Concealers -Charlotte Tilbury -Magic Away Liquid Concealer

on 9/18/2018 4:25:00 AM


Am I the only one not impressed with this new concealer by Charlotte?? 10 years in the making? Really? I usually love her products but this has been a huge fail for me. I am so disappointed as I really wanted to love it. I have been using for a week in the shade #8 (peachy undertone) for my medium (NC37-40) skin and use it predominantly under my eyes and sometimes on the sides of the nose.

First the good: it has a lovely lightweight texture that is pretty hydrating and comfortable to wear all day and the longevity is decent with it lasting a good solid 10 hours on me.

The bad: the formula boasts a full coverage which I don’t agree with. It barely covers the dark circles under my eyes and mine are not even that obvious. If you have very dark circles I wouldn’t recommend this product. The sponge applicator is also something I have a problem with as it is very unhygienic and an awkward shape. I would much prefer a flat top to a pointy one (and ideally not a sponge applicator at all) as I have to use finger tips/brush anyway since the sponge applicator doesn’t blend the product out completely. The applicator just dots the product In a weird uneven way which I have blend out with my fingers or my Zoeva concealer brush. All in all I’m pretty disappointed and would not recommend this product, especially not if you have a lot of discolouration/blemishes/acne scars to cover. I think it would be perfect for someone younger without any major skin issues.

As a result I am disappointed to say that this product hasn’t been life changing for me, forget magic. Such a shame :(

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Eyeliner -Charlotte Tilbury -The Feline Flick in Panther

on 9/18/2018 2:33:00 AM


While I think it is a touch expensive, it is certainly a much better alternative to KVD or any other high-end liner of its kind.

Feline Flick is a felt-tip liner with a pitch black matte finish. It is gorgeous. The tip allows so much precision, you can easily create all sorts of lines with it. Especially if you are into your pen-liners, this one is a great option.

It stays put for hours and hours and hours. Did not smudge on my semi-hooded lids (wow, that's actually a rare thing) and was easy to remove with micellar water. What not to love??

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

Blush -Charlotte Tilbury -Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy

on 9/18/2018 2:31:00 AM


Yes, yes and yes. I will be using this until I hit the pan.

Ecstasy is one of those colours (peachy/pink/nude) that goes with every single makeup look possible. It is sheer, yet sexy at the same time. You can always build it up when needed, believe me - it is pigmented.

I find it lasts a very good amount of time on my cheeks and blends like a dream. Even if you are a makeup beginner or perhaps not a typical blush wearer, but you still need that one little compact that will add a youthful glow to your cheeks - this is the one.

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers includign this blush, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Eye Shadow -Charlotte Tilbury -The Dolce Vita Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

on 9/18/2018 2:28:00 AM


I had no idea just how much I would like this quad, until I gave it a try. My goodness, I can see why it graced faces of models and celebrities.

Normally, luxury eyeshadow quads can be ridiculously overpriced and poor in terms of pigmentation/blendability. This, however, is Charlotte's bestselling palette for a reason. I can't think of anyone, who would not rock these colours. They are perfect! You have three satin shades and one pressed glitter; none of them have fall-out plus! They last all day long, without losing their pigment. I do not agree with the price, but hey! If you want to treat yourself, you won't be disappointed.

I also like how Charlotte has tutorials on every single palette on YouTube. Her application technique is very different to mine, but I tried following her steps and am so happy that I did! She is a genius. For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers including this palette, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Lipstick -Charlotte Tilbury -Matte Revolution Lipstick - Pillow Talk

on 9/18/2018 2:24:00 AM


YESSS! Charlotte, just take my 34 dollars and let's call it a day.

I had no idea just how much I would love this shade. I do not really care about any other colour, but Pillow Talk is seriously a stunner! It is this perfect, pinky/nude/beige that will look ah-mazing on people of all ages and colours. Seriously, try it - it will look good on your puppy too.

I really did not like her creamy lipsticks. But this formula is different to say MAC's or even any other mattes. It is not dry, but it is not 100% opaque either. I'd call it a buildable matte, that you can either wear sheer or add a few more layers and make it pop. You are the boss and I love the fact that you can adjust it to any makeup look easily. Wear it with smokey eyes, wear it on a no makeup day - it will make your lips look kissable and smooth. Just like velvet. Gosh, try it and thank me later!

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Lip Liners -Charlotte Tilbury -Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

on 9/18/2018 2:20:00 AM


If you wanted to try something from the brand, but have no idea where to start, get the Pillow Talk!

This liner will look amazing on pretty much every girl (or boy). Age, complexion and all that stuff do not matter - this colour is universally flattering. I love how it is creamy, yet not too creamy. It is pigmented, yet not strikingly opaque, so that you can easily build it up gradually.

Makes your lips look sexy, pouty and kissable. I am a huge fan now and can see why people were raving so much about it in first place. Not sure why it took me so long to finally try it! For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Primer/ Corrector -Charlotte Tilbury -Wonderglow

on 9/18/2018 2:17:00 AM


I will be definitely repurchasing this in the future and here is why:

As someone with dry skin, I love my glowing primers. Sadly, most of them are nothing but a mix of crushed pearls that make your skin look hydrated, but in reality they have no skincare properties to them. This Wonderglow, however, is the best of both worlds. It adds a very sophisticated amount of healthy glow AND it hydrates your skin (blend of oils, hyaluronic acid etc).

I almost feel like this gem should be labeled as a serum. It instantly makes my skin feel and look good. I can wear it without any foundation on (it sets to a natural finish) or pop it right underneath any other product and it will seriously add that sun-kissed filter to your skin without making you look like a greasy mess. I think it is worth every penny!

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Moisturizers -Charlotte Tilbury -Magic Cream

on 9/18/2018 2:12:00 AM


Now this is the most expensive moisturizer I have tried so far in my life (I mean, 100 bucks, come on Charlotte!) but I have to is truly amazing.

I would not say it is a 100% necessity; surely you can use any other rich moisturizer underneath your foundation to achieve that perfect plump base for your foundation to glide on. However! If you have cash to spend and you wondered whether this was a gimmicky product or not - it is great, actually.

I save it for those days, when I have a special event or something important going on, so that I can look my best self even if I had no sleep and my skin is breaking out. This cream would be perfect for those of you with dry skin in particular, I am not sure about people with oilier skin; it might be too heavy for you guys. All in all, fabulous skincare product. Maybe a touch overpriced.

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Highlighters -Charlotte Tilbury -Filmstar Bronze & Glow

on 9/18/2018 2:09:00 AM


This is one of those products, that you just HAVE TO try on your face before buying. Believe me, years and years ago, I would swatch it on my hand and say "uhm, no!". Which is why I couldn't get the hype.

That was until I have actually (yes) tried it on myself and I was blown away by just how smooth, pigmented and flawless her powders are. I mean that contour/bronze shade in particular is worth every penny. I feel like I am a hollywood bronzed goddess whenever I wear it. Highlighter is very sophisticated and delicate too, you can easily amp it up by using a bit of Fix Plus, but other than that - there is really nothing bad about this duo. It is expensive, but you will love it and use it on a daily basis.

For those of you who are curious to know more about her bestsellers, I have unedited swatches, application tips and makeup look in a separate review here ( I hope it helps!

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Lipstick -Charlotte Tilbury -Bond Girl

on 9/17/2018 11:46:00 PM

I was so looking forward to Bond Girl. When I saw the colour on the CT website I thought it was the colour I've been fruitlessly searching for, for years. And it is. The colour is a muted berry/plum, which is very flattering. The texture is almost like a balm, and it has a matte finish which isn't drying.

Unfortunately it has zero staying power. It just disappears from my lips, even if I'm not eating or drinking. I don't know what happens to it. It's so disappointing because the colour is lovely, but I wish it had some staying power. Even if it left a nice stain as it wore off, that would be something, but it just disappears. For that reason, I won't repurchase.

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Palettes -Charlotte Tilbury -Pillow Talk Luxury Eye Palette

on 9/15/2018 9:36:00 PM


The Pillow Talk Luxury Eye Palette is a subtle series of nudie pinks, or perhaps I should call them peachy rose tans. They don’t vary tremendously in depth from palest to darkest. You can build up the Smoke shade, which is a matte medium rosy brown, but it will never be truly smoky. It’s more of a gradient tone-on-tone quad. Charlotte Tilbury’s layout is user-friendly. Each four-pan palette starts with a Prime shade (top left) and steps you through the other shadows clockwise; Enhance, Smoke, and Pop, which is usually a glitter pan.

Pillow Talk is a soft, dreamy look. Imagine a Victoria’s Secret model with a tousled bedhead peering through horn-rimmed glasses she doesn’t need – her vision is fine – pretending to care about a newspaper which is probably upside down – let’s face it, who are they kidding? – sipping an empty cup that would contain espresso if this were actually an Italian veranda. The Pillow Talk Collection is that kind of makeup. Faux naked. Almost bare but not. Feigned innocence as she fibs, “I just woke up like this.”

In all seriousness, the quality is on par with Charlotte’s other quads, so if you like those, you know what to expect. The compact is the same size as the others and has a mirror in the lid. The first three shadows blend effortlessly, and it’s pretty enough without the Pop if you’d rather skip the glitter. I do think this particular Pop shade is understated enough for day but that’s a judgment call. The glitter topcoat is meant to be dabbed onto the lid with a fingertip. Charlotte does this in her tutorials and that’s really the easiest way to control it. If you apply it with a brush you may feel a shower of fairy dust landing on your cheekbone as well as your eyelid.

I was already happy with the Pillow Talk lip liner and matching lipstick, so the blush and eyeshadow quad were items I wanted to complete the Pillow Talk Look. These shadows make my blue eyes look bright and awake but not heavily made-up. I’m pleased with it. It’s lovely on fair skin.

I know these subtle rosy tones won’t appeal to everyone, especially at fifty-three dollars. If this doesn't speak to you, take a look at The Dolce Vita. It’s more dramatic than this one, a spicier take on the Tilbury smoky eye. The Dolce Vita flatters a broad range of skin tones, and it’s perfect for autumn.

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Powder -Charlotte Tilbury -Charlotte's Genius Magic Powder

on 9/14/2018 2:36:00 PM


Excellent setting powder and excellent quality as usual from Charlotte Tilbury. Yes, this smells horrible, however it quickly dissipates. I use this in setting the new Charlotte Tilbury concealer and it works so well .... there is no powdery cakey look and it just goes on smooth and flawless as well as this does not settle into fine lines/pores. I find that this powder is long lasting and truly a light dusting is all that is needed to make my face look polished. I have always hated setting powders but the Genius Magic Powder has changed my mind as this is of the highest quality and truly amazing. (for reference in the past I have liked La Mer's powder as well as the one from Houglass, but the Genius Magic Powder is my favorite.)

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Concealers -Charlotte Tilbury -Magic Away Concealer

on 9/14/2018 2:27:00 PM

Excellent concealer and as usual a high quality item from the Charlotte Tilbury line. I normally only use concealer to camouflage discolorations on the underside of my chin, however, not only does this concealer work perfectly in hiding those areas, but I also started using this underneath the eyes to act as a highlighter and wow what a difference this makes .... I have always stayed away from using concealers other than my chin as I found concealers would look cakey or settle in pores/fine lines, but not this Magic Away Concealer ..... it works beautiful on its own as well as with the new Charlotte Tilbury setting powder. This concealer has made a difference for me in that it covers my flaws (for reference I use 1 Fair and am a NW10) and truly makes my eyes pop when using this for highlighting purposes ..... well done Charlotte Tilbury!

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Concealers -Charlotte Tilbury -Magic Away Concealer

on 9/13/2018 3:17:00 AM

I have been testing this new concealer out for about a week and am loving it. I have it in the colour Fair 3 and use it to cover my dark under-eye circles and the pigmentation blotches I fabulously also have in that area. I may get a couple of the darker shades for when the weather warms up as it is pretty light in tone for me. It goes on feeling a little odd and slippy with the rather weird-looking applicator but after settling down, it feels really weightless and looks very even. The feel of it is unusual and quite hard to describe. I've discovered the sort of "onion-dome" tipped sponge applicator is pretty good for reaching the inner lower eye corner and sides of the nose. It needs lightly pressing into the skin to spread the formula evenly over dark patches, I gently use my ring finger, but I'm guessing a makeup sponge or beauty blender would do the trick too. The product blends out very evenly over both foundation and on another day, no foundation in my under-eye area and kind of sinks into the skin in a good way, and makes all shadows and marks disappear. This is a full coverage, high pigmentation formula. Then it just stays put... with no bunching up, pilling, exaggeration of lines or pores, or wearing off, all day. The longest I've had it on was 13 hours and it still looked good after all that time. I much prefer it now to my usual NARS creamy concealer which wears off and has to be reapplied in the middle of the day so this is a huge thumbs up. I'm amazed at how good it is. There seems to be a fairly OK range of shades- 16 so far, and hopefully, this will expand. Downsides- many will find this is a pricey item at GBP32 for a rather stingy 4ml, and some people may not like the idea of the spongy applicator, which because it is attached to the bottle- cannot be cleaned, I think the sponge also soaks up a lot of the product which given the price, is a bummer. My take is- it makes me look SO much younger and less tired and I reckon that's worth its weight in gold.

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Fragrances -Charlotte Tilbury -Scent of a Dream

on 9/13/2018 2:24:00 AM

Not for me at all. It doesn't smell like a perfume, it smells like hairspray and dust, there's nothing pleasant about this scent imo.

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