Lips -Glossier -Generation G


This lipstick is great. I'm more inclined to call it a lip stain because the color is so subtle (but buildable) and it goes on almost like a chapstick. The color payoff is awesome, I just wish it had more staying power - I find that I have to reapply a layer after a couple hours. And you HAVE to use a lip scrub before putting it on, or it will show all the imperfections in your lips (dryness, cracked or peeling skin). Other than that, Generation G is almost perfect, and I would definitely repurchase!

Mascara -CLINIQUE -Lash Power Curling

on 9/25/2018 8:32:00 AM


I've tried a lot of mascaras, and a lot of tubing mascaras, but none that hold up to its smudge-free claim like Clinique's lash power.

Another thing that other tubing mascaras are terrible at is holding a curl, however the curling version keeps my stick straight Asian lashes up even in humid, tropical weather.

Removal is a breeze, I barely have to rub my eyes. The tiny brushes of the lash power range, allows me to get straight into the roots of my lashes without poking my eye out.

I can't give it the full 5 stars only because of the price. At SGD39 for something I have to throw away 6 months later, it's a little steep. Still won't stop me from buying it!

Hair Color -Clairol -Soy 4Plex Liquicolor professional hair color

on 9/25/2018 8:29:00 AM


I normally use Age Beautiful by Zoto’s but wanted to try something different. I have to dye my hair every 10 days as it grows like grass. It is not all that healthy at the ends but I have cut down on using curling and straightening irons so it is improving. My main problem is that if I use the wrong product which means almost 90 percent of hair dyes, my hair falls out substantially. This didn’t cause any hair fall and my roots felt moisturized. It covered my stubborn grays and the color was very intense. Overall, I can switch between Age Beautiful and this easily.

Eye Primer -Blinc -Blinc Eyeshadow Primer


I recently purchased this primer after reading reviews and thought I'd test it along with my UDPP original. For reference, my lids are oily. I live in a humid country. Today's temperature was around 31 degrees Celsius.

Short story: Blinc wins.

My eyeshadow glides better with UDPP. Blinc takes a little longer to dry on the lids. It does not dry fully too so there's a little tacky feeling when I apply my eyeshadow. Both lids do not look 'fresh' by the 6th hour mark but Blinc had more color intact. UDPP side was blotchy and in some parts, I can see my lids already. I still like UDPP for sentimental reasons (was actually rooting for it haha!) but I'll use Blinc for longer days.

Packaging: Blinc has a slim tube, wand-type packaging similar to a mascara tube. Sometimes the wand pops out while I'm trying to screw it back (trapped air) and then the product would ooze out to the brim of the tube so it gets stuck on the screw part. Now I just open it slightly, I don't take the wand out anymore. I just take some product from the screw part with my finger so that I don't waste product.

Overall, I am happy with Blinc. It's not yet holy grail for me (since I'm still looking for something that will last me at least 12 hours LOL). For those with normal and dry lids, this will definitely keep your shadows intact for ever 8 hours.

Liquid -Maybelline New York -FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless)

on 9/25/2018 7:57:00 AM


I have this foundation in #120 Classic Ivory and #125 Nude Beige. I would say that a blend of these two shades would suit my skin tone the best (I am around a NC20 / light medium with warm undertones). Honestly #125 matched my skin at first application, but it sort of oxidized after a few hours and got a bit darker (although tolerable) so keep that in mind.

This foundation has a medium buildable coverage and does not weigh heavy on your skin. It also has a demi-matte finish that feels slightly tacky to the touch. If you are a normal skin-type, I feel like you could get by with not powdering your face. It held up pretty well throughout the day and worked well with other products. Nothing really tugged weird and there were no blotchy spots to be found. My skin kept relatively matte but I have tried other foundations that worked better in controlling my oils. It did pretty well with smoothing out my skin and did not crack on my smile lines (which every foundation does) but I felt like it didnt really make a huge difference with my pores.

The packaging is a glass with a sturdy cap. I would prefer if it came with like a spatula (like the wet n wild photofocus foundation) because its much more convenient.

I would rate this a decent 3.8/5. Its a really nice foundation that holds up to its claims but nothing extraordinary that would make me repurchase. I feel like with a few tweaks here and there, this could be on-par with my WnW photofocus.

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Blush -Glossier -Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color

on 9/25/2018 7:34:00 AM


I got two shades - puff (light baby pink) and storm (darker warm toned rose). Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the shades I ended up getting because they look a bit too similar to blushes I already own (what happens when you judge based on pictures online and can't get to an actual store so you ask your hetero male cousin to buy it for you in the US lol). But I do like the way these blushes apply. There's definitely a learning curve to using this - like making sure you don't squeeze out too much, dispensing just the right amount for your cheeks etc. I find that with the shade puff, I have to use more of it for it to show up on my cheeks the way I want to compared to storm, which I use just the tiniest dot for both cheeks. Overall, I like how I don't need any tools to use this and I like that the packaging lends itself to mixing these with other shades to create your own shade of blush. I want to get more shades in the future, maybe dusk (the nude shade).

Lip Treatments -Glossier -Balm Dotcom

on 9/25/2018 7:26:00 AM


This product was a nice surprise for me! I've tried a lot of lip balms out there, and frankly I don't expect this to heal any sort of cracked or dry lips because I already have lip balms that do this for me and these are products that often don't use petrolatum as its main ingredient. Petrolatum is great at protecting from further dryness or from windburn etc, but in my experience it isn't too healing in lip balm form.

But what I've liked about this is the consistency. It's not too thin that my lips feel unprotected, but not too sticky like a lip gloss (Lanolips, I'm looking at you lol). It lasts all day too unless if I eat something very oily, which makes sense due to some of the occlusive ingredients included in this. My lips feel very protected from the cold and wind whilst wearing this throughout the day.

I have the cherry variant which is supposed to be tinted, and the tint does come up initially. But it fades away over time which sucks, but I'm fine with it because I'm using this mainly for lip balm purposes. The tint is just an add on for me. Do I want to get another one? Yes! Maybe the birthday balm one because heard that one smells really nice! The only thing that deters me away from getting this product is it's not easily available for me - it doesn't ship to my country. For something as basic as a lip balm, I'd prefer it to be something I can get to easily.

Toners -Unlisted Brand -Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

on 9/25/2018 7:26:00 AM


This works WONDERS on my skin! I use this daily as an exfoliating toner at night. I use a mixture of 1 (ACV) : 2 (water), and I feel like its just the right amount of ratio for my (very) sensitive oily-combination skin. The way that I use this is I put the ACV toner in a spray/mist bottle and spray an adequate amount on a cotton pad before wiping it all over my face. This really picks up all the junk and leftover makeup on my skin and brightens up my complexion. I also usually go over my trouble spots (dark acne scars) a few times and it has really helped out a lot in fading them. As I use this at night, in the morning your skin would feel really supple and tight! I went a few weeks without this toner out of curiosity to see if this ACV toner really made a difference, and to my surprise it really did. Without the toner, I felt like my face was a bit more dull, and was not as plump as it usually is.

All in all, I would 10/10 recommend anyone to try it out!

One thing to consider before using this though, you really have to figure out the appropriate ACV : Water ratio that would most suit your skin. Try out a 1:3 ratio first and then work your way up. I've had a friend that got her face burnt because her skin did not react well to her ratio. Also, do remember to use a moisturizer because it could be quite drying!

Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 9/25/2018 7:14:00 AM


I used to be a brow pencil kinda girl because I love the pigmentation it gives, but now I realise that it doesn't always look the most natural and I've since graduated to brow gels and mascaras. Needless to say, I've tried quite a few of these sorts of products. So how does Boy Brow compare?

Pigmentation wise, this is pretty similar to the Essence brow gel... which is a fraction of the price and is more widely available worldwide tbh. And in my experience, these two brow gels are actually not very pigmented compared to say, the NYX cosmetics' brow mascara. I see a lot of people using a brow pencil before this brow gel, and I don't blame them because the pigmentation isn't the most opaque.

But it sure holds my brows in place though! On days I'm after the whole brushed up brows look, Boy Brow holds them up for a good few hours. Better than any of the brow gels/mascaras I've tried! The other ones I've tried are either too watery and thin to have any hold at all, or too thick that they weigh my eyebrows down straight away. Boy Brow, on the other hand, is watery but also waxy at the same time so it holds my brows in place nicely. And the individual strands of my brow hairs are quite thick too.

Will I get it again? Tbh, not sure because I don't really care for a brow gel that holds in place because I just want to fill in some of the sparse areas in my eyebrows and I prefer something pigmented for that. I'd rather just get the Essence one in this case because they look the same on my eyebrows in terms of how it fills in the sparse bits. For what this product is, it does a good job imo. But for something that doesn't even ship to my country, for me it's not worth something to go through heaven and hell just to get to when I can get something else 10 minutes from my house that looks similar to what Boy Brow gives me. I might try the clear version out of curiosity, but not because I think the product is particularly mindblowing for me. If you're looking for a product that holds eyebrow hairs in place though, in my experience this has been great! I just don't care for that personally.

Tinted Moisturizer -Glossier -Perfecting Skin Tint

on 9/25/2018 6:54:00 AM


I find Glossier's skin tint to be quite polarising - people either really like it or hate it with a passion. I was curious about this product because I wasn't sure which camp I'd belong in out of the two. Just to preface you guys: I have acne prone skin but have improved significantly due to me focusing more on skincare than makeup, and I haven't been a regular foundation wearer for the last year or so. Just concealer here & there on some acne and PIH marks. And I've been appreciating the more natural, boy beat kinda look these days.

If I'd used this product two years ago, I'd probably be very underwhelmed because I was a full coverage foundation kinda girl then. I used makeup as a security blanket. But now? I quite like it! I feel like it blurs my huge cheek pores like a primer would and covers old PIH marks I find awkward looking when covered with concealer. Covers my redness decently too. It doesn't make my skin look perfect at all, despite the name. My skin doesn't look flawless. But it looks like what my skin would've looked like if it has smaller pores and less unevenness. My skin but slightly better, like they say. I would say the feel and coverage of this is similar to products like bareminerals tinted day cream or Perricone MD's no foundation foundation.

Does it cover up fresh acne and new hyperpigmentation marks? Not at all. But who says we NEED to cover up our acne to a tee anyway? Overall, I think you'd like this depending on what you look for in a base makeup product. If you expect a full coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser, regardless of whatever skin hang ups you have, you won't enjoy this. But if you want something that *just* blurs pores and redness and something that's light coverage, this would work.

I've also never used the original skin tint formula. Don't know what that one is like at all. This review is based off the new formula.

Masks -GLAMGLOW -GRAVITYMUD Firming Peel Off Mask

on 9/25/2018 5:47:00 AM


I agree with other reviewers--the price of it is insane. I received a deluxe sample from Sephora for my birthday. It lasted a few uses. I didn't want to spend that kind of $, so I got 2 more smaller samples with my 100 points.

Cons: price, messy to apply (keep it out of your hairline and brows), and you will need to rub a few spots after peeling

Pros: looks cool on, smells nice, leaves my skin soft and glowing for the rest of the day

Moisturizers -GLAMGLOW -VOLCASMIC Matte Glow Moisturizer

on 9/25/2018 5:40:00 AM


Months ago, I got this at TJ Maxx, and it was half off. I haven't seen it since, which is too bad. I have oily/combo skin, and nothing really keeps it matte without also making my skin flat or looking dry in winter ... until this. I agree with other reviewers that it doesn't stay matte day. But it smells great, spreads easily, and it actually glows instead of glitters. I put my foundation over it, and I'm very happy with the results.

Treatments (Face) -Peter Thomas Roth -Retinol Fusion PM

on 9/25/2018 5:39:00 AM


I personally really like this product. It is gentle and at times I was wondering if it was doing much but I think over time I've seen results.
It does keep my skin clear and more glowing, not sure if it has helped fine lines but I have had comments that I look generally younger since using it and people are always surprised ay my age (I'm 30). Not sure if this is coincidence or not.

It is a bit expensive initially but does last a long time, my first bottle took 9 months to get through so I think the value for money is ok, works out to about $10 a month. Seems like it doesnt work for everyone but I would recommend giving it a go as it has worked for me.

Highlighters -Glossier -Haloscope Highlighter (ALL COLORS)

on 9/25/2018 5:26:00 AM


I've tried a lot of highlighters (liquid and powder) and this is what I've noted that makes Haloscope different...
- Quite sticky. Even compared to "green beauty" highlighters based on coconut oil. And it stays rather sticky for the rest of the day.
- I have the and moonstone, which is a silver toned highlighter with slight purple glitters. The glitters give a very cool toned look which idk suits my skin tone, but I still quite like it
- Aside from the glitters, this highlighter the dewiest one I've used. Gives that glazed donut kind of highlighter look... which I like
- I apply with my fingers instead of direct from the stick to the face because it makes base products move around as it's very sticky

Would I get this again? Sure. If only they shipped to my country. The only reason why I have Haloscope is because I asked my cousin to buy it for me when he was in America. I also don't really like the shade I got though because of the purple glitters. It's not really to my aesthetic. I'd rather get maybe the shade topaz to use as a bronzer, perhaps.

Liquid -Giorgio Armani -Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF20

on 9/25/2018 4:19:00 AM


I've tried about 6 full samples of this (enough for several weeks of wear-testing)... and I didn't like it. At first it looked so nice on me! It wasn't completely matte, which I liked. The consistency is really thin but covers quite well (this is more of a light-medium coverage foundation) and looks natural - that is good. But then it began breaking down in a really short amount of time! I have normal-dry skin, which wasn't flaky or dehydrated in any way at the time I was testing this... but this foundation partly disappeared in patches - as IF it was flaking off. Other places it was sliding around and didn't really set in place. It didn't last on my pores either, leaving me with little dots on my nose. Overall, it lasted worse than Luminous Silk (which I also dislike) did on me.

From what I know about my skin, I would guess that this foundation somehow irritated my skin, as I oil production and flaking is something my sensitive skin can do when being irritated. It didn't give me any redness or acne, but it seemed a little like my skin was trying to get rid of it. People whose skin is not irritated y this might have a much better experience. It's lucky that Armani provides samples though - at least you can test before buying a whole bottle. If you're still interested, 4.5 was a pretty good color for my then NC20 skin.

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