Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5

on 11/7/2017 5:31:00 AM


Another HG from The Ordinary.
I use it in the AM, preferably combined with Buffet from the same brand. Then add moisturizer with SPF and/or a tinted moisturizer. This works really well for my dehydrated, sensitive, early 40's skin.
This is such an inexpensive little workhorse! I have switched it up with a few similar products to test and compare, including the Hylamide Booster Low Molecular HA, which is stated on the Deciem website to be an even more efficient form of hyaluronic acid this basic one. This works best for me and the low pricepoint is just an added benefit.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%

on 11/7/2017 5:24:00 AM


This works so well for my skin, which is fair, sensitive with both breakouts, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles (early 40's).

I have used it nearly every night for at least 6 months now. My sensitive skin tolerates it very well and it is so efficient in shutting down developing pimples or blackheads. Whenever I have used BHA instead for a few days, my chin starts breaking out. I then use the lactid acid morning AND night on my chin until the breakouts are gone, with no added sensitivity.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Buffet

on 11/7/2017 5:16:00 AM


HG product. Use it in the AM normally together with a few drops of Hyaluronic acid from the same brand. Serious thirstquencher.

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Sunscreen -Deciem -NIOD Survival 30

Ever since I came across a review of this in the 'Victoriahealth' newsletter I was instantly sold, and who wouldn't be? Here comes along a product that can neutralise just about any kind of skin-damaging particle or ray that makes it past your sunblock. It's almost like discovering we've been doing it completely wrong all these years! Who knew how much was out there waiting to attack our skin and age us! I was slightly torn between the '30' and the '0' version. In the end I opted for both, figuring I could use the '0' on a night time (much like an upgraded EL Advanced Night Repair) and the '30' on the day.

Ok first of all the texture. Watery and not exactly a joy to apply. But worse still the ghastly 'white cast'. Then the smell which was like vegetables...tomato to be more precise. Still I could live with that if it meant my skin would stop ageing at the rate it is. But then came the breakouts, oh dear. Thinking it was the 30 version I stopped using that and stuck to the 0. But the breakouts continued albeit without the white cast. And at the much-higher-than-normal-deciem-pricetag I was not paticularly pleased. The shame is I don't think any other product can do what this one claims to, every other brand seems a light year behind. So as much as I'd like to go searching for a substitute I think it will be a decade before something appears, by which time my skin....

Oh well give it a try, if it agrees with you (my skin is very fussy afterall) then you are in major luck! These are astounding ingredients and the benefits for maintaining your skin health are unparalleled. I'll still keep trying different formulations by this brand until I find something that agrees with me.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%

I do love the concept of this brand: effective ingredients at effective potencies and of course a price tag that allows the formulations to be within just about anyone's reach. However not all 'Ordinary' products are created equal. Take this one for example. I used to apply it every morning but it would begin to pile, the consistency is just...unusual, like a cream with plenty of 'slip' but yet also dry, it's tricky to describe. In any case I had to switch to PM use so that my MU would not crumble when applied over this. For me this wasn't ideal as I wanted a potent anti-oxidant for daytime use to serve its purpose! as a night treatment it's fair enough, nothing to write home about. I did notice a brightening effect (although very mild) and again the consistency does not make it a joy to apply. I am kind of on the fence about this one, for me the biggest downer is not being able to apply during the day which was the reason I bought it. I've also tried their 'Ascorbyl glucoside solution 12%' which although had more of a brightening effect; it did sadly break me out so I had to discontinue use. Pretty sure I would not repurchase this one.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster

on 11/6/2017 8:10:00 AM


Having used The Ordinary HA serum I've found this a more concentrated version. It is less watery than HA + B5 and it is more spreadable. When applied alone, it doesn't pull my face like HA + B5 and I really do feel like it does a better job in moisturizing my face. Definitely needs a cream to cover on top of it, do not use it alone.
I've also tried adding this into my rosewater toner and find that my toner now takes longer to dry and have a slight tacky feel to it which I do not hate; after my toner has dried, my face feels rather moisturized (my toner contains alcohol and before I added this it dries my face if I don't follow up with a serum and cream). I can now use my toner alone to moisturize throughout the day without worrying that I'd have to put on another layer of product.
However might be due to that I do not have ultra dry skin right now like I do in winter, I did not see a dramatic results from using it. Will update if I find anything.

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Treatments (Eye) -Deciem -The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

on 11/5/2017 5:59:00 PM


I've had this stuff for less than a week, but given that it's advertised as having immediate results, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I don't have genetic dark circles, but I do have seasonal and pet allergies which cause the skin around my eyes to become puffy and pink. The puffiness is at its worst in the morning when I wake up and also at night right before bed. I've been using this solution both in the morning and at night. Even after the first use, I noticed a difference.

I take a couple of drops on the back of my hand, dab my ring finger in the solution, and then gently pat it on the skin around my eyes. I also dab a bit on my eyelids. I don't use very much at all. A little goes a long way. It also doesn't burn.

About 10 minutes after applying the solution is when I can really notice the puffiness start to recede. The swelling is dramatically reduced and my eyes no longer look squinty and irritated. It honestly seems to bring the swelling down 100%, it's so weird.

Now, I do have one gripe about this product, which is that it actually seems to temporarily discolour the skin around my eyes, where I had applied the solution. Though the puffiness is gone, the skin looks a couple shades darker, with a purple tinge. This doesn't really bother me because it actually makes my eyes stand out (I have pasty skin), but I can see how this would be an unwanted side effect for someone who's using this product to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Just based on my own experience and from other reviews I read prior to purchasing this product, it seems like this has the greatest chance of working if the source of your complaints are environmental and not genetic (i.e. if you have puffy eyes caused by diet or stress or allergies as opposed to genetic fatty deposits or dark circles)

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Skincare - Face -Deciem -The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

on 11/5/2017 11:20:00 AM


AWESOME product. Very slight stinging when I first apply it, but I don't mind because I know it's working. It's extremely thin in texture and sinks in super fast so decreases time between layers. Very effective - helps make my skin very smooth. I don't peel at all with this - it just has an even-ing, smoothing, plumping effect. Nice job, Deciem!

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Foundations -Deciem -The Ordinary Serum Foundation

on 11/5/2017 11:16:00 AM


*This review is for the serum foundation, not the full coverage foundation which is actually pretty good*: Good pigment, but extremely drying - like a heat-seeking missile for any barely-even-dry patches. It's somehow also very oily and *still* drying - slides around my face while highlighting every single pore I have. The wear just gets worse throughout the day. At 10.00 it was worth a shot but I am not sure I will ever really use this again.

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Cleansers -Deciem -Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner

on 11/5/2017 6:22:00 AM


Deciem has several product line of which Hylamide is one. I decided to try several items from Hylamide and it's High Efficiency Face Cleanser was one of the first. In my opinion the only way this cleanser could be used is either in the morning or for someone who doesn't wear any makeup. I expected given the texture that this would do a great job cleansing before bed which involves using makeup. The High Efficiency Face Cleanser just did not deliver.

This left most of my makeup on which is disappointing because I don't wear any water-proof or water-resistant makeup. I could see this being a decent cleanser for someone to use in the morning when they aren't cleansing off any makeup. I do like that this product is fragrance and irritant free. I could also see this being gentle enough for people with sensitive skin to use- as long as they aren't trying to remove makeup. This does have some astringent properties (tomato) so those with oily skin could benefit from using this... again as long as they don't rely on this to remove makeup.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Niacinamide 10 Zinc 1

on 11/4/2017 6:27:00 PM


I've had great luck with this product. Recently I'd been experiencing breakouts and noticed some large pores; I've loved everything I've tried from The Ordinary so I decided to try this treatment. Not only have my breakouts almost completely cleared up in the one week I've been using this, but the overall texture of my skin has improved so, so much. My skin looks smoother and clearer and is BABY SOFT. And I've literally only used one single drop of it per day. I mix one drop into my moisturizer, apply and let sink in for 30 minutes before doing my makeup. I haven't noticed a change in the size of my pores but I know how difficult it is to shrink pores and I'm so happy with the performance of this product otherwise that I don't even mind. It helps that the bottle will last me ages and cost $5.90. I'm so happy I tried it!

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%

on 11/4/2017 6:23:00 AM


I'm completely in love with The Ordinary products and this is the only product I've tried so far from this range that I'm not completely mad about. I use it for my hormonal acne breakouts, redness and acne marks (not scars, just colored spots) and it's ok but not amazing. I've had better results with Salicylic Acid, Niaminacide & Zinc and Retinoids.

This clears up my skin texture nicely a bit but not as a treatment, more like a maintenance product. Also, I don't really like the silicone- formulation... it tends to bundle and gather if you layer another product on top of it. Would not buy again, really.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5

on 11/4/2017 3:58:00 AM


I didnt like made my face so tight and it has done skin was flaky dry and ths made it horrible.but it was very calming and soothing after a harsh day.when it was half bottle left i added some pure rosewater and fennel seed extract in it made the ratio of 25% hylauronic acid,70 % fennel and rose water.afther tht i used thm and i amazed that it is doing miracle fr my makes face radiamt and luminous and i loved it

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary - Retinol 1% Emulsion

on 11/3/2017 4:06:00 PM


This made my hair fall out. I have been using retinol products for many years; before this, I used various prescription gels and creams and The Ordinary's own 2% retinoid. None of them had any negative side effects, so I was shocked when this happened. We're talking MAJOR hair fallout here. I had been using it for quite a while--more than a month--before this started, so I didn't at first connect the two. Then I read online that retinol use can cause hair to fall out, so I stopped using the product, and after a while the fallout stopped. Now it's back to normal. I started using Differin again, this time the non-prescription product, and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum

on 11/3/2017 10:40:00 AM

I am on my 3rd bottle, I use this twice a day. My skin likes this watery serum. It absorbs well and quickly, seems to keep my sensitive skin very calm and healthy looking. I cannot tell that it has had a visible impact on wrinkles, but my skin used to flair up often and this seems to have improved. Texture and tightness may be slowly improving as well, I will continue using it.

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