Bronzers -GUERLAIN -Terracotta Sun Trio


I am not quite sure what fo think about this because I got the shade clair-light and when I use the individual shades I am just not seeing any color difference between the bronzer shade and the contour shade. The light highlighting shade, well, I am simply just not seeing it at all on my skin tone. The compact is too small to get a brush into the individual parts so I know I am picking up the other shades. So this leaves me no other choice than to swirl my brush over the whole thing and therefore I feel it’s just better off to stick with the original terracotta bronzer.

Liquid -GUERLAIN -Terracotta Joli Teint

on 11/20/2018 1:50:00 PM


Best foundation tried out so far. Natural coverage, easy to blend, a little goes a long way. Great product (also for senditive skin) and the price is very affordable.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Samsara

on 11/11/2018 9:37:00 PM


I am sniffing some 1980's-vintage SAMSARA EDT on my hand now. After not having experienced it for years. I had remembered I once liked it, but now might have to re-evaluate.

I know it had been initially released during the rise of the New Age/Yoga movement, intended to be a relaxing and meditative and "spiritual" fragrance-- the ad of the silhouetted nude lady sitting cross-legged before a dramatic sunset.

Yet that's not how I'm reading it now. I am very surprised to see just how powerful the aldehyde topnotes are... the "cosmetic" components of the scent, which make it seem very "perfume-y" indeed, almost hairspray-like, and not as "mellow" and woody as I thought I'd remembered it...

The scent on my hand here is tart, un-sweet floral and brilliantly aldehydic, with the aldehydic topnotes not evanescing quickly at all... They last for a long time, with an almost "coriander"-like sharpness... plenty of iris (almost cocoa-carrot-y), ylang in her "green banana skin" guise, a hint of aromatic menthol, and hints of something anisic-- tarragon?-- in keeping with the "Guerlinade" that haunts things like L'HEURE BLEUE (which used to be much more licorice-y than it is today).

And of course, I'm getting the signature heliotrope with its hint of vanilla and faux almondy/face powder, and what seems to be a synthetic fruit note, daubed with a balsam (peru? tolu?)

Oddly the sandalwood here seems very restrained... not especially "mystical" or "Indian" or "meditative". It has no chance to get milky/spicy/warm, what with the intense, sharp green-floral-aldehydes here. At the time of SAMSARA's release, the buzz was that it contained a decadent amount of real santal in it. I'm guessing the EDP and Extrait offer more of that quality than the EDT?

I'm pretty sure I detect ambergris, with its curious quality like a woman's lips, breath and skin. SAMSARA is much more "femme" than I had remembered it.

Guerlain always does a good job... even their lesser-scents have an undeniable quality and integrity. I even like the grapefruit tomcat-piss of PAMPLELUNE. (The only time Guerlain has ever alienated me... was with their ghastly, nasty new version of HABIT ROUGE in the parfum). And this is indeed a fine, quality perfume. Cosmetically pleasant enough, but not really my thing... No offense to those who are smitten by it. Maybe if the Croatian siren Oja Kodar stepped, nude, out of the frame of Orson Welles's THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND, her brown skin smelling of it, might I change my mind.

I much prefer the in-your-face, animalic, smoky, oily, sweetness of SHALIMAR in the EDP. If I'm going to do sandalwood, I like her in a more dark, incense-y, nigh-headshoppy mood, the old hippie that I am. SHALIMAR is far less subtle and modern than SAMSARA, and I think I like that "more-is-more" quality of it...

As another has posted here, SAMSARA may be the least Oriental Oriental there is. Sorry, kids, I'm gonna have to scrub this from my hand...

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Les Elixirs Charnels - French Kiss Fragrance

on 10/30/2018 9:42:00 AM


I adore this fragrance! It's like a fluffy raspberry candy cloud with violets and powder mixed in. It's not super complex, but it is beautiful, girly and flirty. There is a distinct cosmetic powder note that smells kind of like Airspun powder, but the candied raspberry note sticks around.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Cuir Beluga

on 10/24/2018 2:13:00 PM


A well-behaving leather, so much so that I think of it as white suede sitting on gourmand notes. For some reason, it makes me think about the smell inside a tidy wardrobe. The 'cuir' is so soft and safe that I perceive it more as a vanillic, gourmand fragrance with just a whiff of suede. It makes me think of white chocolate actually. It is well made, it is pleasant but it surely does not travel in danger zones and that's where I enjoy leathers. Cuir Beluga is more like a winter comfort scent. I have nothing against that genre but there are so many lovely and easily accessible fragrances in that category that I personally see no need to seek this.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Rosa Pop

On initial spray I definitely get more of the berries. This immediately reminds me of that pink Mr Bubble bubble bath. It's fruity and sweet smelling but clean.

The rose comes out more on the dry down and is so lovely. This is a very youthful and bright rose. This aint ya grandmother's rose fragrance that is for sure.

The final dry down is a warmer and softer rose.

It last a very long time. This is one of my favorite rose fragrances yet.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -L'Art et la Matiere Rose Barbare


I used to never be a fan of rose scented products or fragrances. They say our tastes change every 7 years, so I guess that explains why I'm now obsessed with rose scented everything.

I went into the Guerlain Boutique solely to buy Mitsuko and not spend more than that. But I asked about what rose scented fragrances they had on hand. We tried a few and I just fell in love with this one right away. My husband said "buy it" and it was my valentines' present.

To me this is a bouquet of soft florals, with just a whisper of a scent as you spray it on. I don't find it as heavy as some other Guerlain fragrances when its wet on the skin.

At first you get a sweetness from the honey, and another note which Im guessing is the adelydes? On the dry down you get more of the rose, but it is not your grandmothers old tea rose perfume, it is sweeter, more delicate and more modern.

This is very different from some of the other Guerlain fragrances that I own. I absolutely love the atomizer and the wonderful little leather box it comes in. This is one for special occasions or a date night out.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Shalimar


I've recently gotten rid of all of my other perfumes and am focusing on only collecting Guerlain. Shalimar was one that I was sure I was NOT going to love. It just seemed so old lady-ish based on reviews Ive read. However, I decided to give it a try and now I LOVE it.

On first spray and wet there is something so strong that I dont like: maybe the leathery notes. I dont get the citrus at all in this.

But within an hour and on the dry down this becomes this soft, powdery scent. It's like a warming resin incense. It makes me think of temples I visited in Asia.

The dry down keeps changing, first its warm vanilla, than its this firey fesin and ends in a bouquet of flowers.

I defnitely get the amber, vanilla and tonka bean in this.

Primer/ Corrector -GUERLAIN -L'OR Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold


This is one of my most favorite primers to use. It leaves a beautiful and radiant glow to the skin. It has a slightly tacky finish that helps to really hold makeup.

This adds a beautiful glow to any foundation and really helps makeup to last. I really wish this wasn't as expensive as it is. If it was more affordable it would be my regular primer.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -L'Instant de Guerlain


This is probably my most favorite perfume/fragrance ever. I typically only purchase and use Guerlain fragrances. This is a very warm and powdery scent that stays on the skin very well.

This has some of my favorite notes like jasmine and amber. It is a beautiful but light floral that warms up to a powdery vanilla and amber scent. I love that I can spray this lightly in the morning and wears well all day without being overwhelming at all.

Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Gourmand Coquin


I only purchase and wear Guerlain fragrances and when I discovered this one I fell in love. This is one of the Guerlain fragrances that are not as easy to find. I purchased mine at the Guerlain boutique in the France Pavilion at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

It is a deep gourmand scent, very sweet on the initial spray and dies down to a lovely rum and cocoa/chocolate like scent. This one stays on the skin FOREVER. Its a warm and spicy scent with sweet undertones. This is truly amazing.

Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Insolence


One of my favorites from Guerlain. Its sweet, bright berries. The dry down becomes softer and more floral. I love the beautiful and unique design of the bottle as well.

Fragrances -GUERLAIN -L'Heure Bleue


This was one of my first Guerlain fragrances. Its a very strong scent on initial spray but it dries down to a lovely floral scent. This is one of my favorites and I wear it often. It lasts forever on the skin too. I can spray this in the morning and still smell it softly in the evening.

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Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Samsara


This is a beautiful incense and woodsy scent. I love the beautiful red bottle which is classic Guerlain. I find this a little heavy at first but it dries nicely.

I think of this as a warmer, spicier scent that is better for evening than for day. It is one of my favorites from Guerlain.

Fragrances -GUERLAIN -Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune


Like all of the Aqua Allegorias these are light and perfect for wearing on summer days. This is a pure grapefruit smell. Its bright and refreshing.

This one wears longer and better than some of the other Aqua Allegorias. And the bee cage bottles look so beautiful sitting on the shelf.

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