Sunscreen -Etude House -All Proof Sunprise SPF50+++

on 5/24/2018 3:26:00 PM

I had this for awhile but was too chicken to use it because firstly it was super scented floral when I took a whiff and secondly it seemed like it would be heavy greasy and cause breakouts.

Well I took one for the team and have been testing it for the past week. I think I found my HG SS that moisturizes and isn't drying. It doesn't seem that fragranced wearing it on my face which is great compared to how it seemed so overwhelmingly perfumey when I first checked it out. It's more like a light fruit smell like melon.

I only use a serum underneath and then the EH SS. It goes on more like a moisturizer and isn't drying at all. There is a slight white cast but it goes away and I wear my EH cushion on top. I haven't had any breakouts wearing this and my skin seems better and calmed at the end of the day. It leaves a satin finish and my face doesn't look all cakey and parched at the end of the day.

Edit: realized I have the older version of this from 2017.

Styling Products -Living Proof -No Frizz Humidity Shield

on 5/24/2018 3:23:00 PM

This product would be only OK if you could spray it without having to wear a gas mask! I have a rather small vanity area and there is no way I can use this, even if I hold my breath. Not worth the hype or money and does not do much at all for my 2B-3A frizzy hairs. I am giving their new Instant De-Frizzer the same review, as the same exact problem... toxic fumes.

Moisturizers -Sisley -Restorative Facial Cream - Creme Reparatrice

on 5/24/2018 3:14:00 PM


So glad I tried a tester for this very expensive cream. The smell is so horrid, I do not even bother to check the cream has any 'restorative powers' or not. Very cheap after shave scent which stays forever. Definite no no for me.

Fragrances -Prada -Infusion d'Iris EDP

on 5/24/2018 3:12:00 PM


I was living off a sample vial of this for a while and eventually bought the full size. This is simply beautiful the way a fine "black and white" photograph is beautiful. It's as good for what's not there as for what is there. There is powdery iris, touches of citrus, and subtle wood notes. Some people describe this as dry, but to me Infusion d'Iris is moist like damp earth. It's cool and unisex. When I wear it I feel very modern and cool in a 1950's beatnik kind of way. An example of simplistic fragrance in a post modern world.

Powder -Shiseido -The Makeup Powdery Foundation SPF 15

on 5/24/2018 2:52:00 PM


This stuff is amazing!!! I’ve been using it for over 15 years now, and I’ve tried many other products, and nothing can beat it!!! It wonderfully covers my large pores without caking up or clumping in areas. It literally flawlessly covers your face making it look like you have a naturally beautiful skin. It is so hard to find a make up that fully covers your face, and matches it so well you have the appearance of barely wearing anything. I also have combination skin with discolored areas, and large pores. It literally covers all of my imperfections! I cannot say it enough this product is amazing!!!

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Eyeliner -Rimmel -Exaggerate Eye Definer (All Colors)

on 5/24/2018 2:42:00 PM


I am reviewing 2 colors. (I normally use Tom Ford ONYX eye definer ($36)). I didn’t want to use my “good” MU because a few days ago I had to use drops for pink eye & im sup to use them for one more day so I looked my collex for an old liner I can use & replace when I’m all well again.i won’t replace his liner in blackest black. It’s awful it is like light grey. It’s Smudgy not that sex kitten look more like I used a bad product that traveled all over my lids. The Nude is HG I buy those all of the time (dupe for MAC chronograph pencil!!) But the blackest Black is TERRIBLE! I’ll stick w my TF$ but I’m getting a TF$ dual ended pencil w white on one side + nude on the other side will prob replace my rimmel nude rimmel liners. The blackest black I can’t wait to throw away and get rid of this dang pink eye it’s almost gone. The black makes my eyes itchy. Grade (nude) A- 5/5 Grade (blackest black): F— I would of five this 0/5 if i had the option.

Moisturizers -Olay -Active Botanicals Moisturizing Day Lotion

on 5/24/2018 2:38:00 PM

This would be one of my favorite lotions for my face but for two things: the smell, which is HORRID, and the fact that it doesn't have sunscreen. The snow mushroom extract makes my skin very smooth. I think this has been discoed, since it is not on the website, and I bought my container at Big Lots. However, I have seen it at Target, so I have no idea...

Styling Products -Sebastian -Shaper Plus Hairspray


I absolutely love this hairspray; the best I've found that balances hold with flexibility, adds a little shine, can be restyled, doesn't feel stiff, doesn't dry my hair out. However, I am beyond frustrated with Sebastian hair sprays. They all clog. My bottle clogs every single day, literally. I have to boil water and pop off and soak the dispenser part every single day without exception. I am so tired of this because I have a hard time getting out the door as it stands. Plus it costs enough, the packaging should be better. I told my sister about it and she said she stopped buying for the same reason. I'm sad about it, really, but I'll have to try to find something else.

Eyeliner -Maybelline - Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil- White Cashmere

on 5/24/2018 2:13:00 PM

So long lasting! I use it on my waterline and it really brightens my eyes up. It is also an amazing base for bright colored and glitter liners. Whatever I apply on top really pops and stays on. It does not budge, it actually takes effort to remove (which is a good thing). The shade is a bright white gel with a satin finish.

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Liquid -Shiseido -Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation

on 5/24/2018 1:43:00 PM


I have combo skin and the number one problem I have with foundation is it slides off and gets oily looking fairly quickly. Some foundations do it immediately and others work really well for me. Primers don't help. Either the foundation works or it doesn't. This is one that works mostly well for me. This is a medium coverage foundation, I'd never say full but it's a strong medium. It's very liquidy and has a silicone almost powdery feel when you apply it. I don't love the feel of the product and every time I apply it I think it looks powdery (even though it's a liquid) at first. I usually use my artis brush with it (oval 7). I have tried a beauty blender but I think this foundation reacts poorly to the moisture in the sponge. So I brush it on and at first it usually doesn't look too good. But then it sits on my skin and looks better and better. At first I'd say the finish is a satin matte and by mid day it looks more skin like but not oily at all. I do set with powder in my t-zone. I never use primer. I'm about NC 15 and very neutral skin tone. I wear the Neutral 1. I can almost wear Neutral 2 in the summer but it's just a bit dark. I work 12 hour shifts and this is one that holds up really well all day, unless I wear a mask and then the humidity from the mask makes it break down around my nose. This foundation does not do well with dry flakey skin. This last winter I had a lot of peeling going on from active skin care and the dry winter and I could not wear this foundation. But I've changed up my skin care, I'm not peeling, and now it's warm outside and I love it. Also, it doesn't break me out, which ruins a lot of almost perfect foundations. This is fairly pricy but I think I'd repurchase. I'm only about 1/5 into the bottle so it lasts a while and we'll see if I still like it. But overall. For reference other foundations I like are Revlon Colorstay, Estee Lauder Doublewear (the original), and Urban Decay Naked skin. I'm super picky and I try lots of foundations but most don't work for me very well.

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Scrubs -Olay -Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Scrub

on 5/24/2018 1:39:00 PM


I got this in a sample with a few other Total Effects products, and I love it. The scent is gentle and citrus-y, there is good cleansing action that removes makeup and oil, and the exfoliation leaves my skin feeling super soft. I don't think it's something I would use both day and night every day, but for a good scrubbed-clean feeling, I like it, and ever since using it, I think my skin looks brighter and less dull. I can't give it a perfect rating because I do think it's a little much for constant use, and the exfoliating agent is tough to rinse away completely without a little effort.

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Mascara -It Cosmetics -Superhero Mascara


Got the mini as a birthday gift at Ulta. Applied really wet, but nicely. Didn't love the drying time, but loved the results enough to spend $$ on the full size. Big mistake. With bigger brush (which bent super easily) came much more product, seriously wet and clumping galore. The clumps just smeared with my spoolie. Had to wipe off all eye makeup and start over one too many times, tossed it. Also, does not stay more than 2-3 hours. I need all day power. Reapplying at noon is not in my schedule.

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Lipstick -Laura Mercier -Creme Lipcolor Lychee Parfait

on 5/24/2018 1:12:00 PM

At first I dismissed this lip color as just another safe rose color that gave me mlbb but i bought it anyway b/c I can never have enough of those kinds of colors. As I started to wear it I noticed how good it looked on me, way better that most of my mlbb lipsticks by Essense, Clinique, It, EL, etc and because of its moisture and smooth texture, I was using it all of the time. It also lasts a reasonable amount of time. I haven't noticed a stain but since it lasts on my lips I'm ok with that. It also feels so good on my old lady lips and does not migrate. I am definitely going to buy more of these creme smooth lipsticks.

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara


Painstaking application, use of a spoolie yields decent results. Contact lens wearer, though, formula's running, smudging within an hour. The full size brush is way too heavy, way too long. I get better results from the mini size available at Sephora, but it's a bit pricey to sustain. I gave it a year and it's a no.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F03

on 5/24/2018 12:51:00 PM

HG highlighter brush. It's absolutely fabulous!!!!
In general I do not love Sigma brushes. They are fine, some are really good. It really depends on the brush. This one is amazing. I've tried a million different brushes to highlight but this one is easily the best. It's the perfect size for cheekbone placement. Not too big so you get highlight over your entire cheek and not too small. It's dense so it blends it out beautifully, it melts the product into your skin and it never looks chunky. Since I've been using this brush I have not had a day where I did not LOVE my highlighter. It makes it smooth and glowy. This is and incredible brush.

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