Crème -REVLON -ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup

on 3/4/2018 5:35:00 PM


I love this stuff better than Estee Lauder Double wear honestly. If you use a silicone primer with this. (I have to because I have issues with makeup settling into fine lines always) there is absolutly no wrinkles at all. (Without primer its still not the worst wrinkle filler though, and still looks amazing) But its not thick, blends easily, photographs perfect in every single form of lighting you can think of, gives a porcelain finish, covers everything, and if its a bad blemish you can dot it back over like a concealer and it covers it perfectly, lasts into the next day with powder and setting spray, I can't go on enough about this product. There's no spf hence why it looks great in pictures and why I can't stand spf in foundations. But you can always put some on underneith for the bad summer sun days, and it will still stay on. Lol! I hope they don't discontinue it, they stopped selling it at the CVS by me but I still see it on their website thankfully. But yeah I really do like this better than eldw. It works and looks better for a fraction of the cost.

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Eye Shadow -REVLON -PhotoReady Eye Art (all shades)


Colors are very beautiful, don't get me wrong. I have thr Revlon Photoready Eye Art in the color Topaz Twinkle.

I'm somewhat a beginner when it comes to anything beauty related, so I wanted to give it a shot to practice my make-up with. Awful idea.
As soon as I applied the product, my eye lids started to burn for a good few minutes. Now my skin is a little sensitive, but that's mostly to strong cleaning ance formulas like Proactive etc. Not... Eye shadow?

Now I've tried the Loreal Infallible Paints eye shadow, and I've never expierenced anything like this before it really freaked me out. I wondered if it was just my eye being werid, so i put a little on my lips and they also got a werid burning/tingling sensation though not as strong as my eyes.

Should've left this stuff on the shelf. Do your skin and body a favor by not purchasing this stuff.

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Hair Styling Tools -REVLON -Revlon pro 1 step hair dryer and volumizer

on 3/3/2018 6:13:00 PM

GAME CHANGER! I went to cosmetology school. I can blow out other people's hair, but could never get the right tension for my own. I'm nearly 50. My hair is wavy to curly left on its own, and color treated. Years ago when I had the time to blow it out it would take 30 minutes or more, and a curling or flat iron wasn't even an option but a necessity to smooth it out. I also don't like product, I think they're drying and coat the hair with crap that builds up. For two decades I've resorted to a rough dry all over followed with my flat iron for smoothing, not even pin straight. Then I got this...

The first day I used it I was crunched for time. I sectioned off a large chunk in the back, split it down the middle and went in with the dryer. Immediately one of my difficult areas disappeared. I kept going to another large section, same results. I got to the crown and again, it was like magic. My long, growing out bangs dried perfectly. I had lift at the roots. I then ran the dryer all over as if I were brushing my hair to be sure it was dry at the roots. IT TOOK ME 12 MINUTES. Twelve. Minutes. And I didn't need a flat iron! All I added to my hair was some argon oil at the ends and length before drying. Even my daughter said it looked amazing. The next day, and every day since, I've had amazing results. In 15 minutes or less.

A flat iron will rob your hair of any moisture left after drying. This hasn't done that. My hair feels amazing, soft, and has visible life in it. Between the time saved in a traditional blow out and the loss of the flat iron, I've gained 20 minutes in the day. You can't mess this up. You can't do it wrong. And it's currently $55 at Amazon. Run and get this. It's worth two days of waiting for it.

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Polishes -REVLON -Cherries in the Snow

on 3/3/2018 8:20:00 AM


I have an emotional attachment to the iconic Cherries in the Snow. My mother wore it and my grandmother wore it. Revlon has made it since 1953! I don't think of it as "Old Lady" (I hate that phrase!)---it's elegant and timeless!
I've worn zillions of colors, it seems, but never bought Cherries in the Snow until recently. I usually gravitate towards more neutral tones or dark wine shades.
It's a vibrant blue based red, reminds me of very deep raspberry. I feel it's a happy, bright color. I think it's perfect for Spring and Summer.
It goes on very smoothly, self levels, has great opacity. I used 2 coats plus a top coat of Seche Vite.
My nails are not long now, I got away from long "dragon lady" nails years ago. I'm not sure I would like this on long nails. I think it would be too jarring.
My manicure looks glossy, professional and has lasted a full week so far.
I'll use this often and highly recommend it.

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Fragrances -REVLON -Charlie Gold

on 3/2/2018 11:04:00 PM


I have about 5 perfumes on rotation, and this is one of them. Not my favourite, but a good every day perfume. Smells spicy and woody, and I love that it's not too sweet smelling. At first spray it can smell quite strong, but eventually dulls down a bit and mingles with your own smell. Lasts about 6 hours on me.

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Lipstick -REVLON -Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) - Rose Velvet

on 2/28/2018 8:39:00 AM


This is a subdued, medium, dull, rosy nude color that would look great on people with neutral skintones. I fall around NC 42 in Mac, and I have golden olive undertones. I don't like how the color looks on me.

That said it goes on easily, and pigmented. It also has a cream finish that looks sophisticated and doesn't emphasize lines.

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Brows -REVLON -Colorstay Mousse

I have this in dark brown 404 which is a nice ashy dark brown, no red which is good. I like the formula and color but I don't like the applicator. It has an attached brow mascara head with a twist on the bottom, kinda similar to the Lancôme Grandiose wand. Problem is it just doesn't work on the brows, gets messy too quickly. I have to twist the product out then use a separate spoolie to pick up the product and then apply it to my brows. The formula is quite pigmented but very soft so it's easy to comb out. It's made in Germany which is interesting. You only get 2.2ml for $23 which is just as expensive as high end. My Lancôme sourcils style brow has 6.5ml and is $44 AUD. But having said that I will still repurchase this Revlon has upped their brow game, if only they could do this with their foundation lines too.

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Polishes -REVLON -Transforming Effects Holographic Pearls

on 2/26/2018 3:08:00 PM


This is so pretty. It looks absolutely amazing on bare nails, almost opaque in one coat and completely opaque in two. I haven't put a clear coat over it yet because I'm worried it might dull the sparkly wonder that is on my fingers. I got this from a sale website because I could never find it in stores. I truly wish I had bought 5 at the price they were selling them for because I have to have this in my collection for the rest of my life. I keep looking at my fingers and wiggling them to make rainbows happen.

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Hair Color -REVLON -Colorsilk in Dark Brown

on 2/25/2018 9:22:00 PM


I love this hair color! I have been coloring my hair various shades of red and wanted to go back to my natural color. This color accomplished exactly that! It covered my grays flawlessly and did not turn my hair black which many box colors tend to do. My grays were exactly the color of my natural hair and were not too light or too dark. If you are looking for a natural dark brown this is the one!

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Highlighters -REVLON -Photoready Galaxy Dream Holographic Highlighting Palette


The Galaxy Dreams palette is the same concept as the KVD Alchemist palette. The colors are not 100% dupes (the blue has more silver), but I think they are really beautiful in their own right. I would pick this over Alchemist for daily wear, even the blue is wearable.

Formula: Looks chalky but is surprisingly blendable, kind of melts in. The blue, pink and purple are all very wearable in daytime with light application but can be built up for a very intense glow.

Pink: a 100% dupe for my favorite pink h/l that is long since D/C. Blends in quite seamlessly until the light hits it, that shows a hot pink/orange shift. This and purple have the best formula and very little shimmer.

Green: The only weird formula in the group, it's got the same shifting patterns as the others, but with glitter. An odd choice for the least wearable color, but I guess they figured you should go all the way with it? It's a pretty bright green but too much micro shimmer.

Purple: Another winning formulation, it really blends into my skin. The purple shift is very bright without a purple cast on my cheek. Somehow even though this is an unnatural color, the powder itself blends so well it doesn't look crazy, if that makes sense? I've never seen a purple shade quite like it.

Blue: Even though this is blue, I find the shift to be bright silver blue. I expected it to be cool toned but it leans more towards a whiter h/l on me, it might be my red undertones. It pairs well with the pink h/l.

Overall I really like this, I think I was right to suspect that it would be a great on pale skin. Besides the green shade, I'll get a lot of use out of this. I'm not sure it's a necessary palette and the colors aren't totally unique. But if you are paler and struggle with colorful h/l, this is worth trying. The purple and pink shades alone are worth it to me, even at a relatively high DS price.

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Eye Shadow -REVLON -CustomEyes Shadow Liner Palette - Naturally Glamorous

on 2/24/2018 11:39:00 PM


I like this palette for one main reason: the perfect neutral, almost taupe-y brown to the far right. it looks GREAT on my yellowish, light olive skin, almost like a natural shadow from the light, and gives my eyes a lot more depth. I don't have any issues blending (although to be fair I have had a lot of practice) and I get a full day's wear out of it before it begins to fade. Not bad at all for drugstore.

The copper color is too warm for me, as is the one between the dark brown shade and the champagne shade. So I actually scraped those out, then I repressed the dark brown shade, champagne shade, and neutral brown into empty pans and just treat them as their own little basic trio. But I think anyone can find a combination of colors from this palette that works for them, and you can't beat that price for the quality. I could see this being a great beginner palette for someone.

the only reason I wouldn't buy it again is just because since purchasing this many years ago I have amassed a better selection of neutrals to choose from. But I'd honestly consider buying it again just for that brown on the far right. I really love it and have yet to find anything like it.

Foundations -REVLON -Youth fx

on 2/24/2018 11:17:00 AM


I purchased this foundation because I kept seeing all the hype for it. I tried it, and I think it is the worst foundation I have ever used. I'm 39 so I was interested in seeing the blur effects. It actually seems to do the opposite and highlight the flaws. It doesn't wear well throughout the day. It wore off and left splotches on the nose area. I did use the primer and concealer as well. I would not recommend this product.

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Liquid -REVLON -Colorstay 24hrs Makeup SPF 15 Combination/Oily Skin (US pump bottle)

on 2/24/2018 1:24:00 AM


Ran out of my estee double wear so i picked this up as a cheaper alternative. I was shocked how amazing my skin looked throughout the day. My skin looked fresh, smooth and poreless. I have really bad problems with foundations looking crusty or dry and this does not. I make sure to apply good moisturizer and urban decay optical illusion primer underneath then i apply the foundation with beauty blender. Setting with laura mercier makes it last all day! Flawless!

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Mascara -REVLON -Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

on 2/23/2018 1:00:00 PM


What an inaugural review. The effect of this mascara was enough to make a colleague look at me and say " what is that all over your glasses" a mere 2 hours after application , in the dead of winter.
That really says it all , indeed what is all over my glasses .

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Shampoo -REVLON -Colorsilk Moisturizing Shampoo Gorgeous Brunette

on 2/23/2018 11:46:00 AM

I adore this shampoo, ever since Aveeno discontinued their shampoos years ago and reformulated them I haven't been able to find a mild shampoo that I like. Finding a shampoo for me is not an easy task, I have dry scalp that acts up in the summer (dry high dessert weather and psoriasis) and dry wavy brown colored hair with a balyage, this shampoo doesn't dry out my scalp, doesn't give me flakes, doesn't strip my color and keeps the color super vibrant and shiny, the shampoo is a warm pearly bronzey color, I leave it for one minute and wash it, I barely loose any hair with this gem.

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