Lipstick -NARS Cosmetics -Orgasm

on 9/8/2018 11:40:00 AM


I’ve loved other NARS lipsticks but this is a pass. I received a mini as part of a Sephora nude lip kit and this lipstick did nothing for me. It doesn’t feel comfy and moisturizing like Dolce Vita did. It has a good amount of gold shimmer, but I’m just not a fan. After applying it, I can feel the shimmery texture, which I find distracting. If my natural lip color were darker, I might like the color more, but as it stands it just is too warm and golden peach for my liking. I may use it as a highlight in the middle of my lips but this will never be a reliable go-to for me.

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Eye Primer -NARS Cosmetics -Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

on 9/7/2018 11:01:00 PM


Way too expensive and eyeshadow smudges after a few hours.

Blush -NARS Cosmetics -Liquid Blush


I have a hard time getting blush to last even though I don't really have oily skin so I wanted a liquid/cream blush to layer with my powder blushes. There doesn't seem to be much selection here in Canada so this was one of my only options. I have this in Orgasm as well as the powder version, and I find the liquid packs way more of a punch. It's incredibly pigmented and I find I have to pump the tiniest bit on to my fingertips and dab on to my cheeks otherwise it's way too much. It applies really well over my foundation and powder without lifting anything underneath and I do find the color fades a bit after a few minutes to look more natural.

I think they could improve the packaging and pump, it's very bulky and it's just too pigmented. If it was toned down a bit it would be a lot easier to apply without worrying about overdoing it or wasting product. Because you need so little I think this will expire long before you're able to use it all. They also could expand the shade range as right now there are only 4 shades available. At the end of the day this did not help keep my blush lasting all day so I won't repurchase.

Eye Shadow -NARS Cosmetics -Pressed Powder Eyeshadow

on 9/6/2018 1:04:00 AM

Purchased Nars shadow in ''Blondie.'' No eyeshadow has emphasized the crinkles in my eyelid as much as this Nars shadow did. I WILL NEVER WEAR IT. Very disappointing.

Lipstick -NARS Cosmetics -Orgasm

on 9/4/2018 1:29:00 PM


I love it! Got a mini from a sephoras favorites and fell in love. It’s so shiny yet no shimmer showing amd still jas the finish and staying power of a lipstick. Love love love

Lipstick -NARS Cosmetics -Casablanca

on 9/4/2018 10:45:00 AM


This is a 5 star product.
Ladies and gentlemen who love cosmetics. This truly is, a 5 star product in terms of color and texture. This is my favorite NARS lipstick .In fact, it is my favorite lipstick all rounder , period. ( Over and above any other high end lipstick ) I do not say this lightly. Go and try it. You'll see.

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Foundations -NARS Cosmetics -Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

on 9/3/2018 8:57:00 PM


It’s important to always try a foundation for yourself, despite reviews. I was certain this was going to be an oily mess due to the reviews. I read about how this broke up and became an oily mess at the 3 hour mark. I’m very oily but I was willing to take a chance and try this foundation. I primed with Hourglass Mineral Veil and set with Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying powder. With that combo it wore just as well as my Estée Lauder Double Wear. In fact it almost looked like it was a tad too drying, especially around my eye area. Definitely need to use an eye cream prior. But I was impressed at how long it lasted and it does have a nice matte finish. Give it a four and I’d repurchase!

Lip Gloss -NARS Cosmetics -Velvet Lip Glide

on 9/3/2018 6:39:00 AM


I have the shade "Area". Wow. Beautiful! The color reminds me of the 90's. Very smooth, feels like oil. The packaging is very luxurious and classic Nars.

Tinted Moisturizer -NARS Cosmetics -Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

on 9/2/2018 11:29:00 AM


I switched to this because of all the positive reviews but I’m so disappointed. I think this looks beautiful on the skin. It gives a nice, radiant glow but this breaks me out so badly. I never get cystic acne but it’s all over my face. I used this when I went to Europe for a couple weeks and my skin is worse than it has ever been. I’m currently using a topical to help with all the scarring and underlying bumps. I don’t even feel comfortable leaving my house without makeup bc my skin looks so bad. I wasn’t sure that this was the product that was breaking me out, but I tried it again a few days ago and I have FOUR new painful pimples forming. Sooo disappointed that this didn’t work for me :/

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Lip Gloss -NARS Cosmetics -Velvet Lip Glide

on 9/1/2018 6:09:00 PM


I used some of my Sephora Beauty Insider points to get a mini tube of this in the shade Bound, a mild pinky-mauve MLBB with just enough sheen for it have a moist (not gloppy) texture. It's lovely but I don't understand this product - what is it supposedly doing that Nars' signature glosses are not? On the Sephora site, Velvet Lip Glides are described as highly-saturated, longlasting color - but Bound is neither of those. I've been using (and loving) Nars regular lip glosses for 14 years. I ADORE them because they have incredible pigmentation. Unfortunately they can be gloppy and overly shiny, and they last only until you have a cup of coffee, when they promptly transfer directly off your lips and onto the cup. The Velvet Lip Glides have more of a satin finish, but they offer almost no pigmentation - I can barely see any color at all in Bound. They also don't last any longer than the regular Nars glosses, and they still transfer like the dickens. Is Bound a pretty MLBB satin-finish gloss? Yes, is it - but there is nothing special about it and I certainly wouldn't pay $26 USD (+ tax = $28) for 0.2 oz (you read that right). Gold - actual gold - is cheaper ($24 USD for 0.2 oz as of today).

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Concealers -NARS Cosmetics -Radiant Creamy Concealer

on 8/31/2018 9:42:00 PM


I really tried to like this concealer! I spent a long time researching which concealer would suit my very pale, dry skin and was recommended this one. Unfortunately, it is the worst makeup product I've ever used. The colour is great, very pale and good for highlighting under my eye but it made my makeup cake REALLY bad. I even tried highlighting before my foundation, but got the same result. I tried to persevere, and changed my routine but nothing worked - it just doesn't suit my very dry skin.

The bottle is also really impractical and I had to tap it on a makeup palette to get the last of it out! That's not great for the price you pay, for it.

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Liquid -NARS Cosmetics -Sheer Glow Foundation

on 8/29/2018 9:04:00 PM


This is my HG!! Been buying this for the last 7 years now. Throughout each year I'll go out and try several other foundations to see what they're like but I always go back to this one. It gives a lovely dewy finish. It's buildable depending on what type of coverage you feel like going for. It lasts all day and doesn't look cakey on dry skin. Yes there is no pump but don't let that put you off from buying this. Would highly recommend!

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Mascara -NARS Cosmetics -Climax

on 8/29/2018 12:55:00 PM


This is an offering from Nars that sales people were going nuts over at Ulta. 3 people showed me their lashes and I was duly impressed by the volume and length on those people.

So I use it and I can build some volume but it takes several coats. Flattens my curl. After 3 or so coats, I had some clumping. Hours later, I had specks of mascara all over my undereye which continued until I took it off. It removed easily with a double cleanse, which it should have since it had been flaking for hours.

Packaging on this mascara is red and beautiful and the grooves on this helps a person hold the mascara wand. Brush is a full and bushy bottlebrush type of wand.

I got it to stay on longer but had to use a mascara primer, which I hate. Thinking of returning this.

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Lipstick -NARS Cosmetics -Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

on 8/26/2018 6:36:00 AM


Definitely would like to purchase again!
Dolcevita lip crayon is like a dried rose colour which is beautiful.
I would say it will look gorgeous on those girls who just get into a college. I can tell why !
It has such a clean and naive like a next door girl vibe with this color

Lips -NARS Cosmetics -Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Dragon Girl

on 8/26/2018 6:11:00 AM


Very bright, almost neon coloured red lipstick!
I really dig it when first applied on the lips cos it brighten your face.
And also liked that it lasts long with its matte finished.
Incredibly found it versatile when its removed easily by wet tissue. So overall give you 4 out of 5 !
1 minus is that the crayon stick is too thin and light to grab.

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