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Moisturizers -Sulwhasoo -Concentrated Ginseng Cream

on 12/5/2017 10:17:00 AM


I really wanted to like this but after using the entire bottle I found no changes in my skin. In fact during the 3 months of using this my skin looked sallow, dull, tired, uneven textured, and splotchy. My Chanel Les Beige Fluid (my HG) didn't seem to look as good anymore during these months. No matter what makeup I tried i looked older. Then it occurred to me that after I had finished using my HG SK-II RNA moisturizer I had switched to this and that's when my issues started. So lo and behold i switched back to SK-II and instantly (and ladies and gents - i mean the very next morning of using my SK-II) my skin was bright, smooth, plumped, clearer, and just beautiful. Did i mention I looked younger too? My Chanel LB Fluid was again so beautiful! My entire makeup looked so much better! Never straying from my SK-II and Amore Pacific! This Sulwahsoo cream is a money wasted product for me.

Lips -Revlon -Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme

on 12/5/2017 9:59:00 AM

This was an impulse buy just because it was new and it sounded interesting, but it's a big fail for me.
I even quickly searched for reviews on my phone before buying and read Temptalia's, who seemed to like them... not sure why?

I got the shade Fresh Petal, a pastel baby pink that looked nice in the tube but on my lips it was a different story...
First of all, it applies patchy, uneven, the applicator is just plastic so it doesn't distribute the product evenly and smoothly. I have to smoosh my lips together a few times to achieve a nicer result, but then it migrates outside my lip line.

Temptalia said it was glossy and I guess it is, but not that glossy and the gloss fades quickly. The color doesn't stay true to the tube, it becomes very nude and has no oomph whatsoever.

Even after you make it look decent enough, if you talk or heaven forbid drink. the formula becomes uneven again and bleeds.

It's a total fail for me, I won't even bother to use it again. Waste of $13 CAD...

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Gels/Soaps -Dove -Beauty Bar

on 12/5/2017 9:28:00 AM


--I'm using the EU formulation-- I've been using this soap on my face and body for about a week. I really like it! The smell is absolutely lovely and I feel this really cleanses your skin. I did find this a little bit drying though, that's why I didn't rate a full 5 lipsticks. Would definitely buy this again!

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Mascara -Wet 'n' Wild -Mega Impact Mascara

on 12/5/2017 8:47:00 AM


For $5 ($4 with a discount at Walgreen's) I purchased a sample kit of 5 types of mini Wet & Wild mascaras,
Mega Impact is the one in the orange tube with a short, straight spoolie brush and a thick, slightly dry product, (Not dried out - but a thicker, drier formula than the Mega Protein - which is a liquid.

Not a horrible mascara but certainly no holy grail.

Eye Shadow -Stila -Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

on 12/5/2017 6:44:00 AM


The new Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow is an absolutely amazing eyeshadow that comes in a variety of beautiful colors. I purchased Freedom, which is a beautiful aqua - teal color. This formula is amazing and it really does a great job lasting all day, even through a long workout at the gym. I tried this with and without a primer and it seems like it stays on without budging either way. I don't think a primer is needed with this formula. This eye shadow can be applied over eyeshadows as well. Definitely a winning product in my opinion. My more detailed review with swatches can be seen here:

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Conditioner -Matrix -Total Results High Amplify Conditioner

on 12/5/2017 5:58:00 AM

I used this with my regular shampoo (AG Colour Savour) and it made a noticeable difference in the volume of my very fine wavy to curl hair. I used a leave in conditioner after rinsing this out on the midshaft down. I use the High Amplify as mostly a detangler and to soften the roots without flattening them. But the results were instant after the first wash. I did diffuse dry as usual. My only concern, as it is the same with any volumizing product, is that over time issues may arise from dryness or build up. I will have to wait for more washes long term to see if that happens. I feel the leave in after rinsing this out though helps limit any dryness issues and I only wash 2 - 3 times a week.

As for the ingredients, the isopropyl alcohol makes this NOT CG friendly if that is something you are faithfully following. I like it because it does not have a tone of glycerin in it and I am hoping that will benefit my hair in the summer. Also, if you live in the artic tundra like I did until very recently, this will most likely be too drying in the winter. But since we hardly dip below freezing in my new location, I am way less concerned about this issue. These are $12 for a liter at the Ulta liter sale coming up in December/January (and in July) so the price is a steal. Fine haired (straight haired ladies) try this! If you have fine and curly hair, try it but you will most likely need a bit more moisture in another form too (like my leave in). The only reason I am giving it 4 instead of 5 lippies is because of the dryness concerns.

Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Collistar Siero Prezioso Nero Sublime

on 12/5/2017 4:52:00 AM


I never heard of collistar as it's not available where I live.when hubby went to gorgia for a one week trip, he bought me a set of two 1.7oz collistar nero sublime black precious creams and a 0.5 oz nero sublime serum in a black polyster bag
I was excited to see the black product but I wasn't really expecting to see signs of repairing,brightening and detoxing as it claimed but I was sooo wrong.
I have never experienced anything similar to this cream.and I'm not only reffering to it's black has a unique gel texture.not a runny's a rich gel;something like gel and also whipped also feels very special on's a miracle on my skin.moisturizes and softens my skin like nothing else can skin looks plump,radiant and more healthy and glows and it makes any foundation blend seemlessly and sit perfectly on my skin(normally I can't wear about 97% of foundations out there as they make my skin flake and cling to my dry patches)
I have a very dry,sensitive skin but at the same it's prone to black head and white head.I tried lots of moisturizers but most of them don't keep my skin moisturized for more than half an hour or make my pores clogged.the only thing that really works is blending bioderma atoderme(the one with a pump)and caudalie or nuxe oil.but it can't save my skin from flaking when I wear most of foundations,consealers or any kind of tinted creams.I never guessed that,this strange black cream can save me.
When I apply nero sublime cream on my face,it absorbs quickly and my skin feels soft and dewy immidiately;the oily,dewy look that it gives to my skin goes away in an hour ir two but that lovely softness continues to the next day.I just love to touch my face as my skin feels as soft as a baby's skin but I bet someone with oily skin will probably hate it.this cream is very very rich,even oily but in a gel form if it makes any sense,so it doesn't feel as heavy as one would expect from such a rich cream.unlike most other rich creams it didn't make me break out and there wasn't new black heads while using it.I even felt that it can gradually cure my dry patches but I couldn't enjoy it more than three weeks.
I left it in my mother's's black color was intresting for her so she asked my permission for trying it.I let her.after a week when I went to visit her and take back my beloved cream she told me that nero sublime is also a miracle for her.she has normal skin so can't wear it as base for makeup.she used it as a night cream and she felt it can prevent her wrinkles from deepening and after just a week it was already brightening her pigmentations.I saw that she was happy and her skin looked really younger,more radient and evened out.I told her that she can keep it and I gave her the other one too!(I had two of them in my set)I decided to find another one for myself but I couldn't.finally I stopped searching for it as my man told me that he's going to go to georgia in near future and he will buy me another set of it,but this travel never happened
My lovely cream which I have named it:my black miracle almost removed two big patches of pigmentation on my moms cheeks which where resistant to any treatment but it's miracle didn't stop at that point!
I have a teenage brother with oily skin and lots of nasty acne and blemishes.his doctor prescribed him racotan,sulfur soap and some other heavy unti acne treatments.his acne was almost cured but medications dehydrated his skin and changed to a very dry one with eczema.whatever he used for hydrating his skin,made his acne come mom started to apply nero sublime on his face every didn't look like a good idea to me but it actually worked!dryness went away without causing any acne.
Last week my mom find out that I'm also suffering from dry skin and returned me one of my nero sublime creams.I was very happy to have it again but after using it I started to think that maybe it has turned!I opened it for tge first time almost a year ago(11 months and a week to be more specific,I can remember the exact time because huuby gave it as a part of my birthday gift) I can remenber that it had a nice smell.not like a heavily perfumed product,just a very mild scent of orchid and some fruits but now it smells a bit chemical while my serum still smells also irritates my skin sometimes and makes my cheeks itchy.there's no expiration date on it,just a sign that shows you can use it until 12months after opening it
I think I have to stop using it :(
I really loved it and I have to try to find it.unfortunately online prices are very high and there's no shipping to my country.a single cream was 70$ in a site.but we bought a set of two 50mil cream and a 15mil serum for 50$ from georgia..I believe it really deserves to be more popular and I wish it to be easy to access.I also wish they add an eye cream to this eyecream to brighten dark cycles and seeply hydrate skin around eyes.
I highly recommend it,speacially if you have dry/very dry/dehydrated skin or if you're a smoker and you're skin is dull,tired and fragile.just make sure not to overuse it.if you apply large amount of it,it's black color can't fully absorb and it can give your face a black-ish undertone
I have to add some points about it's serum:
It's also black but is not rich and heavy as it's cream.nero sublime serum is fluid and has a watery gel-oil's light weight and I like that it doesn't feel heavy like some other serums but it can't soften my dry skin like it's cream.however it may be enough for hydating skin of people with normal to oily skin.
I opened my serum recently and it still smells ok,so now that I can't use it with it's matched cream,I'm going to try mixing it with my foundations and then I will report results.It looks as if it can work as a primer since it makes my skin smooth and lumineous
Highly recommended

Eyeliner -Clio -Waterproof Brush Liner - Kill Black

on 12/5/2017 3:54:00 AM


I got this at my local drug store thinking as this was some dupe for KVD trooper. OMG!!! Nope just nope!!! This liner was nice on application with straight lines but later the color "migrates" and I had wishy -washy lines, uneven lines and looked like some lil' kid drew my eyes with markers!!! Not pretty when you shopping at the mall! Its def cheaper than KVD but this didnt work me.
I really dun mind splurging than looking like a clown around town with this liner.
I really wanted this to work cos of the trending k-pop makeup culture and what not....but no....
If you have oily lids ..dont buy! The oils will help 'dissipate' the color. By far this is the worst liner ever!!!!
Some drugstore brands perform far better!
Nways, I`d stick to KVD trooper, UD Perversion, Too faced Stekch Marker. Clio ..Never again!!!

Mascara -Blinc -Mascara Amplified

on 12/5/2017 3:35:00 AM


Honestly the best mascara I have ever used. Literally every single mascara I’ve tried before this one would smear around my eyelids within an hour. I’ve tried probably at least 100. This one has never failed me. Ever. I will probably never buy another mascara again and if this ever discontinues I will cry (and you wouldn’t see a single smudge) while I buy whatever quantity they have left in stock. I have tried other tubing mascaras but they just flake (looking at you, L'Oréal). I like the Amplified best rather than the original because of the way it coats my lashes - very even, feathery, and natural looking. The original kind of went on clumpy. I will buy Blinc Amplified forever and ever.

Lotions/ Creams -Unlisted Brand -Bag Balm

on 12/5/2017 3:22:00 AM


My first review in years, and happy to come back to review this HG product. You may think I’m crazy, but every night after finishing my cleansing, chemical exfoliation, and moisturizing routine, I slather this good stuff all over my face. I have been doing this for at least two years now (still only half-way through the tin, one will last you forever) and words can not describe what a difference it has made. I have the driest, flakiest, most prone to rosacea and eczema face in the world - yet as long as I put this on before going to bed, I wake up looking dewy and refreshed. It doesn’t break me out either because it contains an antiseptic, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate 0.3%. I have searched the internet to see if anyone does the same to no avail - it seems most people will at most use this for hands, feet, and lips. Honestly, if the smell doesn’t bother you (and if it does, just give it a couple nights, it won’t bother you anymore), I highly suggest adding this to the end of your night time face routine. If you regularly slug it up as it is with vaseline, switch to this and see the results. Just make sure you use a pillowcase you don’t care about. (:

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