Mascara -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Volume Plumping Mascara

on 1/20/2019 1:32:00 PM


Agree with other reviewers. Rich pigmentation but not much else. You can build it up a little bit to get mediocre volume but it quickly becomes crumbly. The brush is good, big bristle brush, but the formula is lacking. You get what you pay for with this one. I’ll stick to Great Lash!

Lip Treatments -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Lip Exfoliator

on 1/20/2019 1:15:00 PM


I decided to try this lip exfoliator after seeing the price tag, which was $3 for a single tube. When you first use it, the product is quite smooth and you have to work the top later off a bit in order to get to the exfoliants. The biggest con to this product is the uneven size and performance of some of the exfoliants. That being said, I did find it fairly gentle to use on my lips. The product packaging is slightly misleading in the sense that it looks like you can swipe it across your lips like a lipstick. I found it worked best by rubbing it on the lips in circular motions. Overall I think this is an excellent lip exfoliator. Another perk is that there are many scents for this product, of which I have tried rose and coconut. This product has worked out so well for me that I bought a second one the moment I realized I would run out of the first one. I will definitely buy another one when the newest one runs out of product.

Contour -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

on 1/18/2019 2:22:00 AM


i bought this in st lucia & have nc20-25 skin (depending on how long ive spent in the sun)

i mainly use this for the bronzer & it looks great. not too orange and not muddy when blending. is nice & subtle but you can definitely build it up. decent staying power. matte finish without glitter.

the blush on the other hand, i CANNOT for the life of me make it work. when i swipe it, it has very little pigmentation and mostly glitter. i thought maybe i should try scraping the top, but still, NOTHING comes off. the worst blush ever.

packaging is very handy. nice sized mirror and it feels good. easy to slip in in your bag for travel.

i took off 2 lippies because the blush. WHY? why is it like that? id repurchase if the blush wasnt crap

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Misc Beauty Tools -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Sculpting and Blending Sponge

on 1/17/2019 6:40:00 PM


This was only $4 and I threw it in my ULTA cart just to get free shipping, so it didn't cost me a ton of money. But I won't buy this again. It's similar in shape to the Real Techniques sponge, but RT's is softer and the pores of the foam are smaller so it blends better. The e.l.f. sponge has almost a scratchy feel. Because of the larger holes, it is more like a sponge I would have used to sponge paint my wall (when that was popular). It's not refined enough to do a great job of blending makeup on my face. I might be able to use it for self-tanner but I hated it when I tried it with my foundation.

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Brows -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Eyebrow Kit


Love this little $3 eyebrow duo! I have the shade "Light" and it's the perfect shades for my medium golden blonde hair, and darker ashy brows. I use the tinted wax side first, because it helps give the powder something to stick to. The little brush included actually gets the job done nicely, however you can always use your own angled brush. The wax side also helps hold brows in place. You get a ton of product, in a nice, sturdy compact for dirt cheap! Will def. repurchase!

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Highlighters -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Cosmetics Baked Highlighter

on 1/15/2019 10:38:00 PM


I dutifully scraped off the top layer of this once I got it and absolutely love how it applies to my skin. I was nervous Moonlight Pearls was going to pull a little too warm on me, but turns out it's a nice pinky-champagne that's very flattering on fair skin. I normally use a fan brush with a powder highlight, but because this product one is so packed down, I opt for a denser, pointed brush (specifically the one from their It's Lit Highlighting Brush kit) and it becomes so easy to apply and build up. I'm only sorry it took me this long to try this out!

Eyeliner -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner

on 1/15/2019 10:29:00 PM


I'm digging everything about this eyeliner except the brush, which I feel isn't beginner-friendly because it's difficult to control the thickness of the line when you're using something like a small nail polish brush. Those of you wanting a sharp cat-eye may want to look elsewhere. That being said, I usually go for a simple line for everyday wear, and this is pretty good for $3. It's very pigmented and didn't take as long to dry down on me as others have reported, but once it's on, it stays put all day with minimal wear near the corners of my eyes. There's also no transfer and thus no dreaded "second eyebrows," an issue I tend to have with pencil and gel formulas.

Brows -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Brow Pencil

on 1/15/2019 3:10:00 PM


The "lead" is pretty nice in use and application. I bought Taupe and it's a good color match with light to medium brown hair. HOWEVER, whoever designed the mechanics of this pencil did a mighty poor job. You have to retract the "lead", else the cap smashes the lead when you close it back up after using it. And that made one heck of a mess - smeared all over my hands when I took it back out again, fortunately at home, and not out or at work.

Primer/ Corrector -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Face Primer - Tone Adjusting Green

on 1/14/2019 5:42:00 AM


I really have enjoyed the Elf Tone Adjusting Primer. I bought it due to the hype it seems to get. Whilst it doesn't necessarily adjust the tone of my skin, it does provide a great base for makeup and smooths and blurs my pores. It has that silicone feel which leaves the skin feeling very smooth. It works with all of my foundations and concealers. Makeup applies easily on top of it, and lasts all day. It definitely helps prevent foundation from separating, breaking down or fading throughout the day. I like the air-pump style packaging, and the plastic packaging itself is very sturdy and well made. At the price point, this product is a steal and definitely worth it. I use it constantly and definitely recommend it.

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Eye Primer -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Hydrating Under Eye Primer

on 1/12/2019 6:42:00 PM


I always make sure I have backups of this product. Its only $3.00 and I only use a tiny amount each time. Depending how my eyes look I will either use this First give it a min or 2 to set and than put concealer on. It Definitely helps concealer stay and look more natural. It keeps it from looking caking and drying out. I also mix this with concealer to thin out the formula and kinda sheer it out. This works great mixing it with shape tape. The other way I use it is completely by itself. It very subtly brightens the under eye area and smooths it out. Kind of gives it a soft finish look. CONS... If I use to much it will pill and just look super shiny. Even when using it by itself with nothing over top it has a shine too it. This is easly fixed by dusting some powder over it. I use a tiny amount on real techniques setting brush and it takes the shine away. Also try to store this upright bc if it falls to its side sometimes you will be pumping it forever with nothing coming out. I have used this along side smashbox under eye primer and there is a difference in the thickness. Smashbox is thicker whereas ELFs is more liquidy. But I found ELFs works better for me when it came to mixing with concealers. The price is definitely better too. 29.00 compared to 3.00

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Brows -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Instant Lift Brow Pencil

on 1/12/2019 10:27:00 AM


It's not a bad product for a DS brand, better than most, but the consistency is dry and the color payoff is weak. My eyebrows are not terribly thick and such a neutral shade of dark blonde that without adding color and volume I'm "no eyes." I found I really had to press to apply the pencil end. Thank God for the spoolie, to blend it in, but I thought the pigmentation was inadequate and too light for the shade "Taupe." I'm glad I tried it, but I'm back to my HG Anastasia products.

Palettes -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Face Palette

on 1/8/2019 7:46:00 PM


i LOVE the packaging for this, and wish elf sold makeup pans individually to fit into these palettes, as the rangest of most face palettes they release i feel are suited to multiple different skin depths, making them a mediocre buy for any one person.

i have more info on my undertones in my profile, but to start i am about NC10~13, and don't really love this palette. the highlighter is incredibly subtle, which i dont mind, but it also has a fairly strong rose base to it, so by the time i can see the reflect on my face it looks like i also put blush on the tops of my cheekbones lol. if i had pink undertones i might try to use it as an allover illuminating setting powder, but alas, i am yellow as hell.

i really like the blush on the top right - really i feel the blushes are VERY similar in tone, but the top right has a much stronger white base than the bottom left blush. as a result i gravitate more to that color and find the bottom blush a bit more difficult to work with.

the bronzer is actually great! pretty much the same depth and veeery similar undertone to PF butter bronzer in "bronzer," just ever so slightly more yellow. the color works great on my skin tone imho.

again, i really do love this packaging, the mirror size is fantastic and overall the palette is very nice to look at. but only half of it really is useable product for me as a face palette. if the highlighter were stronger i might try to get more mileage out of it as an eyeshadow, but even over a glitter primer it's kind of underwhelming. i dont recommend it if you're of a similar complexion.

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Blush -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Beautifully Bare Blush

on 1/5/2019 7:52:00 PM


Update: I didn't like this much when applied with my fingers (it took a lot of work to get the color to show up) but it works better with a stipple brush. The color is a bit bright for me applied that way, though.
They seem to have renamed this "BEAUTIFULLY BARE CHEEKY GLOW". I got the color Soft Rose. It's very natural, pretty, "pinch your cheeks" sort of color on me, but I was looking for a dewy finish, and this does not give me that. (I have combo skin, and my cheeks are dry now that it's winter). This is more of a cream-to-powder product, and not really what I was looking for. I used my fingers to apply. It takes kind of a lot to see any product show up, and it seems to vanish easily, but on the plus side, it's hard to overdo it.

When I swatched this on my hand there was a slight sheen (either a slight pearlescent shimmer or oil, hard to tell). I usually wear spf (no foundation or primer) with a tiny bit of powder dusted on top. When I applied this to my (again, very winter-dry) skin, there was no detectable shiny finish at all.

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Lip Treatments -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Lip Exfoliator


Perfect for exfoliating dry lips! I got this in 'Brown Sugar'...takes me about 20 seconds to use this, gently rubbing it over my lips and then removing with tissue. The first few times I used it I was probably too harsh (you have to apply with light to medium pressure). When I use this on a night I follow with a good lip balm such as Jack Black Intense Therapy or Nuxe Reve de Miel. It's the same principle as when you use a manual exfoliator or AHA on your face and the products you apply after absorb a lot better, this is no different. Without a lip exfoliator I can apply all the balms I want but sometimes, especially in winter my lips will still be chapped by the morning, but by incorporating this into my routine that's no longer the case. I also use it in the AM before applying a lip primer (current fave is Anastasia Beverly Hills) and the primer works infinitely better and creates an even smoother surface before applying lippie. Cost effective and hygienic packaging too, unlike many others where you have to dip your fingers in - which I don't mind so much if it's a face product, but for lips...? I'd rather not be taking any chances!

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled many 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora)

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Foot File/Callus/Heel Treatment - 'Microplane' - Colossal Pedicure Rasp Foot File
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

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Eye Primer -e.l.f. Cosmetics -ELF Hydrating Undereye Primer

on 1/4/2019 11:40:00 PM

Did absolutely nothing. Could not tell if I used it or not. Wore on one eye as a test all day. No effect whatsoever.

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