Self Tanners -Coppertone -Endless Summer

on 9/22/2016 2:25:00 AM


I absolutely loved this stuff. It went on evenly with no streaking and it developed FAST!! I wonder why they discontinued it when it used to sell itself off of the shelves. It is the FASTEST developing self-tanner I have ever used. If any of you know of a self-tanner that develops this fast and isn't orangey, please let me know.

Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 8/22/2016 4:03:00 PM


At the age of 25 I'm just now realizing that it's important to wear sunscreen on your face every day. This was the first product I bought in my foray into facial SPF. I read positive reviews on it and this was before I purchased products mindfully, so when I saw it at the store I just picked it up without closely examining the ingredients list or thinking about the ethics of the manufacturer.

Now, the positive aspects to this product are as follows:

- No white cast.
- Affordable (it was around $7 for a sunscreen the same size as ones I was seeing for $50 elsewhere.)
- Doesn't break me out or clog my pores, period.
- Doesn't leave me feeling greasy (or dry, but it seems greasiness is a more common issue when it comes to sunscreen.)
- Contains dimethicone which makes it almost double as a primer.
- As a sunscreen, it works. There is a broad spectrum SPF 50 in this product and I wore it out in the sun and didn't get burned.

Those are pretty awesome pros. All in all, this product performs well. So what are the cons that knocked off two lippies? They are:

- The presence of "aluminum starch" on the ingredients list. Something about putting aluminum on my face doesn't sit well with me. There are sunscreens that don't have this ingredient. From what I can tell it's an extremely cheap way to increase the SPF rating of a product substantially. I've seen studies that say it is fine but putting a heavy metal on my face for a prolonged period of time is not a choice I'd make personally.
- Not cruelty-free.

No matter how well a product works for me, if it contains heavy metal ingredients or is tested on animals, it's not worth repurchasing (to me.)

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -Sunscreen Spray Clearly Sheer SPF 30

on 7/19/2016 6:36:00 PM


Best daily sunscreen for body (spray or otherwise) I've found to date, PERIOD. Hasn't made me break out nor does it feel greasy like all of the other sunscreens out there -- it TRULY IS light and sheer. Doesn't stain clothes or leave any white cast! Barely any scent (not sure if it's 100% fragrance free, but it's extremely subtle). Been using this for over a year and will continue.

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -Coppertone Sensitive Skin Suncreen Lotion, SPF 50 6 fl oz

on 7/14/2016 5:24:00 PM


This is a good value family size sunscreen for long days outdoors or during athletic activities. It lasts quite awhile and fully protected me as long as I applied 20 minutes before exposure. I didn't have a chance one time to let it fully absorb so I got a slight bit dark.

It goes on white due to the zinc oxide but also has chemical blockers, but is thin enough to smooth on skin easily without it feeling like you were trying to smear a toothpaste like texture on. It's not elegant feeling on the skin, it will feel heavy and thick on the skin but you can be assured of protection if you are going to be spending hours outdoors without a chance to reapply every hour.

There is a slight scent to it but fades after a few minutes. You can go to Coppertone's website and get a coupon as well. I decant about 1 oz into a container with a pump and it's perfect for carrying around in a zip lock bag with a handtowel. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skins due to the chemical blockers and scent but I think the smell too faint to be a problem. I also don't recommend it for the face, it's too heavy and probably your makeup will not go on smoothly but a SPF powder foundation might help with the greasy feel. I didn't try it but I did breakout from from using it on the face.

It is tenacious. It is hard to remove even with oil based cleanser. I think my oil cleanser is not strong enough so I need to look for one that is too drying for face but will be easier to remove the Coppertone sunscreen.

Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 7/13/2016 9:28:00 PM


Finding a sunscreen that has an SPF over 15 and no white cast is so difficult for me, but this sunscreen is the best I've tried thus far! In Canada we have this product under the name "Coppertone Clearly Sheer". This one has SPF30 and retails at $9.99CDN for 50ml.

I have dark skin so I cannot put up with any sort of white cast. This sunscreen doesn't give me any sort of white cast which is miraculous! It feels really nice going on, smooth and silky. It sets to a satin finish with a slightly powdery feel which I completely adore. I'm amazed I found a completely sheer SPF30 that has a satin finish that didn't have alcohol in it!?

It doesn't exacerbate my combo-oily skin (it doesn't reduce my oiliness but it doesn't make me any oilier) I've been using this sunscreen for three months and it hasn't made me break out once which is amazing to me. I worked this sunscreen into my routine during the hotter months, so I apply this after my toner, allow it to soak in for fifteen minutes before starting my makeup routine.

In my experience, I find this sunscreen makes my foundations just glide on as smoothly as butter. No pilling, no patchiness. It reminds me a bit of a primer in that regard. It smells like regular, inoffensive sunscreen which might bother some people but I really like the smell of sunscreen. It's It reminds me of happy days at the lake.

I adore this sunscreen and I'll continue purchasing it. I wish it came in a bigger bottle!

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 7/13/2016 7:56:00 PM


The formulation Im reviewing is the (2 oz) Clearly Sheer Faces SPF 50... it's a newer formulation so please don't lump it together with others that have similar packaging... Coppertone seems to have a bad habit of giving products nearly identical packaging. :\

I picked this up after spending about 30 minutes in a walmart aisle comparing ingredients. I had seen it before several times but passed on trying it. Asian sunscreens are far superior to anything I could pick up there... but for a cheap thrill, I decided to try it anyways. I liked the idea of it being sheer and the protection looked adequate. Nothing in the ingredient list stood out to me as bad news.

This is pretty sheer. I liked how easy it was to blend into my skin. The whitecast is next to none. And it did not burn my skin. Some chemical sunscreens burn my skin like fire. So that was a relief. I had no negative reactions to applying this (which by the way - few days prior I applied a neutrogena sport face SS to a different section and it's still red). I don't like the sweet scent of this sunscreen as I have rosacea and prefer fragrance-free. However I'm thankful Coppertone didn't add in citrus essence like a lot of companies do, because *that* fragrance is my biggest flare up trigger.

I always go with SPF45 and above. This being an SPF50, drugstore priced, with a decent formula is almost unheard of. I can still feel that it's moisturizing my skin; just not sitting on top. But I do have one issue with it - the dry down. This does dry down to a satin finish but getting it set to matte with powder is a difficult task. :( Is it super greasy like most sunscreens in drugstores? No. But I need the matte finish most asian brands offer. As for my matte make up... this did not ball up when I went to apply foundation. It actually made my make up glide on.

Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with this product. Is it holy grail worthy? Not for my pizzaface. But if you have normal - dry skin you might LOVE this. I'll be keeping a bottle in my beauty cabinet for days in winter when my face is dried out from either the weather or chemical exfoliators.

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -Sport Sunblock Lotion SPF 30

on 7/5/2016 8:31:00 PM


Lightweight creme, absorbs quickly, leaves skin soft, light lemony fragrance without any ugly white cast nor greasy feel. It IS broad spectrum; check the packaging to make sure you have purchased the correct one! I use it on my face under makeup and on my body as well.(This product used to be a gel and left your skin very shiny.) I only gave it 4 lippies because it doesn't leave my skin totally matte. I have switched to this product after using "Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, Dry Touch" with "Lightweight Clean Feel" because the Neutrogena was a very heavy thick creme which went on white when used in recommended amounts. I prefer the Coppertone because it goes on easily and dissipates quickly with no white cast at all. BTW, I have normal skin: not oily nor dry. Funny that I still remember the old Coppertone ads with the little girl and naughty dog pulling her swimsuit down at the beach. I'm 66, and so far, that hasn't happened to me with this product, nor any...

Self Tanners -Coppertone -Endless Summer Sunless Tanning Gradual Tan Moisturizing Lotion

on 7/1/2016 7:28:00 AM


My HG self tanner. I'm pale, but tan easily. However, I'm middle aged and refuse to play Russian Roulette with my skin any longer so I go the self tanner route.

Don't expect an "I've been in the Caribbean all my life" tan, but if you want enough color, that isn't orange or looks fake, then this is your product.

I use it daily for three days, after a shower and exfoliating. Thereafter, I use it every other day to maintain a pretty nice tan. This stuff works great on your face as well. No streaking or uneven patches around your nose or eyes.

The smell is not bad at all. I barely even notice a smell. I'd say make sure you put it on a couple of hours before bed so your sheets don't stick to you but other than that, I can't find any faults with this product and I've been using it for two years. Grab it fast though because it's usually the first self tanner to sell out at our local Walmarts and stores.

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Self Tanners -Coppertone -Endless Summer Sunless Tanning Gradual Tan Moisturizing Lotion


This is my holy grail. I used to use hempz touch of summer, which I loved, but stopped due to the inconvenience of ulta being far from me and always having to order it online. I found this at my drugstore and it's equivalent. I have fair skin and only like a glow rather than a heavy tan. This exceeds all my expectations. It lasts, never streaks, and you can obtain a glow or darker tan depending on how often you use it. Also, super cheap. I use A LOT and love that this is under 10 dollars.

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -Clearly Sheer For Beach and Pool SPF 50

on 6/15/2016 11:17:00 AM


I liked the packaging- small with a pump. The product itself goes on smoothly and blends in. However, if you happen to sweat- it gets into your eyes and burns like the dickens! I also applied this to 2 kids and they said it burned just applying it. They do not have sensitive skin. So I'm giving this a huge thumbs down. Looking for better facial sunscreens!

Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 5/25/2016 11:30:00 AM


I use the Clearly Sheer for Faces 50 spf version. I like that this spf has an expiration date--i won't buy an spf if it doesn't have a clearly marked expiration date.

The 2 oz Face versions of this spf are only about $6 at my local Walmart Market, BUT FYI PEOPLE: the big bottle beach versions of this spf have the exact same ingredients, so you could get more for your $$$ by buying the bigger bottle.

I actually like the smaller bottle though, because it has a pump that squirts out the perfect amount for your face. The texture is very light and slightly moisturizing. I'd say it's about as thick as a light facial lotion, so it's not a liquid SPF. It doesn't provide a matte finish.

If you have oily skin you might find this too moisturizing and shiny for you and if you have dry skin you're still gonna need a moisturizer. Even if you don't use a moisturizer you should probably put something with at least some antioxidants in it on your skin before you apply this stuff. According to Paula Begoin's "expert" review this spf IS stable though (i checked cause Coppertone isn't always reliable when it comes to their formulas).

Anyways, I have combo skin (currently on the oilier side) and I'm having issues with this stuff making my makeup less matte and prone to smearing, but I seem to have issues with most spfs (if it's not one thing it's another). It seems like decent spfs are hard to come by so this one seems worth trying if you're looking for one.

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Skincare - Body -Coppertone -Coppertone Sport Spray SPF 30

on 5/15/2016 1:19:00 AM

I use a lot of sunscreen. My favorite is Hawaiin Tropic hydrating sunscreen, as it's not greasy and it's not leaving white streaks everywhere. This one I thought would be great for when I'm doing sports, sweating, and also when I'm in the pool a lot. It goes on clear and doesn't get white, the smell is ok, but.... It's sticky. I have sand sticking to my legs, leaves sticking on my arms, hairs sticking on my neck... The BF experienced the same thing, so it's not only on my skin chemistry.

I would pass on this one. Also, after a while, the spray get clogged.

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Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 4/25/2016 1:32:00 AM


I use the spf 50 clearly for the face in the blue bottle and it is the best stuff ever!!! Does not irritate my skin or turn white and greasy, it is like a light lotion. Works much better than my 50.00 dollar sunscreen I bought from my dermatologist. This stuff is a miracle!!!!!

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Self Tanners -Coppertone -Endless Summer Sunless Tanning Gradual Tan Moisturizing Lotion


Smells good
Looks natural
Easy to apply
One application lasts me over a week

It goes on clear so is hard to tell where you get it
Dries fast, but it feel like it takes hours to set into the skin

Sunscreen -Coppertone -clearly sheer for sunny days faces

on 12/15/2015 9:56:00 AM


This provides a moisturizing (not greasy) sun protection for general usage. If I'm going to the pool, I wear something more heavy duty w/ a higher spf (this is spf 30), but for daily usage, this works great. This is one of the few non-physical SS that doesn't allow my melasma to worsen.

The small spray bottle and the larger bottle are the same (same ingredients in the same order) = cheaper to purchase the larger bottle. The larger bottle does need to be shaken prior to usage.

No breakouts, no exacerbation of rosacea or melasma, enough moisture for me to use in winter too :)

Yup - will continue to use this stuff :)

03/07/17 - of course since I love this stuff, it has been D/C. However, the blue label version also spf 30 is an almost EXACT dupe as far as texture, wearability, nice under MU. Will do separate review.

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