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Concealers -Laura Mercier - Secret Camouflage

on 10/14/2017 5:22:00 AM


Laura Mercier is a brand that I continue to trust when it comes to base products that I know will perform well. Since I have used the Secret Camouflage (SC) it has become a holy grail product and staple in my makeup bag. I use this for spot concealing my pigmentation on the sides of my face and also in the small part that is darkest closest to the corner of my eye and my nose. My shade is NC25-30 and SC3 is perfect for me, I tend to use both sides equally.

The formula is amazing. It has a dry consistency but not in a bad way at all. It can be warmed up with a brush or fingertips to give full coverage concealing. I use it this way on my pigmentation from acne scarring and it blends out perfectly and covers imperfections. Once on it last all day with a light amount of powder on top. Another way I like to wear SC is to sheer it out with a drop of Glossier Skin Tint. I just pop a drop in the concealer pan and mix it to create a creamier texture for either lighter makeup or under my eyes.

My application tip is to use a dual ended brush that you often get in palettes from Urban Decay or Anastasia Beverly Hills. Generally they have a small pointed side that is meant for packing shadow and a fluffier side for blending shadow. However (I use an ABH brush that came with the Modern Renaissance palette) the brushes in these higher end palettes are perfect, as you can use the pointed/flat side for placing and pinpointing the concealer, and then the fluffy side to buff it out seamlessly. And generally most women have these lying around, and they are handy to use in this way.

I find the packaging to be nice. It is nice and simple and sturdy and is consistent with Laura Mercier branding. There isn't any bells and whistles, but it isn't flimsy and the mirror is great for a small compact. It is the perfect size to put in your bag for touch ups. The price is high, but for what you get I do believe it is worth the higher price tag. I also don't think there is much that it can be compared to in terms of other brands. I know Mac have a concealer palette but the formulas are quite different from each other. I think that if you are looking for a concealer for pinpointing and covering imperfections then this is definitely one that you should think about. An oldie but a goodie, and a product that is still a stable in lots of womens handbag and makeup artists kits!

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Lip Treatments -Too Faced - Too Faced Lip Insurance

on 10/14/2017 5:17:00 AM

the packaging quality is GOOD but I don't know why but I don't like the design. The product makes your lipstick appear brighter so it.s ok.

Lipstick -Givenchy - Le Rouge-A-Porter

on 10/14/2017 4:42:00 AM


Absolute heaven! I was going in circles trying to find a natural looking, not too creamy, not too matte, lip tint that stays on relatively long - wasted enough money on all kind of drugstore products. This is it and money best invested. Unlike others,though, I am not a fan of the fancy package- I wish it was lighter and simpler.

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Liquid -Bourjois - City Radiance foundation

on 10/14/2017 4:27:00 AM

I was at first confused by both the City Radiance and the CC cream - I bought them based on reviews as I was looking for something light and everyday. I was particularly keen on the high SPF of Radiance.
At first I thought CR was too shiny for my more mature skin, and CC made me look green grey. I was ready to chuck both of them away. Then I tried CR with a different moisturizer - (Muji - the anti age one) - which is thicker and more matte and CR looked perfect. I was wrongly using it with light watery creams.
For best effect I finally realized that if you first use one layer of CR and the CC cream on top, you get the best of both with one counteracting the shine or color of the other. It still feels very light and natural. Try it this way.

Mascara -TheBalm - Cheater

on 10/14/2017 4:06:00 AM


I bought it for the packaging and I was disappointed. My lashes look like been eaten by moths. the mascara just makes eyelashes darker. that.s it. it doesn't give them a curve at all

Loose Powders -RCMA - No Color Powder

on 10/14/2017 3:47:00 AM


Yes, I know- it's a cult-favorite, but I need to speak my truth. This product is over hype!
It feels nice & its very affordable, I mainly use it to "bake" and to set the my face,
BUT, the "no color" title is misleading-
It does leave a white cast & Brightning up the foundation. It also very mattifying, so if you're going for a dewy foundation/look it's going to take that away.
Maybe it's just More suitable for oily girls.

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Mascara -Dior - Diorshow New Look Mascara

on 10/14/2017 3:39:00 AM


The packaging is gorgeous. The mascara is a disaster. Does not do anything at all. My bare lashes look better than with this Dior product. I cannot even call it mascara.

Sunscreen -Eucerin - Everyday Protection Face Lotion - Broad Spectrum SPF 30

on 10/14/2017 3:01:00 AM


To be clear, I actually like this sunscreen. But there is a whole lot of WRONG with it so I can definitely understand others hating it. In bullet point form...

-Very cheap cost per oz if you do the math.
-Convenient to find here in the US.
-Highly moisturizing. I am oily and only use this when flaking hardcore from chemical exfoliators.
-Decent, albeit not perfect, ingredient list.
-Thin liquid-y consistency. It doesn't look cake-y under make up and it's easy to glide on.
-Doesn't ball up under very matte formulas.

-This is definitely on the greasier side. The only way it's usable for me is its not a thick paste like a lot of US drugstore options.
-Extreme whitecast. I am a nerd about ingredients. Eucerin did a horrific job formulating this if the low amount of physical filters are causing it to be that white. I'm <NC10...if it's noticeable on me, I can't imagine it on a more common skin tone. IF YOU WAIT ABOUT 10 MINUTES it does dry down a little bit and you can blend away about 75% of the whitecast. So that's..."good".

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Lipstick -Wet 'n' Wild - Megalast lipstick 908 Sugar Plum Fairy

on 10/14/2017 2:48:00 AM


Pretty much an exact dupe for MAC Rebel, for so much cheaper. The color is a vibrant pinky plum and lasts all day. When it does fade, it does so evenly, so I'm not left with that all lipliner, zero lipstick look that does not work for me. The texture of the lipstick is quite firm and it tugs slightly when I apply, but once it's on, it's no more drying than an average matte lipstick; I just make sure to wear lipbalm before I go to bed. No fragrance and no taste, either.

I'm not too fussy about the very utilitarian packaging, but the one thing I don't like about this lipstick is that the cap tends to fall off sometimes. For the absolute bargain price, it's such a minor inconvenience and won't stop me from checking out some other colors!

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Eye Shadow -Essence - 2 in 1 Eyeshadow And Liner

on 10/14/2017 2:29:00 AM


I had a really frusterating time making this work. It would pill up some days. On me it dried patchy amd no matter how many times I tried fix it it still looked wierd. I bought she got the mauve. I pitched it and am moving over to night glow from nyx lid lingerie because I feel that is a superior formula and is only three bucks more I think. I havent seen anybody else struggle with this so maybe it just doesnt work for me. Pros would be great pricing and beong waterproof. It really does NOT budge once dry.

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