Palettes -TheBalm -Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/15/2018 4:49:00 PM


This was the first product I purchased from the balm and bought it without looking in to it. I was very disappointed with the quality of it. The only shades I used were the three golden/coppery shimmers(however I often had better ones anyway). I really tried to make this product work but i just couldn’t. The dark matte shades were patchy as hell and all bar the 3 shimmers mentioned had barely any pigment. I have so many better drugstore and high end eyeshadow pallets that I would rather use. Also another note the shimmers are very crumbly when you start to get frther in and there is quite a lot of excess powder that dirties up the pallet. It’s such a shame as the packageing is so pretty and the colours could have been beautiful together if they had any pigment.

Highlighters -TheBalm -Mary-Lou Manizer

on 1/15/2018 1:48:00 PM


I like this product however it doesn’t have the blinding aspect I wanted. It is buildable to an extent and does last for a while. However i do feel I have a lot better and cheaper highlights. I feel the price is too higher really and for that reason I wouldn’t burnt again. However if you do like a natural glow this may be something to consider but I would recommend saving some money on a cheaper product which could do the same e.g. essence highlight

Powder -TheBalm -PhotoBalm Powder Foundation


This does not come with a brush. The magnet is pretty strong so it stays closed. Skin needs to be moisturized before putting this powder on. The coverage is light when used alone. It has different finishes with different liquid foundations. I prefer not to use silicone makeup but do on occasion. It was disappointing that this looks best with liquid silicone foundation. Yes, I do need to blot whether using alone or not. It lasts pretty long on my face. I have had it for a month and a half. It already cracked, and now I have to depot it somehow. Not a repurchase.

Tinted Moisturizer -TheBalm -BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer

on 1/12/2018 4:27:00 PM


Ever since La Mer replaced their perfect TM with the current Skintint "sludge"...I've been on the hunt for a replacement. The coverage and texture of this Balm Shelter TM are very nice and light. The scent is "sunscreen" like and very unobtrusive. The price point is great. Unfortunately, the undertone of this product (I used Light) was very greyish/washed out on me. Not cool-toned pinkish, but truly a greyish neutral tone. Sticking with NARS TM in "Alaska" or Laura Mercier in "Nude" - warmer undertones - until La Mer fixes their big mistake and brings back their old skin tint (Hope springs eternal!)

Bronzers -TheBalm -Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush

on 1/12/2018 4:05:00 AM


I just got this as part of the girls' getaway trio palette, and I'm loving how I can use this in the crease of my eyes (with balm beach blended in). It's great for doing monochromatic looks in that way, but it definitely is too warm to use as a contour. But it's great for a bronzer, because as others have said, it does have a natural sheen to it (not a shimmer). Makes me look healthy and sun kissed. And it's so nice having a talc and paraben free cheek product, because I think it looks more like pure color and not powder sitting on top of your skin. LOVE. The trio is also only a couple dollars extra for two more blushes, so I recommend buying the trio!

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Highlighters -TheBalm -Mary-Lou Manizer

on 1/9/2018 12:24:00 AM


This is my dream highlighter. Glowy, vibrant, luxurious - the whole nine yards.

The color is what I would describe as a creamy white gold. It's not a harsh or unnerving color, but it is eye-catching. It's shimmery, but not glittery. I've yet to come across any glitter or chunks in this product. It is soft to the touch, and very finely milled.

I usually use my beloved Real Techniques Setting Brush with Mary Lou, but you can also use a fan brush or any other highlighter brush. In my experience, the product picks up nicely on any brush, and doesn't get powder kick up like other highlighters. It applies very well. You can easily use a fan brush to dust a small amount on, or really go wild and pack it on with a smaller brush (which is what I tend to do). Either way, it achieves its goal of glowing. Aside from the cheekbones, I also like to use it as a more intense inner corner highlight.

One of my favorite qualities of this highlighter, however, is its EXCELLENT longevity. It beats all my other highlighters (and most all of my face products, period!) for wear time. I apply it everyday at six AM, and, lo and behold, it's perfectly intact when I wash my face at eight PM! While sure, most of my makeup is still *there*, Mary Lou looks freshly applied. Mind you, this is without a single touch-up.

I would HIGHLY recommend Mary Lou Manizer! It has a pretty color, glorious glow, and fantastic wear time. Plus, although $24 isn't cheap, there is a fair amount of product in the pan - 0.3 oz.

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Foundations -TheBalm -Even Steven Whipped Foundation

on 1/6/2018 10:25:00 PM


TLDR: I bought it during a flash sale and I like it for the price. A little goes a long way and coverage is build-able; in my experience it does better with a beauty blender than dry brush. Would recommend more for oily-to-normal skin types.

TheBalm website has flash sales periodically and I'd been watching for one like a hawk because I'd tried a sample on in-store and really liked it. They were 50% off so I ordered both Light/Medium and Mid-Medium in case I self-tan.

The packaging is adorable, like most of TheBalm products, but the container is TINY. Luckily the product is well-pigmented and spreads far; a little bit goes a long way. I've used it several times and it still looks as though I've never dipped into it before. I've applied it with a dry brush and a damp beauty blender and although I think you could do either, it definitely applied smoother for my skin with the blender. It's not very natural, but it's also not cakey. I really like it for work and for evenings when I want fuller coverage without looking like I have a heavy layer of makeup on.

I will say it seemed to accentuate a few dry patches on my face, though I didn't count off for it because I'm currently struggling with exceptionally dry skin and frankly nothing but face cream is particularly flattering my complexion at the moment. If you keep dry flaky skin year-round I would sample it before purchasing in case it accentuates your dryness.

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Palettes -TheBalm -Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette

on 1/5/2018 5:37:00 PM


It was very difficult for me to choose between nude dude and nude tude.however there was more hype around nude tude,my choice was nude dude because I thought it's easier to create a complete look with this palette and it has enough light,medium and dark shades.I bought it for 34$ and I'm happy with this purchase and like it a lot
I like thebalm's unique packaging but I prefer to see girls on my palette than has a good mirror and a little double ended brush.I don't like it as an eyeshadow brush but one of it's ends is good to use with a brow pomade.unfortunately it's mirror can easily get dirty by shadows as there's no cover on mirror
When I first looked at my palette,I thought that I like every single color and I wouldn't change a single thing in shades but now I don't think so.
"Firm" and "Fit" have minor difference when swatching and no difference on my lids.same thing goes on for "Friendly" and "Fine" .I see that friendly is darker and matte,but fine has very subtle shimmer and when applying on eye,it's very difficult to distinguish they could replace almost dupes,then we had two totally different and various shades.for example there's no light pink or plummy or taupe shade in this could be a very complete palette but if they did this less costumers would go for nude tude palette after buying this,so I can see it's point
Now about each shade:
It's Matte Cream and is very useful for me.I use it as base because it's close to my natural skin color.pigmentation is better than most cream shades in other palettes but not as good as other shades in nude dude palette and it's a bit chalky
Shimmery light color with a very bright golden/champagne undertone.I don't have anything similar to this shade in my other palettes and I use it for highlighting inner corner of my eyes
Matte light brown.I have similar shades to this one in other palettes but it's good to have it here's a useful one,also can be used as eyebrow shadow for people with blond eyebrows
Shimmery golden shade which is highly pigmented
Shimmery rose gold(bronze-golden) with a touch of brown undertone
Shimmery rosegold(bronze-golden )with a touch of copper mentioned before it's close to faithful and almost the same as firm so however it's a beautiful color,I'd replace it with another shade if I could
Shimmery dusky's like a combination of pink and brown.a very gorgeous shade which I use a lot
Matte medium brown with pink's like flirty's matte sister.A little less pigmented than other shades still it's one of my most favorite ones as it's a very useful transition shade
Matte very dark can be used as a dark eyeliner also instead of black as it's very can also make a good eyebrow shadow for people with black eyebrows
A very beautiful brown with a touch of burgundy undertone.not as dark as friendly or's not matte but isn't too much shimmery either and has a lovely satin like finish
Black with subtle random silver's not a very deep and pigmented black and it makes it easier to use and more bendable than other blacks and even more lovely for can find simple matte black in a lot of palettes but such a nice glittery black isn't very common.however I preferred it to have more glitters
Dark brown which is not matte,also not very's satin's a lot similar to friendly on lid.I firmly believe that each palette needs a very dark matte shade but if I had to choose between friendly and fine,I'd probably keep fine probably because friendly is a little patchy and not so easy to blend
Though there are some useful shades absent in this palette and two pairs of shades are very close and I prefer my palette to have more mattes,I consider nude dude as a very good nude palette.I can take it to travel with myself as my only palette.pans are tiny but these eye shadows are highly pigmented and don't have much kick up so they last and work for you for an acceptable time.there's no fall out and they're very smooth,buttery and easy to blend.they also have very good longevity and I usually don't use an eyeshadow primer.
I think I'm going to use every single shade,of course some less than others.
though I'm happy and satisfied with my nude dude palette,I still want to buy nude rude too

Palettes -TheBalm -In the Balm of Your Hand

on 1/5/2018 2:12:00 PM


Buying this palette feels like a big win
I bought it for 40$ and I believe it worthes every has three blushes,a bronzer,a highlighter,four eyeshadow pans and two lipsticks so there's a lot going on here
Maybe I had to give it four lippies because it's not a palette I can take to travel as my only palette and if I could make changes,I'd change a lot of shades but still,it's very useful as it is and I'm very happy to have it
All blushes and eye shadows are very pigmented,buttery and long-lasting
About it's packaging:
I love thebalm's cute and unique palette designs even though they're made off cardboards,but I believe a shadow palette shouldn't be cream,beige,white or any other light colored;dirty hands can easily ruin it.I was happy to see a mirror but sad to see there's no clear sheet to cover mirror and save it from getting dirty by products inside the pans.yes,these are very small details but they can make huge changes to make a product more user friendly
Now about each pan:
A peachy,shimmery blush with a light touch of golden undertone which can also be used as eyeshadow.if I had to choose products for this palette,I would definitely keep's my favorite blush shade
A light pink matte powdery blush
I know a lot of people like pink blushes but I don't.I have fair skin and my cheeks have naturally a hint of pinkish undertone so it will probably look good on me but I haven't used it so far.It can't be used as eye shadow for's too pink for that
If I could replace it with another option I'd probably choose "balm beach" as I don't like any one of instain blushes
A cool-toned plum blush with a hint of mauve's not shimmery but not supermatte has a satin-like finish
I never had a blush in this shade and it looked interesting in palette but when I applied it,I didn't really like it.I have to try it again,this time with lighter hand because it's very pigmented and it can make you look like a clown.I'm sure it can make a great blush for girls with darker skin but looked too much for my N15 neutral toned skin(my skin leans more towards being cool toned I guess). If I had the power to decide which shade to leave and which one stay,I'd keep can make a very good matte eye shadow
A brownish nude matte bronzer/contour
I love this looks a tad dark for pale skins but when I apply it with a light hand,it looks good.I also like it's color as an can also be used as brow shadow if you have blonde or light brown brow hairs
A terracotta cheek and lip cream
When I saw it's color in "how about them apples"palette picture I didn't like it at seemed to be something between coral and red and I wished there was another shade of that line in this palette,for example cider or candy..but in reality caramel is so's one of my favorite shades for's like a warm combination of brown and peachy
I haven't used it on my cheek yet as I don't think creamy blushes can blend well on my dry skin but on lips it's a big disappointment
All in all I prefer matte lipsticks but my problem with caramel is not just it's creamy's pigmentation is weak and it doesn't show up on my lips unless I put on very large amounts of clings on dry parts of lips.has sheer coverage and very poor longevity.I hate to apply it with my finger so I have to try it with a lipstick brush &see if it's coverage and pigmentation improve or not
I prefer to blend it with the other lipstick in palette,it helps it to really show up on my lips but even that way,I'd only use it if I don't have any other lipstick around.I love thebalm's matte lipsticks but I doubt they can be used in a palette so If I could decide for components of this palette I would replace this lipstick with sexy mama or another fixing face powder or bettylou manizer or even an eye shadow
❤Insane Jane
It's a shimmery taupe colored eyeshadow with grey undertone
Grey eyeshadows aren't my first choices but this shade is nice,I sometimes use it and I like it's almost metallic's one of my favorite shades in ladyshady palette but feisty felicia,which is a very dark brown could also be a good choice,because it's always good to have a black or very dark shade in a palette
❤Mischievous Marissa
It's a shimmery terracotta coloured eyeshadow with golden undertone
A gorgeous and useful eye shadow shade
A dark burgundy matte eyeshadow
I love this one & use it of the best shades of nude tude palette.I know I'm going to buy nude tude palette and I believe sexy is going to be my most-used pan so it's good to have it here too
My only problem with this beautiful shade is that I find it a bit difficult to blend.well I usually have this problem with most reddish/plummy and dark eyeshadows
❤Lead Zeppelin
Shimmery Dark Olive green eyeshadow
however I believe shades with green undertone are better suited for girls with green/hazel eyes,I'd like to experience various eyeshadow colors and I don't have this shade in other palettes I own.I haven't used it yet,it seems very close to insane jane in swatches,I hope it to be different on lid.I'm ok with it's presence in palette but I also have in mind that if it was replaced by a matte creamy or light beige color(something like fearless in nude dude palette or Matt lin in meet matte terimony)--or by a matte mauve or dusky rose as a transition color(like matt rossi in matte terimony or Matt abdul in meet matte nude palette)--or even a very dark brown or black,this palette could be enough to create a complete look
❤Mary Lou Manizer
The famous champagne colored The balm highlighter
I love it
❤Mia moore
A red creamy lipstick which is ten times better than the other one in this has better coverage and better longevity but I don't like it's color.If I could,I'd replace it with any other shades of the balm girls

Highlighters -TheBalm -The manizers sisters


I’ve wanted to try the Mary Lou Manizer for ages and decided this would be a good way to sample all 3 highlighters. The packaging is so cute and the highlighters are decent sizes. However none of them worked for Me personally, even Mary Lou appeared too yellowish on me and didn’t show much for some reason. (I’m an NC15). I tried the pink one for blush and brown for bronzer but not my thing too shimmery. I love TheBalm Smoke Balm Eyeshadow Palette (Vol 1) and actually use their highlight eyeshadow shade (Flame) as my everyday highlighter and love it! If Your not sure about The Mary Lou seriously try The Smoke Balm for highlighter, You wont be disappointed!

Eyeliner -TheBalm -Schwing Liquid Eyeliner in Black

on 1/3/2018 1:54:00 AM


I am on the 4rd bottle of this. I love this eyeliner, its so easy to use, the tip is too thin and easy to make winged eyeliner, its super matte dark black and goes a long way

Palettes -TheBalm -Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette

on 12/31/2017 10:11:00 PM


I loved the hues in this warm palette and it had a nice balance of mattes and shimmer shades, including crease colors.
Most of the shadows were pigmented, except for the light colors, the matte vanilla and a light gold/peach shimmer. They blended well and there are some gorgeous colors here.
The huge problem was the staying power. I used brave which is a deep plum shade along with a couple others on my first application and after a few hours wear they had faded from my normal/dry lids.
I went on to try more with base/primer combinations and the longevity was poor. I have some of The Balm blushes which last forever. For $36 bucks this is unreal.

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Eye Shadow -TheBalm -Shady Lady Shadow Liner - Mischievous Marissa

on 12/26/2017 5:15:00 PM


Love this color as a one shadow look and this makes my eyes look so glam. I sometimes pair this and a liquid liner when I want that old Hollywood glam look! I feel chic and fab when I wear this and makes my eye color pop. Will buy again for sure!

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Highlighters -TheBalm -Cindy-Lou Manizer

on 12/26/2017 5:07:00 PM


I really like the balm as a brand and this is a great eyeshadow! The color is flattering, makes a subtile glow when used with a light hand. I do not like sparkle in my bronzer but on special occations I use this on my face as well.

Blush -TheBalm -Cabana Boy

on 12/26/2017 5:01:00 PM


Love this blush in the fall/winther! This gives me a healthy flush to my cheeks and make my green eyes pop:) Will purchase again for sure!

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