Brows -e.l.f. -Instant Lift Brow Pencil

on 4/13/2018 2:09:00 PM


Love the Taupe! Just perfect and lasts all day!

Eyeliner -e.l.f. -Cream Eyeliner - All Colors

on 4/13/2018 9:24:00 AM


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Got started on Stila Smudgepots, but they were too expensive. I find this to work just as well. It really lasts and you can make a really dark line. Maybelline also makes a good dupe for the Smudgepots.

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. -Hydrating Face Primer

on 4/12/2018 3:48:00 AM


I purchased this primer a couple of days ago and it didn't disappoint! This is a very hydrating primer, which is a must if you have dry skin. The consistency is almost like benefit porefessional. I think not only does it hydrate your skin it also minimizes pores which great! The price for this primer is really good. £7.50! Its infused with grape, vitamin A,C & E. The pump is also a great feature instead of a squeeze bottle.

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. -Beauty Shield SPF 50 Skin Shielding Primer

on 4/11/2018 10:56:00 PM


This primer is EXTREMELY thick and difficult to blend. Even though it is lightly tinted, it gave my skin a white cast. Will not repurchase.

Eye Primer -e.l.f. -Hydrating Under Eye Primer

on 4/11/2018 6:23:00 AM


Hell no!

This made any and every concealer I put on top apply so patchy! (this includes Colourpop, Milani retouch+erase, Maybelline fit me, and LA Girl pro conceal)

It didn't matter if I didn't wait for the primer to set before applying concealer, or if I waited 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, or even hours, my concealer would apply so patchily!

I think this problem is due to how sticky it is - it just ends up grabbing onto the concealer in certain spots, and the concealer won't blend properly.

I honestly don't know why I seem to be the only one with this problem.

Makeup Brushes -e.l.f. -Studio Flawless Concealer Brush

on 4/10/2018 10:58:00 PM


Ok, I know this is a concealer brush but it is also a great eyeshadow brush.
It sounds crazy but hear me out.
I'm Asian and have always had trouble applying eyeshadow. My eyelids are pretty large and flat. Using the average eyeshadow brush on me was like painting a wall with a toothbrush-uneven application and takes month to do.
This brush makes applying a wash of a single shade over the eyes, a breeze. Don't load the entire brush with product, just a side "corner." No more than 1/3 of the brush "toe" should be loaded with product.

Try it and see for yourself.

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Contour -e.l.f. -Contour Palette

on 4/9/2018 12:45:00 PM


THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING. And I´m not exaggerating, it really is. This palette is so complete, usually I don't like contour palettes because you can't use all the colors and it's a waste of money to buy those palettes, but the thing with this is that you can use all the shades (considering your skin tone of course). The Highlighter is not blinding but is a beautiful white champagne color, doesn't have any glitter, the banana one is my favourite because you can set the concealer underneath the eyes with it and it will look flawless. The broncer seems a little bit orange but is not once applying it, is very warm, and the contour shade is perfect for that purpouse, also is super pigmented. I love this so much, I already hit pan in the banana shade and almost in the bronzer.
100% recommended.

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Eyeliner -e.l.f. -Waterproof Eyeliner Pen


I tried this in black. The ease of this eyeliner is good, especially if you are new to the liquid eyeliner game. Color was pretty deep. But once it dried the color was flat and super unflattering.

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Skincare -e.l.f. -Hydrating Water Sheet Masks

on 4/8/2018 11:47:00 AM

These sheet masks are ok. The ingredients aren’t that special or overly nourishing. I don’t like that this has lavendar oil in it. I didn’t find it irritating since it’s so low on the list. The mask itself is very thin and fragile. Be careful when unfolding it. The serum makes the mask feel gloopy and slimy. I wasn’t thrilled with it and it wasn’t hydrating enough for my dry skin. You get 2 masks in a box for $4. I think you’re better off buying Yes To sheet masks for a couple more dollars. The ingredients are better and the quality of the mask is superior. In this case, you get what you pay for.

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Eye Shadow -e.l.f. -Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette - Summer Breeze

on 4/6/2018 6:32:00 PM


This is my first elf eyeshadow palette and I’m very impressed. I had overlooked them before thinking it would be a waste of $10 but I’m glad I finally decided to give it a try. The colors are beautiful and blend really well and last all day on me. Pleasantly surprised. I definitely will be buying more from this line

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Mascara -e.l.f. -Studio 3-in-1 Mascara (Lengthen, Define & Volumize)

on 4/5/2018 12:31:00 PM


The good (excellent!)
- FINALLY, soft tapered brush bristles that don't jab your eyelid, avoiding that whole eye snaps shut mess! Thanks for the evolution, ELF!!!
- Bristles are shorter so you get more mascara on your lashes from the base/stick, where it collects.
- Dries so thoroughly that there is absolutely no smearing later in the day, nor fibers to get into your eyes, nor chemicals to antagonize sensitive eyes. Plain water doesn't seem to affect it at all.
The bad
- if you mess up and get your eyelid, this isn't an easy cleanup.
- It can be a bit of a job to get it off at the end of the day, as it doesn't disintegrate, it slides off in "tubes" that were covering your lashes. I have no issue with that, so long as they don't end up in my eyes. All of it is off by the next morning, second wash. Still, this is easier to get off than Waterproofs.
The nature of this type of mascara, critical you curl your lashes *** before *** using it, as it sticks to a curler quite badly when freshly applied and will trash the application and pull on your lashes.
For someone who's eyes have been reacting badly to mascara chemicals over the years, detests smear, has trouble with fibers getting under contacts, this is a good choice.

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Palettes -e.l.f. -Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette

on 4/5/2018 10:28:00 AM


This is a nice quad of colors. I'd say it's really only best for light-skinned women, or maybe the lighter end of the medium spectrum. But it's a good little set. The highlighter is subtle, more a fine shimmer than glittery, which I prefer. The bronzer is subtle. The two blushes are matte, both kind of peachy-apricot in color. The individual colors are large enough where you can use them individually, but it's easy enough to swish a brush around two, three, or all four, for endless combinations. The packaging is great, too, in that there's a nice mirror on the inside. I tend to go most gaga over those, since they're excellent for getting a good view while putting on makeup. (At least for me, since I have crappy eyesight and can really get in there while putting on eye shadow or what-have-you with these.)

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Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. -Mineral Infused Face Primer

on 4/5/2018 9:39:00 AM


This primer works good. My pores appear slightly smaller and my skin appears a little smoother. And it's fragrance free which I love.

Concealers -e.l.f. -HD Lifting


So good, so cheap, doesn't break out my insanely sensitive skin. Love it.

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Bronzers -e.l.f. -Studio Cool Bronzer

on 4/4/2018 3:11:00 PM


I really like this product, I´m medium fair and I use the white shade to place the concealer in my undereyes and is perfect for that, doesn´t crease and doesn´t look WHITE. Is very pigmented, the packaging feels like high end, the mirror inside has a great size and also good quality as all the product. Is affordable and worth it.

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