Mascara -Burberry -Cat Lashes Mascara

on 6/20/2018 8:36:00 AM


I found the product nice. But its packaging is not safe. As of other products from Customboxeszone

Mascara -Burberry -Cat Lashes Mascara

on 6/20/2018 8:06:00 AM


I was excited to try it, as I saw all this raving reviews. But unfortunately I do not think this mascara is so good.
I got mine in black, which is not a deep black colour, but rather black with some hints of grey\green\brown.

The packaging is really nice - you can open and close it without any issues. The mascara itself is rather thin and wet, and smells a bit like perfumes, which bothered me at first, but then I got used to it. It did not irritate my eyes or skin - I feel very comfortable when wearing it.
In general it stays on whole day as long as it is fresh. When it starts getting older and drier, staying power is not so impressive - I could see some black dots and marks all-over my eyelids. I know, they are oily, but many mascaras can resist it.

And the final thing - the brush. I hate it. If the brush would be different, I would rate it min. 4 stars, but this brush was killing each morning. I could not find the method to get the right amount of mascara to transfer with brush to my lashes. It's not the problem of the brush is getting too much product, no - it is the issue of how the brush delivers the product to your lashes. This "how" changes even with a slight change of the way you keep the wand or in an angle the brush follows the lash line.

So very often I had to fiht spider legs and clumps, so, no - thank you. I will try to fins something different.

Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Foundation

on 6/16/2018 5:08:00 AM


I bought it because I thought Lisa Eldridge mentioned it as a pale foundation (later I found out it was probably a different one, which is now discontinued. I am about NW10- NW13 in Mac, and shade 11 is way too dark for me. Another “porcelain” foundation that is just orange.

If you are darker than me and have normal to dry skin and have 50€ to spare, you’ll like it

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit

on 5/18/2018 7:36:00 PM


As a previous reviewer, I also got a sample of this.
Initially, it smells like a men's cologne from 90's, I can smell different perfume notes for a minute or so, but in a minute it transforms into one note sweet overpowering smell.
I rarely like sweet fragrances, they often give me a headache and this one isn't an exception.
One time wear was enough for me, there is no chance I will ever use it again.

Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Gel Stick

on 5/9/2018 12:36:00 PM


So far have been using this foundation for 2 weeks and I really like it. It does a good job of making my skin look even and perfect. The make-or-break is that it lasts through the day. I wore it to a sunny outdoor wedding and it held up pretty well. I have normal / combo skin so tend to get shiny looking pretty fast, but not with this. Also like how it feels going on the skin –kind of a cooling/refreshing sensation which is nice. It’s a bit more matte than I would have expected but personally don’t mind that. It goes on more medium-ish coverage I would say. I definitely add a few more strokes to make it higher coverage but can see it working for someone that likes to sheer their foundation out too. I don’t use this as a concealer, even though it is marketed as one. Just prefer something with more coverage and precision for that. Also love that you can throw this in your bag. Overall recommended!

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Fragrances -Burberry -Touch

on 5/9/2018 12:22:00 AM


I received this fragrance for Christmas and was initially a bit apprehensive. I am 58 years old and not fussy about a lot of "new" (read created after 1990:) fragrances. Lately I have been all about fresh & citrus-y fragrances.

This one is lovely though. Not too sweet and not too sharp-very well balanced. Fresh while also feeling warm. It had a hint of powder but not old lady powder. Also a bit peppery to start then a bit woodsy and also whiff of floral..

It is soft and feminine and inoffensive. I would say it is a classic type fragrance & I love it.

Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Gel Stick

on 5/5/2018 2:17:00 PM


You really need to give this product a chance by getting the makeup artist to apply it to your face in the store. It doesn't look/feel great on your hand for some reason, but once you get it brushed on it feels weightless and blends flawlessly into your skin.

I was hesitant at first as it looked like a weird color on, but once it was blended it looked really good. It's got a color correcting element in it so that's why it doesn't immediately match perfectly with your skin.

The MA helping me did use the Burberry Fluid Base primer under it. The combo looked really natural and glowy on my skin. My friend actually decided to try it/buy it on the spot too based on how good it looked on my skin.

Really recommend it - it's a stick so it's easy to apply and easy to take with you anywhere.

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Fragrances -Burberry -Brit Sheer

on 3/27/2018 10:33:00 PM


I absolutely love this scent. It’s light and fresh. It’s almost like fresh air. I always get compliments on it. People usually mistake it for a really nice soap because it’s so clean. I use it when I skipped showering. (Add a little dry shampoo and no one is the wiser.) I only demoted it to a 4 because the scent completely evaporates in 2 hours. I HAVE to spray it on my hair or put down a lotion base first. But it has to be an oily lotion to grab the scent. I think that makes it a little tedious to use. I use the spray but then I carry the rollerball in my purse because it WILL need a refresher.

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Fragrances -Burberry -My Burberry


I usually don't buy any more 'high street' fragrances (with exception of Chanel's Allure which is my trademark scent and i like to have a bottle of it in my stash), usually going with independent brands like Byredo, Aesop or Penhaglion's but I was travelling so trying to pack really light I went through my samples jar and popped a tiny spray vial of this into my toiletries bag. What a wonderful discovery! Now I'm back in Europe (I came back from some proper hot, subtropical climates where this fragrance applied in the evening was making me feel special even in sandals and a simple dress + earrings combo) and I had to have it!

This is an adult fragrance hands down. My friend calls such fragrances, after I bought the very first Prada perfume when with her in Sephora years ago, 'the fragrance you are NOT going to wear when you're going skiing'. A very good description and I'm pretty sure my 20something nose would not enjoyed My Burberry like my 40 year old one does.

'My Burberry' it is extremely feminine, flowery, quite sweet but also spicy. I'm very glad it comes courtesy of Francis Kurkdjian because I like his fragrances for his own line but this is way less expensive. Still quite a hefty price for a high-street fragrance! It was also difficult to find, most big department stores in Edinburgh or even Boots do not stock anything from Burberry! The bottle is made of a very hefty piece of glass (it arrived in a very bulky packaging when I finally found it at John Lewis on line) and contains very little juice in comparison with the size of the bottle (I went for 50 ml EDP), I don't care that much about the lid's design as I usually loose these somewhere anyway. To me it is simple yet too opulent, I prefer a very discreet branding so I guess I'm not Burberry's target client haha!

One or two sprays is enough, the fragrance lasts on me about 3-4 hours, then it does not change, it simply weakens and disappears. It has freesia and bergamot in it and maybe that is why I'm enjoying it so much. Plus, it reminds me about some very happy days in warm weather on a beautiful tropical island so until I go on my next 'holiday of a lifetime' with a new fragrance in the toiletries bag, I'll be wearing this to mentally transport myself to some more relaxed days.

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Fragrances -Burberry -Brit

on 3/20/2018 9:25:00 AM


I got a sample of this EDP and tried it for a party I went that day.
It smells just like anise, which I find too strong and overpowering. Just a dab of it on my wrists was enough to give me a terrible headache. Nevertheless I got many compliments on it. Go figure.
Wouldn´t buy or use it ever again.

Concealers -Burberry -Cashmere Concealer

on 3/4/2018 6:07:00 PM

I love this concealer, it has a great brightening effect but is not super full coverage so it looks natural. It blends out amazingly and makes my under eyes look smooth and plump. Staying power is also good!

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Eye Shadow -Burberry -Pale Barley 102

on 2/22/2018 1:49:00 PM


I bought this after reading so many fantastic reviews particularly as a one wash colour. This is a very mediocre shadow. I have dark hair and pale skin and the colour makes me look tired and washed out. I wouldn’t recommend this as a one wash colour at all.

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Foundations -Burberry -Fresh Glow Gel Stick

on 2/20/2018 8:59:00 AM


I was so excited for this foundation to launch because the Fresh Glow Liquid foundation is my holy grail! I hoped the stick version would be the perfect companion to the liquid for areas where I need extra coverage, but unfortunately it is not.
I have mature skin that is prone to dryness and dehydration which means stick foundations rarely work for me (with the exception of Tom Ford’s Traceless Stick), but Burberry’s Gel Stick was marketed as having “encapsulated water” as well as ingredients that nourish, moisturize, and add glow”. Well, It did none of the above.

I tested it with and without the Burberry Fresh Glow Primer and the only difference was the primer added a bit of softness to the finish (but only a slight amount). It was not enough to prevent this foundation from drying the heck out of my face. The SA at my counter was pushing hard for me to buy the FG primer...when I told him I already owned it, he stressed I should be absolutely sure to use it with the Gel Stick. That should have been my first red flag. I shouldn’t have to use a primer to get the effect that a foundation alone is said to give. Don’t market a foundation as glowy if it’s the PRIMER that really provides the effect. Simple, right? Alas, me being me, I HAD to try it...after all, it’s Burberry, and until now, I’ve never had a fail from the brand. Sadly this foundation is not useable for me in any way.

Again, keep in mind I’m recounting how this foundation worked for my skin type.
-Has a nice cooling sensation upon application.
-It feels slightly hydrating at first but the effect only lasts a few minutes
-It really does blend easily, both with a brush and fingers
-The packaging (plastic and lightweight) has a good closure that snaps shut to prevent the product from drying out or coming open when not wanted.

-Dull matte finish
-Drying on my skin type (dry/mature)
-Began to break up after about 3 hours, began to appear grainy and dry, especially under my eyes
-Accentuates both texture and dry spots
-Creases and collects in every fine line (and very badly in the not so fine lines!).
-Medium coverage at VERY best...had to build feverishly to even achieve this.
-ZERO GLOW unless you count the tiny shimmer particles that are totally useless (they don’t show on the skin).

I’m beyond bummed about this one. It’s the total opposite of what it’s marketed to be! If they’d have launched this as the “cashmere stick” I think the reception would be much better, because it’s MUCH more akin to the Cashmere Liquid foundation than the Fresh Glow Liquid foundation..

Bottom line, HUGE fail for me. I’m inclined to say this foundation would be much better suited for combo/oily skin that has very few lines or textural issues. However the short wear time and the way it separates/pools, make me wonder if it would wear well on oileir skin types either!
Basically if you already have perfect skin and want a light coverage, matte formula...ya may wanna try this. If you don’t, save your money.

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Eye Shadow -Burberry -Complete Eye Palette No.12 Nude Blush

on 1/27/2018 5:01:00 PM

i was looking for quad of quality shadows to reliably produce a fast and amazing go-to eye look. and i got it! OMG it is love! the shades and finishes are perfect for me. all of the my boxes are checked off with this one.

the lightest is a mostly-matte skin-toned base shade perfect for setting primer and blending out other shades. box 1 checked!
the 3rd shade is my transition and a perfect matte mauve for me for this purpose. box 2 checked!
the 4th shade is outer lid/V/liner and is a satin-matte plum. box 3 checked!
the lid shade is described as copper-pink.. like a muted rose-gold. it has, what i deem to be, a pearl finish. nice! box 4 checked!

this quad does not deliver a blingy party look ... classy/elegant/sophisticated are better words for it. i suppose it looks and sounds boring to some but i find each of the shades to have the correct amount of depth and also in relation to each other. (hope that makes sense). i had doubt that the lid shade would fit in but it magically does. i can use it wet if i want to punch it up a bit.

of course the shadows apply and blend easily and smoothly. after my last palette was a bit of a letdown (dior quint in dream which is all matte), this was a real pleasure to use.

pics above are not mine - one is from 'cosmetic proof' and the other belongs to 'color me loud' so thanks to those people

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Fragrances -Burberry -Body Tender

on 1/22/2018 2:08:00 PM


nothing but LOVE.
its sweet...its sexy and I have had nothing but compliments when i wear this. But MAN its expensive. I would buy it agan and again

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