Lipstick -MAC -Satin - Pink Nouveau

on 9/26/2017 8:39:00 PM


I heard Nicki Minaj wears this shade so I had to have it. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I prefer st Germain actually this is a pretty pink not loud like SG but brighter than creme cup & Angel. I buy the matching Lipglass when I really like a lipstick but I didn’t like this one enough to go do. It was a little disappointing it didn’t look better on me. It was okay. Not my fave MAC lipstick.

Lipstick -MAC -Satin Lipstick - Myth

on 9/26/2017 6:21:00 PM


I do love Mac make-up. All their line products last the day long, the lipstick are easy when applied and do not dry out my lips.
I love to stand and watch the girls do makeup on customers, so pretty.

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Powder -MAC -Studio Perfect Compact Foundation

on 9/25/2017 9:26:00 PM

This is really lovely! In summer I like to use a powder foundation as liquid just feels too greasy with the heat and humidity. I usually use Clinique. Anyway this time the Clinique lady in store was very rude and I left without buying. I happened to pass a mac store. The lady there was lovely, I explained what I wanted- medium coverage, buildable, not cakey and controls oil a bit. This powder is fantastic, it looks wonderful very natural and gives a beautiful glow. I do get a little oily by the end of the day but the foundation actually ends up looking better, glowing. It doesn't budge or cake, all day. Would definitely buy again.

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Lip Gloss -MAC -Under The Sheets cremesheen

on 9/25/2017 7:39:00 PM

This is a pale pink Lipglass cremesheen my fave kind besides plushglass. It reminds me of fashion whim & boy bait. It was released w the New Nicki Minaj stuff.

Lipstick -MAC -Satin Lipstick in Brave

on 9/24/2017 6:00:00 PM


My go-to everyday shade, MLBB deal for me! Just hands down wonderful, I'm on my second tube and I have a two draw lipstick collection to pick from.

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Bronzers -MAC -Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder in Delicates

on 9/24/2017 11:20:00 AM


My favourite contour powder.
I always thought matte contour (or sculpting) powders where "better", until I tried delicates. I'm tan and this look sooooo natural on me. I definitely get a contour but it's not an ashy matte shadow down my cheekbone, and it doen'st look powdery like many matte contours tend to.

I still have plenty of this because it was limited edition so I try to save it for special ocasions. I'm on the hunt for a Delicates dupe.

Liquid -MAC -Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF30


I'll start off by saying that I hate the bottle that this is in. The top unscrews by itself and lifts up. If it is in my makeup bag, laying sideways, it will unscrew and you can guess what happens from there. With that being said, I love this foundation. It's the first foundation I've used in years other then tinted moisturizers. I like that it doesn't give me the feeling of being a completely different person when I wash this off. It's medium coverage. Love the smooth formula, the consistency makes it easy to apply powder, bronzer and blush over it. Just make sure to wash it off at night for you don't want to have a breakout. I haven't had any issues with breaking out other then not washing it off once or twice before bed. I got mine at the Cosmetics Company Outlet. Try there first.

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Eyeliner -MAC -Rollerwheel Liquid Liner

on 9/23/2017 11:45:00 PM


I used this for the first time today and I am very impressed! This rollerwheel liner is a first of its kind for me, and I didn't have too much of a problem with it right out of the box. I typically use pencils or gel eyeliner on my upper lash line because liquid liners tend to 'skip' on older eyelids, but this roller wheel ran pretty smoothly along my lashline. I was able to line quickly while achieving a crisp, thin, line. My eyes were not too watery today (sometimes they are due to allergies), so my liner stayed put and didn't smudge or fade. I got this liner in the Shiny Black color, which was not really what I wanted. Everywhere I looked, the matte black was sold out. I wanted to try this rollerwheel liner, so I had no choice but to purchase the Shiny Black. At my age, I prefer something matte around my eyes, so I lightly penciled over the shiny black line with a matte brown eyeliner pencil and it instantly eliminated the shine effect. If I could get this in the matte black, I will definitely repurchase.

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Lipstick -MAC -Heroine

on 9/23/2017 10:56:00 PM


I absolutely love this lipstick. It is in the purple/plum colored family and reminds me of the color of a purplish orchid flower. It's beautiful on, but intimidatingly bright in the tube. Don't let the color in the tube fool you-it's highly wearable for a number of skin tones. I'm an NC30-NC35-with a medium beige undertone and it just adds a beautiful purple highlight to my face. Yes-it's bright, it's bold, it's not your typical nude or my lips but better nude/beige/pale peachy pink. I love those colors by the way for their wearability and practicality-but sometimes a girl needs to bring out the big guns and rock a bold lip color! I love the color red-but when I want a bright statement lip-I also use this color to add some edge to my look. It's purple, it's orchid, it's plum, it's beautiful. Try it and see.

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Eyeliner -MAC -Smolder eye kohl

on 9/23/2017 10:50:00 PM


The color is phenomenal for doing a smokey eye, but it smears like crazy. On one hand-the soft, bendable texture of this pencil lends itself to an easier smokey eye-you just line your water line and around the eye and smudge-then bam! Instant, sexy "smolder"ing smokey eye. Beautiful. The problem is the longevity and wear-it will not only smudge for a sexy haze around the eyes-it will transfer like none's business and get under and around your eye. For a brief period, your eyes will look sultry and sexy-perfect for an evening out with a nude lipgloss or lipstick-but then you'll walk around with panda eyes and not in that sexy, rocker chick-i just woke up out of bed look. No, you'll look like a crazy person with black circles around your eyes. I love the look for all of five minutes. An hour later, I look like I did my makeup in the dark and just randomly grabbed a black crayon and smeared accordingly.

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Eye Shadow -MAC -Mineralize in Rare Find (Semi-Precious coll.)

on 9/23/2017 10:21:00 AM


I bought this shadow used and at a discounted price. It normally sells for $22, which is not unreasonable considering how big this single eyeshadow is. The amount will last you for a long time. Although the shadow is actually brown with some pink, it looked sparkly and purple before application. Surprisingly, there was little fallout on application. It held up well, surviving sleep. Although I do like the shadow, it's similar to several other shadows I already have. Combined with the price, I probably will not repurchase.

Liquid -MAC -Mineralize Moisture SPF 15


Mac..what were you thinking?
I have oily skin and to be honest I did not have high hopes from this product. I use moisturising and glowing foundations from time to time, and this product was meant to serve that "i'm gonna go for a glowy look today" kind of deal. This must be by far the worst foundation I've ever put on my face. It's extremly sheer, 0 coverage, settles into lines, gives the most unflattering skin colour and no matter what you put on top, you can still see how bad it is.

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Bronzers -MAC -Matte Bronze

on 9/22/2017 1:09:00 PM


I find the bronzer a tad bit too red for my liking. Moreover it is very very sheer!!! I have hit pan on it super quick. If you want a decent bronzer just buy hoola.

Skincare - Face -MAC -Prep and Prime Fix+


First of all, you get A LOT of product in this bottle. I got mine in December and I finished it in July..I do my makeup everyday.
I personally like it better as a priming spray, rather than a setting one. It gives the skin a tacky texture, perfect for applying the foundation on. It does the trick with the enhancement of eyeshadow pigments and it works as a setting spray too, without leaving the skin feel too heavy.
Very versatile and again,,a loooot of product inside. I ran out of 5 setting sprays by the time I finished my FIX+

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Powder -MAC -Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation


I think I have the worst luck with ANY MAC they really work?
I have oily skin and some acne-scars in the chin area so I need my liquid foundation. I don`t know if this product is supposed to work on its own or help covering certain problematic areas on top of the normal foundation; but it doesn`t really do any of these. It does not have the coverage to give you a flawless/airbrushed look on its own- it just makes the skin look like it has a tone of powder on it. Also, when it`s applied on top of the foundations it gives that heavy feel to the skin and produces a lot of oil, even after it`s set with powders.
It`s not the worst powder foundation..but meh. You can achieve a good look without it.

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