my day cream). Those I can use every day, this not. I only apply this in the morning every third or other day, otherwise my cheeks get red and itchy.

Treatments (Eye) -Deciem -The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

on 11/21/2017 3:04:00 PM


Haven’t sern any long time effects, but use this on occasions when I have overloaded the Eye area with hydrating products. It gives an immediate effect on puffy, loose Eye skin. I only apply on the bone just under the Eye, otherwise my eye skin gets too dry. Can’t use this if I’m not properly (or over-) hydrated. But when I am, its great.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Buffet

on 11/21/2017 3:01:00 PM


F A N T A S T I C serum! I use this a few times a week, both AM and PM and it makes my face several years younger after only a couple of uses. Texture of my skin have never been better. Will never stop using!

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Skincare - Face -Deciem -The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

on 11/21/2017 2:58:00 PM


Love this! So plumping and Hydrating, prepares my dry skin for other products and make up in a really lovely way! I use this only in the morning instead of Hyaluronic Acid. My 11 is completely gone after just a small amount of product. Can highly recommend for all ladies looking for plumping effects!

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5

on 11/21/2017 2:54:00 PM


Very Good for Hydrating, but ooh, the piling when mixning with other products! This is Why I only use this at night. Inte morning I go for TO Matrixyl instead - same plumping, Hydrating effect, but easier to combine with foundation and face cream flavour of the day. Paula’s Choice is my brand for Hyalyronic Acid, no piling there!

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Niacinamide 10 Zinc 1

on 11/21/2017 2:50:00 PM


This is the third Niacinamide product I try, but I realize this ingredient is not for me. My skin does not like this at all. It’s a nono near the eyes (makes the area sooo dry) and the same for my chin, but the area around my nose seems to cope the best - and makes my pores less visible. But it comes with a flaky skin prize. Won’t buy again 😔

Foundations -Deciem -The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

on 11/21/2017 2:45:00 PM


I have this in a very fair color, and use it mostly in winter when my skintone has changed into a whiter version where my Clarins skin illusion in Honey gets a bit too dark. It’s easy to mix and goes with almost every other foundation brand. But it’s too watery for my liking when applying it alone. For this price, you kan buy different colors and mix depending on your skin tone at the moment.

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Moisturizers -Deciem -The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

on 11/21/2017 2:40:00 PM


This is amazing in winter! I also use this on both my kids (4 and 7) around their mouths whenevet the cold weather gives them red irritating skin around their lips and chin. (We live in the north of Sweden, so the climate is harsh). I use it on my self as well, both in winter and when going on Retinol again in the Fall. Or whenever I need some extra TLC for my face!

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%

on 11/21/2017 2:36:00 PM


I have used the Verso n 4 serum, which is also a serum with this new type of retinol but this comes with a remarkable lower price and I think this works even better than Verso. The only minus (as with all TO products) is that is easy to overdose. I also feel you need a higher amount of product when applying compared to Verso. But this will be my go to Retinol from now on.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum

Not the biggest fan of their dropper type packaging. It also looks like somethign that could tip over very easily. The price seems like a lot but I also think a little goes a long way but time will tell. That said, i've spent way more money on things that did not work, sooooooo

I'm on my 6th day of addding the CAIS to my regime and it has incredibly changed the texture of my skin and brightened up my entire face in that short amount of time. It's really impressive. I actually did a crappy job of putting on the copper and mostly missed the miiddle of my face and the area near my nose, because i didnt use a mirror.

in a way that's good because i have a clear before and after picture. It's like a tan line, i can clearly tell where the treatment has skin just looks that much clearer, evener and oddly enough, my pores have shrunk.

I'm going to continue to use this and see hwatever goodness it brings.

It's still very subtle though. I rarely splurge on skin care (anymore and when i did it was during a omg im 31 freak out phase) but this is worth every cent.

im just worried that the new formulation won't be as good since estee lauder bought a minority share but fingers crossed!

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%

on 11/19/2017 3:07:00 PM


I wrote a review before but had to rewrite it as the effects of this product changed for the better. This review will be useful to those acne-prone who don't want to have all the retinoid uglies at once, and need to minimize the effects of this product, which is well-tolerated by a majority of people but will cause problems if you tend to break out a lot, or are sensitive to retinoids because you never used any before.

The first time I started using it, I applied it every other night, which is too much if you have never used retinol or retinoids before. Within days, my skin had become a very sensitive mess, and my face was covered with small, painful pimples. I wasn't too pleased and I knew I had to stick to it for several weeks, but I didn't have the time or courage to go through this. I went back to my AHAs and serums with a sigh of relief and stored this in a bag with a bunch of stuff I don't want to use/ consider to give away.

A few months later, I was PMSing and starting to get really tired of my hormonal acne, which was still bad (I don't use any specific long-term treatment). It comes and goes and makes life difficult, especially because I teach to students who are slightly younger than me and still have better skin than I do. Also, the anti-aging benefits sound very appealing. Although I don't need them right now, I'm sure I'll appreciate being preventive when I'm in my 30s. So I decided to re-introduce this product this very progressively in my nighttime routine. This is my retinoid timeline:

Week 1: 1 time /week
Weeks 2-3-4: 2 times/week
Weeks 5-6: 3 times/ week
Week 7 and after: Every other night.

3/4 drops will suffice first; you can add more after the 5th week. (I now use as much as I do a regular serum.)

At the beginning, my skin was sensitive and felt irritated. I got a few pimples, but nothing too crazy or noticeable: I just used a full coverage foundation, or heavy-duty concealer.

It felt extremely dry soon after: thirsty like never before. For reference, I'm usually super duper oily. I made sure not to use a very rich cream (they're usually too occlusive and therefore pore-clogging), but instead I started layering a hydrating serum and a face oil/ a nice moisturizer which I know doesn't clog my pores, like MV Oxygen Moisturizer. I did a lot of moisturizing masks, made sure to drink a lot, used mists and sprays, and stopped using oil-free foundations in favor of richer complexion products that were usually too dewy, like Cle Cosmetics CCC cream, or Zelens Youth Glow. Always use SPF- either replace the moisturizer/ oil with a good SPF Cream, apply some on top of it, or make sure your complexion product has SPF in it.

After a full month, I started appreciating the effects of this product. I now use it every other night. I wake up to a smooth, clearer, brighter complexion. I'm still a bit dry but not flakey, and never irritated. Also, I had to stop using AHAs so much, I now do around once a week on nights where I don't use the Advanced Retinoid 2%. I make sure to moisturize well on other nights, taking time to re-build my skin's barrier.

All in all, I think this is worth it. I have some discoloration that I hope will fade completely. I'll probably start using the Vit C cream from the same brand in the morning for added brightening benefits, and I'll try a more potent retinol product such as Shani Darden's when I'm finished with this.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2%

on 11/19/2017 11:03:00 AM


As someone with hormonal oily acne-prone skin, this stuff is awesome. It can be a tad drying so do follow up with a good moisturizer and only use small amounts of it. I use it as a spot treatment and my BHA Active peel at night and in the morning, I actually see results of my acne diminishing in size and the texture of my pores feel smoother and less visible.

Definitely, something you should try out because it's one of the cheapest in the market at the moment!

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