Lips -MAC -Versicolour Stain


I love this! I have in the shade Peach Aflush. Looks very natural on me, like MLBB. I even received compliments! Definitely not drying and long lasting.

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Liquid -MAC -Studio Face and Body Foundation


This is the first foundation I’ve tried. I love how sheer it is, not heavy or fake looking at all. I have oily spots and it doesn’t help that at all. I’m going to try other brands but I know this one is good enough.

Eye Shadow -MAC -Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

on 4/26/2018 9:59:00 PM



Description from the Mac website:
A highly pigmented, long-wearing eye shadow that goes on creamy and dries to an intense, vibrant finish. The innovative second skin-like formula blends smoothly over lids and creates seamless, buildable coverage without looking heavy or cakey. Its superior colour purity stays true and will not streak or crease. Pro Longwear Paint Pot can be mixed with other products like M·A·C shadows and liners.

I got these in soft ochre and paitnterly. I have never been a fan of MAC and these did nothing to improve my opinion. I wanted soft ochre to work as an eyelid primer. I fell for the hype and that's all it was, hype. Maybe if you have oily lids it might work, I do not. It has hard to apply, unsanitary jar and it dried the crap out of my eyelids. I dusted it with setting powder before applying my eye shadow, I tried it without powder, with a light shadow over it, no matter what I did it creased within a few hours. After using it for a few days my lids were so dry they began to flake and I have never had that happen except with Wet n Wild Photo focus primer.
I tried using them as a shadow on the mobile lid and it creased, and looked crepey after a few hours. I tried moisturizing my lids well and that helped with application but it still dried them out. Also it is hard to apply and dries quickly. I just liked nothing about this but the color. I gave painterly to my daughter and kept soft ochre and she didn't care for it either and said hers began to dry out in the pot after a month. I tried it on my undereye area, and had to wash it off. It showed fine lines I never knew existed and looked horrible.
A complete fail for me. I gave it my best, but I just couldn't get it to work or deal with the way it dried my lids out. It began too dry out in the pot after a couple of months so I tossed it.

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Liquid -MAC -Studio Face and Body Foundation

on 4/26/2018 2:06:00 PM


This foundation is WONDERFUL. I searched for a foundation I liked for almost a year and could never find anything I was looking for. I am not interested in looking like I'm wearing foundation, I like it to look like my skin. I wanted it to blur blemishes and even my skin tone. I wanted something that did not cling to dry patches, let my skin breathe and didn't cover my face in oil. I got everything from this foundation. I have FINALLY found my holy grail. I have dry skin but my t-zone (specifically my forehead) tends to get very shiny. This make up has a dewy finish and I ALWAYS use a setting powder and setting spray. I use mineral veil from bare minerals as the powder and it prevents my face from getting shiny. After, I use the MAC prep + prime setting spray. It sets the make up, for real it lasts all day with maybe some minor touch ups, and it also hydrates my skin without getting shiny. I say this foundation goes either way for dry skin - oily skin as long as you set it and want to look great without looking like your wearing anything! Also! A little more about the product, it has a watery consistency so I apply with my fingers, after massaging it into the skin and spreading it, it will start to get thick and "sticky" but still smooth. I've had this bottle approx. 3 months and I'ts still not empty!

EDIT!!!!!!!!! UGH This foundation unfortunately caused me to break out. At first it really wasn't so bad and I was just going to say screw it and let it happen but it is not surprisingly getting much worse. SAD DAY FOR ME. Still giving it a 4 for those who it will not cause break outs

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Lipstick -MAC -Cremesheen - Fanfare

on 4/25/2018 2:29:00 PM


I bought this shade as Joan Hollaway from Madmen wears it and she has very fair skin like me. For reference I also have dark blonde hair and grey eyes. My skin tone is neutral/warm.

This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear, it's a few shades brighter than my actual lips (which are naturally quite pigmented). The creamsheen texture doesn't make my lips look or feel dry which the matte shades tend to do.

I love the colour on me and I've tried a few Mac lipsticks to try find the perfect shade to suit me. My mum who has dark brown hair and a darker skin tone also looked nice with this lipstick and it seemed to look totally different on her!

Beautiful colour and I highly recommend it...wish it was cheaper but that's MAC for you!

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Liquid -MAC -Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation


A very, very good foundation for my combination skin. The mua in Mac suggested it when I went to the store complaining that the hue of my skin must have changed. I explained that I have been using many Mac foundations with great results in the colour nc20. Since Christmas or so, though, all my nc20 foundations started to look yellow on my skin! Anyway, I used them up and then went to buy a new one. The mua gave me the nw20 which looked divine on my skin! Hydrating, velvety, not sticky at all, no weird patches. I have seen here that some people are disappointed in this foundation, but I guess we have to try many until we find what suits us... so, never blind buy, especially if it costs a fair amount of money. For me, this is a HG product!

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Lipstick -MAC -Mehr (Mickey Contractor Collection)

on 4/23/2018 8:55:00 PM


I had two Mac lipsticks in my rotation: Faux and Brave. Some say they look the same but Brave is darker with a bit more purple in it. Yes, it is darker! They are different. Yes they are!

Anyway, I wanted something a little darker than Brave but in the same color family because I am boring and do not like adventure when it comes to makeup. I have fair skin with slightly cool undertones. The warmest I can go is neutral pinks, anything else and I just look like a mess, a dirty mess to be precise.

I discovered Mehr. Mehr is a cool toned, darker rose with a bit of plum in it. On me it looks dark (but my definition of dark is more of a lightweight definition of dark), and I wear C1 in Face and Body. On others with darker skin it might look like a MLBB shade. This is just the most perfect shade that is sophisticated while also lending a soft, kinda romantic vibe as well. It is matte, and while not necessarily drying, I prefer to top it with Dior Addict Lip Glow in the pink shade. Works great with neutral brown or cool brown eye looks, as well as purple or dusty rose. Probably other eye looks as well but I don't veer out of my comfort zone. I only pair this with Dior Blush in Lucky Pink, or Bobbi Brown Desert Rose, due to my cowardly attitude about makeup.
So yeah, this one is great. It is definitely the most "daring" of my lipsticks, but it is a beauty and now I feel like I own the perfect trifecta of Mac's dusty rose type colors.

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Primer/ Corrector -MAC -Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone

on 4/23/2018 2:58:00 PM


Was disappointed with this as it was highly recommended, it does slightly blur my pores but does nothing to control my oil.
£19 for 15ml is not value for money if it doesn’t work and as an added con it can cause foundation to go patchy.
Looking at the reviews it seems to either work amazing or not at all so would suggest trying before buying if poss.

*Tip: Seems to have better success at blurring pores when applied on top of foundation Xx

Highlighters -MAC -Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle


Soft and gentle — the name speaks for itself. It’s super pigmented but so subtle since it’s not glittery at all. Mine has lasted forever and I use it every day. Love love love. First highlighter I ever purchased and I’ve never strayed. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with MAC for years but this is one product I stand behind wholly.

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Highlighters -MAC -Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen in Light Boost

on 4/23/2018 12:47:00 PM


Initially I was looking for a product that I could use to touch-up skin makeup (foundation/concealer/powder) that had disappeared/migrated during the day, and this was recommended by rep at the MAC counter. However, I ended up using this as my primary concealer one day when I forgot to bring my usual concealer with me to the gym in the morning (I workout in the morning, and then shower/get ready before work.)

Prior to using this, I wasn't unhappy with my usual concealer (also MAC - the Mineralize Concealer.) But immediately after applying this new product, I was blown away by how much better I looked when my makeup was done. it had excellent coverage that blended seamlessly with my other makeup. The texture was nice and creamy without being heavy, and it lasted longer than what I had been using before. My old concealer also used to start looking patchy and dry toward the end of the day, settling into creases and making them more noticeable. I don't have that problem at all now.

The packaging only gets 4 lippies because over time, as the brush gets saturated with product (and we're talking after just a handful of uses), the product isn't dispensed very evenly.

Skincare - Face -MAC -Mineralize Timecheck Lotion

on 4/23/2018 12:33:00 PM


I use retin-a on my face every night, and live in an extremely dry climate - in other words, my fight against dry, flaky looking skin is a constant battle. I was looking for a primer that would work well layered over heavy moisturizer, and smooth out any flaking that might show up once I add foundation to the mix.

This product is marketed as more of a moisturizer from what I can tell, but the rep at the MAC counter recommended it for me to use as more of a primer. The $45 price tag seems more reasonable if using this as a moisturizer, but $45 primer? It needs to be fantastic.

This product certainly didn't make anything worse, but it also didn't make anything better. I tried it for a week and now I'm returning it because it just seemed so unnecessary. Again, there were not any negative effects after using it, but it did not add anything beneficial to my skincare/makeup routine either.

This product may have more potential for others that don't share my skin type and climate, but I wasn't very impressed.

Primer/ Corrector -MAC -Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

on 4/22/2018 8:59:00 PM

I bought this based on its brand, I love MAC so much for its makeupsss but this thing doesn't suit me well. I bought yellow since I have yellow undertone. As per packaging it says will give radiance but i dont see any radiance after apply this primer. I have combo skin and i also my makeup doesn't stay all day with this primer. I still love my farsali more than this.

Liquid -MAC -Pro Longwear Foundation

on 4/21/2018 2:43:00 AM


I hate that this product doesn’t come with a pump. Why should We have to buy a pump? Am I missing something? But anyways, i feel like this is medium coverage which is ok.. but the amount I have to apply to cover my hyper pigmentation is ridiculous. Shame, because you actually do get a lot of product in this bottle. Works better with a brush. It also separates after a few hours (mostly t zone) no matter what I use with it so I can’t say it lasts that long.

Lipstick -MAC -Huggable Lipcolour - Seoul-ful

on 4/21/2018 1:47:00 AM


I bought this lipstick because the color reminded me so much of my favorite Urban Decay lipstick in Sheer Streak. I wore that UD lippie until it wore down to the plastic cartridge and had to be scooped out with a lip brush to be applied. Sadly, where I live there is no UD makeup, so when I saw this Seoul-ful lippie I just grabbed it without knowing much about this MAC line. It is rather similar to UD, but a lot more moisturizing, less waxy, and not as pigmented. I much prefer the UD one, but beggars can`t be choosers. In any case, this Huggable Lipcolour is nice enough, a bit sheer, but still pigmented enough not to qualify as just a balm. Although it`s moisturizing, it can sometimes stick and crumb up in patches if your lips are not in the best condition. It`s a lovely, no fuss color for spring/summer. I would repurchase again, but only if I could find it on sale somewhere, because Japanese cosmetics have loads of good pink lipsticks with different finishes at more reasonable price points.

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Concealers -MAC -Pro Longwear Concealer

on 4/20/2018 2:44:00 PM


Under rated compared to all the hype other concealers get. I tried so many concealers and I always come back to this one. IF you have dark circles then this is the one for you. Super coverage and hides anything.

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