Liquid -MAC -Studio Fix Fluid

on 11/7/2017 4:34:00 AM

Okay so i was using this for awhile and it did give me good coverage but it sometimes would looky cakey on my skin and i hated that. I am one of those people who will wear makeup and then couple weeks later go trough a month of not using it (just because i was lazy lol) but i would fine when i would start using this again my skin would brake out like crazy! Overall it is a good foundation but I personally would never use again as it made my skin brake out.

Eye Shadow -MAC -Frost - Sable

on 11/6/2017 11:37:00 PM


Great texture, longevity/wear, and v finely milled. Colour needs to be used alongside others, not a single lid colour or you could risk looking like your lids are just irritated. (If you have olive skin or cool, dark, maybe not. I know This is used on Shakira, with shimmery blacks eg Black Tied, Nars Night clubbing-
idk if her skin is classed as olive?)

This all over with Tempting on the lid and Rich COre to shade the crease, is heavenly! You need to find the right shades to pair it with. I didn't particularly like it, before getting to this combo.
I haven't tried this with MAC Vanilla pigment but Tanya burr had an old (deleted) video with just Sable/Vanilla pigment, and it looked amazing. Worth a try.

Skincare - Face -MAC -Prep and Prime Fix+


I have been using this product for 2 years and will keep repurchasing it. It is a STAPLE in my makeup routine and I swear by it. Pros: - helps minimize texture by freshening up makeup - keeps skin looking dewy and healthy after foundation application - doesn't break you out - lasts a long time Cons: - The price Things to know: - this really isn't a setting spray more so that it is to keep makeup looking fresh, as a setting spray it doesn't do much but in combination with one it is AMAZING.

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Lipstick -MAC -Matte - Sin

on 11/5/2017 3:19:00 PM


darker sister of diva imo
people who loves darker shade in their lipstick will love this product

Lipstick -MAC -Velvet Teddy

on 11/5/2017 3:17:00 PM


i feel like everyone love this shade
i like this too, but not love it

to balance out the look, i have to do some eyeshadow first whenever i use this lipstick
formulation is no doubt, it's great
i think it's better for people with lighter skin tone than me

Lipstick -MAC -Matte - Kinda Sexy

on 11/5/2017 3:15:00 PM


kinda sexy will always have that special place in my heart
this is my first mac lipstick ever, because red lipstick and any darker lipstick is so intimidating for me back on those days
so i pick this one, the color is so pretty
i keep using this for every occasion for work, hanging out with friends, and others
i almost finish this lipstick, even tho there are tons dupe of this shade
i think i will keep buy this one from mac

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Lipstick -MAC -Satin Lipstick in Twig

on 11/5/2017 3:11:00 PM


it looks good on my medium skin tone
color is gorgeous
i think the color is similar with kvd lolita, but feels like this one is more brighter one cmiiw

Lipstick -MAC -Retro Matte - Ruby Woo

on 11/5/2017 3:09:00 PM


a perfect red lipstick for everyone
i think it looks good on any skin tone as long as you feel confident when use it
very opaque and not drying

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Lipstick -MAC -Matte - Diva

on 11/5/2017 3:07:00 PM


hands down the best dark lipstick i ever have, the color is perfect
when i use this lipstick i don't need to do any eyeshadow look imo
eyeliner with this lipstick is enough in my opinion

even tho it's matte lipstick, my lips doesn't feel dry whenever i use this lipstick

Eyeliner -MAC -MAC Powerpoint eyeliner

on 11/5/2017 1:24:00 PM


I do like the colors these come in (duck is wonderful for a natural look on my lower lashline) but the lasting power just isn't there on me. They last pretty well on my upper lashline, but even with primer underneath they don't last under my lower lashes. They're also expensive although they are a good length and the color runs the whole way through the pencil. They are pigmented and soft but the pencil has never crumbled or mushed on me. I think I will try Sephora's retractable waterproof liners next since they have good reviews. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to these powerpoints, I found the Prestige ones at the drugstore to be similar.

Blush -MAC -Style

on 11/5/2017 7:42:00 AM


It’s a nice orange color, suitable for pale skin and gives a glow to cheeks without glitter. Only problem is that it hardens over time? Because it becomes more and more difficult to pick up the blush for me and eventually I had to kind of scrap the surface off with a stiff brush (from Bourjois blushes) in order to actually get it show up on my face (nc15-20). It is a nice color indeed but I feel like there could be a dupe just anywhere with softer texture. Will not repurchase

Eye Shadow -MAC -Lustre - Mythology

on 11/4/2017 12:58:00 PM


I really find this color beautiful but the quality sucks .. has a lot of fallout and bad pigmentation with a brush, better to use it with your finger.. not expected that of a Mac eyeshadow

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Liquid -MAC -Studio Face and Body Foundation

on 11/4/2017 12:34:00 PM


I really want to like this foundation , I find it looks amazing on my clients but for my personal use I don’t like it. I love the glow it gives, but I find it doesn’t last on my skin, I do set with Laura mercier translucent powder. I’ll stick to my ultra hd by makeup forever

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Liquid -MAC -Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15


I dig this foundation it last a long time. Good color selection. If you have dry skin like me make sure you moisturize and prime. I find the best way to apply it is with a sponge. The smells is kind of funky but it goes away also I wish it came with a pump but you can't win em all.

Eyeliner -MAC -Technakohl in Brownborder

on 11/3/2017 11:29:00 AM


The Technakohl product is a good one. Rich color that blends nicely. But Brownborder, for those of us blue-eyed blondes with pink tones to our skin (of English/Irish descent), do NOT want a liner color with a red base to it. It just makes one's eyes tend to look tired and bloodshot. I swapped this out for No7 liner in Brown. A lovely, long-wearing, inexpensive product with no red tones. Score!

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