Mascara -Revlon -Mega Multiplier mascara

on 12/11/2017 4:21:00 AM


This is mascara for those who want natural looking lashes. However if you are looking for an intensely black 'made up' look, this is not the mascara for you. Sure tubing mascara adds length, but not the goopy so called 'thickness' that is achieved with several coats of ordinary mascaras. Tubing mascara is really not buildable, and to prevent spiky lashes you need to sweep a dry brush through your lashes immediately after application while they are still damp. 'Tubing' mascara is fantastic - especially for those of us susceptible to panda eyes. I first discovered it 20 years ago & haven't looked back! It stays put all day and removes SO easily with warm water. I love it and would use nothing else. Revlon's version is better than L'Oreal's. Mirenesse also make an excellent 'tubing' mascara.

Cleansers -Cetaphil -Gentle Skin Cleanser

on 12/11/2017 4:13:00 AM


I've been using this cleanser for over 10 years! I always go back to it because it's gentle and it works. It effectively removes make up and sunscreen, and doesn't leave my face feeling tight and irritated. That's evrything I'm looking for in a cleanser.
Sometimes if I want a deep clean, I'll pair it with the Dove bar soap for sensitive skin.

Moisturizers -Unlisted Brand -Ego QV Face Moisturising Cream SPF30

on 12/11/2017 3:23:00 AM


If it ain't broke, why fix it? This used to be my HG sunscreen - felt lovely on my sensitive skin, moisturising, easy to spread, no irritation, and very protective against UV - before around 2014, when at some point it was reformulated. Ever since they changed the ingredients I've been having issues with it.

The first time they changed it It caused stinging for the first few minutes upon application. They recently changed it again, and now it smells weird and is harder to spread. But the worst is it makes my skin itch when I'm out in the sun...

Unless the next reformulation is back to the original, I will not repurchase this, and cannot recommend it to people with sensitive skin!

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BB Cream -The Body Shop -Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

on 12/11/2017 3:08:00 AM


This has no coverage, if I have to rate the coverage it would be 1/5. But nonetheless, it has a good smell and it helps with my very mild breakouts. It's also not sticky but the longevity is about 3 hours only. I only wear this whenever I have some pimples.

Pressed Powders -Maybelline -FIT Me Matte Poreless Powder

on 12/11/2017 2:53:00 AM


Their shades is suitable for my very fair asian skin, usually the shade ranges when I buy american make up products it's always too pink as shade goes lighter, good thing this matches my skin tone perfectly. But the only downside is, it doesn't last long especially when its humid.

Moisturizers -Olay -Hydrating Beauty Fluid Original

on 12/11/2017 2:52:00 AM


I have to say for having oily skin this does a great job of lightly moisturizing and doesn't make my skin more oily than usual. Very light with a nice fresh scent. I don't like the huge awkward tub it comes in so I transferred a smaller amount into a smaller container. Love it for nighttime.

Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 12/11/2017 2:37:00 AM


Really made my brows spectacular, i have always struggled with my brows but this is just really helpful and makes them full and vibrant. Really enjoyed this and suggest others to get it as well.

Scrubs -Skinfood -Wash-Off Black Sugar Mask

on 12/11/2017 2:32:00 AM


Absolutely love this product!

I have super oily skin and have been using the daily microfoliant alongside the derma clay cleanser and active moist moisturiser and love the results!

I am beginning to break out again now (which is totally normal!) so am excited to see the results in a few months time when it clears again!

Mascara -L'Oreal -Voluminous Million Lashes

on 12/11/2017 2:29:00 AM


Super natural, yet really make my lash noticeable.
It does not clump. It is the most water resistant product I've ever come across.
The only downside is you will need its mascara remover to remove the mascara completely.

Brows -Wet 'n' Wild -Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner Pencil

on 12/11/2017 2:23:00 AM


This is my favorite eyebrow product! I use the dark brown one and I love it! I'm able to create a natural looking but defined brow with this or a fuller bold brow. The brush it comes with is also helpful. Overall it's amazing, and it's super affordable. I really recommend it.

Brows -Rimmel -Professional Eyebrow Pencil (All Shades)

on 12/11/2017 2:21:00 AM


What can I say that hasn't been said already about the Brow Wiz? This eyebrow pencil is leaps and bounds better than any other eyebrow pencil you can purchase. It has a very fine tip which allows you to really control the product. I can wear it all day long and it doesn't smudge or rub off

Body Scrubs -Origins -Never A Dull Moment Skin Brightening Facial Polisher

on 12/11/2017 2:18:00 AM


love it. iIt's a solid bar with little almond shells that are revealed when you get it wet. it's rough but it feels amazing when you rub it all over and after you rinse it off your skin is soft and not at all greasy.

Lip Treatments -Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask

on 12/11/2017 2:16:00 AM


I enjoy this product! I was skeptical because of the not-so-good reviews, but I jumped the gun and bought it. $20 CAD wasn’t too shabby for me to lose plus I got it during the VIB sale. After weeks of use, I noticed my lips more plump and shaped. And oh are they baby soft!! I use it at night and in the morning as well. Then I use my burts bee peppermint lipstick during the day to keep my lips moisturized. This combo works really well.

Cleansers -InnisFree -Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

on 12/11/2017 2:12:00 AM


I am dying to try this product at first after seeing all the good reviews from other website but nah, we are not destined to be together. it sucks out my skin to dry as hell, not to mention rashes all over my face + itchy like crazy anddd BUMP ALL THE PIMPLES SUDDENLY CAME OUT AT ONCE. All i can say is, my skin breakouts badly and become sooo dry (i have combination skin btw) until i dont even dare to wear makeup. Definitely my first and last buying this.

Concealers -Maybelline -Fit Me Concealer

on 12/11/2017 1:58:00 AM


For me this is the best Concealer ever!!I also have the Mac, but I was so wrong. The Mac NW20 is way too dark&yellow. I also thought that this Concealer had a better Coverage and is more light-weight and it's easier to work with it. I also feel it will last me much longer than the MAC one did, because you only need the smallest amount of product for your whole face.

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