Eye Shadow -Lancome -Color Design - Madison Avenue

on 5/28/2017 10:13:00 AM


Medium-dark brown with satin finish. I use it to darken up the outer Vee. It has good pigmentation and blends smoothly into the crease color. Lasts all day, does not fade. I've enjoyed it but will probably try an even darker brown next time for more versitility. Madison Avenue works for the outer Vee but lacks the intense pigmented definition I want from a dark brown as it doesn't work as a powder liner, just the outer vee.

Lips -Lancome -Juicy Shaker - All

on 5/27/2017 11:40:00 AM


It really depends on what you're looking for, but I feel like they're fantastic for those days, when you just want to put on something glossy and shiny but satisfyingly pigmented.

Liquid -Lancome -Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24h Longwear SPF 15 Foundation


Oh my god, I am so incredibly in love with this foundation. After years of bouncing around drugstore brands that were always just a little too dark for my extremely fair skin, or just a bit too warm, etc, I finally found this foundation.

The price is a downside, of course, but it's a (relatively) small price to pay for the peace of mind it gives me when I know my foundation hasn't oxidized two shades darker than my skin tone. And it's cool enough for my skin!!! Which is something almost no foundation I've ever tried has managed. Most of the pale tones I've tried lean yellow. Lancôme nailed it, though, and I don't know what I'd do without this foundation in my life.

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Concealers -Lancome -Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer

on 5/23/2017 11:07:00 PM


Love this concealer.
The only concealers that do not crease on me are made by Lancome. I used to love Effacernes before I saw how it looks on pictures (too matte, too flat), I've bought a couple of brands in between and when they released Teint Idole I'm back to Lancome.
The biggest surprise for me was that shades of Teint Idole concealer are way darker than of Effacernes. I used Effacernes in 265 but I had to go for 215 in Teint Idole. That's a big gap. However, I love that Lancome made its colors not too yellow for warm skin tones and not too ashy for cool tones, I find that lots of brands overdo it one way or another.
I would say it has medium coverage (or perhaps I blend it too well because I never like full coverage). It's easy to apply just using fingers and little goes long way. It stays put through all day, can survive through the nap.
Nice, travel-friendly packaging. Adore it!

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Liquid -Lancome -Teint Miracle Radiant Foundation

on 5/23/2017 10:42:00 AM


I've been using this foundation since I was 16 and I'm 23 now, that has to mean something.

The main thing I love about this foundation is that it has never broke me out and I have oily and acne prone skin. Having said that it is true that i would like for this to have more coverage (i have a lot of hyperpigmentation on one of my cheeks) but I find I can layer this product and then apply powder over it and it looks okay (I almost never do this but I've tried it and it works)

It has a beautiful radiant finish (you can see in the the bottle actually it has like shiny particles, however once applied they are undetectable) which makes the skin look nice and healthy.

Liquidy gel texture, it has no strong scent. I've used both sponge and buffer type brush to apply it in the past and I like both methods. It doesn't dry down and does come off a little when you touch your face but if you avoid
doing it it should be ok.

My winter shade is 03. In summer and after summer when I'm "transitioning" from tan to tanner and viceversa, I mix it with Maybelline's Fit me in 125 and they go together pretty well.

Overall very happy with this foundation, it is my everyday go-to one. A bottle usually lasts me around 6 months.

Have a nice day!

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Mascara -Lancome -Hypnose

on 5/22/2017 3:37:00 PM


I really wanted to love this product after seeing a lot of beauty bloggers using it but it just hasn't worked for me. Very dark mascara which I love but it only really lengthened my lashes and not by much. There is little to no volume given by application. I also found the consistency of the product very tacky which did not help with putting more than 1 layer on. Finally, the mascara dried out very quickly. I would consider buying this product again to see if the issues I had were due to my mascara being a sample size or if it really just isn't a good product.

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Stick -Lancome -Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick

on 5/21/2017 9:57:00 PM


I've never purchased a foundation stick before, mostly because they generally seem kind of unnecessary and seem like they'd probably have too much coverage. I was shopping around Macy's and decided to try this. I'm pretty pale (NC15) so I matched myself to the Ivoire 90 (W) which looked pretty good swatched on my arm. I decided to just full-on go for it so I literally scribbled this on both cheeks and buffed it in with a brush they let me use. I was amazed at just how good this looked. Keep in mind, I also had 12 hour old powder on at the time and this still looked fantastic. I applied more all over the rest of my face pretty quickly (like three minutes) and blended out. Decided I needed to buy it immediately. This gives excellent coverage and the finish is really what sold me. It was just so radiant and pretty. I wore it for about three more hours before I got home and took my makeup off, and it still looked the same. This was a great and unexpected foundation find!

I was also excited because it seemed like this color was a much better foundation match. Some of the shades I've tried before like Ivoire 2 and Ivoire 4 in some of the other Lancome formulations are too cool and the Buff shades are too dark. This is perfect if you're fair. Even though it's labeled Warm, it stills seems more neutral to me.

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Treatments (Face) -Lancome -Renergie Lift Multi Action Night

on 5/20/2017 7:57:00 PM

I got a large .5oz sample of this, and have been using it quite a while as it's rich and concentrated. As with so many of Lancome's products, it is highly fragranced. so much so, that DH said "oh, you smell nice" when he got in bed...never mind the hundreds of bottles of perfume I have tried to elicit this response. Too fragranced for my facial skin, though I must say, my skin does look quite plumped up from this. This would have broken my skin out in younger days.

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Mascara -Lancome -Hypnose Drama

on 5/20/2017 6:46:00 AM


Disappointing. The first moment when applying, it seems very nice. After a couple of hours, the lashes drop down. Not worth the money.

Treatments (Eye) -Lancome -Visionnaire Yeux - Eye On Correction

on 5/17/2017 8:29:00 PM


This seemed like a promising eye cream. It's not all bad. It has its pluses: it comes in a pump, it has a brightening effect. However, I didn't notice a huge difference using this eye cream. I went through a whole bottle and no real difference I could see. There's better products for less money in my opinion that are more effective than this.

Masks -Lancome -Empreinte

on 5/17/2017 8:26:00 PM


This is one of those clay masks that dries and *almost* cracks. I find the smell to be really unpleasant and off putting. This must be an older formula product, based on the age of the oldest reviews on this site. The smell is really off putting to me, and I found the texture to be too thick of a clay to use as a mask. For me this was very overpriced, over scented, and not good at all!

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Treatments (Face) -Lancome -Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector [LR 2412 4%]


I've been using visionnaire for 3 months, once at night after applying advanced genifique. It has made some improvement. It's a white cream, fairly light in texture. It absorbs pretty fast, you don't need to use a lot of product. It does tingle a bit but goes after quick.

I suffer from pretty much everything. Acne, pigmentation, redness, bumpy blocked pores, ageing fine lines and so on. It has made probably about 20-30% improvement in these areas. It's not a miracle product by any stretch but enough for me to see some changes. My makeup is easier to apply because my fave is a lot smoother. Before when I had full makeup on, you could still see the rough texture on my jawline area, now it's barely noticeable unless I'm in bad lightning or I look right close up.

Looking at the ingredients, contains a lot of alcohol. I'm guessing it contains some sort of exfoliant which is why it helps with skin texture a lot. I feel the advanced genifique also helps visionnaire to penetrate the skin more.

I will continue to repurchase although I feel it's not worth the price because the ingredients aren't that all advanced. But I do like the benefits I'm getting and fits in well with my skincare routine.

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Mascara -Lancome -Hypnose Drama


I'm reviewing the non waterproof version. It's ok kinda average. It thickens and adds volume but that's about it. It doesn't hold a curl at all. It immediately droops down because the formula is quite thick. The brush is really similar to the Maybelline falsies mascara, same spoon style brush. Australia doesn't sell the waterproof version for some reason. If it was waterproof, I'm sure I'll give it a higher rating. I'm back to using Lancôme grandiose waterproof mascara which is my HG.

Mascara -Lancome -Hypnose Drama

on 5/16/2017 2:04:00 PM


I got this in a GWP. To be honest, I'm not a fan of Lancome mascaras (prefer Clinique) and this is just one more to add to the list. It had an odd smell that I didn't like, the brush had an odd almost twisted shape to it and the mascara clumped on the bristles. Even after blotting excess mascara off the bristles, the product still clumped on my lashes. The only good thing about this mascara was the deep black color.

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Lipstick -Lancome -L'Absolu Rouge - Effortless Chic 361

on 5/16/2017 1:55:00 PM

I love the color a lot, but unfortunately that's where the love ends. The texture is so bad on me, it applies patchy and stays that way. It also easily migrates outside the lip line, an issue I don't usually have with lipsticks.
Within the hour, it kind of disappears from my lips.

I like the tube, very ingenious, and the scent (the typical Lancôme scent, although some may find it strong).

It is not hydrating at all, but not drying either.

A very mediocre product, unfortunately.

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