Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Amber Romance Body Splash

on 1/11/2018 7:29:00 AM


The scent does not last but smells so yummy upon application . It’s like a full bloom of vanilla goodness . Sweet smelling but not nauseating sweet .

Lotions/ Creams -Victoria's Secret -Pure Citrus Fragrant Hand and Body Cream

Super lovely citrus scent - grounded, not sugary (nice departure for VS, if I’m honest). Very hydrating, applies into the skin well if used in the right quantity & with the right amount of fresh from the shower moisture on the skin (too much on the body and it can ball up, or if I wait too long after having dried off). Used on the hands it feels very nice, though leaves a definite greasiness on the hands for some time. I don’t find it works well on the soles of my feet, but they are very dry. Once absorbed, the skin is soft and comfortable.

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Lipstick -Victoria's Secret -Liquid Color Intense Lip Laquer

My mom hit up the semi annual sale & for USD$2.99 she got me Bombshell (bright strawberry pink) & Runway (deep berry) I’m really happy w these colors they aren’t something I already have in my collex & im wanting to wear more “color” in the new year 2018. I wouldn’t pay $14 or $15 for these but for $3 I’m v happy! These are lipglosses not liquid lipstick also a bonus I hate liquid lipsticks I’m sick of shriveling up my lips!! I’m partial to bombshell it makes my complexion & grey eyes pop! But runway is pretty awesome too. My mom who doesn’t really wear makeup or use anything from VS/B&BW found me $105 worth of stuff at both (together) my fave things were these lipglosses lol =]

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Love Spell-body spray


Haha... I gotta give this at least 4 stars if only for nostalgia purposes. I wouldn't wear this myself but I love to smell it on others, because it reminds me of the days back in middle and high school where some friends and I would cut class, sneak off into the woods, smoke some of our parents' cigarettes and then spray ourselves with Love Spell because we thought it would hide the smell of smoke lingering on us from mom and dad. I think it did work. Good times. We're all in university now... Disclaimer: I'm not condoning smoking! :)

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Night Eau de Parfum

This does not have a lot of staying power, agreed. But the rollerballl is pretty so i don’t mind whipping it out again to reapply hah! It’s a gorgeous mix of blackberries, whipped cream, & musk. Different than normal VS fare much less sweet & much darker muskier like fearless. Definitely a keeper. I got this during xmas it was B2G2 so it ended up being like $9 not bad for $9 bucks! Ps: this has better staying power on clothes try that.

Lipstick -Victoria's Secret -Liquid Color Intense Lip Laquer

Does VS refresh their catalog and change names every season? I'm not sure, but I found this doefoot applicator tube of lipstick in the Semi Annual Sale this year in-store. I also found a few tubes of lip gloss, but I don't think that I saw a thing labelled beauty rush, so when I came on to review this lipstick, it seemed almost as though I was in a different universe!

I chose the shade "Bitten," which is a coral pink color. The shade is, for sure, intense. I don't often wear brighter lip looks, so this will be a novelty for me. It goes on very easily, and the color seems very uniform. I am not equipped to get a good photo of it right now, but it's a color that I think will look good in spring and summer. It looks moist and shiny on the lip and yet, it's not very sticky at all.

I am awarding the price rating mainly due to finding this for $2.99 in the sale. I would not likely pay $14.99 for the .11 ounce tube.

Blush -Victoria's Secret -Beauty Rush Radiant Blush

on 12/30/2017 8:19:00 PM


Fantastic! I use this everyday and have bought it online when I’ve run out!

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Love (fragrance solid)

on 12/20/2017 6:26:00 PM

I have this in rollerball form. Smells really fresh & snuggly! I gifted this to myself for xmas & it was $18. I’d rebuy!

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Love is Heavenly

on 12/20/2017 6:20:00 PM


This smells a lot like Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy they both smell of blackberry. This smells fresh & good I gifted this to myself for xmas. The rollerball is $18, AG-SLC is $20 so not a lot of difference in $$. This smells young & fresh. I’d buy again.

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Sexy Little Things Noir

on 12/20/2017 12:46:00 PM


I started using this perfume in '04 and am seriously saddened (and honestly, very frustrated) that it was discontinued. I am VERY picky about fragrance. I can't wear most perfumes because they instantly give me a headache. One of the reasons I adore this fragrance so very much is because of the atomizer - it allows the user to chose how much fragrance they want to wear (atomizers add more 'air' to the spray so you are using less product with each spritz). Not only that but this is a perfume that although a little fruity on the front end, has warm, woodsy base-notes to it. It is a 'mature' smell (certainly something a 'girl' would shy away from) and is most definitely designed with a 'woman' in mind, very sexy and not at all overpowering. It does tend to have a more subtle smell, which I love. I don't wear perfume with the intention of everyone in the room smelling it, only those I only to get close to me (which is how I was taught perfume should be worn...)

I also want to say that I purchased a bottle of Noir Tease (VS's follow up to discontinuing this one) and it just doesn't even come close to the same. It's far more 'fruity' and 'girly'. I rarely wear it because it just doesn't please my sense palette the way the original Noir does. If any other users didn't like this product, still have some left and want to issue a trade for this one, let me know!!

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Bombshell Shanghai

on 12/10/2017 3:30:00 PM

I recieved a bottle of Bombshell Shanghai and thought that it smelled like the original Bombshell, so earlier I had Bombshell on one wrist and Bombshell Shanghai on the other. Conclusion = it's totally the same fragrance in scent, sillage & longevity, so you are just getting the same thing in a different coloured bottle.

I'm not saying that Bombshell isn't a nice fragrance [I'd give it 4 lippies] or that the new bottle isn't attractive, but I'm a bit annoyed that VS is trying to trick people into buying the same perfume twice - especially as they've released it in the festive lead-up. I wonder how many people have bought it as a gift for someone, thinking that they've spent their money on something new for a loved one?

Bombshell Nights is the new holiday 2017 flanker, if people are wondering.

Scent notes: tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, purple passion fruit, lily, jasmine, Sangri-la peony, vanilla orchid, oakmoss, musk and wood accords.

Lips -Victoria's Secret -Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain -Adored

on 12/6/2017 2:58:00 PM

I just bought this as part of the model's nude lip kit that comes with glitter gloss and Nearly Nude liner. I give it 4 stars because the application with doe foot wand is fairly even and smooth and the packaging is excellent- no spillage or product seeping in to the seals. I don't give it 5 stars because of the actual colour. I don't think it looks like the photos depict and the description is off. it is a darker nude with heavy peach/pink tone to it. I have blue eyes and fairer skin in winter and like nude lipsticks like MAC fleshpot or Myth and this is more like velvet teddy.

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Amber Romance Body Splash

on 11/25/2017 7:24:00 PM


My mom, my grandma and I have used this for years!! We love it

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Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Amber Romance Body Splash


A bit cheap and nasty smelling for me sorry. Plenty of spray for the money though.

Fragrances -Victoria's Secret -Fearless

on 11/16/2017 3:54:00 PM

I would describe this scent as a spicy floral. It has a long wear time, and it's a great for evenings.

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