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Styling Products -Farouk CHI -Chi Silk Infusion Reconstructing Complex

on 11/8/2018 1:59:00 AM


Smell is floral and musky. Subtle. It dissipates fairly quickly. This product is a smooth transparent gel the easily spreads in your hands. Very lightweight. Nice for when you want to give your hair something extra when its already looking good. Good as a final leave-in right after the shower. Not recommended for dry hair.

Gels/Soaps -Dove -Beauty Bar


Winter staple in my home. Only negative is that it melts somewhat fast but the price is good so it’s fine.

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Foundations -Vichy -Dermablend Corrective Foundation


I’ve been wearing this product for many years. It was recommended to me, by the cosmetic manager at a local drugstore. I have acne, hyperpigmentation, redness. I feel as though this covers very well, it’s buildable, so I just apply extra where needed. It has a light feel to it, doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any.

Hair -Shea Moisture -Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie


A staple in my hair routine. Softens and holds moisture in. I love this.

Moisturizers -Kate Somerville -Oil Free Moisturizer


As a moisturizer for oily skin it’s good nothing special but it works. However I love the packaging. It allows you to use the perfect amount of product without using too much. For this reason I’m purchasing it again.

Toners -Kate Somerville -Clarifying Treatment Toner


Perfect toner. First I love the packaging. Designed so you don’t use too much wasting product like the sprays and squirt bottles. The toner itself does exactly what it advertises.

Other -Colgate -Cavity Protection Toothpaste


Let’s say I’m no longer a Crests kid. Now I have a Colgate smile!

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Polishes -Unlisted Brand -LynbDesigns - Mirthful

on 11/8/2018 12:27:00 AM

Mirthful is from LynBDesigns December 2016 polish of the month. It is described as a teal blue base loaded with purple glitters in various sizes. My bottle is really more sky blue than teal, which is fine with me as I am not a huge teal fan.

The formula was very crelly like and as such it was sheer on the 1st two coats. It applied smoothly and evenly with no running or pooling. At 3 coats I still had a bit of VNL on my short nails. As I did not want to add a 4th coat I just dapped a little polish on my tips and that did the trick. The glitters spread evenly with no manipulation on my part.

This comes in the standard polish brush w/the standard nail polish brush. It isn’t innovative but it works well.

I got really good wear from this polish. Due to the glitters it did take a bit longer to remove but IMO this polish is worth the extra removal time. There was no staining.

I love this polish. I think that it is really beautiful and unique. I would definitely repurchase this if it were available again.

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Colors by Llarowe - Fake Tan Man

on 11/8/2018 12:08:00 AM

Colors by Llarowe’s Fake Tan Man is from the October 2018 PPU. The theme for the month was Villians. The maker based this color on the villan DJT.

Fake Tan Man is described (directly from the PPU site) as sheer orange loaded with billions and billions of yellow OG Unicorn Pee to represent the PeePee Tapes. IMO this description is accurate. I also noted that in some lights there was a duo chrome aspect to this polish. It might have been a combination of the base coat and the Fake Tan Man together.

I used this polish as a topper over a deep gray polish. This combo really brought out the beauty of Fake Tan Man. It was very orange and the UP really showed up again the gray undie. The formula was nice. There was no running or pooling and it applied even with the UP spreading evenly with no manipulation on my part.

I used 3 coats because I really wanted the orange to show. Depending on what you like, you could probab ly do with one, two or three coats. I doubt that this polish would be opaque on it’s own so it is probably bested used as a topper.

That packaging was the standard polish bottle with the standard brush. It worked well.

I got good wear from this polish. Removal was easy and as I used this as a topper there was no staining.

This is an LE polish but I would repurchase if possible as it is a beautiful and unique polish. I think that I paid $11.50 for this bottle. Well worth the cost.

Polishes -Unlisted Brand -Pahlish - Sandy Claws

on 11/7/2018 11:48:00 PM

Pahlish’s Sandy Claws is from the 2017 Holo-ween Collection. It is described as an oxblood/berry scattered holographic with blue to pink multichrome shimmer. On me this is more of a berry color as opposed to oxblood. The blue and pink shimmers are very evident in various,

Even though this polish is a year old the formula was perfect. It applied smoothly and evenly with the scattered holo spreading evenly without any manipulation on my part. There was no running or pooling. It was fully opaque in two thinner coats but I think it could be opaque with one thicker coat. However, the color did deepen with the 2nd coat. It did dry slightly matte without a glossy top coat.

Sandy Claws comes packaged in the standard polish bottle with the standard brush. It isn’t innovative but it does work. One thing that I do like about the packaging for this collection is that there is a little ghost on the front of the bottle in honor of Halloween.

I really like this polish. It is a good quality with a great formula and is more complex on than in the bottle. I would repurchase because the colors is gorgeous. I think I paid between $11 and $12 for this one. Given the fact that this is a such pretty Indie polish that is a fair price.

I will date in a few days on wear, removal and staining.

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