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Sunscreen -InnisFree - Perfect UV protection cream triple care SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml

on 10/9/2017 9:49:00 PM

To me I feel like this is an average product. It leave a white cast and a slight oily/shiny sheen on skin. It does feel teeny bit sticky after u applied but if u let it settle for 5 mins before u put makeup, it's ok and will sit below makeup well.

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Highlighters -Becca - Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid - Opal

on 10/9/2017 9:24:00 PM


This is so much more natural than the powders. I love layering this under the powder for added effect at night, but during the day this gives a subtle "lit from within" glow.

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Lips -Nivea - A Kiss of Milk and Honey

on 10/9/2017 9:21:00 PM


Smells nice and is cheap. Isn't the most moisturizing lip balm on the market but it does a decent job.

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Primer/ Corrector -E.L.F. - Poreless Face Primer

on 10/9/2017 8:52:00 PM


I am amazed at how smooth n delicate it makes my skin look. I don’t care about the packaging n I don’t think anyone else would either. The price n quality is what matters to me n this one here has got it!

Lotions/ Creams -Gold Bond - Rough & Bumpy Daily Therapy Cream

on 10/9/2017 8:42:00 PM


After trying KP duty, and having less than optimal results I decided to give Gold Bond's rough & bumpy skin a try. Overall I am pleased on how well this creme has reduced the KP on the back of my upper arms. I'd say about 80% clear. The redness is almost all gone after diligent use x 1 month. I apply at night, as prior reviewers say it's a bit tacky. Apply a thin layer, and I rub it in for about 1 minute seems to lessen the tackiness. Only down side is the jar application not so hygienic.

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Fragrances -Viktor & Rolf - Bonbon EdP

on 10/9/2017 7:47:00 PM


I bought this bc I had to have the bottle. It’s so so pretty!! The perfume itself is not that bad but it’s not unique or anything... it smells like sephora;/ It’s very sweet but more gentle than flowerbomb (can’t stand that one)

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CD/Books/Movies -Unlisted Brand - The Skin Type Solution - Leslie Baumann MD

on 10/9/2017 7:24:00 PM


This book is good but not perfect. I like how it goes into detail about skin types. When I take the test I come out as OSNW or oily, sensitive, non-pigmented and wrinkled. However, I just know I'm a pigmented type, because I'm prone to age spots. She seems to indicate that people who only burn and never tan are non-pigmented types. I'm obviously an exception. I also read the OSPW chapter, but found it hard to relate because I'm light complected and can't tan. I also read the DSNW and DSPW chapters and found things I could relate to in those chapters. A lot of the product selections are either discontinued or inappropriate. To get the most out of the book, I recommend reading all the chapters. I definitely found characteristics I share with more than one type.

Eye Shadow -Wet 'n' Wild - Color Icon Palette - Petal Pusher 736

on 10/9/2017 6:54:00 PM


I just destashed this because the colors aren't right for me, generally too cool or muted.

Browbone on the left - this is actually a really fun shade, almost like an iridescent highlighter - it's white with purple reflects but can be a bit chalky if you build it up

Eyelid on the left - a soft lavender, a bit more matte than the other shades

Crease on the left - a muted plummy purple

Definer on the left - a beautiful purple with duochrome blue reflects, some glitter

Browbone on the right - my favorite shade - gorgeous frosty light pink with some subtle yellow tones

Lid shade - rosey burgundy with copper sparkles

Crease shade - one of those super dark mattes with glitter - red glitter

Definer - dark charcoal near black with silver glitter

All in all this wasn't worth keeping for the one shade that I'm sure I have many functional dupes for. Likewise Comfort Zone was too warm and earthy for me.

I like WnW shadows, but have more success with their more neutral trios - Walking on Eggshells and the Candy one.

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CD/Books/Movies -Unlisted Brand - Makeup Wakeup by Lisa Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter

on 10/9/2017 6:44:00 PM

I love this book. It's a makeup book geared to women over 40 who want to look their best. Most of the pictures are of women who use to be models like Kim Alexis, Cheryl Tiegs and Patti Hansen. The tips are great. I only wish they had offered some information about skin care. Otherwise terrific book.

CD/Books/Movies -Unlisted Brand - Allure magazine

on 10/9/2017 6:31:00 PM


I've read Allure faithfully for years, but since Linda Wells is gone, this magazine has really gone down the tubes. It use to be a beauty magazine. Now it's very political. It's all about vaginal steaming and planned parenthood. I don't feel like I'm getting insider beauty advise anymore. The product selections are obviously advertisements. The magazine has become very thin. This use to be my favorite magazine, but not anymore. I've let my subscription lapse.

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