Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation

on 1/13/2018 2:59:00 PM


Update... I figured out why the staying power was not better. I had the WRONG shade. I just switched to Almond and it is perfect. The staying power is amazing 10 hours easily. When you have the right shade of foundation it really looks gorgeous It is perfect and makes my skin feel better with the coconut water. A great product for my skin that does not cause break outs. I have been now using this for at least 5 months and my skin is 1000 times better. This gives a matte finish that works for a woman in her 50s with mild roseacea. (although that has gone too. I guess I have been using the wrong foundation all these years) Yet keeps my skin looking younger without being greasy. I love this foundation better than any ELDW or Lancome. I honestly think it is the coconut water in this foundation as I stopped using all medications for skin. No more Finacea, no more azaleic acid, no more differin..

Truly my skin needed a foundation that was more like a skin cream. Something gentle and clean feeling that nourishes my skin. I am so thankful to have found this by a sales clerk at Ulta. I hope they never discontinue this lovely foundation.

If you are looking for a yellow based light white fair skin toned foundation this could be for you. If your skin is sensitive and dry this foundation and color could work for you. I chose the color Snow. And Snow looks white with a hint of gold going on my face. But, it does darken or oxidize and provides me with the exact light shade I am looking for. I used to have greasy skin but now closing in on 50 my skin has become dry. My skin has the orange peel texture around my nose and lower cheeks. I have rosecea so finding a foundation that can fill pores, cover texture and look beautiful is a challenge but TooFace born this way does it for me. For those with the red flushed look a yellow based foundation is the key to covering that red tone and this shade does it for me.

Does it last?
Not like ELDW but it gave me a good 3-4 hours of coverage. I tested without a primer for 3-4 hours of coverage. I need to carry a blotting paper or brush and powder to make it last. The reason I like this foundation more than ELDW is that it is easier to take off and does not seem to break me out. The foundation makes my skin feel better not worse after wearing.

Lasting power? Can I make it last?
Yes. I have tried this with a primer and when I use a primer I get a good 6 hours out of the foundation. I am still playing around with primers as I don't love silcones.

Good for dry skin?
Yes, for me it was. I have dry flaky skin and it does not cover the flakes but if you can gently exfoliate and put this foundation on after moisture it can cover your skin nicely. Just be sure to let your skin dry after moisture before applying the foundation as I believe this can cause oxidation if you mix the foundation with lotion.

How does it feel?
The foundation has a beautifully silky feel that must be because of the coconut oil. This does not dry quickly so you can work with it slowly.

Breaks outs?
This did not break me out and I have sensitive, easy break out skin with a red rosecea all over. I was impressed that it covered my skin without looking too heavy. But be aware those of us with rosecea need a full coverage foundation. If you are looking to look natural barely there makeup like Bobby Brown or Nars this might bot be your choice. This foundation has a medium coverage to hide your skin.

Does it seep in wrinkles and lines?
Yes a tiny bit. But not like ELDW or Revlon Colorstay. I do not think it aged me but rather the shade brightened my skin tone making me look younger the way my skin looked years ago. It does have a powdery feel so if you are looking for dewy tanned from sweating in the sun after tennis, this is not your foundation. This is a foundation that gives a matte effect with sparkles or shimmer to create movement in the light. It is subtle and lovely.

I would buy this again. While the lasting power is not as great as other foundations the way my skin feels during and after use if far more important to me.

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

on 1/13/2018 1:13:00 PM


I noticed a slight problem with this mascara pulling some of my eyelashes out while curling them. But, last night while curling my eyelashes the way I have for over 40 years, every eyelash came off my one eye using this mascara!!!! I am FLIPPING out and my eye is irritated and I just filed a complaint with Too Faced. I own MANY of their eye shadow pallettes, brushes, blushes, etc. 100s of dollars worth. I love their shadows, but will never use this mascara again. And for the record, my eyelashes curler was clean. Ladies, be careful...we need our lashes to protect our eyes... I don't want anyone to experience what I am going thru now.

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara

on 1/12/2018 10:29:00 PM


I love this mascara however I found it dried out very quickly and the brush became brittle and started breaking.... got a good month out of it maybe less. Still love the mascara though, works beautifully.

Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation

on 1/12/2018 3:47:00 PM


It's an average foundation average price and bottle. Nothing outstanding about it for me it's meant to be full coverage but there's other brands out there like Kat Von D and YSL which do a better job. Wouldn't buy again not a bad product but equally not wow amazing either.

Lips -Too Faced -Melted Latex Liquefied Lipstick


I love Too Faced products but this was just awful. It definitely isn't the worst lipstick that I've ever used but it's still pretty bad. I got this on sale at Sephora and even though I got bought them for a really good value, I will be returning every one of the eight lipstick colors I bought. This delivers none of what I want in a "lipstick."

First of all, they should call this a gloss. It's very, very sticky and sheer. If I wanted a gloss, I would have bought a gloss. Though I didn't mind the shine, I think that good lipstick needs to be pigmented to get the most bang out of your buck. The colors are nice but they're nothing I haven't seen before.

Second of all, the smell is absolutely dreadful. I ended up having to plug my nose when applying. It's such a strong fragrance that I wanted to puke. I really liked the colors "Rated R" and "I'm Bossy" but the smell made me never want to look at these products again. I wanted to test out how long it would last but the smell caused me to take it off right away.

Lastly, it has a very thick consistency that was super heavy on the lips. I prefer light-weight products that feel comfortable. After a few minutes, I had to take it off because it was so heavy and the smell ruined my day.

I wanted to love this product, buying eight of them, but sadly, they did not work out.

Palettes -Too Faced -White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/10/2018 8:31:00 PM


I really like this palette!!!! I know like many others I was a bit thrown off at first by the color combination, it seemed a bit...odd! However, after wearing it on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks I have to admit, it's really grown on me! Admittedly there is a particular theme to the colors, I wouldn't say it's a multi-use palette or for those who prefer a more natural, conservative eye look. I've mostly created sparkly pastel looks but I think they are actually perfect for winter time so, there you go. Pearl Candy has to be my favorite of the palette, it's a perfect inner corner highlight and Banana Date is so multi-purpose it's perfection. My other two favorites are Cookie Dough and Chocolate Syrup. I would say the weakest link in this palette is Black Sugar...too much glitter and not enough pigment. Lavendar Cake and Guilt Free are also quite sheer but I think they're supposed to be and they can be built up if need be. Wear seems comparative to the other Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes, nothing THAT special but still just fine, especially over a good eyeshadow primer. Overall I'm giving this palette 4 lippies because despite maybe a tad too much glitter in Black Sugar and Frosted Apricot, I'm really enjoying the colors. LOVE!!!!

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Highlighters -Too Faced -Diamond Light Multi-Use Highlighter


I’m a little torn on this one, but my only “gripe”, if you will, is the color, so it’s strictly personal preference.

The formula is absolutely Devine. This provides a finish like no other highlighter I’ve ever used. Completely sheer yet very present. It’s the closest thing to a real life photo filter Ive seen in that it creates a lovely sheen with undetectable texture - other than added “smoothness” (there’s probably a better word than that but I’m not going to use a thesaurus it’s just a highlighter.)

And, while I’m not usually swayed by packaging I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like Too Faced was proposing to me as I opened this double jewel box and I couldn’t wait to say yes. This puts Tiffany’s to shame. The product itself is an emerald cut jewel so pretty I didn’t want to put a brush to it.

Now- the color was a bit of a disappointment to me because I expected it to be more chromatic - meaning, I expected it to have a more varied iridescent color play.

In the box it looks as if it will be a mix of blue, light gold and pinky peach. Once applied it’s pretty much all blueish. Which I don’t mind because I like cool shades, but I was hoping it would have a bit more “life” to it, if that makes sense.

Update: after having worn this a bit more I have to add-a heavier application takes on an ashy cast. Not a deal breaker but not ideal, obviously.

I’m looking forward to reading more reviews of this because I’d love to know what you all think.

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Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation

on 1/9/2018 10:14:00 PM


I put it on the back of hand at Sephora, didn't buy the bottle though. Got home and there was a rash and little bumps all over that area. Not cute. I guess Im not gonna buy it

Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation

on 1/9/2018 4:22:00 PM


Terrible. I find this foundation dry and cakey. It looks like I’m clearly wearing makeup. It has itty bitty glitters in it. This foundation ages my by at least 5 years...

Palettes -Too Faced -Natural Love

on 1/9/2018 1:53:00 PM


I love this palette. The colours aren't as pigmented as Urban Decay's naked palettes but that is something which I love about it. I do feel that the lighter colours require more pigment though since they are gorgeous. I love all the colours and I can use them all. I do wish it was less expensive though. The colours blend well but lace teddy and pink cheeks don't show up as well on me. Lace teddy is more nude than peach and pink cheeks looks less pink. I do use both colours a lot as they work well for base though. I also love the way that the colours are arranged as it helps you when creating a look. I'm bad at explanations but to me, the colours are ordered in a base to crease way rather than in a colouring pencil way. At least that's how I see it. Bunny nose is the colour which I have used the most but lately I have been favouring the bottom row. For some weird reason I keep thinking winnie the pooh when I look at them. I probably won't buy this palette again because I hope that by the time this palette runs out I will have found something with similar shades which has more pigmentation in the lighter colours. I have yet to buy a palette where the lighter colours are more pigmented and the darker colours less.

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Palettes -Too Faced -Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette

on 1/9/2018 11:46:00 AM


Love the smell and pigmentation of this palette. Great transition shades (GEORGIA is gorge) and shimmers. Packaging is so pretty but mine doesn't shut properly anymore and for the price that's quite disappointing. Love the warm tones and mattes (normally work great for me but occasionally a little muddy). Otherwise great palette :)

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara

on 1/9/2018 10:24:00 AM


This mascara is so flakey and leaves my lashes clumped together. I have tried this on both upper and lower lashes and every time it looks like spider legs. Not to mention throughout the day i notice smudging underneath my eyes. Do not recommend.

Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara

on 1/8/2018 9:31:00 PM


I always hear raving reviews for this mascara, and after a trip to Ulta and finding that I still had some leftover money in my budget, decided to pick it up and finally try it out for myself.

This mascara was, and still is, very hyped up by friends as well as Youtubers, so I had very high expectations when I tried this. Admittedly, I was extremely impressed. It lengthened my lashes, it curled up a bit, and in general it looked very nice. After applying it, I couldn't stop looking at my eyelashes.

However, the formula is incredibly dry. When I first pulled out the wand I was a bit surprised and was bracing myself for disappointment, but that proved to be unnecessary. Because of the dryness, however, it does clump fairly easily. I do use a spoolie brush to comb through my lashes afterwards.

Another complaint is how heavy it looks. As I said earlier I couldn't stop looking at my eyelashes, so when I turned my head to the side to see how it lengthened my lashes, I was met with what looked like a mountain of mascara piled on my eyelashes. I don't worry about this too much, though. I wear glasses so my frames tend to cover that bit.

I wouldn't say that this mascara is as fantastic as a lot of people make it out to be. The dryness definitely lowered its rating for me.

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Liquid -Too Faced -Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation

on 1/8/2018 9:25:00 PM


I have very oily, acne-prone, and textured skin. The foundation plays with lots of other products. I always get oily, but this holds back the oil with this line's primer and mattifying powder. I do need to blot, but the foundation doesn't transfer and it looks beautiful like when I first applied it. It is not too thick like the estee lauder double wear, but covers just as well. It's very very VERY hard for me to find foundations that don't transfer because I am so oily, but this foundation didn't transfer. I also was able to find a perfect match in nude.

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Eye Shadow -Too Faced -A Girl's Best Friend - Clover

on 1/8/2018 8:22:00 PM


The Clover palette used to be Too Faced website-exclusive but I bought mine on Ulta. I bought the palette because I really, really wanted the TF Mascot color (purple-y pink-y fuchsia-y violet, with sparkles!) and the last time I wanted a TF palette because of one color I didn't buy it because it was $50 and I didn't think I'd use the other colors. I still think about Oh la Orchid from the 2013 holiday "Favorite Things" palette... I really do. And yes, there are dupes. But are they the same? Probably not.


Well, moving on...


- Doesn't smell like anything, unlike the latest Too Faced food-themedpalettes.
- Per the website "To celebrate the launch of our Clover palette we are donating $250,000 to Best Friends Animal Society!", Yaaay animals!
- Cruelty free
- Most of the colors have good pigmentation, including my beloved TF mascot
- The yellow (good boy) and mint green (lucky clover) are more wearable than I expected. By that I mean, they are wearable, and I expected them not to be at all wearable. Wet Kisses (orange) is another unexpected standout shade.
- Chihuahua (light beige-brown) is the only "close to your skintone, so use as a base" color, which is why everybody on YouTube is using it as their base shade in their tutorial videos. It is also good to tone down and blend other colors.
- Cute Overload (a pinkish metallic, so has kinda a grey undertone), Best Friends (looks teal blue in the pan but has a chocolate brown color and teal shift on the lid) are so beautiful, which is why all the You Tube tutorials use these colors.
- I love the packaging, it is so, so cute and feels solid in your hands. Has a magnetic close and the names of the shadows in the case, next to the colors (which I prefer). Has a mirror in the case (which I also prefer).
- No dumb brush included, so no guilt for adding that to a landfill somewhere.
- I've used the palette nearly nonstop since it came in the mail, so it is worth the price for me.


- Can only be used with a good eye primer, or will completely disappear within hours, sometimes much sooner. Like, before you've stepped away from the mirror. No joke. I have never seen stuff fade this fast in my life and I have oily lids, so I know about fading eye shadow. If I didn't own an eye primer I'd probably return the palette as it would be useless.I suggest an eye shadow primer and a setting spray for all-day wear.
(two lipsticks off )
- The white (puppy eyes) and the light pink (I ruff you) are too sparkly to be used as a base or as an under-the-eyebrow highlight. Can be used as an inner-corner highlight, I guess.(no lipsticks off)
- I love the look of the packaging but if you don't like cute, it would definitely be a con.
- some of the colors are muddy and lackluster. I can't remember which ones right now, so I'll update later.

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