Blush -Burberry -Light Glow (blush) in n. 2 (Cameo)

on 11/16/2017 1:19:00 PM


Out of the three Burberry blushes I have (Cameo, Earthy and Blossom), this is my personal favourite, and the only one I might repurchase:

I find that all Light Glow blushes have very...interesting colours with complex undertones, and they seem to change on the face or in different lighting more than other blushes I've tried. "Cameo" is not at all the plain old subtle everyday pink I thought I was getting. It's not easy to describe, but "ruddy brown rose" is the best I can do. On the cheeks, it develops quite strong reddish tones (something I don't see in the pan at all), and in warm electric light it turns brownish, with barely any hint of rose. The end result, I think, is similar to that of plum blushes rather than anything in the "pink" category. It also goes on much darker than you'd expect.
As someone who's not a fan of muddy blushes, I was surprised that I liked it. At least for my neutral/waxy yellow fair skin, it's not the best for a "rosy glow" on the apples of the cheeks, but it is the perfect colour for applying along the underside of the cheekbones, away from the ear, or below another rosy blush (a sort of "draping"-lite?). Somehow, the brown tones seem to emphasize the facial structure, and the red/rosy tones make it appear more like the skin's natural colouring and keep it from looking like strange dirty stripes (magic, basically).

Burberry blushes are praised a lot for their pigmentation and texture. I wouldn't say that that's a strictly good or bad thing: they offer way more payoff than the usual sheer-and-subtle high-end blushes, and I have no complains about the quality, but I don't find them as "user-friendly", and can't say that it's my favourite formula (though I'm in the minority here).
I have to be very careful about what brush I'm using (even the softest one picks up a whole lot of product and kicks up a bit of dust due to the buttery texture, and experimenting with the brush included in the compact always resulted in unblendable splotches), or what I'm wearing underneath it (not enough powder or even using a heavier, oilier moisturizer under the foundation made it difficult to blend). As far as 100% matte blushes go, this might be the least flat, muddy and chalky blush I've tried; still, I find them trickier to use in general, and, given a choice, would go for a satin finish.

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Lipstick -Burberry -Liquid Lip Velvet

on 11/16/2017 9:34:00 AM


The Liquid Lip Velvet is one of the first Burberry products that I've tried and I must say I am quite impressed. The formula has a light whipped texture and you almost can't even feel it on your lips. The colors are pretty matte but are not drying in the least bit. The colors I have are Oxblood, Regiment Red, Magenta, and Fawn Rose. I love that these don't have a taste at all- no perfume, vanilla, mint or chemical taste. They are all very pigmented but work well on my fair skin tone. I always use a lip primer (Urban Decay Ozone Primer) and I didn't notice any feathering or creasing. These last quite a while without needing to reapply and fade pretty evenly. There isn't much transferring either. For my first Burberry product I am quite impressed. My review video with swatches is here:

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Fragrances -Burberry -Burberry London

on 11/10/2017 8:39:00 AM


Been using this for few years now and it has been my go to perfume. I use it day and night. Every time my friends smell this it always reminds them of me. It smells very clean, not a girly girly perfume (which i love). Def a must try

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit Rhythm for Her

on 11/7/2017 2:09:00 AM


If you love lavender and unisex fragrances, this is one to try.

I was given a decant by a friend, because I was looking for a not too sweet, not too strong, office appropriate fragrance for the office. I'm an oriental and chypre lover, and many of my fragrances are fine in cool weather, but too much for summer, and some of them are just not office appropriate at any time of year (Ciara, Shalimar and Cinnabar, I'm looking at you).

I've now worn this five times.

It goes on very sharp and citrus like, even though citrus is not listed in the notes, I am assuming that citrus tinge is a combination of blackberry leaf, aldehydes and neroli. Give it 10 minutes, and it becomes a cool, slightly metallic, woodsy aromatic lavender, with vetiver and musk grounding it. Definitely a modern, slightly edgy fragrance, let down by the clean "laundry musk" note. By this time, the citrus has turned into blackberry and neroli. There is a faint, mixed floral note which smells a little bit like peony, a little bit like rose, and a little bit like orange blossom. None of these are distinct enough to make a good impression, they just seem to blur together.

All up, I love the concept of this fragrance, but not the construction. It ends up smelling a bit muddled. If I desperately wanted another clean, not too sweet floral for the office, I would go a buy Rosabotanica or L'essence, both by Balenciaga. As it is I have a couple of fragrances that fit the bill. I just wanted something new for summer because I'm a perfume junkie.

On my perfume eating skin, longevity for the edt is fabulous. This lasts all day and more. Sillage is moderate. I've had a few friends give me the sniff test. They all said it didn't work on me, but they all thought it an acceptable office fragrance.

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Lipstick -Burberry -Lip velvet in Military Red


Just but it!!! I bet here's no skin tone it would go wrong for!! I tried it on at Sephora while shopping with a friend. It literally lasted me the whole night without any reapply!! Went back the next day to but it! Looks like just bitten lips. Not red lipstick. Usually the lip colors I go for due to my big lips. You more than likely won't regret it!

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BB Cream -Burberry -Fresh Glow BB Cream

on 9/28/2017 11:57:00 AM


My experience with this product is different from that of my fair-skinned counterparts. For me, its final application was not yellow, but sheer with a subtle illumination. My typical undertones are cool and pinkish, which has always led me to believe that I should wear a base that has the same undertones. I have been incorrect: on me, a pink-toned base only exacerbates them, leaving a mask-like finish. Out of the tube, this BB cream (in Fair) looks quite yellow, but when it is blended, it disappears completely. It diminishes the redness around my nose and mouth subtly, leaving behind a soft glow. It is only mildly fragranced, which I appreciate. If you have a lot of redness to cover, you'll likely need to look elsewhere, but if you want a soft glow and subtle coverage, I think that this is a good place to start. It's the only Burberry product I own, and it's made me want to explore the line more.

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Fragrances -Burberry -My Burberry

on 9/5/2017 8:10:00 AM


I usually don't like strong powdery scents, I tend to go for gourmand ones (i.e. La vie est belle) but this got my attention.
The packaging it's gorgeus, fancy, and looks incredible on my vanity. I don't know how to really describe the scent, but the longevity of this is amazing (about 9h). Kinda expensive, but I find it perfect for autumn, paired with a scarf and black boots.

Fragrances -Burberry -Brit


This review is for the EDP. This is actually a pretty unusual fragrance for me as gourmands are not typically my favorite. I recently tried another perfume that had almond in it, and while I did not like that particular blend, it made me crave something with a similar almond note. As other reviewers have pointed out, Brit starts out a little sharp and citrusy, but the lime settles down pretty quickly on me and I get a nice almond-vanilla-amber drydown with maybe just a touch of wood. As I said, many gourmands, especially the warmer ones, tend to be too spicy for me, but there's no spice in Brit on my skin. It is warm, inviting, and very comforting without having any kind of spicy kick to it. While I didn't really think that this would be a fragrance that I'd love, I actually do really love it and I think I will be reaching for it a lot during the fall and winter. It is a nice change of pace from the florals, aquatics, green etc scents that I tend to use on a frequent basis and I can definitely see this having a prominent position in my fragrance rotation.

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Eye Shadow -Burberry -No. 6 Almond

on 8/10/2017 2:16:00 AM


Yes yes yes You need it also if you have warm, yellow undertones in your skin.
This is just perfect everyday eyeshadow.I love Lorac pallete -these eyeshadows are really good I was thinking the best on the market but I was wrong. Burrberry Almond is amazing. If you love make up- no makeup and you love natural beauty look this is go to product! the texture is incredible soft like the butter . It is super easy to work with (blends extremely nice).Even someone who is begginer in cosmetic world can use it like a master! This is no matt and no shimmer eyeshadow this is satin suede finish.
For me this eyeshadow is first one from Burberry but for sure not the last one.
Worth every cent (30euro)
Highly recomended

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Fragrances -Burberry -Body Tender

on 7/30/2017 4:23:00 PM


This is a nice perfume, a clean floral that isn't too off-putting and good to wear everyday. I think it's actually the first perfume I completely used up, which is saying something for me -- I tend to accumulate perfume faster than I use it.

That being said, I also like unique scents, and I feel like there are a bunch of perfumes like this one on the market. I got this as a gift and I don't think I would have bought it on my own.

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Foundations -Burberry -Cashmere foundation

on 7/9/2017 9:29:00 AM

HORRIBLE foundation. Bought it in the shade Porcelain (11) and it oxidises like CRAZY. It immediately turns from a nice pale shade to a very orangy one. What a waste of money. Do not buy if you don't wan't to look like Donald Trump.

Eye Shadow -Burberry -Eye Colour Cream

on 7/1/2017 10:00:00 AM


As a big fan of Burberry's eyeshadow formulas (powders and pens), I had to give the Eye Color Creams a try. They are marketed as cream eyeshadows, however they are quite different from most cream eyeshadows I have used. I would summarise these as 'grown-up cream eyeshadows' because of their non-shimmery finish and easy to apply nature. My in depth thoughts below:

In terms of formula, the Burberry Eye Colour Creams are totally different from my other favourite cream eyeshadow formula, which is Tom Ford's (still, I admit, my favourite). While the Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes formula is very emollient and creamy, almost mousse-like in consistency, the Burberry shadows are essentially solid - almost like the eyeshadow version of a cushion foundation. They have a spongey, bouncy feel when you apply pressure to them with your finger, however they're firm enough that they spring back into shape. The one notable exception is Sheer Gold which collapsed like a soufflé upon contact with my finger (see picture above). In general, Sheer Gold was very disappointing, and the anomaly amongst these shadows.

In the jar, the Burberry shadows have a sort of wet-dry texture, like a dampened powder. This isn't the most flattering description, I'm afraid, but it's much better than it sounds! Don't expect a cream formula like Tom Ford's or Charlotte Tilbury's though, as these are very different indeed.

The pigmentation is just about right in my opinion. One swipe with your finger will give you even, almost opaque coverage albeit in a soft rather than intense way. With the exception of Sheer Gold (which just plain sucks) the other shades are all more or less consistent in terms of formula, texture and pigmentation.

Each shadow come with individual little applicators, which I've attached a picture of above, but personally, I just swipe the surface of the pot with my finger and then do likewise across my lid. These are *great* as wash and go shades, btw. When I have next to no time in the morning, I tend to grab one or two or my Burberry cream shadows. No brushes, no messing around - it's easy, quick, and polished looking. These are all buildable too, right up to opacity, and they also play well with each other, which not all cream shadows do.

The low-key finish was what initially attracted me to the Burberry cream eyeshadows. I find that most cream shadows, as well as stick eyeshadows, are very shimmery and are not daytime or office appropriate. While I wouldn't describe the finish of the Burberry cream shadows as matte, they have a subtle, softly luminous sheen that is devoid of any frostiness. These would be great for people who work in more conservative environments.

Finish does differ slightly depending on the shade although most are consistent. I would say that Dusky Mauve is more shimmery than the other shades, and is even slightly metallic at certain angles. (Sheer Gold, btw, is the most shimmery shade - it's quite glittery). I'd describe Dusky Mauve as somewhere in between a satin and a shimmer finish. Burberry's shimmer is amongst the most refined out there, imo. It's not sparkly or disco-like at all; it really looks more glowy than shimmery.

I don't own every shade that this product comes in so I can only assess based on the six that I do own,. Dusky Mauve and Mink are, in my opinion, the stand out shades. I have attached swatches of all six shades above. (NB: I am paler than n15 with cool undertones and the swatches are all one swipe each with the exception of Sheer Gold, which took 3-4 swipes to become visible).

In my swatch photos, Golden Brown and Mink look super similar but that's not really true in real life. Golden Brown is darker and warmer, with more golden undertones (who'd have ever thought?) Mink is a gorgeous cool taupe brown with a slinky silvery sheen.

I don't have oily eyelids nor do I use eye primer often; generally, longevity is not an issue for me. On my lids, the Burberry cream shadows hold up well for 6-7 hours with no discernible creasing. I live in a super hot, humid country so this is pretty impressive! I can't say for sure how these would pair with eye primer as I don't use primer often. The Burberry Eye Colour Creams can be *used* as an eye primer for powder shadows and they are decent at that. However, I prefer Tom Ford's cream eyeshadows for layering under powder eyeshadows to extend longevity and increase intensity and brilliance.

The shadows are packaged in square glass jars with swivel on gunmetal caps that are embossed with the signature Burberry print. While the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, I find that the caps sometimes don't close all the way (you really need to squeeze them tightly) which is a potential issue given the drier than average formula of these. I also find the packaging unnecessarily bulky given the amount of product included. The square jar seems to be intended to make it look like you are getting more product than you actually are. Also, these take up a lot of space.

These have no discernible scent as far as I can tell and so those who are sensitive to fragrance should be pleased with this formula. As someone with rather dry lids, I find these hold up well on me and are comfortable to wear.

Overall, I think Burberry's eye makeup products are the best on the market. But is this my favourite cream eyeshadow formula? No. That award would still go to Tom Ford. But they are such different products that it's rather like apples and oranges to compare the two. If you're after a 'grown up', non-glitzy cream eyeshadow that requires next to no fuss, I recommend the Burberry Eye Colour Creams whole heartedly. (I do suggest giving Sheer Gold a miss though...big shocker, I know.)


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Mascara -Burberry -Cat Lashes Mascara

on 6/24/2017 9:49:00 PM


This has become my holy grail mascara! It separates and lengthens beautifully. A second coat bumps up the volume nicely. I love everything about it. The black is nice and the chestnut is amazing. Of course the packaging is very sleek and lux. A bit pricey but I can live with it. It's the bomb!

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BB Cream -Burberry -Fresh Glow BB Cream

on 6/20/2017 2:44:00 PM


Unexpected rave.
Perfect sheer and somewhat luminous BB with great dewy coverage, no sparkle just sheen.
Color 2 (light medium) perfect match for me.
Would compare color and texture to nature bisse the cure sheer cream (my HG), Bobbi brown tinted moisturizer in light to medium, this is a high end and therefore high priced product but still much more affordable and portable than the natura bisse. Would also compare to Dr jart luminous BB brush. No clogged pores, ight to medium coverage and can truly be subbed for moisturizer. Have repurchased already several times.

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Lipstick -Burberry -Lip Velvet Matte Lipstick in Rosewood

on 6/20/2017 12:08:00 PM


Burberry's Lip Velvet formula is one of the few matte lipstick formulas on the market that I can wear comfortably (my lips are prone to dryness). These aren't true mattes btw. They actually have a demi-matte finish - not shiny but somewhere in between a matte and a satin. This makes them much more forgiving on your lips than a full on matte lipstick. I find that these type of formulas (think MAC's Matte formula) generally draw attention to fine lines and any flaky areas. They also aren't very comfortable. .


I have the Lip Velvet in three colours - Honeysuckle, Military Red and Rosewood. Rosewood is my most reached for. It's a muted rose-mauve, medium in terms of depth. Despite its name, Rosewood doesn't have much brown in it; it has a cooler taupe-y base. I have dark hair and eyes, fair skin that's a bit paler than n15, and my undertones are on the cooler side of the spectrum. My lips are rosy and pigmented and Rosewood is very, very similar - it's slightly deeper and more muted than my natural lips.

Rosewood isn't a dramatic, showstopper lipstick but it is extremely versatile. On me, this pulls much more mauve - I don't see any brown in it at all. It's a muted, cool-toned dusky petal pink. I suspect it's one of those shades that can pull either way, depending on your undertones. Other than that, I think that Rosewood is best suited to fair to medium skin. It's not a very deep colour so it may look a bit washed out if you're NC/NW40 and above.

If you're cool-toned and are after a true rosewood lipstick with a touch of brown in it, Tom Ford Indian Rose is awesome (it's also available in the Lips & Boys range under the name 'Collin').


My favourite matte lipstick formulas are still 1) Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution range (unlike the Burberry Lip Velvet, the Matte Revolutions have a definite sheen and are more satin like in terms of finish) and 2) Tom Ford's Matte Lip Colors (like the Burberry Lip Velvet, the Ford mattes don't have any sheen. The Tom Ford formula is absolute perfection, decadently creamy, enhances your lips rather than highlights flaws and the texture/feel is almost cushiony).

However, Burberry's Lip Velvets still score very well too. The shade range is more conservative than Charlotte Tilbury's range, so if you prefer natural/more muted lipsticks, you have more choices with Burberry. Tom Ford's mattes are amazing but priced at a cool $53, they're a bit of a splurge. Burberry's are more affordable, and also great quality, if not Tom Ford level great. The Burberry Lip Velvets also have a luxe feel too with their pleasantly weighty gunmetal packaging embossed with the Burberry signature print. (I find square packaging more luxurious than rounded packaging for some reason. I wish that the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks came in rectangular rather than rounded tubes). If I'm being nit picky, I would say that the Lip Velvets can be slightly drying on my lips over time. On the plus side, they wear pretty well, about 4-5 hours.


Packaging is sturdy and the magnetic cap means you don't have to worry about the cap falling off in your purse. I should note that, if you have several Burberry lipsticks, the magnetism extends to the tubes themselves so they gravitate towards each other. It's a tiny bit annoying but I can see how some people may find it handy.

I hate the 'would you rebuy this product' question - it makes it sound like the product is bad if you say no. I wouldn't rebuy this simply because I have so many lipsticks already, many in similar shades. So no, it wouldn't be a priority for me. I like Rosewood but I don't absolutely love it. Of course, YMMV as is always the case.

GRADE: B +. This is a very nice lipstick, not terribly unique but very well done overall.

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