Lips -Pat McGrath Labs -Matte Trance Lipstick

on 9/20/2018 4:22:00 PM


Very glad to lay my hands on them. Been hearing all the praises and beauties let me tell u that the lipstick is actually ace! The packaging is extremely pretty and the color pay off is brilliant. I have the shades “modern woman” and “flesh 3”. The texture of the lipstick on my lips was not matte matte but velvet matte and m sure this is the desired finish. One coat delivers intense coverage. The shades are so lovely nd m sure deres one “go to” color for every one!

Lipstick -Pat McGrath Labs -LuxeTrance Lipstick (all)

on 8/23/2018 7:22:00 AM


I had high hopes for this, but I was extremely disappointed. I'm NC40-42 and bought Realness and LaBejia, sight unseen (as there's nowhere yet in the UK to test these out in person). I bought them directly from the Pat McGrath website when they had a 20% off promotion.

Realness seemed like it could have been the perfect MLBB - medium pink-mauve-brown - but was a lot greyer and cooler on me in person. LaBeija had seemed like a warm yellow-brown medium nude, but was a lot lighter on me than it seemed in pictures of it on the internet, and also slightly cooler. These are very opaque, and I think that means there is less room for error with your choice of colour - it has to match you perfectly. The formula is slightly drying and doesn't meld with your lips - it just sits on top of them. So try and test these out in person before you buy, if you can.

The worst part about Realness is that it stains the lips badly and turns darker - I wore it to a job interview, without a lipliner and was shocked when I came back home to discover that it had turned several shades darker, and not really suitable for interview purposes!

The packaging is beautiful, and it's not the worst formula ever, so I will use them up by applying them over lipliner only. In my opinion there are far better formulas on the market, such as Rouge d'Armani (although limited MLBB colour choice), MAC Liptensity (although again, limited MLBB colour choice), Hourglass Confession and NARS Audacious. However, as I'm a glutton for punishment and addicted to lipstick, I will probably still buy a MatteTrance lipstick to see if that lives up to the hype.

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Eyeliner -Pat McGrath Labs -PermaGel ultra glide eyepencil

on 8/16/2018 11:13:00 AM


I've bought two of these, one in the color Black Coffee, a brown/black, and Blitz Brown, a dark metallic brown. These pencils stay all day when I tightline with them. On the waterline they are a bit less reliable, and by the end of the day I get a little bit of crumbling along the lower lashline, especially with Black Coffee. But it's nothing that can't be fixed with a damp Q-Tip. I am happy I bought them both.


1) Comes in several colors in addition to an intense black.

2) When I tightline with these, the liner stays all day. On the waterline (bottom lid), it doesn't last quite as long but that might be because I wear contacts and my eyes water more than the average person's.

3) Black Coffee does not blur my vision by migrating onto my contact lenses during the day. This is a problem I've had with Trish McEvoy's gel pencil. (Blitz Brown, because it is metallic with specks of glitter, is not as good for my waterline as the matte colors.)

4) I like the packaging. The pencil comes with a sharpener, and the box has two compartments, one for the pencil and one for the sharpener. When I take this liner on a trip, I take the box. This makes it easier to find and keeps the sharpener close by.


1) I notice some crumbling along the lower lashline at the end of the day. However, I apply the pencil in the morning and this doesn't happen until around six o'clock, so I'm getting at least nine hours of good wear in the heat of summer. If you don't have watery eyes and you're not a contact lens wearer, the liner might last longer on you. (The tightlining stays intact beautifully for me.)

2) I've noticed some very mild smudging along the lower lashline, but no worse than any other eye pencil I have tried.

3) It's not cheap. $25 per pencil.

4) The sharpener doesn't have a lid to keep the shavings from spilling out, but at least they give you one each time you buy a pencil. Some brands don't.


Overall, I like this eyeliner enough to buy it again. Because I wear contact lenses, finding a good eye pencil is not an easy task for me. MAC Liquidlast is the only truly waterproof eyeliner I've found (Milani Infinite Liquid is a dupe). Inglot's gel liner in 77 Black is the only other liner I trusted for tightlining until I found this pencil from Pat McGrath. Just the fact that the matte shade does not migrate onto my contact lenses is enough to keep me coming back for more Black Coffee.

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Highlighters -Pat McGrath Labs -Skin Fetish Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio

on 7/19/2018 9:06:00 AM


This is a five-star product through and through. I love the fact that Pat took all of her bestselling highlighters and placed them into one trio-palette, which is so convenient to use.

At first I was afraid that both pink and gold here would look OTT on my light-neutral complexion, leaving bold streaks of colour. However, I was so wrong! In reality these are the smoothest, most blendable highlighters on the market. They almost melt into your skin, which is not a surprise considering cream, fluid and powder were mixed to create this unique formula. I own a ton of high-end highlighters, nothing even remotely similar. While gold here can look a bit yellowish on me, whenever I mix it with pink I get the most perfect peachy highlighter you can ever imagine. These two shades have a holo feel to them, while bronze is perfect as an eyeshadow or bronzer topper. It is a perfect highlighter for beauties of a deeper complexion as well, so I have to respect the brand for creating a product that is universally flattering. Palette is fragile, so be careful.

I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here for those of you interested ( other than that I am really enjoying my palette and would totally recommend it!

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Highlighters -Pat McGrath Labs -Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo

on 7/19/2018 9:00:00 AM

I have heard great things about PMG highlighters; I believe this product has been around a few years back as a limited edition release, so I was very happy to finally play with an updated version this summer.

I got the shade Bronze, which would look great on beauties with a deeper skin tone. Gold is great for medium complexion, while Nude would be an ideal shade for might light-neutral skin tone. Too bad it is sold out right now, otherwise I would buy it in a heartbeat. The star product here is the balm - it is a clear, non-sticky yet very glossy formula that can be used mixed with highlighters or on its own (eyes, face, lips). It smells like a MAC lipstick and is a dreamy mixing medium. You can be as creative with it as you want! Highlighter is perfect as it is quite wearable and perfect for an subtle everyday glow.

Very compact, very luxe! I have unedited swatches and more application tips in a separate review here, for those of you interested ( All in all, great launch from the brand!

Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow Palette

on 7/5/2018 2:18:00 PM


This palette is for any makeup lovers who want to try out Pat Mcgrath eyeshadows, but don't want to drop $125 for the large palette. Simply put, the formula is like next level. Pigmented and smooth, the shimmers in this palette will not disappoint. They are also super blendable and easy to use. I would say Bronze Ambition is the perfect palette for my neutral girls or makeup newbies who want something high end. The shades selection in this palette make application almost intuitive.If I lost this palette or ran out, I would not hesitate to pick up another one. I have some swatches on my blog here:

Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose Eyeshadow Palette

on 6/18/2018 3:05:00 AM


THE best 55 dollars I have spent on eyeshadow palette! Honestly speaking, if Pat's bigger palettes were not this expensive, I would get them all. But MTHRSHP palettes (smaller ones) are just as divine!

You get 6 regular eyeshadow pans (instead of 10 - original Mothership palettes) but the colour combination is so perfect, you can create a ton of looks with just these 6 shadows alone. I have two palettes from the range, Subversive La Vie En Rose is certainly the most memorable/colourful one. I honestly bought it because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try some fun pinks and plums and purples for a change.

Boy, I was not disappointed! Gold shade here is like MAC's Woodwinked but on steroids! As you blend it out, it almost looks like you have two shadows on the eye (gold and warm transition shade), but it is only one colour! So easy, so fast. Purple shade here too - is brilliant and lasts for hours without fading (I use Paint Pot as a base). If you want a true, high-end eyeshadow palette that is worth every penny - look this way. Just pick a colour theme you like and trust me, you will thank me later!

I have unedited hand swatches and makeup looks created with this palette in a separate review here, for those of you interested in purchasing these little guys ( Hope it helps!!

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Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

on 6/18/2018 2:58:00 AM


I have only heard great things about PMG eyeshadows, but wasn't ready to splurge on a 125 USD palette. That was until the brand released smaller eyeshadow palettes. Oh my goodness, these are worth every penny!

The brand offers three small palettes at the moment, well they are not too small, because you get 6 regular eyeshadow pans in each palette (whereas original had 10). Packaging is lovely, every palette looks like a book. You also get a decent mirror inside, which is another bonus.

I love my Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette; at first these shades did not look "new" to me, however! These are the BEST quality eyeshadows I have tried in ages. Even better than Natasha Denona. No fallout, no kick-up. Pure pigment, metallic shades glide on almost as if your brush is wet, except it is not! I can create a ton of looks with these six guys alone. Matte brown here - oh my my - it is just so divine and truly is one swipe magic. I know I sound a bit over-excited, but when you pay for something expensive and it actually turns out to be 100% better than what you have expected - you'd be jumping with joy too! I have her other palette as well and quality is just as fab.

I have unedited hand swatches and makeup looks created with this palette in a separate review here, for those of you interested in purchasing these little guys ( Hope it helps.

Just stick to your colour theme and trust me, you will love MTHRSHP!

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Lip Gloss -Pat McGrath Labs -LUST: Gloss

Purchased Lust Gloss in Twilo, trying to figure out the hype around her products-Nice gloss, not sticky and looks good, however, with all the hype around I don't think its that out of this world as everyone makes it out to be. Have other glosses just as good for the same price. Also tried liqui lust in possessed, again nothing out of this world. Only reason I purchased was to see what all the fuss is about and because the price is average for a good lip gloss. May or may not purchase anymore. Haven't tried her eye shadows because they are overpriced in my opinion. Her liquid liner is very good tho.

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Lip Gloss -Pat McGrath Labs -LUST: Gloss

on 5/23/2018 3:56:00 AM

I thought I would never fall for the lip gloss ever again, but boy oh boy. I don't know how Pat does it, but let me tell you - she is the most influential makeup artist in the world for a reason and her formulas are amazing.

I love her matte lipsticks, so had high hopes for lip glosses. They do come in three finishes and having tried all three, I must say it is nearly impossible to pick a favourite - they are all top shelf quality. I would describe the formula as a hybrid of a traditional high-shine gloss and nourishing lip balm. They glide on like a dream, wear really well throughout the day and are a pleasure to work with. When it doubt, I always reach out for my PMG gloss. It literally goes with every look and won't accentuate lines, bleed, feel sticky, gritty or anything like that (not even her glittery shades). These do look like hot vinyl on your lips, so if you want a kissable, juicy pout - look this way.

I give these 5 stars and if you need a bit more info, plus hand + lip swatches, here is my detailed review with raw swatches here: ( I hope this review inspires you to try something new this summer - you won't be disappointed!

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Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -Subliminal platinum Bronze

on 5/6/2018 3:22:00 PM


I bought the Pat McGrath Subliminal platinum bronze palette when Sephora had their VIB sale. It's expensive. You get six eye shadows and it retails for $55. That's a lot of money but it's so beautiful. The colors are all cool toned browns with almost a purple undertone. It's just gorgeous. There are 5 shimmers and 1 matte shade. The texture of the shadows are very smooth and they blend like a dream. I have worn this palette during a 12 hour nursing shift and the colors never creased or faded so to me that's worth the price because I have come home after a long shift and look tore up and it's not fun. I would recommend this is you want a good cool toned palette. I also have the warm toned Bronze Ambition palette and it's beautiful too but I prefer this one just because I like the cool toned shades better.

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Palettes -Pat McGrath Labs -Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette - Decadence

on 4/13/2018 11:22:00 AM


Let me start of by saying that I have had a love/hate relationship with Pat Mcgrath makeup. I hated her highlighter sets, they were a waste of a lot of money. Then I bought the Dark Star ultra suede brown set and it looked nothing like the promos and the color payoff was awful. This kept me from trying anything else from her for a long time. Then I bought her Mattetrance lipsticks and I was in love. I bought this palette on her website when she had a 30% off code. I have to say that I am shocked at the quality and this palette. The colors are beautiful and pigmented. I swatched this on my arm and it looked like liquid metal on my skin. The colors are so vivid consisting of rich jewel tones. All the colors have a shimmer finish, there are no mattes in this set. The packaging is really something. The palette is black with a gold back. The inside mirror is beveled and there is a small gold hieroglyphic looking logo on the front. The outer packaging is a heavy cardboard case that holds that palette. It's the heaviest palette I own. You could do some damage if you hit someone with this. I've been wearing these shadows for the last few weeks. I work a 12 hour shift and they didn't crease or fade. They blend like a dream too. I always get compliments when I wear this palette. The only criticism I have is that some of the colors are a little too dark on me because I am so pale. Other than that this is a winner. One of the best palettes I own, hands down.
Color List:

-Gold Standard: yellow gold with high shine and slight gold glitter (no fallout)

-Inferno: to me, this looks like a rose gold shade with a deep brown undertone, has a metallic finish

-Blue Blood: deep purple/brown shimmer

-Sinful: a cross between silver and gold, metallic. I could see this picking up other colors it's paired with. It could go green if you put it with an emerald shade.

-Underworld: a deep navy, slight sheen

-Sterling: metallic silver

-Lapis Luxury: bright royal blue with fine microglitter, no fallout from this shade either. It's one of the most beautiful shades in the palette.

-Divine Mix: gunmetal grey with pink reflects, metallic finish

-Hedonistic: bronze shade with a pink shift, metallic finish

-Enigma: taupe/grey with a gold sheen

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Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -Subliminal platinum Bronze

on 3/29/2018 6:12:00 AM


Well I finally succumbed & had to purchase an eyeshadow palette from Pat McGrath. I saw the 6 shadow palettes @ Sephora online then decided which was for me.
I chose Subliminal Platinum Bronze 6 shadow palette of the new 3 just recently released.
I am warm toned & was hesitant to purchase a “cool” palette as so many bloggers labeled this as “cool” but were changing their minds to state this Platinum palette is warm toned. Tired of Neutrals I went for some color.
The palette itself is a bit more heavy than you’d expect. Heavier, say, than a MUFE 15 pan palette even. On trying to get the palette open, note there is clear tape holding it closed. I almost ripped that tape off in my hurry to open the Palette but didn’t want to then tear off a piece of the palette paper front.
Opening this little beauty was exciting. There are 6 lovely shadows covered by a plastic barrier which have the names of the shadow on it. Remove that, and voila!
Consistency of these eyeshadows is like butter - so rich, minimal dust up, able to just pat your brush on the shadow to get color yes, but to apply and blend you need to swirl just a little to get enough on your brush to apply.
Color tone: Excellent. Swatches are true to the color you see in ads.
The colors are beautiful. There are 3 that can be used to cover an entire lid, but the beauty is in application and blending.
Blended very well with minimal work.
8 hours after applying these shadows using Nars Eyeshadow primer and the color of the shadows were just as rich as they were on first application that morning.
Yes, now I am under Pat McGrath’s spell but won’t be purchasing any more from this brand as products are costly. I don’t need the bigger palettes so this 6 pan palette will see me through.

This palette may be my new HG, I love it so much.

For you warm toned folks, I am MAC NW 22-25 brown eyes & hair & this palette suited my skin tone perfectly. I can’t even see any “cool” toned here.

Can’t say anything bad about this palette except of course @ $55 it’s alittle steep but I am happy Pat McGrath offered the smaller palettes for those of us that can’t afford $125 (me).

The closure rubber band works well to keep the palette closed. I like the way the Viseart Petite Pro is designed to open & close their 6 pans better than this palette, which is bulkier than the 6 pan Petit Pro palette, but who cares? The packaging for the Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette feels strong & sturdy either way. It’s wonderful.

I am not sure I will ever purchase another palette. I may have reached my eyeshadow Nirvana with this palette, it’s that good.

The shade colors, again, are beautiful. The shadow product consistency is so smooth, easy to get on the brush. easy to apply & blend.

If only once, treat yourself to one of these babies. You won’t be sorry. I downloaded the picture above - my review is for the first one, not Sublime Bronze.

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Eye Shadow -Pat McGrath Labs -MTHRSHP Sublime Bronze Ambition Eyeshadow Palette

on 3/25/2018 7:45:00 PM


The actual full name of this palette is "Sublime Bronze Ambition MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette" but I wasn't sure that would fit in the box for the product name! It's quite a mouthful! I was absolutely stunned to walk into my local Sephora and see this smack dab in the center of the aisle as soon as I entered the front door. Until that moment, Pat McGrath's cosmetics had only been available online and I prefer to see my makeup purchases up close and personal, especially when the cosmetics are on the pricier side (this baby is $70 in Canada). This is the only one of her palettes (so far) that is available in-store. I grabbed this almost immediately, after doing swatches of most of the shades and I am really happy with this purchase. Everything I'd read about the quality of her shadows - pigmented, blendable, creamy-smooth - turns out to be true.

In all honesty, I'd probably give this palette a 4.5 rating if I could because, like another of my fave palettes (the ABH Mario one), this is lacking a brow-bone highlight shade for me (matte or shimmery). And the packaging is nice but the elastic loop closure is a bit "faffy" though the magnets are strong enough to hold this securely closed. There is also a really nice mirror - it seems somehow "brighter" (if that makes any sense at all) than the mirrors in most palettes. The colour names are printed on a separate cellophane sheet (y'know, the kind that are a pain to keep track of and always seem to vanish within the first 2 months of use). The shades themselves are just gorgeous and pretty much what you'd expect from something with the name "Bronze Ambition":
Gilt Trip: a shimmery light gold (smooth as silk charmeuse and the lightest shade in the palette)
Bronze Struck: a rich and very wearable bronze shade
Copperized: a really rich and shimmery (almost liquid looking) copper; initially, I thought this wouldn't be a good colour on me but it's absolutely stunning on my mobile lids or on the inner 2/3 with something darker (like Illicit) on the outer third
Illicit: to me, the most striking and beautiful shade in a palette full of beautiful shades; it's a rich, slightly warm shimmery brown that reminds me of Urban Decay Thunderbird
Throwing Shade: a very warm, orange-toned lighter brown and a colour I thought would be the dud for me in the palette because it's so orange but as a transition/blending out shade, it works surprisingly well in the higher crease area and it's making me want to try similar shades I have but have been ignoring
Gold Rush: as the name suggests, another gold shade - this one is deeper and darker than Gilt Trip and while I like them both, I do wish one or the other had been replaced with a brow bone shade

This is a really beautiful palette and, compared to her larger palettes, the price isn't quite so alarming. And if you are someone who has been buying neutral shadows for years, this isn't a must have as you are likely to have dupes for most or all of the shades. But if you are newer to makeup, this is a good purchase and give you the opportunity to work with some really good quality shadows. Even if you have more eyeshadows than you can realistically use in your lifetime, you will still probably enjoy this palette.

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Lipstick -Pat McGrath Labs -LuxeTrance Lipstick (all)

on 3/14/2018 9:57:00 AM


This is unlike any other lipstick I’ve owned and I hated it at first, kicking myself for spending such an obscene amount on lipstick. It is not, for a very pale person, meant to be applied full force from the tube like you can every other lipstick on the planet. In order for this to work - and work it does - on me, this needs to be applied like my granny used to: dabbed on. It's just way too much color when applied full bore.

It literally is unlike any other lipstick I’ve used in that it has no smell, it’s almost like a smell vacuum, which is fine by me. Bad lipstick perfume (cough Bobbi Brown cough) wrecks many a glorious formula. It is as though it is literally a pigment tube, there's so much packed in here. So even this LuxeTrance one is mighty matte lipstick. It just goes on, and it feels like the few carriers and emollients just evaporate and poof, color. It doesn’t feel dried out or uncomfortable, though for dry lip wearers I think it could. It's like a film of rich, opaque color.

The two colors I have worn are Lavish, which is a fairly bold (even patted!) rose with a dash of brown and a lot of mauve; it doesn’t pull purple at all, and Tropicalia, […see below]. Lavish's cousin is Bobbi Brown's Telluride lipstick in the new, clearer formula applied deeply.

If you are a pigmented lady and wish that lipsticks had more oomph, I think this is your formula. As it is I love it.
ETA 3/16/18: Tropicalia is a very bright coral and I wonder if I meant to get Apricult or if that is the brighter one. As it is, this one goes POW on me - even dabbing. It’s great but in March my pale self isn’t really ready for colors like that. I had tried it over Lavish and that is when I loved the color. Lasts like classic lipsticks, so check your lips after a meal, but I don’t expect eight hour wear when I'm dabbing it daintily.

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