Skincare - Face -MAC - Prep and Prime Fix+

on 8/30/2017 10:30:00 AM


Primes well the skin before make up because contains glycerin. Make up sticks well to glycerin.
This product contains good skincare ingredients such as cucumber extract, caffeine and chamomelia extract.
If you spray it after your make up, it does prolong it a little bit but most off all this helps get rid of the powdery look if you applied much powders. Works perfect as an eyeshadow intensifier. I also spray my mascara tube with a spritz if it has dried down and revives the mascara without changing the result. Smells very nice. Works well if you spray your sponge blender with it and blend your foundation or powder. Great face mist if I want something quick to hydrate. It does not break me up ( I have oily combo skin). Contains Hydrogenated Castor Oil, that's maybe why some people break out with the use of it, but the oil helps your powders blend and it "fixes" them. It's a fixing spray in my opinion, not a setting spray. It is expensive but I will buy it again because of its multiuses.

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Liquid -MAC - Face and Body Foundation

on 8/30/2017 5:17:00 AM


Very light coverage. Luminous finish. Very liquid-y. Water-based but still blends well with ot her foundations (oily based). Definitely needs setting with a powder after applying. I usually like medium to full coverage but I use a drop or to of this to blend with my concealer (if it's a concealer that does not blend that well into the skin) and works fine. Good product. Does not oxidize.

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Liquid -MAC - Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

on 8/30/2017 2:19:00 AM


Recently i got my hand on mac studio fix fluid SPF15 NW18..i really like this long last for all day its have matte finish medium coverage..i have a combination skin my T-Zone is oily and other part is normal.when i wear other foundation at the mid day my T-Zone looks so shiny beacause of oily T-Zone but when i use this foundation it looks all day matte.i really love this foundation how well it works on my skin..easy to blend,nice coverage,matte finish,long lasting...
i will repurchase this foundation <3 love love this

Lipstick -MAC - So Chaud


OMG I love this lipstick I went to Mac because I was going to pick up my gel eyeliner and recycle my 6 empty purchases. Well I was originally looking at all the new hot pink and matte colors Mac has added recently, but the problem is I have a ton of lipsticks already and so many reds and hot pinks and nudes and I don't wear them enough as it is. So I have been wanting a trendy matte orange lipstick but I haven't found one that flatters my skin tone and is matte but not so matte it makes my lips crack. I tried a couple of liquid lipsticks but they looked great in the bottle but not so much once applied. So comes in Chaud ! Omg this is such a great color I love it. Applied with the pro long wear orange lipliner it is the exact color I wanted and texture it comes off as a cream, but matte so its not so drying or so flat. And I got it for free thanks to the recycle program.

Eye Shadow -MAC - Paint Pot in Painterly

on 8/29/2017 5:17:00 PM


Holy grail eyeshadow primer. Can be worn alone as an eye shadow. Covers any redness and veins in my eyes. Helps prolong the eye makeup. If you find soft ochre a bit yellow-ish, go for painterly.

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Lipstick -MAC - Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

on 8/29/2017 4:30:00 PM


When these first came out, they were extremely crumbly and flaked off, and stayed off my lips more than it was on. I returned it. I decided to try it again after hearing they were reformulated, in burnt spice and feels so grand, the latter being the one I got and returned the first formula. I'm quite pleased with the new formula as its not as crumbly but it still is if I put on too much, and more moisturizing, like a liquid version of the retro matte lipstick bullet, as it isn't completely transferproof. Wish they had more wearable everyday nudey pink shades for us fair folk, as the only nude pink shade that'll look great on me is a MAC select shade.

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Pressed Powders -MAC - Select Sheer Pressed Powder


I accidentally bought this online from bloomingdales. I meant to buy the studio fix and I was super annoyed. I kept it and a week later when I got around to going to send back I decided to read some reviews. I used first time today and love!!! Its just perfect..

Eye Shadow -MAC - Frost - Ricepaper

on 8/29/2017 12:02:00 PM


MAC has been d/c left and right. I periodically check mac website for no reason other than to make sure they are still carrying this national treasure.

This is my ALL TIME favorite eyeshadow!!! I will love it til the end of times.

I'm nc20, neutralish. Love this in the lid, as an inner corner highlight, under the brow. Wear it alone, wear it to warm up a look. Whatevs. It's perfection.

Variety is the spice of life but if I could have only one eyeshadow ever for life it would be mac ricepaper.

Fun fact! It's actually the first mac shadow I bought.

Went in for nylon, left with this.

Mac ricepaper if you're reading this know you are special and loved, you yellowy champagne butter perfection you!

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Eye Shadow -MAC - Eyeshadow in Electra

on 8/29/2017 1:25:00 AM


i like Mac eye shadows because the last thru the day, they do not run in the rain or when you sweat and do not dissipate thru the day. They always are fresh and look great. it is fun to have a mac make-over too.

Eye Shadow -MAC - Satin - Grain

on 8/28/2017 3:13:00 AM


A great choice as either a base for building a more dramatic effect, or for use on its own as a natural look. I think it works well on fair skin and suits all ages. Grain has a little more shimmer than some of the other MAC satin eye shadows, so this might not be to all tastes, but it works quite well for me. New update - recently wore Grain alone on lid with Technakohl BrassBand as liner. It was a gentle shimmery look.

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Eyeliner -MAC - Rollerwheel Liquid Liner

on 8/28/2017 1:46:00 AM


I saw YouTubers struggle with this “Pizza Cutter” liner but that didn’t deter me. As soon as this gimmicky gadget was available, I ordered it in “On a Roll Black,” a matte black, and “Rollerwheel Brown.” Lorac’s liquid pen used to fade to a greenish teal on my lashline by the end of the day. I am so glad that “On a Roll Black” doesn’t fade.

To my relief, Rollerwheel wasn’t nearly as tricky as I expected. On my first try, it didn’t take long to line my eyes and I was even able to tight-line the top lid. There was only a slight learning curve. I’m accustomed to lining with a brush and the spinning disc requires less pressure. It is less flexible than brush bristles so it doesn’t bend like the tip of a brush does. So roll instead of drag.

There is a wiper with several slits in the shape of an asterisk. Yet each time I take it out of the base, I run the wheel along the back of my hand, just a little, because there always seems to be a little blob when I first set it down. After that I get a nice even line rolling across the skin.

It’s actually comfortable to use and the wheel is tiny for precision. It might tickle if you’re not used to lining your eyes but I’m so accustomed to eyeliner that I’m beyond flinching. Just allow a few extra minutes if you’ve never tried it before. It’s not the sort of thing you want to fiddle with for the very first time on your wedding day, but with a little practice it can be mastered.

Rollerwheel can create a thinner line than most brushes or felt tips on the market. You can also make a thicker line or a bold, dramatic wing. I like to draw a narrow line with a subtle kitten flick and the tiny wheel is great for that. Pulling the skin taut helps you get a clean line.

Rollerwheel’s ink dries relatively quickly but you can correct with a wet Q-tip if you need to. I wish MAC hadn’t made the “waterproof” claim for Rollerwheel because it’s not really true. It can rub off when wet. Even if you’ve used primer.


1. The tiny disc allows you to make a very thin line or build to a much thicker one.
2. It’s precise enough for tight-lining.
3. Doesn’t irritate my eyes.
4. The disc will never fray or splay, unlike some felt tips and brush applicators.
5. I might be in the minority but I don’t think it’s difficult to learn.
6. It comes off easily when I wash my face or use a MAC wipe.
7. The container is portable – much more purse-friendly than a gel liner in a glass pot with a brush.
8. I haven’t had any trouble with it transferring above my crease. If my skin stays dry, Rollerwheel lasts on my lashline without fading.
9. Available in four shades: matte black, shiny black, dark brown, and bright royal blue.
10. The brown color works great in a very thin line on the lower lashline (not the waterline). It doesn’t smudge under my eyes. (Many pencils do.)


Rollerwheel isn’t really waterproof. I have allergies and sometimes my eyes water. If the inner corner of my eyelid gets wet, the ink can run. If you need a waterproof liner, buy MAC Liquidlast instead – I have worn it swimming.

Some people like to line their waterline and I wouldn’t trust Rollerwheel to survive there. For the waterline I would use Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘n Kohl pencil or the gel pencil side of Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner.


Rollerwheel wasn’t too challenging fresh out of the box. The tiny wheel feels different than a brush or felt tip. MAC calls it “training wheels” for your eyeliner but I’m still faster with my Shu Uemura 2R brush. This wasn’t a time-saver for me but it’s worth learning to use Rollerwheel if you want a very thin line. The matte black color is my favorite.

The only caveat is that Rollerwheel’s ink is unlikely to survive a crying jag. This won’t be a deal breaker for most people because it holds up as well as various liquid liner pens available at Sephora. Rollerwheel’s packaging is small and convenient so you can take it with you for touch-ups. But if you have an overactive tear duct and need your liner to stay intact, MAC Liquidlast is the one to buy.

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Liquid -MAC - Face and Body Foundation

on 8/27/2017 4:00:00 PM


The face I'm working with: 39, dehydrated combo skin, oily and sometimes also flakey t-zone with noticeable pores, still battling some mild hormonal acne, so quite a bit of texture. Most foundations look bad on my skin these days, they are too obvious, they tend to separate and settle in pores. They don't quite stick to my skin even with exfoliation beforehand, a good moisturiser, primer and careful application with a beauty blender.

I prefer a nice texture over complete coverage. Some of my blemishes are going to show through no matter what I do, the texture is always visible, and I have the kind of under-eye darkness that is caused by shadows cast in recesses in the bone structure under my eyes, concealer doesn't really do anything about that either. I often find myself putting on a full face of make-up, covering up spots and shadows, and thinking that my skin looked better, smoother and less textured without it, blemishes, dark cirkles and all.

So I love Face and Body. It applies beautifully and looks remarkably natural. It doesn't seem to add any texture, it doesn't emphasise flakes, dryness and pores. It looks a lot like slightly better skin. In a way I understand the criticism that it doesn't do anything, because it really does meld with the skin. It doesn't really cover spots and dark circles. It does makes my skin look more even without emphasising any of my texture issues, spots less red and irritated, undereye shadows less dramatic. I will happily sacrifice some coverage for a nice finish and less added texture, so I would say that this is a great foundation for people who don't need a lot of coverage, yes, and also for people with texture issues who prioritize a finish that doesn't add or emphasise texture over maximum coverage.

I'm pale with yellow/olive undertones and quite a bit of pink especially around the t-zone. I wear NC20 in Studio Fix powder, and was matched to N1 in Face and Body. It works well, especially in the summer, but it's slightly too dark and orange in the winter. I have ordered a bottle of C1 and plan to mix them, will probably get a bottle of white as well for winter. The finish is quite dewy on me, so I always set it with powder. It's not mattifying in the least, you will have to blot and powder if you don't want to get shiny, but the staying power is pretty great, and it holds up very well texture-wise too.

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Other -MAC - Back-2-MAC Recycling Program

on 8/27/2017 3:59:00 PM


Yes, it's free - but really annoying that they have specific rules for counters and stores. If you can trade in for lipstick, lipglass or eyeshadow at the free standing stores, you should be able to trade for them at counters. It isn't fair that people who don't live near a store have to trade for lipstick. I don't use lipstick. I use lip glosses and eyeshadow. Really frustrating.

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Eye Shadow -MAC - Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

on 8/26/2017 11:08:00 PM


I have mixed feelings about this product. Mostly good but there's a drawback. When you can get this to work perfectly, it's awesome. When you can't, it's not the best.
You have to work quickly with it because it sets so fast. And if you make mistakes it's hard to correct because layering creates little "bald" patches.
I tap most primers onto the eyelid but this one works best swiped on with a finger. (even better glide with a light eye cream underneath) Brushes make it too streaky on my lids. You also have to set it with a powder eyeshadow on top or it creases.
That being said - once you get the hang of it, it's fantastic. Once it's set it doesn't budge. It blocks out veins and discolouration on the eyelids, and prevents oily lids, fading, and creasing. It's like an eyeshadow magnet. When it's applied right it's the perfect eye primer.

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Blush -MAC - Sheertone Blush Pink Swoon (Sheertone finish discontinued) [DISCONTINUED]

on 8/26/2017 9:11:00 PM


This is a lovely warm pink-light plum blush. Excellent for that subtle flush of cheek colour. Great all year round colour. Beautifully milled, not chalky, good pigment and blends out just as nice.I had recently finished this to the bare pan and discovered it is no longer available... I have replaced this blush with Whole Lotta Love. It's not the same but it'll do.

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