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Hair Treatments -Pureology -Hydrate Superfood Treatment Mask

on 9/6/2018 5:38:00 PM


Excellent conditioning mask, I love this one! I think this would be great for anyone with dry hair. It is very moisturizing! But not too heavy either.

I am super-picky about conditioners, and Pureology's Hydrate Superfood Treatment Mask is a definite winner for me. My hair looks and feels amazing every single time I use this.

Always leaves my hair soft and smooth and shiny. This is a high-quality product.

For reference I have hair that is thick, wavy-textured, color-treated, and I heat-style it regularly. It has a tendency to get dried out so I'm always on the lookout for good moisturizing conditioners. I was very impressed by this one, and I'm definitely going to buy it again.

Highly Recommended!

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Treatments (Eye) -Unlisted Brand -Hollywood Eye Magic

on 9/6/2018 5:03:00 PM

I am an esthetician; I started selling Hollywood Eye Magic ten years ago to my clients. I was introduced to it at a skincare trade show in Las Vegas and everyone was buying it. The results are instantaneous and it MUST be used daily in order to achieve the long lasting effect you are looking for. I can't keep it on my shelves and, although it at first appears to be expensive, it's competitors are outrageously priced! For the results you're after, you can't beat this serum. Each vial has 300 applications so it's good for almost an entire year. I can't praise this photo highly enough and have the before and after photos to prove it works!

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Conditioner -Shea Moisture -Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Leave-In Milk

on 9/6/2018 4:53:00 PM

I had the Shea moisture strengthen and grow leave in. My problems with that were the repulsive odor, and the fact that it worked great if I hadn't used it in a while, but it seemed to make my hair more wiry the more I used it. I thought that the wiriness might be due to the protein, so I was excited to see this that leave-in is pure moisture with no protein.

And for the second time with a Shea moisture leave in, I can't get past the smell. I find it sickeningly sweet, too hippie for my liking and very unpleasant. And the smell is strong and does not go away. Every time I got a whiff of my hair, my stomach overturned.

That said, I might have been willing to look past all of that if it made my hair soft beautiful, which it did not. I tried it both straight out of the shower, and to remoisturize third day hair, which is what I really needed it for. I feel like my hair never dried all the way when this was in. It was sticky and greasy but somehow sort of damp and the wetness would not go away. And we all know what happens when you step into humid weather with damp hair - major frizz. The complete opposite of what I was looking for.

I think this would work well as a ore-shampoo moisturizing treatment, but the smell is keeping me from experimenting with this any further.

Also, the product is very thick and should really be in a jar.

Makeup Brushes -Kevyn Aucoin -Foundation brush


Amazing brush for those who prefer a brush over a sponge to apply foundations. This is definitely a luxury brush - it's heavy and feels really good in the hand. The handle is a dense plastic, but I haven't noticed much scratching. The bristles are synthetic, incredibly dense, and very soft on the face. I first dot my face with foundation, and then hold the brush at the ferrule (like a marker/pencil) to tap the foundation in. The key is the tap-tap-tap motion, similar to using a Beauty Blender. The result is a flawless "just-like-skin" finish. The brush does soak up some product, but nowhere close to the amount of a sponge. After washing the brush several times, I have had ZERO issues with shedding hairs. But beware that it takes 2 days to dry this brush after washing because of how densely packed it is. Overall, I think you will be really pleased with the quality and performance of this brush. Expensive, but oh-so-worth-it

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Blush -SHISEIDO -Luminizing Satin Face Color - PK304 Carnation

on 9/6/2018 4:40:00 PM


For years I had a pink Dior blush that was so understated I never thought much about but dedpite not being eye catching it was also so easy to wear that I actually managed to finish it - no mean feat if you ask me. Then it was time to repurchase and it was discontinued - the horror! And Iet me tell you it was not easy to find a similar color. After Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Benefit and MAC I found this Shiseido gem, the closest so far.

The light pink neutral color with satin finish is so easy to wear! The trends are all about exciting highly pigmented blushes but I enjoy more something I can count on looking just beautiful and not overpowering any time. Application is smooth and flawless. The brush us surprisingly usable. Lasts all day too.

Oh and of course it's also discontinued. Will grab some backups for sure.

Makeup Brushes -Laura Mercier -All Over Eye Colour Brush


A superb brush for getting the job done! I have the short-handled version, which is just a little short for comfort in my hand but still very usable. I use this brush to place a wash of color all over my lids after priming with Urban Decay Primer Potion. The bristles are soft and densely packed, allowing me to deposit color really well by either sweeping across the lid or patting on product. I have washed the brush twice and had no problems with bristles falling out. I am tempted to buy another one (one for mattes, another for sparkly/shimmers)! The only con is the price, but I think you will be impressed by how useful this brush is!

Styling Products -Unlisted Brand -LA Looks Sport Gel

on 9/6/2018 4:22:00 PM


I should title this review 'how I found out that my hair is not secretly curly'. The underside of my hair from the ears down is loose waves in cool weather and very tight waves when it is humid. But the canopy is a dry, frizzy, stick-straight puffball nightmare. I read about people with this straight but frizzy hair type who discovered that their hair was naturally curly, so thought I would try this. It wasn't for me, but I still think it is a good product.

I scrunched the gel into my sopping wet hair, then left it pinned up to dry. It was hard to keep hands off of it, and it took FOREVER to dry. So I am letting this hard helmet form onto my hair over many hours while trying not to touch it. It felt like a lot more work than I was used to doing on a wash day.

When my hair finally dried, it was hard and crusty. I began to scrunch. The lower portion had somewhat defined waves, but I was surprised to see that the top instantly straightened the slight bit of wave that it had and became huge. My hair had formed a weird shape overall.

My hair felt coated and dirty even though I just washed it, and I looked like something exploded in my face. Day 2 hair was a dry, puffy nightmare. On a good note, I was able to get the most gorgeous high bun i have ever had due to the insane amount of volume that I had (and didn't want). But, this was the only thing I could do with my hair in that state.

I washed it a couple of days later and tried it again, plopped, and I thought I did a better job of not touching my hair, but the result was the same. I also noticed that I had a lot of bumps forming on my face along my hairline. I do tend to break out with some hair products, and it seems that this is one of them.

Im not heartbroken over it, because the whole 'scrunch, plop, don't touch, scrunch' etc thing was more fuss than I was hoping to deal with anyway.

When it comes to controlling my frizz, I decided that I am a cream/oil person and not a gel person. I really need that volume reduction that comes from being weighed down with grease.

I am not giving this a terrible rating because I saw with the underside of my hair that this could have potential for the right hair types. I did try some on my son, who has ear-level hair with no moisture of frizz issues. It gave him amazing 90's heartthrob-esque hair and I am sure the ladies were chasing him around school all day ;). So yeah, this stuff is definitely good - just not for my super dry and frizzy hair that is not secretly curly.

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Liquid -L'Oreal Paris -Magic Nude Liquid Powder [DISCONTINUED]

on 9/6/2018 4:14:00 PM


It blended in perfect with my random skin color (C6) blue. Very light, didnt look caky. Didnt make my skin breakout either. Price was fair for how good it worked. I just wish the packaging was different so i could access it better whenbgetting low and maybe get more product in the bottle. So many other foundations come with so much more product, i dont know why they skimped on this one. Please bring it back. I know it was good because my husband complimented me about it, which means he noticed it beautifying my already beautiful face. No warning or nothing, just gone! please bring it back!!

Mascara -benefit Cosmetics -Roller Lash

on 9/6/2018 4:02:00 PM


This has been my HG mascara for about 2 years now. It's very natural looking, which I love for everyday wear. I have fine lashes and this does a great job in separating all of my lashes with no clumping. It also gives me a bit of length. This is definitely NOT a voluminous mascara so if you go for that look, I would not recommend this one! This is a great mascara for everyday natural look. I've used the black one but recently switched to the brown color and love it as well! Repurchased several tubes already and don't plan on switching anytime soon! Only complaint is I wish it was cheaper :(

Brows -Glossier -Boy Brow

on 9/6/2018 3:57:00 PM


I fell for the hype and so glad I did! I use the shade blonde and it's the perfect color for my natural blonde hair (perfect neutral blonde). I've seen this compared to Essence Make Me Brow but IMO this product is MUCH better. It sets eyebrow hairs nicely without being crunchy, adds good tint, and a little bit of volume. After using it for 2 months, I was disappointed bc it dried out super fast. Luckily, I read somewhere about removing that rubber stopper and once I did there was a ton product left! I stretched one tube for ~5months with everyday use! Already repurchased my 2nd tube!

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