Mascara -Maybelline -Lash Sensational Mascara

on 6/10/2018 10:50:00 AM


I love how long and voluminous my lashes looked with this product. It does not flake or smudge on my eyeshadow. I love the dual-sided brush because it seperates my lashes while making them appear thicker. By far my favorite mascara.

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Mascara -Maybelline -The Colossal Big Shot Tinted Primer

on 6/10/2018 10:45:00 AM

This primer doesn’t really do a lot for me. I don’t use it on top of the colossal, but it should have worked for ANY mascara regardless. The formula is really dry, so when you try to build up mascara on top of it, it sets too quickly. I would highly recommend the L’Oreal white eyelash primer over this because you can build more over it. The only reason I’m giving this two stars is because its black.

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Eyeliner -Maybelline -Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - All Shades

on 6/10/2018 3:45:00 AM


Love it! Cheap, buidable, very dark, it lasts lots of hours in my eyes (I have dry skin), I would buy it again and again and again! I love the brush too.

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Lipstick -Maybelline -Color Sensational ~ Mauve Me

on 6/10/2018 12:09:00 AM

Mauve Me was discontinued a while ago. I ordered several tubes online. This is one of the most flattering lipsticks I’ve ever worn. I need a lipstick that has a certain amount of brightness that’s not over the top. The shade is a pinky, rosy mauve with a little bit of frost. It’s not for everyone, but it really works for me.

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Powder -Maybelline -Fit Me! Set and Smooth Powder for Normal to Dry Skin


As a teen who doesn’t own foundation, I used this as a “foundation” powder. I’ve done this with other finishing powders and it has worked perfectly fine, seeing as I don’t do full coverage. But this powder, well, let’s just say my face is as sparkly as the time mykie (Glam and Gore) decided to do a full-face-of-glitter challenge.

Not only that, but the stuff is an epidemic. It has somehow gotten onto brushes I haven’t even used the powder with, and now I can’t even set my concealer without looking like I decided to join the glitter force.

The little pad thing it comes with to put on the powder, yeah, extremely awkward to hold, actually you can’t really hold it. It surprisingly does a good job of not picking up all the powder. You get a really good amount of the powder off of the pad... with a lot of fallout.
I suggest a brush.

In addition, the packaging is clunky and cheap. It’s taller than it needs to be and when you turn it upside down you can hear the compact moving around. It still stays in its little hole, but it’s moving in there.

Side note: the website says that it’s good for all skin types, but the actual package states that it’s only good for normal to dry skin tones.

In conclusion, the powder is nice, I recommend it... if you wanna look like a disco ball. I kid you not, you can not get rid of the sparkles. I washed my face 3 times and then proceeded to go without make up for 3 weeks and guess what? My face face was still sparkly.

Powder -Maybelline -Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder

on 6/9/2018 5:38:00 PM


I love to wear this powder, alone or overtop a foundation. This is the most flattering powder I have ever used. A little goes a long way. Definitely a bang for your buck.

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Foundations -Maybelline -Dream Matte Mousse


This was the first foundation I ever used! The first shade I had wasn't right but I never seem to be able to find my shade in Maybelline products.
This is quite a dry foundation and dries out if you've had it for a while. It always accentuated my dry patches, especially around my nose. Once the foundation got quite old, the product used to bunch up into little balls on my face, making it hard to blend in.
Wouldn't recommend it - liquid foundations are much better.

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Eye Shadow -Maybelline -New York The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

on 6/9/2018 2:33:00 PM


I tried this line in Rooftop Bronzes.

+Pigmentation is rich, good color payoff
+Texture is smooth and applies/blends well

+Size: if you want something tiny for travel this is great. It is quite small and thus the pans (quantity) are small, and it can easily get a bit messy.
+Price and packaging

-Colors included...
Let me explain, I’m all about golds and bronzes. My eyeshadow bread and butter for my green eyes. The swatches of this look pretty and perfect online but in reality they look different on. The shimmers are SO shimmery (and I never go matte) that they are a bit much for daytime. Borderline Vegas stuff. The bronze-est pans are the best and most wearable colors, but the others are more filler than killer. Either too similar, or not quite right to mix with the others, or just too glittery.

To each their own and some may love this. It just was a bit too Midas touch rather than glint of sunshine for my taste.

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Brows -Maybelline -Brow Drama Pomade Crayon


I wouldn't recommend this if you have sparse brows like me. There are some areas of my brows that this product just doesn't stick to, making my eyebrows look patchy.
The pointed end of the crayon is pretty much useless as there's no way of sharpening it so you just end up with a really thick blunt stick, meaning you have to carve out your brows with concealer to get rid of the stuff around the edges. I found that the best way to use it is diagonally like a lipstick bullet, so you have the point there when you need to do sparser areas or the end of your brows.
You also don't get much product for your money.
I wouldn't recommend this as there are better drugstore products available at a better price point. The shade range isn't amazing either.

Mascara -Maybelline -The Falsies Push-Up Drama

on 6/9/2018 1:44:00 PM


Clump city. Sticky, chunky mascara creates stubby, stuck together spider lashes. I couldn’t even comb through it enough to make it look decent. The brush is a short bristle brush that may be great for lengthening and catching every lash with a different formula, but not with this one.

+Rich pigmentation/very black

+Basically everything else


Mascara -Maybelline -Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara

on 6/9/2018 9:07:00 AM


I keep coming back to this for an everyday mascara look. Holds a curl and feels like nothing. (So many mascaras that help hold a curl are waxy/crunchy feeling!). Won't give a false lash effect, but it's perfect for me. I've lost track of how many tubes I've purchased--always need one on hand.

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Mascara -Maybelline -Total Temptation Mascara

on 6/8/2018 11:24:00 AM


I typically wear Mally mascaras, but I do like a good Maybelline mascara. I am not working right now and don't have excess money to drop on my usual Mally mascara so I thought I would try this. It is a good drug store alternative and I am happy with it. It makes my lasher look longer, darker and thicker. It has no curling properties too it. It can clump if you are heavy handed, but this can be easily fixed. It dries down nicely and isnt heavy or sticky.

My only complaint is this takes forever to take off, even with my oil cleanser. When I wash my face it will fall off to my under eye area. It sticks there and requires a lot of scrubbing to get off. It could be my oil cleanser because it is a cheaper variety or maybe I need an actual eye cleanser. I manage. I like the mascara enough to deal with it.

Overall I really like it. I don't think you can really go wrong with Maybelline mascaras. I've never tried one I didn't like.

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Concealers -Maybelline -Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer


I use the Maybelline Age rewind under my concealer. I usually do my age rewind and then I put my foundation on and take it from there.. so far so good I love it.

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Primer/ Corrector -Maybelline -Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Smooth

on 6/7/2018 10:17:00 PM


I was super excited to find out I was also being given the chance to try out and review this primer. When I got the box I was super impressed but the packaging and the design of the tube because compared to other companies it doesn't squirt out and make you waste product. Once finished applying it to my face I fell in love with the way my skin looks. Also the amount of moisture it provides for your face is unbelievable. I have switched my primer to this. I have never gotten so many compliments on how hydrated my skin looks and I am convinced that this primer is the Reason why

Eye Shadow -Maybelline -Expert Eyes Duo - Lasting Lilac

on 6/7/2018 7:27:00 PM

I found this beautiful duo in a clearance bin for $1.50. There aren't a lot of purple eyeshadows on the market so I pick up all I can find and at this price it was a great deal. Sort of. The colors are beautiful and this gives a soft eye look. This are frosty shimmery shadows and go on very dry and powdery. They do kick up a bit of powder in the pan but I didn't have any trouble with fallout beneath my eyes during application. The application is not the best with this one. I tried using the sponge applicator that came in the kit which did not work well at all and barely left any color. Brushes were only slightly better. The best way I found was by using my finger but that is more difficult to apply where I wanted the color. The lightest shade is an icy light lavender and is a blue toned shade. The darker shade is more violet in color and has a beautiful blue duochrome looking tint in the pan, but it does not really translate to the eye at all. Both of these performed better applied wet (using a setting spray on the brush before application). These both blend in well, so well in fact that you can blend them completely away. This is called "Lasting Lilac". No, it doesn't last. It was a really pretty eye look when I finished building up the shadow. It did take several layers to build up the colors, but in 5 hours, it was all gone and you could not see any color at all. I don't know where it went, but it sure wasn't on my eye. I did reapply as I loved the eye look I got from it, but I should not have had to when it was only 5 hours in. I even used eye primer and a makeup setting spray and still it did not last. I am glad I did not pay full price for this. For the $1.50 it was fun to play with. Too bad the product is not even worth that much. Maybelline is hit and miss with their shadows and for me, usually a miss, but I still can't pass up a good deal. Glad I tried it and I love the look, but it isn't worth it. This will make a pretty nail polish though with the ground up powders so it isn't a total loss.

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