Bronzers -NYX Professional Makeup -Matte Bronzer (All)


This is my first time buying bronzer.

Although i've been wearing makeup the past few years, I never got around to finding a bronzer light and cool-toned enough for my coloring. But I realized I needed bronzer to complete my makeup routine.

Don't let the "Deep" name fool you, this is perfect if your complexion is on the lighter side. (thanks to other reviewer who recommended this for pale skin -the "light" shade has no pigment). This is such a pretty light chocolate brown. It reminds of my favorite eyeshadow L'oreal Cafe Au Lait which I pair with it. I agree with the other reviewer that it's comparable to Too Face Chocolate Soleil (just a hint lighter).

I have tried NYX round lipsticks and eyeliner in the past and did not care for them but got this bronzer because of the great reviews. I'm glad I got it and will repurchase (I bought 2)

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Lipstick -NYX Professional Makeup -Lip Lingerie

on 9/4/2018 8:48:00 PM


I LOVE this product in Exotic. I love the SMLC in Rome but that doesn’t last long on the lips. This one does but it is drying so I put Vaseline as lip balm beforehand and it works perfectly. I wear this to mass and at communion, I drink wine afterwards and the people do wipe after you drink, right? They were surprised to see nothing had transferred to the cup. hahahahaha. Would rebuy.

Primer/ Corrector -NYX Professional Makeup -Studio Perfect Photo-loving Primer

on 9/3/2018 7:30:00 AM


I’ve been using this green primer for about 2 years, I like the consistensy and how it feels on my skin, but it does not color correct, at least not on my skin. I have had very red skintone from acne, and the primer did not neutralize the redness. Even now, when I have very little redness, it does not color correct.

I would buy it again, but only because it’s affordable and because I like the consistensy and feel. It goes on the skin very smoothly. It is a good primer for the price, my only issue is that it doesn’t color correct. I might try the clear one in the future.

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Lipstick -NYX Professional Makeup -Butter Lipstick

on 9/2/2018 11:50:00 PM


Love the color (Root Beer Float) and the feel of this lipstick. Will definitely buy again.

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Eyes -NYX Professional Makeup -Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil - Black Bean


Black Bean and Milk are my favorite shades from the Jumbo Pencils. Black Bean might not be as versatile as Milk but I still have my uses for it: - eyeliner (with an eyeliner brush) - eyeshadow base (for duochrome shades or dark eyeshadows) - creating a black smokey eye - lining my waterline - filling your eyebrows (for people with black eyebrow hairs) -> I recommend a brush to avoid harsh results. (That's it so far but I might try applying it on my lips, set it with powder and put a gloss or liquid lipstick with effects over it.) Pros: - pigmentation is very good - applies and blends without any effort - matte finish (IMO) - price - versatile Con: - setting with a powdery product is a must (or else you risk creasing) - needs to be sharpen -> about sharpening it: A video on Youtube recommends to put your (Jumbo) pencils into the freezer, wait 15 minutes, take them out of the freezer and you can sharpe them much better. Overall, for this price you can a product with multitasking functions. My only wish would be that it turns from creamy to matte in texture since creasing is never welcome for all makeup lovers.

Brows -NYX Professional Makeup -Control Freak Brow Gel

on 9/2/2018 8:48:00 AM


I usually wear a tinted brow gel but recently, I've been feeling like my brows look quite heavy. I am not a lover of the overdrawn 'instagram' brow so always look for products to make my sparse brows look naturally full. This product does just that and works perfectly when I am having a good brow day. It isn't 'sticky' and doesn't make my brows feel tacky and heavy. The brush is HUGE which is a bit of a negative as it can be hard to work with - not just in terms of precision but also because it can collect product and go a bit 'gloopey'. That aside, I do like it and am yet to find an alternative I enjoy using as much.

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Eyes -NYX Professional Makeup -Face & Body Glitter

on 9/1/2018 9:44:00 PM

I had high hopes for this product as a body glitter, but it has no adhesive. It's simply a loose glitter. I will not repurchase.

Loose Powders -NYX Professional Makeup -Mineral Finishing Powder

on 8/31/2018 8:41:00 PM


Bought this as it was on sale at Lawtons for 30% off and of the good review here. This is a mistake. I thought it was a pretty good powder when I first put it on, but as the day went on, I find that this powder has started cracking around my nose which I have never experienced before. And what’s worse is that the powder starting clumping in random spots on my face! And makeup also started disappearing from and around my nose after a few hours. I looked like a zombie at the end of the day! But as I do with other makeup as well, I always give second chances. Tried this the next day again and the same thing happened again, this is just going to my makeup graveyard. Such a shame because it does look good right after I apply this to my face, but that doesn’t last more than an hour.

Liquid -NYX Professional Makeup -Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation

on 8/31/2018 12:31:00 AM


Full disclosure, I mix this foundation with another ( Revlon colorstay) so I can’t vouch for using just only this alone. I bought it at Ulta and they had plenty of testers, but my little daughter was rushing me and I picked Beige which is very yellow/golden. I knew that it wasn’t going to work when I got home so I decided to mix it for color purposes. I’ve mixed colorstay with everything, so I can usually tell if the new mix-in will be good. Honestly, it’s really, really nice. I wouldn’t say that it’s a dupe for Estée Lauder double wear, as some people mentioned. It’s close to that. I’d say that it’s the love child of DW and maybelline’s Better skin. It has great coverage. Beautiful finish, and by the evening I still looked great. A little oil break through, but nothing my Palladio rice paper blotting sheets couldn’t handle! I had also set it with too faced ethereal setting powder and that worked great! I really hope that they keep this one!

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Eye Primer -NYX Professional Makeup -Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

on 8/30/2018 10:52:00 AM


I was looking for a less expensive eyeshadow primer than my Lancome. This does not do the job for me! My shadow creased in a few hours & my lids were shiny almost immediately. Back to my beloved Lancome waterproof primer...worth the $$!

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Lipstick -NYX Professional Makeup -Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick (All Shades)


This is an excellent matte bullet lipstick. I have three shades- Strawberry Daiquiri, Angel, and Indie Flick. I'll probably review the shades individually but Strawberry Daiquiri is my favourite; it's my perfect nude peach! As others have mentioned it is a non-drying matte formula that doesn't tug and pull at your lips. The right balance of moisture and matte. Coverage is even and opaque. Lasting power is pretty good. It's no liquid lipstick and it won't make it through a greasy meal, but for a bullet lipstick it's good. It will last through your morning coffee and take you through to lunch. Colour selection is excellent as well. I would compare this formula to the classic Revlon Super Lustrous Matte, but NYX is cruelty-free so they get my business.

I love the way the lipstick clicks into place when you wind it down into the tube. There is no risk of the product twisting itself up and getting smooshed when you've put it away. This is a great design feature that should be standard.

I got my shades at a special local sale where they were $1 apiece. I don't think I would have looked twice at this product or picked it up otherwise, but I'm super happy I stumbled across these lipsticks. The actual price tag is more than fair. I will check these out again when I'm looking for another matte lip colour.

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Loose Powders -NYX Professional Makeup -HD Studio Finishing Powder


I wanted to love this. Honestly, I'm getting ready to go to Asia for 2 weeks this fall with my husband, and I bought this because I wanted to save some money (rather than re-upping on my trusty Makeup Forever). Eeek. I don't even have particularly dry skin, and this stuff is a dumpster fire. In an effort to give some perspective -- I moisturize as part of my cleansing routine, I prime and I use a tinted sunscreen/moisturizer (Tarte) in lieu of a foundation. My face feels so hideously dry that I'm honestly debating washing my face and just going barefaced at work today -- it's that bad. It isn't particularly finely milled and the smell is somewhat off-putting (although I could get around all of that if it was a good product -- it's not). I used a light hand and a very fluffy Sephora Professional powder brush, so it's not an issue of not understanding how to apply it/use it. I'd like to think I just got a bad batch, because this is the first NYX product I haven't loved -- let alone loathed. If I still had my receipt, I'd be returning this, but I don't, so it's going in the trash. I can't (in good conscience) give this away to anyone. Yikes.

Brows -NYX Professional Makeup -Auto Eyebrow Pencil - Charcoal EP07

on 8/29/2018 5:35:00 AM


This is great. I love the cool tone, and its waxy texture that's easy to build up. I even use the brush, which I didn't think I would.
There is an issue with the product falling out of the package, and I can't store it tip-up, because then the brush would be mushing around in with my brush handles, which just seems gross. But it's not a deal breaker. I wear this when I want a natural looking brow, as it's far less intense than a pomade.

Eye Shadow -NYX Professional Makeup -Hot Singles - Over The Taupe


So disappointed that this particular shade seems to have been discontinued, and it's a very difficult, almost impossible, shade to find. I used to stock up on the Avon creamy eyeshadow stix in prolonged plum, but when they discontinued the color, I had a lot of extras which held me over for a while. Then I came across this shade (nyx, over the taupe) and it was very close. I'm just as happy with the color. But as it happens a lot, you find "your" special shade, that one that works perfect for you, and they go and discontinue it. Luckily, I found this on e-bay, where a seller had 5 of these, and I purchased all 5 of them. This shade is excellent in the crease area, eyebrows, and a contour for the nose. I also use it along the bottom lashline, and it's the perfect e/l (I use a darker brown shade to line my top lashline). I just can't praise this shade enough! Does anyone out there know of a dupe for this shade? (high end or drugstore brand) I really don't want to be running out of this shade.

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Eye Shadow -NYX Professional Makeup -Hot Singles - Cupcake

on 8/27/2018 5:50:00 PM


I bought Cupcake because I lacked a pink lid shade, and it's fine for that purpose. I'm NW15, and my first reaction was, "That is going to be too peach/warm for me!"

It isn't - when applied, it's a smooth, well-pigmented, quite neutral light pink. I wouldn't mind if it were more of a rose/mauve, but I like it worn as a lid shade with a deeper more true rose shade (like ColourPop's "Brady") in the crease.

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