Liquid -E.L.F. -Flawless Finish Foundation

on 9/1/2017 10:06:00 AM


***EDIT: After having used this foundation for 3 months, I can safely say I'll never use it again. I still have some product in the bottle (quite a bit) but the pump and lid completely broke in every way and the product has become so thick that I can't even get it out of the bottle effectively. My face has also been breaking out like crazy (in the beginning my skin didn't seem to mind this stuff, but with time my skin got worse and worse.) I get weird, painful bumps on my cheeks and around my jawline. I very rarely ever change anything about my skincare/makeup routine/lifestyle, so I know this foundation is the culprit of my recent skin problems.***

To start with, I have normal skin (sometimes it can be somewhat clog-prone and acne prone.) And I am a HUGE fan of drugstore foundations typically, so I picked up this product with high hopes.

I got this probably a month or so ago in the shade Porcelain. I have the most generic skintone ever and neutral skin, so I can pull off pretty much any stereotypical "fair/light" colored drugstore foundation. Porcelain isn't quite as fair as you'd expect for it to be judging by the name, but that works for me because my skin isn't super pale. I will say that I think recently (very recently) e.l.f. "revamped" this line and made a shade lighter than Porcelain, "called Light Ivory". They also changed the shade name of "Porcelain" to "Natural" but from what I can gather it's the same color, just named differently. There may have been some other changes like that. One thing I will give this foundation is they at least try to cater to deeper skintones. I'm not sure they did the greatest job at it, but they have 10 shades, whereas many cruelty-free drugstore foundations have shade selections that leave much to be desired.

When I bought it I was immediately drawn to the fact that the packaging looks seriously nice for a drugstore product. The frosted glass bottle and pump really appeal to me, and I liked the fact that it has SPF 15. Took it home, swatched it, and it seemed like a great match.

The next day, I used 2 pumps of this stuff and HOLY SH*T it smells like bug spray. It was hard to put a finger on exactly what the scent was, but it's bug spray all the way and now I can't un-smell it. I'm not particularly sensitive to scents, so I still use this. But that first day (it was hot and humid outside too) I could smell it on my face ALL DAY. Now after a month or so of use I barely notice the scent, but like even today I smelled it when applying it in the morning and can still smell it faintly two hours later. MAYBE the new revamped line doesn't smell like this at all or as bad... but I'm really not sure.

The finish of this foundation is beautiful and natural. I apply with my fingers and blend out with a damp beauty sponge. It's a cream formula. 1.5 pumps gives me sheer-medium coverage, 2 pumps gives me pretty medium coverage. I would prefer a little more coverage... but it's fine. The problem is that it doesn't last. By the time I come back to work after lunch (after about 6 hours of wear), I need to touch up the foundation on my cheeks and around my mouth. I've never had this problem with any other foundation I've ever used. I understand it's extremely inexpensive (around $6 at WalMart) but still. My HG foundation (WNW CoverAll Cream foundation) lasts all day and costs even less. Maybe this would work better paired with a setting spray but I don't use those. I've also tried it in conjunction with a few different tried and true primers, and nothing makes a difference. The lasting power sucks.

Another thing that was disappointing was that last week, the pump just stopped working. I was having to unscrew the pump off the top and use the tube going up to the pump to get some product out. Completely randomly, the pump actually worked this morning and I was able to get two pumps out of it... but I've tried every day for the last week to pump foundation out and nothing was happening.

Final thoughts... this foundation is the definition of "so-so". It has it's pros and cons but overall I'm not impressed enough to buy another bottle, and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Foundations -E.L.F. -Acne Fighting Foundation

on 9/1/2017 1:48:00 AM


I have Combo skin.
Dry patches around my nose. Oil on my nose. and normal else wear.
When i first applied this. it look Flawless! Abit sticky. so i recommend a light dusting of powder.
A couple of hours, around the 5 hour (in a Cool environment) i realised i had to powder.

What i do is. i applied a thin layer of Loreal Pro Matte thats normally too drying for my skin. as a base coat.
and then applied the elf foundation on top. That way loreal absorbs the oil. and the elf provide the coverage and finish.
Does not look cake whatever.

Will i purchase this again? Probably not. do i hate it? no.
Its just a Okay foundation for running errands.

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Brows -E.L.F. -Instant Lift Brow Pencil

on 8/31/2017 11:09:00 PM


The neutral brown pencil is a TRUE neutral. No weird red tones here and it is SUPER affordable! A+++++++++ !!

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Makeup Brushes -E.L.F. -Studio Powder Brush

on 8/30/2017 3:06:00 AM


It is quite a dense brush. However, the bristles are very hard. The hairs hardly bend when touching my face, and the tips poke into your foundation. Personally, that makes my skin look textured rather than smooth. I don't know if that's how it works for other people, because it seems to be a very well liked brush by many, but that's how it works for me. It does seem durable and it does pack on A LOT of product, but I don't really like this brush a whole lot (don't hate it either). I won't continue using it.

Highlighters -E.L.F. -All Over Color Stick

on 8/28/2017 2:35:00 PM


I have the color stick in pink lemonade. I honestly hate it. The one positive I can think of is that it smells like pink lemonade, which I suppose is a cute touch. But the actual product is awful. It feels super sticky when applied, doesn't blend out well, and for me it was just too pigmented and made me look like a clown. If you have a deeper skintone, don't mind stickiness, and have the patience to blend this out to the extreme, maybe this product would be worth it for you. But for me it most certainly wasn't.

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Primer/ Corrector -E.L.F. -Hydrating Face Primer

on 8/28/2017 1:57:00 PM


Doesn't feel like hydrating as much as...oiling. The gel looks nice & normal, but it smells and feels like motor oil on my face. Didn't cause me to break out, but didn't really make a difference in my makeup either - if not making my oily skin worse. Additionally, while I like the feel and design of the bottle, one 'pump' was too much primer.

I'm sure some of the other e.l.f. primers are better, as they apparently have different effects, but this is not one of the good ones.

And now that I'm reading the other reviews - yes, it does kind of look like cum. Somehow I would rather have cum on my face than this.

Highlighters -E.L.F. -Studio Illuminating Palette

on 8/28/2017 1:55:00 PM


This highlighter palette is absolutely amazing for the price. They're a bit powdery, but give the most beautiful subtle highlight. I absolutely never used the bottom right shade though, so I popped it out and put one of their blushes there instead. I hear people say that this palette is a dupe for the hourglass ambient lighting palette. I decluttered that palette and kept this. I just prefer a softer formula like these instead of the slightly harder hourglass one. If you have a lighter skintone and are thinking of getting the hourglass palette, I would suggest trying this first. It's like, what, $3-5? At that price, what have you got to lose?

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Makeup Brushes -E.L.F. -Studio Angled Blush Brush

on 8/28/2017 12:23:00 PM


I don't like all the E.L.F. brushes I've ever bought, but this would be among my top five (in addition to the complexion brush). It's supposed to be for blush, but I use it for a lot more. (I have two or three of these.) For $3 to $4 it works really well. The brushes are dense, but not super packed, but they're not wimpy and wispy either. They're also soft enough to drift makeup and blend it across the skin. I've used it to apply blush, bronzer, to swipe on and blend foundation, too. (Mind you, I'm not some aspiring beauty guru who lives and dies by the contour. I just want a flush of color or to make my skin look a bit more even, thanks to makeup.) This brush is better for blush, but works well for other applications, too.

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Makeup Brushes -E.L.F. -Studio Complexion Brush

on 8/28/2017 12:12:00 PM


This brush is one of my favorites, and I think I have three or four of them. They last, though one did get tossed after many years of use, and I like using this for either applying powder/mineral foundation, blending concealer, or adding a coat of powder. I tend to clean these with baby wipes, which isn't probably the best way to do it, but I just swipe them over a fresh sheet and get the old product and whatever else off. They last a really long time, too. For something like $3 (they may be up to $4 now), I have gotten tons of use out of these particular brushes. They're not super fluffy or dense, but not wispy either, but just a good in between for me and multiple makeup uses.

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Lip Gloss -E.L.F. -Lip Lacquer in Bold Pink

This feels like a cross between a liquid lipstick and a gloss, IMO. The color is bright, yet subtle enough for a natural makeup look. I find the texture to be quite comfortable, not too sticky or liquid-like.

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Highlighters -E.L.F. -Shimmer Highlighting Powder in Starlight Glow


This stuff is great, minus the bulky compact. I have really light olive skin that typically requires an ivory foundation, and this product is so flattering! Plus, it lasts all day without fading and provides a lovely and subtle glow.

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Powders -E.L.F. -High Definition Powder - Soft Luminance

on 8/27/2017 12:58:00 AM


There is ZERO shimmer, sheen or even glitter (which I don't want but would justify the luminous claim) to this product what so EVER. It has similar qualities to the original, which is wonderful especially for the price, (hence the 3 stars) and a slight tint, but NO LUMINOUSITY. Its a decent little power...just serves no purpose. Just get the original.

Contour -E.L.F. -Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder


I have one of these in the shade "St. Lucia" and it has a pretty coral shimmer blush and a warm toned bronzer. The blush in this duo was a little too shimmery for me. The bronzer was ok, a little too warm for my liking. This would be great for someone who had the right skin tone for these powders. After a while, the powders start to get a little chunky and the pans get messy. For how cheap this is though, it's not too horrible.

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Brows -E.L.F. -Instant Lift Brow Pencil

on 8/26/2017 11:10:00 AM


I am a fan of cruelty free cosmetics brands, especially drugstore ones so I have been experimenting over the past year with different brands and products. I have tried a handful of items from E.L.F with many of them not really floating my boat as much as I hate to say it.

On a trip to CVS a few months back I grabbed this. I am one that really doesn't maintain my brows aside from the professional wax I get every other month when I go to my hair cutting lady. I have recently noticed that my brows have become rather sparse over the years, where as before I started getting them waxed (actually tamed) I had more brow volume than I wanted. I initially tried to wax them myself but after a mishap which resulted in my eyebrows resembling those of the departed Mr. Spock I decided it was best to let a professional handle them.

While I will likely continue with the waxes at least for a little while, I find this product is really nice for filling them in just enough. Mine is simply called a "brow pencil" in the shade neutral brown (21722). When it comes to brow products I have this and WNW's brow kit which I haven't really used much but will have to break out soon. For some simple filling in when you are in a pinch I find this is nice, and for an inexpensive price as well, around $2 I think. It's just a simple retractable pencil, but you get a brow brush on the other side which is nice to have as well.

I will definitely purchase this again, it's probably all I need for brows really. I find for brows and mascaras I am very bare bones and only have a couple products to fulfill those needs. I give this one a thumbs up and one of my favorite products from ELF.

5 stars.

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Eyeliner -E.L.F. -Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

on 8/26/2017 6:30:00 AM


YAAASSS, E.L.F. COMES IN CLUTCH. Just last month I went through a eyeliner quest just to find the "one" (I was really just tired of my holy grail eyeliner [Milani Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Everlast] only to *spoiler alert* ultimately realize that what I have at home is much better than the other eyeliners but this ELF eyeliner comes to a really close second and I am so amazed!!)

I was looking through my local target trying to decide which waterproof eyeliner I should try. I have super oily eyelids (not deep fried oily) but I definitely have to prime before I apply most eyeliners that claim to be "waterproof, all day wear, 12 hr wear or smudge proof" because most brands with these claims just don't cut it for me (Garnier, Covergirl, Maybelline..) and trust me it has been a loooong quest to find an eyeliner that does not rub onto the upper part of my eyelids, making me look like a poorly drawn racoon by one hour passing. So right before I give up after crouching through every brand in the make-up section, my eyes dilate when I realize ELF has come out with this WATERPROOF eyeliner, I am so excited that part of me wants to scream. In the past, I have tried ELF's regular liquid eyeliner which would slowly flake off throughout the day but I had noooo hesitation to give this a try for the price of $2-3. So I definitely buy this product but before I put it to the test, I made sure that I didn't have any important plans for that day just in case this eyeliner decided to disappear on me halfway throughout the day. And to be frank, I doubted ELF way quickly than I should've, this eyeliner is magical for my oily eyelids.

I don't have any criticism for the packaging of this eyeliner, it is quite generic and keeps the eyeliner tip intact. The plastic packaging does advise that you store the tip facing downwards to maintain its performance. The product hasn't dried out on me since the month that I have had it but I did switch something up. With my fingers, I pinched the eyeliner brush tip and extended it out a bit (just enough that it still closes back up with the cap on), I find this gives me the best access and easier navigation to create a *perfect* line. Use my trick if you'd like but with just this alteration, I am totally in love with this eyeliner pen!

Although I don't rank this as my #1 holy grail because it does wipe away if I rub hard enough (but it DOESN'T transfer willingly on its own), it is my #2 and for the price, I am thoroughly happy and would buy this again and again! I love the price and the quality, it's totally a win-win!!

*p.s. I bought the ELF waterproof eyeliner with an all-white exterior not black if it makes a difference*

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