Brows -MAC Cosmetics -Shape + Shade Brow Tint

on 1/9/2019 7:16:00 PM


I really enjoy this for natural, simple brows. This is by far the most natural my eyebrows have ever looked! The pen side is beautiful, and the colour is good (I use taupe). I checked out other colours and I’d say be carful because some were soooo orange! The powder I thousand I’d hate, but it’s actually useful and pretty as long as you have a spoolie.

Pressed Powders -MAC Cosmetics -Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder

on 1/9/2019 7:13:00 PM


Dang I love this! It’s simple, classic translucent, and the best dupe for any loose powder I’ve used. Not drying under my eyes, and I haven’t noticed any flashback or changing of my foundation shade (as long as I use a setting spray). I’m light/ light medium skinned myself, so I can’t say for for others!

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Lipstick -MAC Cosmetics -Amplified Lipstick - Half-N-Half

on 1/9/2019 7:05:00 PM


By far my fav lipstick! Works when I’m super tan and super fair! It’s a beautiful brown nude on my yellow based complexion! It’s creamy, not moisturizing but doesn’t make my lips dry, and last pretty well on the lips. Absolutely beautiful 💕

Lipstick -MAC Cosmetics -Mehr (Mickey Contractor Collection)

on 1/9/2019 12:40:00 PM


After three years of regular use as a work lipstick, I finally managed to finish Mehr. It's long-wearing, comfortable, and a tube lasts a very long time (clearly). MAC's mattes look creamy, never dry my lips out, and I only have to reapply them once during a 12 hour shift, which is why I love them so much. I won't be buying Mehr again because after three years I'm sick to death of rosy-purple matte lips, but that's not the fault of the product. Next up: Chili!

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Eyeliner -MAC Cosmetics -Desires & Devices (Superslick Liquid Eye Liner)


Very good liner

Lipstick -MAC Cosmetics -Cremesheen - Modesty

on 1/8/2019 9:54:00 PM


This is very natural pink that's a great everyday color. It's not too far off from my natural lip color. Modesty fades gracefully so you don't have to keep touching up. Very wearable and good for the office. It's great with my medium-fair complexion and yellow undertones. Creemsheen is one of my favorite MAC finishes. Good staying power, full enough coverage so you know it's there but not too heavy. A lot to like in this shade.

Lipstick -MAC Cosmetics -Matte Lipstick - Russian Red

on 1/8/2019 9:57:00 AM


Oh, Russian Red, where do we begin?
Russian Red is a cult classic among MAC's endless array of lipsticks and it's not hard to imagine why. I would describe the color of Russian Red as being a cooler tone, medium-to-dark, rich red shade. I'll be totally honest- I didn't think I would like this color. MAC's Ruby Woo is my ultimate go-to and by comparison, since Russian Red is a bit darker, I assumed that it would be more subdued, if not dull. Boy, was I wrong! Russian Red actually has a depth that many reds lack. Though it is slightly darker than my beloved Ruby Woo, there isn't any discernable brown in the formula which seems kind of hard to find in reds of a more "brick" variety. It's exactly the color that I had wished NARS Cruella would have been, for instance. There's a reason why it's so popular and that boils down to the fact that Russian Red is a very versatile color that I can see being flattering on a multitude of skin tones.
On the downside, Russian Red is NOT the most low maintenance red I've ever encountered - this is coming from someone who is loyal to classic lipstick formulations and only wears red. I know that a lot of people love them and laud them for their longevity, but I'm not a fan of liquid lipsticks, so I'm not making any unfair comparisons here. Although Russian Red is a matte formula, I don't personally find it matte enough. I usually have to blot it down significantly to get rid of the extremely mobile cream texture that it imparts on the lips. Others will find that the softer, more creamy finish of Russian Red will make it more comfortable for them to wear in terms of not drying their lips out. However, I feel like this lipstick is exceptionally prone to bleeding. I could not eat or drink anything the entire time this lipstick is on me and it would still bleed. I find that it particularly wears and bleeds in the outer corners of my lips which is something that I personally can't stand. Would I purchase Russian Red again? Maybe. The color is fantastic but the wear is a little too high maintenance for me.

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Lip Liners -MAC Cosmetics -Lip Liner-Stripdown

on 1/7/2019 11:21:00 PM


Too brown. This looks exactly like Nyx nude beige liner and unfortunately i look very unhealthy with this type of color. I tried this liner with Yash and Honeylove and i hated them. I much prefer Soar, it just brightens my face more and look a lot better. Nc20 C1 dark hair

Lipstick -MAC Cosmetics -Matte Lipstick - Honeylove

on 1/7/2019 11:19:00 PM


Nc20 C1. Dark hair. Pale asian skintone.

This washed me out and i had to take it off right away after trying it. Same thing with Yash. I tried it with Stripdown and i hated it. Its too light and i looked dead and i think id get a better effect from using concealer. This is so raved about but it doesnt work for me. I much prefer Velvet Teddy or Faux for a nude.

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Scrubs -MAC Cosmetics -Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

on 1/7/2019 5:29:00 PM


I was looking for a decent exfoliator after I realized I couldn't make my face 100% clean after shower with regular soap and cleansing gels in the market. I don't have acne problems but I do have lots of teeny-tiny white heads on my face, due to clogged pores (I have a mild oily skin). Even though they're tiny enough that they can only be seen from a very close distance they bother me VERY much. A friend of mine recomended a strong exfoliant andI was thinking about getting a tea tree based scrub (because I love tea tree properties) but as a regular mac consumer, I have decided to try the volcanic ash exfoliator instead.
I didn't find it strong, but it's pretty decent overall. It gets the job done, it left my skin completely clean with no impurities which I loved and I hope will minimize my pores and help me with my white heads problem in long term. Opposing to lots of reviews, I didn't think the sugar particles dissolved too quickly, I could exfoliate my skin without any problems.
The scent is..... interesting. It's very exotic and not on everyone's taste but it's not strong.
It's kinda pricey, but a little goes a long way, I put a dime size amount of it in my hand and could use it on my face, neck and upper part of my chest.
The fun part of using this product is... it's black! FYI, I bought this in the clear tube package. Seems like this is now in their permanent line.

EDIT: after using it twice, I've noticed this is helpful against whiteheads. My pores have been minimizing since I started using this exfoliator. Thank you, mac!

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Liquid -MAC Cosmetics -Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

on 1/7/2019 5:40:00 AM


I was very unhappy with that, but tbh im not a big fan of mac in general.. First off: the colors don't really want to match my skin tone (TO yellow - TO rosy). Then I think the smell is really off and the consistency either: it feels somehow thick and sticky. Let me say when its freshly applied and blended it looks nice, but after 2 hours I went to a bathroom and I was so SHOCKED when I looked at my reflection: super greasy and parts of the foundation had faded, so that it looked like an unfinished puzzle. Also underneath the coverage I saw new bumps starting to grow and the studio fix fluid felt heavy on my face. As I removed everything in the evening my skin was so tired.
It might work for you, if you are looking for medium-strong coverage and have skin thats more on the dry side but isn't to sensitive though..

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Lip Liners -MAC Cosmetics -Lip Pencil - Whirl

on 1/6/2019 8:54:00 PM


I always read reviews here in order to inform my beauty purchase decisions. They are reliable and give a wide range of experiences. This will be my first ever review, and that's a shame because I feel so strongly about how crap this pencil is.

MAC has never failed me before, but this lip liner is rubbish. It's about $35, so not some bottomof the range dumpster-diving formula that you can just cut your losses on. I bought it because the shade I wanted in Too Faced wasn't there, and Whirl was a nice shade, even though the reviews here had been patchy at best on it.

In the store, Whirl liner was dry, draggy and chunky when applied. I hated it, but was loathe to walk away without anything after making the trip.

At home, it got worse. The shade wasn't the best on my light skin and has a weird orange cast rather than blue tone. It's so drying and doesn't disperse evenly.

The redeeming feature is the packaging and branding... MAC is classy but take a hard pass on this super average performer.

My cheap Australis outperforms this, and is literally 1/3 of price. Kylie Cosmetics has better lip liner formula, which is embarrassing for such a well established brand to be compared to.

I would never repurchase this.

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Lip Liners -MAC Cosmetics -Lip Pencil - Whirl

on 1/6/2019 1:49:00 PM


This lip liner is worth ALL the hype!

Whirl is a pinky brown beautiful MLBB color with a matte finish. Looks kinda boring and dull upon initial swatch. But ever since purchasing this liner, it has been on my lips pretty much everytime I wear make up!

Despite the formula being matte, it glides so easily on the lips and looks so natural, but in this lip enhancing way. I am quite fair leaning yellow-neutral and love how non-overpowering Whirl is, it does not look too dark on me. Also it is very comfortable to wear, whether it be on its own/under a gloss/under a lipstick. The best part is, you can use it with pretty much any lipstick color, for example I like pairing my bright cool pink lipsticks with Whirl for a more pinky greige sort of color.

Highly recommend Whirl to pretty much everyone!

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Lip Liners -MAC Cosmetics -Subculture

on 1/6/2019 1:39:00 PM


The worst lip liner I have EVER tried in my life!

Subculture is a light MLBB color and yeah sure, the color is alright, if there was actually any pigment..

Subculture is super dry and matte. In fact it is so dry, that it hurts to apply on your lips and drags like crazy. There is hardly any pigment and it does absolutely NOTHING for my lips. No idea about staying power as I could not see any color on my lips. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

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Highlighters -MAC Cosmetics -Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle

on 1/6/2019 11:08:00 AM


Adds a soft glow to the face

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