Brows -NYX -Brow Mascara

on 12/4/2017 3:40:00 PM


Love this , really helpful when I'm in a hurry, lasts all day looks very natural, will def buy again

Brows -NYX -Brow Mascara

on 12/4/2017 11:58:00 AM


I bought this in my quest for a Benefit Gimme Brow dupe and am surprisingly satisfied with this for giving a nice, natural look. As with all of NYX's products, this mascara is a very good deal, and you wouldn't feel bad re-purchasing it. A really great, basic eyebrow mascara for those looking for a quick way to make your brows stand out. The mascara itself is nice and dark and does a great job at lasting for several hours - I'd dare even say until the end of the day. Obviously, this is not the only product one should use if sculpted, 'on fleek' eyebrows are your intended look. This is more for darkening the brows for an everyday, casual look.

The wand is a bit big and the gel does end up on the rest of your forehead sometimes, but I don't find that a huge deal.

Lip Gloss -NYX -Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss

on 12/4/2017 10:45:00 AM

The NYX Professional Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss is an absolutely beautiful option if you are looking for a bold and beautiful lip. The formula is not sticky at all and actually lasts quite a while. It definitely does transfer. The formula and texture is quite similar to the NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. The color selection is limited but there is at least one color for every one. The formula I find to be quite moisturizing and I like the fact that it doesn't have any taste to it at all. My more detailed review with swatches can be seen here:

Concealers -NYX -Dark Circle Concealer

on 12/3/2017 5:29:00 AM


My dark circles are bad, but I no longer have patience to layer 3-4 products to completely cover them unless it's a special occasion. So this is what I use on a daily basis, on top of my sunscreen or tinted moisturizer. I'm NC15 and use Light 02 because my circles are a dark purple. It's a light salmon shade, but has a bit of peach mixed in so it looks natural with my skin tone without having to layer another concealer on top.

I press it onto the discoloration with the pad of my finger and then blend the edges with a brush. The texture is very thin and emollient, so it can be layered a couple of times without looking cakey. I do not set it with powder. I have the driest skin under the eyes and this keeps my skin looking moist and youthful all day. Amazingly, it doesn't slip into my fine lines and stays put even in super hot weather. I much prefer this to similar higher end correctors which I found thick, sticky, cakey, and unnatural when worn alone. It's also an absolute bargain, specially considering that a little pot lasts for ages.

This will work for you if:

- you have very dry skin under the eyes
- you're okay with light coverage
- you want a "one and done" type of concealer/corrector
- you're not concerned with perfection

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Eye Shadow -NYX -Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil - Cottage Cheese

on 11/30/2017 8:56:00 PM


I have NYX JEPs in Cottage Cheese, Milk, & Nude Sparkle. Pretty much use on my waterline daily but it doesn’t last. I can’t use it as a base or e/s bcoz of the creasing. I’m a greaseball I have super oily skin/lids. This is a pain to sharpen the NYX or UD Grindhouse will sharpen it. I have & will continue to rebuy NYX JEP’s. I don’t really need any other colors but I’d like to add some more to my repertoire!

Eye Shadow -NYX -Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil - Milk

on 11/30/2017 8:15:00 PM


I have NYX JEP’s in Milk, Cottage Cheese, & Nude Sparkle. I use them every day just about on my waterline. They aren’t good for much else. On me they crease too much (like crazy) to use as a base nor as an eyeshadow. I’ve got extremely oily lids. They are a pain to sharpen. The NYX or UD Grindhouse sharpeners will sharpen them. I have & will continue to, buy more of these JEP’s. They are HG for sure! #winning

Eye Shadow -NYX -Jumbo Eye Pencil - Sparkle Nude

on 11/30/2017 7:56:00 PM


I have 3 different colors of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils (JEP). I have Milk (matte white), Cottage Cheese (white shimmer), & Nude Sparkle. I don’t use these as an eyeshadow base—I can’t because they crease like crazy on my extremely oily lids. But they are all good for lining my waterline. Nude Sparkle makes me look wide eyed, alert & awake when I’ve overslept or had a restless night. I sharpen mine with the UD Grindhouse normally but I also have an NYX pencil sharpener I have for these JEP’s. The only use for these is waterline & tear duct highlight I cannot use these as eyeshadow nor primer due to creasing. They don’t sharpen too good (why not make retractable like Clinique chubby stick?), it’s a pain to sharpen them & the caps are ridic fragile (all of my caps are smashed and I’m not hard on things). NYX charges enough that they should improve their packaging. Being nearly impossible to decently sharpen & mashed caps aren’t cute! I will rebuy and have rebought because Nude Sparkle & Milk are HG for me for my waterline. #winning

Mascara -NYX -XXL Lush Lashes Mascara

on 11/30/2017 1:04:00 PM


Always wary of new mascara, it's a product I don't like to experiment with. Was binging on Clinique at Bealls and saw the NYX display. My favorite mascara was getting pretty low and I dread buying a new one, so for $7 if it was crap, I didn't loose much.

I'm afraid of mascara wands! They look scary and my sensitive eyes are scared of new formulas. The brush in this one is very scary looking (stiff and sharp plastic bristles, like a spiked club with a spiked ball at the tip) but does an amazing job.

My eyelashes are extremely long, but very light. This grabbed all of them, from root to tip and deposited the color evenly without much clumping. The unusual tip of the wand coated and separated my lower lashes beautifully, without smearing under my eye. It didn't weigh them down, I didn't need to curl them at all. I was pleasantly surprised. The formula dried fast and didn't flake. It was difficult to remove at the end of the day, eventhough it wasn't waterproof.

I don't look to NYX for mascara, mostly lipstick. I will probably repurchase because of the price, it performs just as well as more expensive ones. I also like that NYX sells a separate waterproofing coating you can appy over any mascara when you want it to be, double duty and less products.

Lipstick -NYX -Plush Gel lipstick


I love this lipstick! I am always on the look out for a nudish pink lipstick that feels good on my lips, not too dry, not too greasy or sticky. I want something that has a little shine to it, but not too much. Well, NYX hit it out of the park with these, I think they are so great, and the shade 12 is my favorite go to every day nude. I like the slim container, and angled tip, makes it easy to reapply on the go, and the gel formula lasts a decent amount of time on my lips. I have repurchased, and I will again and again!

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Loose Powders -NYX -HD Studio Finishing Powder

on 11/30/2017 1:18:00 AM


If you have dry skin, run, this will emphasize your dry patches. This looked awful on my skin, and is not "HD" as I could see it with my naked eye. I learned long ago to only apply a light dusting of powder, and even a small amount of this just looked terrible. Made my skin look ashy and lifeless.

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Eyeliner -NYX -White Liquid Liner

on 11/29/2017 8:36:00 PM

This was truly awful, no matter how I tried to make it work, it cracked and flaked before it even set. When it did set it felt heavy, like I put a sticker on my lid, then it flaked twice as much. Not sure about all the positive reviews before mine, maybe they changed the formula? I got a bad batch maybe? I have been wearing makeup for a LONG time and have gotten pretty good with liquid liners but dammit, I could not get a good line with this and I tried every way possible. I do not have crepey eyelids so no issue there. I am confounded. The only plus was that it was cheap so I didn't feel anything but pissed off when I chucked it in the trash.

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Contour -NYX -Sculpt and Highlight Face Duo

on 11/28/2017 1:52:00 PM


Perfect shade and it blends really well.. Be aware that you only need a tiny dot or else you would use a lot of time to blend it. Love it to use it before my contour colour and I use a contour brush from Elf to blend it :D

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Eyeliner -NYX -Slim Eye Pencil

on 11/28/2017 11:06:00 AM


I bought these because I didn't want to spend the money for Sephora brand pencils but these are horrible. Very little is available in the packaging which you will see once you have to sharpen. It takes at least 2 times to sharpen and then you will have trouble getting a nice point. These are too soft for sharpening and they go on like a gel liquid which you would think would be good for smudging but they don't smudge easily! Hours later the line is worn away in patches. So unflattering. I bought black which was the best of the bunch, brown, charcoal which had heavy glitter and plum which was the worst and a weird violet.

I returned these and ended up buying the Sephora pencils. I should just learn to get the thing I want to begin with but I just wanted to save a little money but these are no dupe.

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Primer/ Corrector -NYX -Angel Veil

on 11/26/2017 3:29:00 PM


Maybe I got a bad one, but I just could not get this primer to work for me at all. It took a lot of effort to get it to blend out, and then it just ended up feeling really heavy on my skin. I've tried shaking it up prior to using it, but no luck, it just won't blend easily or smoothly for me. I also feel like I have a bad makeup day every time I try to use this. It's just not for me, and I wouldn't recommend it. There are better drugstore primers out there.

Lipstick -NYX -Matte Maison

on 11/26/2017 1:49:00 AM

I like this lipstick a lot - the colour is fantastic, though I think the formulation could be better. I'm around an NC 20-25 and I find that deeper shades suit me the best, and I like that this lipstick is a deep nude/burgundy-brown colour. It's definitely got a good amount of pigment, but it can be changed up a bit with more reddish lipliners, which really bring out a burgundy colour. Surprisingly, it doesn't turn out ashy or grey-toned on my skin and I think it's really flattering. It would work for a lot of skin tones most likely, because it has a pretty neutral undertone.

It's supposed to be a matte finish, and it's almost there, but I still find that it has a bit of a sheen to it. That being said, it's much more moisturizing than other matte lipsticks I have. I do, however, really like very matte lipsticks so this isn't perfect for me. It also doesn't last very long, as it's got quite a slippery finish, but I think layering it over a nice lipliner helps a lot.

If it were more matte and longer lasting, I'd definitely buy it again because I love the colour, but it just doesn't have the same appeal to me as other lipsticks. However, I do recommend trying it out if you want a 90's vibe or are looking for a deeper shade of lipstick that isn't too brown or red. It's a colour I've gotten compliment on before, and I like mixing it with other liners or lipsticks to deepen any shade I'm wearing.

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