Liquid -The Body Shop - Shade Adjusting Drops in Lightning

on 5/28/2017 6:40:00 AM


Dream product. Yes, it's a little expensive but actually when you consider what a teeny-tiny amount is being used it lasts a very long time! I've used this all winter to colour-match a couple of foundations I bought in the summer (Clinique, Bourjois Healthy Mix) and it works well with all of them. There doesn't seem to be any change in foundation consistency.

I pump one application of foundation onto a smooth plastic surface and add 1-2 drops of this, mix with a Q-tip and voila, beautifully colour-matched foundation.

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Lotions/ Creams -The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Lotion

on 5/27/2017 4:15:00 PM


I love the smell of this product and what it does to my skin. It isn't too thick or too watery, which is what I hate with lotions. It has a great smell that isn't too sweet where it gives me a headache. It leaves my skin feeling soft and mousterized. I put it on my elbows and knees after I scrub them to get rid of the dry skin and they are not dark or ashy looking. I love this product!

Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Aloe Soothing Day Cream

on 5/25/2017 8:38:00 AM


Cons: despite being called 'Aloe' day cream it doesn't actually contain any traces of aloe...which I only realised today upon researching the ingredients. Very disappointing, and now I feel like the price does not match what you're getting really.

Pros: This cream is wonderful and simple, it doesn't have any fragrance or anything harsh, which so many other moisturisers do (which triggers my dermatitis, this cream is great for it). I do have dry skin and agree with the other reviews that it wouldn't be suitable for oilier skin types.

I have been buying it consistently for years now, mainly because it gives me no trouble and I'm too slack to go looking and trying for a new one!.. (possibly that actually has any aloe vera in it.. )

Lotions/ Creams -The Body Shop - Spa of the World - Japanese Camellia Cream

on 5/24/2017 8:04:00 AM


I didnt find this anything special and the price is high. Not buying again.

Treatments (Face) -The Body Shop - Tea Tree Oil

on 5/23/2017 3:32:00 AM


AMAZING! I use this on my nose and forehead where my main skin problems are and I started to see the difference it made to my skin. And I use this every other night with my cleanser. I usually just drop 2 drops on a cotton bud and dab it on my nose (whiteheads), forehead (whiteheads), and on my cystic acne (this isn't very often, just hormonal). The next morning I know my cystic acne is dryer and whiteheads on my nose and forehead are just not as rough as before.

Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream

on 5/22/2017 5:04:00 PM


For a night cream, this isn't too heavy, which is good for oily skin. I put over Retinol at night and skin definitely feels smoother. A slightly heavier version of the day cream. I like this range - doesn't irritate the skin and is definitely one of the Body Shop more underrated products.

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Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

on 5/22/2017 5:01:00 PM


Nice, soothing day cream. Pleasant smell and skin definitely feels smoother afterwards. It's nice for oily skin. Moisturising without feeling too heavy - good for 'layering' with other products over cleanser, acid toner and serum.

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Fragrances -The Body Shop - White Musk Perfume Oil

on 5/21/2017 1:08:00 PM


I have the old version (2007ish) of this that is in the clear, rounded bottle. It is in the same vein as Philosophy's Amazing Grace or Avon Sweet Honesty. Its a very clean inoffensive smell that melds with the skin. I've tried the newer version and although it is similar, it seems more synthetic and cloying. Love the old version and would buy up more bottles if I could find them!

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Scrubs -The Body Shop - Vitamin C Micro Refiner

on 5/21/2017 12:59:00 AM


Wish i hda seen the post of a girl over here earlier. I used this product and now i have lots of white pimples all over muy chin, upper lip and nose and some over the eyebrows too. I look horrible, u.u furthermore, it's expensive and the lift? Doesn't close very well, so, it stays a bit open. I don't consider my skin sensitive. Never happened a thing like this before. So be very careful.

Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

on 5/21/2017 12:25:00 AM


this is my first moisturizer, and when i first used it i think i felt like a slight burn on my skin. i thought it was the product doing its job, and after a few weeks i didnt feel the burning sensation anymore. i like how this is not as 'oily feeling' as the moisture cream, and it really feels hydrating. i hvnt had any complications using this, but the price is slightly higher than what i would pay for a moisturizer.

Treatments (Face) -The Body Shop - DROPS OF YOUTH Youth Liquid Peel

on 5/20/2017 10:31:00 AM


Bought this after reading all the previous raves in makeupalley.

My skin definitely loves this product and I've been using this for a couple of weeks now to give a reliable opinion. It has improved my skin ever since the first time. My skin used to have this bumpy texture even though I constantly exfoliate using konjac sponge. After using it only once, it gives my skin instantly this plump effect, my skin feels squeaky clean as if it's been in a spa treatment. And it gives it this dewy glowing skin, diminish ageing marks and overall just feels great.

The price is 25€ but one pump is enough for one application. I consider this to be more effective than exfoliation and even mud mask! As this does the trick in a couple of seconds, whereas mask would take 15 minutes of pampering.

I'm now planning to buy drops of youth essence lotion so that I can use it alongside the liquid peel.

Even though I've enjoyed using this so far, I still wouldn't buy this next time when this runs out. Their version of vitamin C liquid peel now interests me more since I'm always drawn to vitamin C skincare products (especially those by lumene), or better still if the body shop comes up with vitamin E liquid peel since I've been enjoying their vitamin E face cream very much.

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Moisturizers -The Body Shop - Aloe Soothing Day Cream

on 5/19/2017 1:44:00 PM


I have combo skin right now but my t-zone is very oily and I am quite prone to acne. This cream was way too much for my skin. Despite a texture that seems very thin this left my skin so greasy and shiny that is wasn't even tolerable on a day off or night use. Did not break me out at all. Would be a lovely product for someone with very dry skin. Would not repurchase.

Cleansers -The Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

on 5/17/2017 4:24:00 AM


Love this cleanser so much - I actually get excited about using it each night. I use it as a first cleanse to get all my make up off (yes, even all the mascara - dissolves it instantly and doesn't sting eyes). This is super cheap, and if you sign up for Bodyshop emails you regularly get discount codes which make it a steal. I heard about it on Caroline Hirons / Sali Hughes video as being a dupe for Clinique 'Take the Day Off'. Love it. At such a cheap price you should just get it and try it out. Winner.

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Treatments (Face) -The Body Shop - Vitamin E Moisture Serum

on 5/17/2017 2:42:00 AM


Great serum absorbs into skin fast
Better than some high end medical grade serum I use

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Skincare - Face -The Body Shop - Vitamin e serum in oil

on 5/16/2017 7:24:00 PM


I have only started using this the past week after being told how amazing it was for dry skin.
The bottle comes with a cute pipette and you literally only need a drop or two on your face so I can see this product lasting a good while. It was £16 but I got 30% student discount which is brilliant, it is definitely worth the money.

I seen results literally the morning after I started to use this oil. My skin is looking the best it has in ages, no more dry patches. Would definitely recommend!

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