Eye Shadow -NARS -Baby Girl


The color is very pretty. It lasts all day. Package is not very nice, because it gets dirty fastly. It is not affordable eyeshadow, but I like it

Tinted Moisturizer -NARS -Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

on 8/16/2017 2:05:00 PM


This review is for the lightest colour - Terre Neuve - I have very pale celtic skin with an oily t-zone

I like to apply this with clean fingers. It spreads easily and quickly and provides enough coverage to make me feel polished without being too made up. I only need a little and I'm very happy with the colour and it lasts all day. So often I've applied a supposedly pale base, only to notice later that my neck is a slightly different colour! But with this, the makeup kind of binds into my skin, leaving it smooth and peachy, with a soft sheen. I'm in my forties so I like a soft sheen - it's half way between dewy and sweaty (not so attractive)

After wearing it all day, it doesn't go patchy and I don't need to touch it up.

It's pricey but I don't mind as if your base is perfect, you can go a bit cheaper on your other makeup.

What I'm not so keen on is the packaging. When I flip it open, the product splatters over the lid. I also find it quite difficult to open. I do wish that Nars would repackage this in such a way that it doesn't splatter. But apart from this, I'm happy with the product, and would definitely repurchase.

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Tinted Moisturizer -NARS -Velvet matte skin tint


What to say? I just love this product! I have the St. Moritz and it's a perfect match for me. I was a bit skeptical when I received this but thankfully the coverage is sheer-medium so it's quite easy to pull off even it's a little lighter on me. I use this on almost every occasion. I prefer sheer coverage base and I tend to dislike foundation so this moisturizer just gives enough tint on my otherwise dull color.

It's not runny or overly creamy. I particularly like the packaging on this one as it's a matte black and it's also travel friendly. It doesn't contain any shimmer and it applies beautifully. One thing though, it's not that long lasting. I tried this with my two fave primers and I get 6-8 hours of wear before it starts to disappear for real. Overall, it mattifies my face and gives me that wash of color that I need everyday :)

Concealers -NARS -Soft Matte Complete Concealer


Holy crap yes. If you haven't tried this because you think this is going to be one of those cakey and heavy pot concealers, boy are you missing out. The formula is beautifully lightweight, feels slightly balmy and looks like actual skin. A little pat with the fingers is all it takes to sink into the skin, but if you're a little more high maintenance, you can use a dampened sponge for an added soft-focus effect.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a shade difference between Radiant Creamy and Soft Matte. I own both products in the shade 'vanilla' and the colors look identical.

Bottom line : If you like Radiant Creamy, you're going to love this. If you don't, try this anyway.

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Liquid -NARS -Sheer Glow Foundation

on 8/15/2017 12:13:00 AM


This is the best foundation I've found for my skin so far. It's got good coverage and spreads easily, and seems to last all day without getting dry or shiny. That said, I always use it with a mattifying primer (Hourglassis my go to) and this helps it go the distance.
One complaint - there doesn't seem to be any colour that matches my skin, as they are either too pale or too yellowy. I end up mixing Mont Blanc and Santa Fe together and this works, but it's not ideal to have to always have two colours on the go. It's also pretty annoying that it doesn't come with the pump, but only an issue for the first purchase.

Lipstick -NARS -Shanghai Express

on 8/14/2017 12:05:00 AM


Hate this color. Worst ever. Shrinks my lips. Makes me look like a vampire. What happened? Nars has such sexy other colors!

Lipstick -NARS -Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Cruella

on 8/12/2017 11:19:00 PM


This pencil is a beautiful scarlet that I have yet to find match for that is as stunning. The consistency is amazing and the staying power is so great. I was surprised to find that even though this is a matte, it isn't overly drying. My favourite way to wear this is by first applying a matte lip balm (Nuxe's Reve de miel) so that I can wear it for even longer with no dryness whatsoever. I also love that this is so build-able; I can put on the tiniest amount for a berry lip or keep layering to get a stark, red lip.

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Highlighters -NARS -Body Glow

on 8/12/2017 9:41:00 PM


This is a holy grail. I own both of the monoi glow oils. They smell divine. There is nothing more exotic, sensual and tropical than the tiare flower. It brings you to Tahiti. And the coconut oil is so rich and divine on the skin. I even wear it on my face and itv makes me glow gorgeous. I love both and bronzed and clear version. I wish nars would make a perfume of this scent. It is just so rich and gorgeous. The price is expensive, which is ky only complaint. And why does the ingredient show mineral oil? I thought it was pure coconut oil and other oils. Anyway it is so rich and divine I love it.

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Liquid -NARS -Sheer Glow Foundation

on 8/12/2017 12:21:00 PM


I'm always curious about this product due to the rave and the name which promises a "sheer and glow" look, so when Sephora offers a sample, I was so excited. Luckily I tried the sample before purchasing the pricey full size, as it feels neither "sheer" nor "glowy". As a fan of light, bare skin look makeup, I find this foundation is too heavy. The moment I tried it, it feels tacky on the skin. It's a medium coverage rather than a sheer one. It will suit best for someone who needs extra coverage with makeup. As for me, I always opt for sheer makeup that still reveals some of my imperfections. Overall, this product is not for me. EDIT: on photos, it does look glowy actually. However, I can still get such look with Burjois Healthy Mix Foundation which prices half.

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Lipstick -NARS -Powermatte Lip Pigment

on 8/11/2017 8:02:00 AM


LOVE the dark purpley London Calling shade, but that's where the love ends.

This qualifies for the WTF hall of shame category. The gorgeous ads, packing and promises lure you to spend lots of money on a product that is absurdly poor in function.

It is hands down the worst lasting power of any lip product I've tried AND looks dry and is hard to apply. I've tried so many application methods and even primer with no success. I apply (requires patience to ensure even application) and wait for it to set, but a quick brush against the lips or one sip of water will take it right off. And not even a smidge of product left behind like a gloss or balm.

When it is on for that brief flash, it looks incredibly dry and unflattering.

In contrast, the cheap L'Oreal Infallible matte liquid lipstick and NYX lasted pretty well and looked far better. I'm using a super cheap Cover Girl Outlast product today and the quality is way better. In a rare moment for an accepting mixed-results luxury purchaser, I actually feel pissed and scammed.

I just can't figure this out. Would it not be tested numerous times before market?

Liquid -NARS -All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

on 8/10/2017 11:57:00 PM


This foundation is a 50/50 for me.. Having oily skin I find it hard to find a decent foundation that can keep my oils at bay. Especially on my nose!
I do love the coverage of this product and like the fact it is very light weight, HOWEVER...
This foundation can go on very patchy on your nose and cheek area and for me it takes to much effort to make it look flawless. And also after about 2hours my foundation is already looking like a oily mess and breaks down all over my t zone. I wanted to love this foundation because nars has never let me down before.. But $80 NZD Is ripp off for this foundation. The girl at mecca told me this would be great for my oily skin and I'm highly disappointed with the outcome. Will not repurchase :(

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Blush -NARS -Luster

on 8/10/2017 8:28:00 PM


I feel like this is what I wanted Orgasm to be. This is just the perfect peachy and bronzy blush that I can put on by itself and totally skip bronzer and highlight as this already works as all three for me! I find the formula of this particular NARS blush to be super smooth and a hell of a lot better than the Orgasm cult fave. I also love using this as one and done eyeshadow colour all over my lid by itself.

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Blush -NARS -Gina

on 8/10/2017 6:56:00 AM


This is nearly a straight up orange on me, but it looks good on my nc25 skin.

Lasting power is excellent, as is pigmentation. Nice matte blush to have, and I don't think I'll ever run out of this.

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Concealers -NARS -Radiant Creamy Concealer


My shade: vanilla

I've used a few of these over the last few years, but I'm moving on. I've primarily used it to cover increasingly alarming under-eye circles/caverns. And yes, I know there's only so much you can do about a cavern, because shadows. My experiences:

The Cons:
-Hangs out in your fine lines. They had one another; I don't think they were lonely, so why?

-Plugged pores in that area. No one needs clogged pores in a zone they aren't supposed to touch.

-I'm a klutz, and apparently have trouble getting the wand exactly centered over the opening. Result: a really messy tube that spreads the mess around to everything in the vicinity. The packaging is kind of hard to clean, although I'm a fan of windex + microfiber cloth for getting that mess off.

-On both sides of my face, I have some just barely crepy skin (for lack of a better description) under my eyes with a bit of sun damage peeking through. This concealer looks caked on in that area. Honestly, I think that's the only area of my face where this is happening, so could just be my weird lil issue.

The Pros:
-It covers really well.
-The doefoot applicator shape is nice

I'm still going to recommend trying it. Everyone's skin is different, and most of us are using different combinations of moisturizers/primers, etc., so ymmv.

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Blush -NARS -Liquid blush

on 8/8/2017 5:44:00 PM


Being dry skinned I typically go for blushes that are a gel, cream or liquid. NARS blushes are legendary, and I knew I would have to try these. I have fair olive skin which makes finding a flattering blush a bit tricky. I opted for Dolce Vita which is the darkest shade, though I don't typically go for dark blushes My experience in the past is that liquid and gel blushes can be sheered down. NARS liquid blush is easily the most pigmented blush I have ever used, powder or liquid. A single pump is far more than anyone would need for both cheeks, this product requires only a tiny amount. I dispensed a single pump on the back of my wrist, then dabbed my finger in the product and applied a dot on each cheek. Once applied the color was totally opaque, I blended it out a bit and it was still very harsh. I ended up using a damp Beauty Blender to sheer this out which worked wonderfully. Being that this shade goes on quite dark this could also be suitable for darker skin tones. I'm an olivey NC15-20 and this looks great so long as it's sheered down, it imparts a nice glowy flush. This is my new favorite blush.

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