Toners -Deciem -The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

on 11/13/2018 3:05:00 PM


I bought this to see how/if it compares to Pixi's Glow Tonic. While it has a higher conc. (this one is 7%, while Pixi is 5%) it's a good product. I've been using this once a day, using surgical gauze to apply (you waste less product, and the gauze also provides some mild backup exfoliation). It's been keeping my skin clear, glowy and flake free, and keeps my skin nicely, but GENTLY exfoliated so I get the most out of my other products. The bottle's also really quite unique, and clever, imo- the top "applicator" is like that of a glue bottle, so only doses out limited amounts of product, while preventing spills or accidentally overzealous product saturation. This product is also a great value, I paid under $8 CAD for 240 ml, which is an excellent price for an effective product (and a fraction of the price of the Pixi, which rings in at $40 for the same amount). I can only use this 1x per day, as opposed to the Pixi, due to the higher acid level, but it's not a big deal. All in all, a keeper, and I'll definitely repurchase.

Foundations -wet n wild -Photo Focus Foundation

on 11/13/2018 3:00:00 PM


When I first bought this foundation and tried it out, I hated it. It looked dry and chalky and cakey and didn't have great coverage. I didn't understand what the hype was about and swore I'd never use it again. Then I realized the reason it looked so crappy and chalky was because the line runs extremely light, and I needed to go up at least 3 shades. Literally the same thing happened to me with maybelline fit me matte and poreless. I went out and repurchased it and it actually looks amazing, soft blurring matte finish that lasts all day on my oily skin. It's definitely in the top 5 best foundations at the drugstore, especially for the price.

Primer/ Corrector -MAC Cosmetics -Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50

on 11/13/2018 2:51:00 PM


Overall, a decent product. Pros: it's a lightweight lotion primer with SPF 50. The SPF is the whole reason I bought it. The texture is light, spreadable, goes on very smooth and doesn't pill. Huge bonus: this product layers so well with my other skincare products, and all I have to do is use this on top, and it does the job of 3 products in one (lotion/primer/SPF). Cons: like some other reviewers, I found that this product isn't the best at oil control and I am shiny by mid-day, so need to blot more and apply a bit more powder throughout the day. Having said that, though- I believe this product is meant as a hybrid product and lighter lotion, therefore is not meant to take the place or do the job of a heavy-duty makeup primer. While it doesn't take the place of a separate primer, the fact is that it's a smart, one-step solution with a decently high level of SPF, where one doesn't have to resort to using a heavy, greasy SPF product for sun protection. For that reason alone, I will repurchase.

Tinted Moisturizer -ORIGINS -Ginzing Spf 40

on 11/13/2018 2:41:00 PM


I so wanted to like this. On me, this tinted moisturizer is SO dark, I looked like an ooompa-loompa. So, not for the PPP folks. Also, when layered with other products, it does pill, so this is best used on its own. If it came in more shade ranges, though, it would be an ideal light summer-time moisturizer, when your skin doesn't need much. The SPF level in this product is also nice- I wish there were more lighter creams out there that had higher SFP like this one. For folks whose skin tones do suit this product, however, I would recommend giving it a try. It has a nice, spreadable texture, works well as an all-in-one lotion/primer/SPF under makeup, and didn't make me greasy or break out. If the color wasn't so dark on me, I would use this on a regular basis.

Eyeliner -Kat Von D -Tattoo Liner


I bought mine in the colour trooper (black) from the 10th anniversary collection. (the gold packaging is really nice!)
Applies well, not messy, doesn't budge. Easy to clean.
Only thing is, it did not last long on me. Fades off really fast.
I would say it is a pretty good liquid eyeliner though I still prefer Stila's

Moisturizers -Eucerin -Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme

on 11/13/2018 1:46:00 PM


Ive bought this cream a couple of times for my mother & grandmother Bc they both have very dry skin! It's very thick & I remembered it smells like butter! LOL! Wish that it wasn't packaged in a jar Bc it's not sanitary & the vitamins inside of it will oxidize like the co q10 which this cream contains a decent amount Bc you could see the yellow color of it ! But all in all it's a cheaper alternative to the more expensive cream in a jar by Clinique Ive bought for my mother throughout the years! Like the moisture on call & on line & their repair wear ones !

Moisturizers -CLINIQUE -Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion [REFORMULATED]

on 11/13/2018 1:35:00 PM


This Clinique yellow lotion has been a classic moisturizer for my mother for decades ever since I started buying Clinique's bar soap for oily skin as a teenager! & I never would use the dreaded yellow lotion that always came with the gwp Bc it was just too greasy for my oily skin type but it works fine for my mother Bc she has very dry skin! & before us using Clinique as our go to skincare line we were just using drug store products! Me with all my horrible acne products & mom would just be buying her oil of Olay lotion! But this lotion is a very basic simple formula for dry skin only but back in the day Clinique would recommend it for all skin types which is incorrect Bc now they have the oil free gel version for oily skins! & they now finally have the liquid soaps which is a long time waiting Bc bars of soaps are really antiquated & incredibly harsh for the face

Shampoo -OGX -Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

on 11/13/2018 1:29:00 PM


ive been trying out new shampoos since my pregnancy. I was having nausea so i couldnt use this but i LOVEEEE this scent when i am not pregnant lol. smells like waffles!
since having the baby ive been experiencing hair loss and i had to come back to this. This is the shampoo i trust and will always come back to. I used to like herbal essences but it made my hair so greasy. The i love juicy shampoo from lush is great but its expensive and it was very drying. I also HATE HATE the love beauty planet ones, the tee trea and vetiver one made me bald and soooo itchy. I was losing double amount of hair i usually experience in the shower. So here we are, my tried and true. I love the smell and how it doesnt make my hair feel like its stripping all its moisture. It also lathers so nicely and i dont experience the terrible scary hair loss. I dont really care for the conditioner because i love my shae moisture coconut fruit weightless mask (so good!) I do not get itchy from this and just one wash i can tell a difference of how much my hair loves this shampoo!

BB Cream -La Roche-Posay -Effaclar BB Blur Instant Oil-Absorbing Coverage BB Cream

on 11/13/2018 12:44:00 PM


Light/Medium shade: Much darker and more orange-brown than I was expecting from the packaging. I tried to neutralize the shade by mixing in some lighter-cast sunscreen, but eventually I gave up and wiped off the BB Blur entirely.

Lipstick -MILANI -Amore Shine Liquid Lip Color

on 11/13/2018 12:44:00 PM


I have the shade Idol, and in the tube it looks like the dusty muted medium mauve-pink I was looking for, but on my lips it's red! If I wanted red lips, I would have gotten a red lip product! This is the only reason I didn't give this product the highest rating, as other than this shade issue I like everything about it.
It's thicker and on the sticky side, which means it lasts a decent amount of time, it's glossy and makes my lips look smooth, it has a faint scent that is pleasant and it feels a bit cool for the first few minutes.
I will probably buy another shade because of the formula, but I am disappointed that the shade in the tube is nothing like the way it looks on my lips.

Highlighters -Milk Makeup -Holographic Stick - Mars

on 11/13/2018 12:44:00 PM


I really wanted to like this because of the cute packaging, however, it just does not work with my combination skin. I applied it on my chest area for Halloween and I broke out. I then used it below my cheeks to highlight and even after using setting powder, a few hours in it made my skin look very greasy. It also felt very heavy and greasy on my face. Won’t purchase again.

Liquid -Dior -Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation


Forever Undercover gives me excellent coverage. It lasts for over 12 hours on my skin which is about as good as any foundation coverage I've personally come across. However on the t-zone I do need to touch up with a powder by mid-afternoon or at the very least use some blotting sheets. I can build to full coverage where needed or keep it as sheer as I want and because the pigment is quite concentrated I never have to use much, meaning I can see this lasting a while. Personally I prefer to apply it without a primer as it goes on better for me and you don’t need to use a setting powder, unless you really need that extra longevity.
The number of shades in the range (26) means it caters to most skin tones - whether you have beige, peach or yellow undertones you should be able to find a close match. A couple of my friends (with completely opposite skin tones) have visited the Dior counter and found a good match quite easily.

As it's quite a weightless formula I often feel like I haven't applied anything to my face. However I cannot use it daily due to the silicone content (bane of my life and in so many products nowadays). Nevertheless I highly recommended it, especially if you are fine with silicones, as the vast majority of people are.

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled many 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora)

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Face Scrub: ‘Sisley' - Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

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Conditioner -BioSilk -Silk Therapy Conditioner

on 11/13/2018 11:24:00 AM


I absolutely love this stuff. My hair has never been colored or bleached but it is very fine, slightly oily, super straight and I have A LOT of it. It’s difficult for me to find a conditioner that is light enough and doesn’t weigh my hair down. This stuff is like magic. After switching from a heavier conditioner, my hair feels about 2 pounds lighter and even has some wave to it (I usually let it air dry)! I’m so used to it being ruler-straight, it’s a delight to see the ends finally bounce around!

I don’t think I will ever use anything else. Fine haired girls rejoice!

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Cleansers -Garnier -Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser

on 11/13/2018 10:22:00 AM


I really wanted this to work but it didn't. I bought it because I was tricked into the whole "like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup" BS. Should have known that it's too good to be true. I had foundation on and tried to remove using this. Even after the third wash, my face was still caked full of my foundation. So, it's a big no from me.

However, I have read from others that they prefer to use it as a morning and night face wash because it is gentle on the skin so I guess that may work.

Eye Makeup Remover -The Body Shop -Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover

on 11/13/2018 10:14:00 AM

I'm so glad I found this makeup remover. Since joining a gym I wear more waterproof mascara, and the stuff I use can be difficult to remove. This delivers. A quick shake, apply it on a pad, and I let it sit on my eye for a few seconds, and the makeup glides off. The first few times I used this I was bracing for disappointment, that I'd have to use several squirts and several cotton pads, but this works so well. It dissolves the waterproof stuff and there's no need for tugging and rubbing. It leaves a light coating of cleanser behind, like a light oily film, but it's very light and mild, and it doesn't feel heavy or coated. Just a splash of water and a gentle pat with the towel and the residue is gone. That might not be everyone's cup of tea to have that last need to rinse off remnants, but it's part of my routine no matter what, because I do that after every cleansing, whether I use soap, cleansers or pads. I'm just thrilled to have a cleanser that takes off the makeup without having to rub and reapply and rub some more. Plus it's unscented and gentle and I don't need a lot to do the job. On top of that, The Body Shop often has sales, so it's rare I'd ever have to pay full price for this gem.

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