Moisturizers -La Mer -Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Creme

on 11/18/2018 10:55:00 AM


I have heard so many good things about La Mer along with the miracle broth that is contained within the La Mer product line. My biggest concern is the fact that mineral oil is the 2nd ingredient within many of their products. Mineral oil sits on top of the skin and is a by-product of jet fuel therefore unless the mineral oil has been distilled several times over I am very concerned about using this product. On a very positive note, the reason I began to research the La Mer line is due to a 2nd degree grave burn that I received from a cosmetologist posing as an esthetician who used a knock-off facial brush (very cheap and rough) of one of the well known brush's out there of which a chemical peel was then applied to my face thereafter. I could not use anything on my face for 18-months other than a product called Jelene that has been tested in burn treatment centers in the Midwest. My skin is doing much better however it will never be the same as the stratum lucidum, basal cell and subcutaneous layer have been damaged. I was advised that LaMer products have helped many burn victims therefore I am of the belief that the mineral oil used within these products may be distilled several times over, however I will be calling the company to find out. Any comments would be appreciate d if anyone is aware of how their mineral oil is processed.

Gels/Soaps -Shea Moisture -Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Eczema Bar Soap

on 11/18/2018 10:50:00 AM

I have extremely sensitive skin. I always seem to have some kind of rash or irritation somewhere. I have not been diagnosed with eczema, but I came across this soap in my local CVS and thought the $6 was less than a specialist copay so I gave it a try. I fell in love with this soap in just a few days. My mysterious rash disappeared. When I do get new irritations, they clear up in a day or two instead of 4 - 6 weeks prior to using this Raw Shea bar. My skin is softer, especially my elbows which tend to get rough. I use this everyday in the shower. While it is moisturizing, it isn't one of those soft slimy bars that leaves a residue at the bottom of your tub. The bar lasts a long time and I even use it on my face from time to time. I would definitely recommend!

Moisturizers -Drunk Elephant -Lala Retro Whipped Cream

on 11/18/2018 10:47:00 AM


I really wanted to love this. I researched hard to find a moisturizer with oils that are better for oily skin, watching out for oleic oils and favoring linoleic.
This fits the bill for the most part, and is thick and moisturizing; I ordered just in time for the weather to change thinking it would be the perfect weight for this time of year. Though I have pretty oily skin (particularly in the T-zone), the winter is very harsh on my skin around my chin and outer parts of my face, and I get dry. At first this was perfect and, though heavy, it felt like it sank in pretty well. But, using this over time has proven to really clog my pores and has resulted in some break outs in areas I normally don't get them-- and exactly where I applied-- around my jawline and lower cheeks. I'm thinking it could have a combo of the yeast and fatty acids.
Whatever caused it, it makes my skin texture pretty horrible especially when using it during the day and after researching resembled the closed comedones caused by fungal acne. Not cute!
Just a warning to oily or acne-prone folks: sample first, give it a month with regular use before buying.

Pressed Powders -MAKE UP FOR EVER -Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder

on 11/18/2018 10:46:00 AM

This stuff is fabulous for setting concealer under the eyes and brightening the entire eye area! I have a lot of darkness under my eyes, so concealer is not an option. I've used LM Secret Brightening Powder to set my concealer for years, ever since it came out, but had been noticing my eye area looking really dried out lately - chalk it up to getting older and some products just don't work anymore. I got to thinking a pressed powder might work a bit better for under my eyes, and I picked up this one. Even though I am light skinned (Chantecaille Future Skin in Alabaster, Tarte TM in Light), I do not want to wear a white powder under my eyes anymore (which the LM is), I think it just makes things looks worse. So, I got this MUFE powder in Shade 02, which is yellow, and I was stunned how bright and perky this made my entire eye area! Seriously, I kept looking at eye area in the mirror for a few days in all kinds of light, I thought it was some kind of fluke. But nope, no fluke - this stuff is the bomb around the eyes! Must be something about the yellow shade that really does the trick. The powder itself is fairly light, but if you apply too much of any powder it's going to look cakey, so I do have to be careful there, same with any powder. I don't use it over my entire face, I want loose powder for that, but I love it for what I bought it for and will definitely repurchase when I run out. Kudos to MUFE for making a mini size, too, which is perfect for travel.

Treatments (Face) -The Ordinary -Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

on 11/18/2018 10:45:00 AM

I've tried many of The Ordinary's Vitamin C Products and many of them work well but are unpleasing aesthetically- some leave a grainy feeling on the skin and others leave skin feeling tacky after applying them.  The Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F is probably the most aesthetically pleasing of all their Vitamin C products, although it does leave skin feeling very slightly tacky, but not nearly as much as other c serums.  If you have very dry skin this is a good option, although the form of Vitamin C isn't as immediately effective for brightening or helping with hyperpigmentation, but this does help in the long run.  This did cause a breakout the first time I used this, but no issues after that.  I'm guessing its the coconut alkanes and the squalane.  I would recommend starting out slow if you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.  I love that this is fragrance free and does not contain denatured alcohol.  Nice and hydrating option.   My video review can be seen here:

Mascara -Maybelline New York -The Falsies Push Up Angel Washable Mascara

on 11/18/2018 10:40:00 AM


I freaking LOVE this mascara!!! Maybelline seem to be doing the best job out there, all my top 3 mascaras are from them: Lash Sensational, Total Temptation and now I got this one because I was curious about that brush for the longest time. I love it!! The brush separates, pushes your lashes up and curls them and it grabs every single tiny lash amazingly and it's super amazing on lower lashes also. I just got it yesterday and now I'm stocking up on it. LOVE!!!

Skincare - Face -Drunk Elephant -C-Firma Day Serum


I bought into the DE hype and decided to try this serum along with a couple of other DE products. I say save your money and skip this one. I've used several Vitamin C serums and this is my least favorite. I haven't had any negative reactions to it, but due to the fact that this is oil based it makes my skin very shiny and a bit sticky. I also don't love the packaging. When I spend this much I want packaging that looks and feels elegant and this looks and feels like it's for children. The pump doesn't even work that well and causes a bit of a mess. There are water based serums at the same concentrations available for much less that work better for me. As far as the scent, this smells the same as every other vitamin C serum I've tried. All Vitamin C seems to smell a bit funky, but it goes away once dried.

Tinted Moisturizer -Tarte Cosmetics -Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

on 11/18/2018 10:29:00 AM


Oh, now *this* is a BEAUTIFUL tinted moisturizer and just what I've been searching for for a long time. It is silky-smooth, blends effortlessly (no blending tool required - fingers work just fine with this one), does not ball up over my moisturizer, and looks extremely natural on the skin. I love that it's 100% physical blocker, and surprisingly this doesn't feel heavy on the skin like some all-physicals can. The coverage is light, but it does cover nicely, and it wears very well on me through an entire day. My skin is getting drier as I'm getting older, but I still get a little oily in the nose and chin areas - this doesn't wear off in those areas and doesn't make my skin feel dry in other areas, either (I do use a light moisturizer underneath). The shade Light is a perfect match for me - it is a light shade with a very soft yellow undertone. For reference, my foundation is Chantecaille Alabaster. I will absolutely buy this again, I just love it!

Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum


I had really high hopes for all the Tata Harper line and went ahead and bought many products, including the Rejuvenating Serum, which I was told was nothing short of Miraculous. Although at first I saw and felt immediate skin firmness, and felt really enchanted by the delicate floral smell, this serum delivers very little results on the long term. It looks like the results are temporary and the skin adjusts to this serum and it stops working somewhat. Again, I had such high hopes, and spent so much money on these products, it was a real dissapointment for me. I did find the bottle lasts a very very long time.

Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

on 11/18/2018 10:00:00 AM


This product was very drying, and the smell, was clearly organic, as it smelled like fertilizer. The kind made with manure. Manure with a touch of Lavender. At first, it was a little on the sticky side. It was given to me, by my sister who knows I am a skin care guru, and always loving to try new products. I will not be re-purchasing.

Treatments (Face) -Alpha-H -Liquid Gold


I wrongly assumed this was just glorified water, alcohol, glycolic acid and licorice in a bottle - it is a VERY basic ingredients list, however, this small combination of ingredients all seems to work somehow. I use this on an evening straight after my toner has dried by applying with a cotton pad and then once dried I skip the night cream and just leave this on to work. Yes it does tingle, for me I managed to reduce this by gently patting the liquid on instead of swiping it over my face and neck.

It isn't magic, if your skin is used to stronger concentrations of glycolic you could probably give this a miss (it's only 5%). I find it just sufficient to refine my skin texture and give a subtle brightening effect yet without any kind of irritation. I have to stress the results were not overnight, it did take a full 1 week before I could visibly see a difference but considering how gentle it was on my skin, the wait was not an issue. very good as a spot treatment! I just apply a drop to any bump that appears and it calms it down literally overnight. Long term I wouldn't use this due to the high alcohol content but every now and again this is perfect to use as a skin pick-me-up.

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled many 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora)

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Face Scrub: ‘Sisley' - Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

Skincare - Face -Eau Thermal Avene -Thermal Spring Water

on 11/18/2018 9:35:00 AM


I tried to get benefit out of this by using it regularly and consistently. Two of the smaller cans later, I still don't understand the hype. I don't know what soothing, refreshing, hydrating effects the Fairy of Unfair Things granted the satisfied customers but I didn't get any and I feel dumb for having had some hope in water. It didn't make anything worse, or irritate. It did nothing. I don't think i'll buy canned water again.

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Cleansers -Earth Science -A-D-E Creamy Cleanser

on 11/18/2018 9:30:00 AM


This cream cleanser is 95% of what my ideal cleanser would be.

- it's gentle
- it's cruelty-free AND vegan
- it makes my skin look sooo soft right after cleansing and is not stripping whatsoever
- it removes what left of my oil cleanser
- it has a ph of 4,5
- it's super inexpensive
- it's a pump bottle

My only con is that it's not the prettiest bottle ever, but I don't expect it at that price. I also don't find that it works very well as a standalone makeup remover, so I wouldn't recommend it as that.
It has quite a strong apricot smell but I don't even notice it anymore.
This is definitely a HG for me.

Mascara -Lancme -Monsieur Big Waterproof

on 11/18/2018 9:30:00 AM


Excellent waterproof mascara, stays and stays with very little flaking. And just like the regular Monsieur Big mascara, it really extends my lashes, so very happy with this one.

Lotions/ Creams -The Body Shop -Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

on 11/18/2018 9:24:00 AM

I really liked this product, especially the fact that this was more of a whipped body butter and not as thick and solid as the others I've tried from The Body Shop. It was easier to get out of the tub and softer on my skin. It went on much more smoothly. It smells okay. It's fresh and clean, but not overpowering. A little sweet from the honey. I could still wear this under any of my perfumes without any problems. It leaves my skin moisturized and dries quickly so there's no oily residue. It's really nice. I apply this after I shower, particularly to my more dry spots. I always feel great afterwards. I would repurchase this if I weren't more in love with the shea body butter. Just wish that one was the same whipped consistency.

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