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Treatments (Face) -Unlisted Brand -Timeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C Serum + Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid

on 7/7/2018 8:20:00 AM


I've been using Timeless Vitamin C Serum since November. Thank you to Angie on YouTube's "Hot and Flashy", I would have never heard of this product. I've tried several serums, however they were either too sticky or greasy. Some gave me a yellow tint. Not Timeless though. This is watery clear not sticky formula. My foundation goes on smoother. I have a healthier glow. I first ordered through Amazon and it was fine, the second time I ordered it came oxidized. I threw it away and ordered from Timeless website using Hot and Flashy discount code hf5off. It made a difference in my brighter complexion. I'm hooked on this and will repurchase for as long as they make this.

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Eye Shadow -Inglot -Freedom System Palette

on 7/7/2018 8:14:00 AM


I was so excited when I saw inglot in my country , as I was so keen to start my little own palette . I bought a skin tone one that is close to my shade. It is a very stiff powder such that little is picked up on the brush , very hard to work with . Way prefer wet n wild brûlée which is creamier and just easier to apply

Foundations -Make Up For Ever -Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

on 7/7/2018 8:08:00 AM


I have to give a bad packaging because I accidentally broke the bottle . The finish is very skin like , thin and a cross between matte/ dewy. Coverage is Low to low medium . The hard part was the application process as it is not the spreadable type

Sunscreen -Eau Thermal Avene -Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF 50+ (for intolerant skin)

on 7/7/2018 7:55:00 AM



I have registered specifically to write this.

I have Very High Protection Mineral Lotion SPF 50, 100 ml

It's not only white and opaque (which makes it unwearable even on your arms), it doesn't work!
I used it on my arms and hands to prevent these little red bumps I get when I am in the sun (sun allergy) and it didn't work!
I had none of the bumps with a cheap supermarket Nivea sunscreen.
Stains everything (your bag, your clothes, everything you touch), very messy.
And quite expensive!

One positive (which is outweighed by the negatives) is that it's not as drying as the other mineral sunscreens.

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Blush -Elizabeth Arden -Ceramide Cream Blush


I really loved this product. It’s expensive but it has good staying power and it is easy to apply. I found building up the level of colour I desired simple and uncomplicated. Good for: -Girls who want a cream blush. -Girls who dislike reapplying make-up (the ‘no-fuss’ types, like me). -Girls who are not exactly gifted when it comes to applying make-up and struggle to build up the correct amount of colour. Reconsider if: -You prefer powder blush. -You are on a budget. -You’d prefer to spend less money, even if it means you need to apply your makeup more often.

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Lips -Jeffree Star -Velour Liquid Lipstick


I love his lipstick formula

Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Matte LipKit

on 7/7/2018 6:05:00 AM


This lipstick was the first Kylie lip kit I bought, choosing between Kristen and Dazzle at the Kylie store in San Francisco. I wanted a pinkish-red color that wasn't too neutral but also not too dramatic. I used the lip liner and liquid lipstick according to package directions, but it never fully dried. Even after experimenting with a thick coat and a thin coat. It dried a little bit but still felt very wet. There also wasn't a "turn" thing on the liner so I almost threw it away after one week before realizing I could sharpen it. The pencil's tip didn't look like it could be sharpened, I thought the plastic material would break the sharpener. It didn't but twice the sharpener broke off little pieces of liner and I had to continue sharpening it.
On the positive side this never rubbed off on my teeth. On the negative side, it really emphasized the lines on the sides of my bottom lip. I also have injections, not as big as Kylie's but my lips definitely aren't thin and have more shape to them than average. Anytime I ate with this product, the lipstick would rub off onto the center of my chin, and when I would wipe it off it would also remove my foundation underneath. Sometimes it would rub onto the bottom of my nose and I'm not a messy eater. I couldn't share food or drinks with people either (everybody does it, lol) because there would be color rubbing off on the straw and food. I would have to reapply after eating or drinking because the color would be gone from the bottom portion of both of my top lip, and top portion of my bottom lip. I also kissed a person on a date and afterwards, the lipstick was GONE. It wasn't messed up, it was literally no longer there. As if I never applied the lipstick, even though there was color transferred on his lips. It was so embarrassing to have my lipstick disappear and whenever I would go out to coffee/food my friends would point out the color on my chin/nose or I would be constantly checking my phone camera to see if there was any smudging.
Since the store I bought this from didn't accept any returns (of course), I still wear this lipstick on campus days/casual days but I'm basically just using it until it runs out since the color isn't bad and it still costed three times the amount of my usual lipstick. However, this product was really disappointing and doesn't match with all of the hype surrounding it, my usual $10 Revlon colorstay liquid lipstick in the same color will last all day and involves no retouching at all, even if I'm eating or kissing. I understand Kylie Cosmetics has higher prices to avoid over saturation or going out of style, but I see this more as a brand for her fans and not those looking for quality makeup products. I recommend her highlighters and matte lipsticks but the velvet lip kit was just really embarassing for me to wear :(

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Eye Shadow -Unlisted Brand -Red Apple Lipstick - Eyeshadow

Gluten-Free range of makeup for people with sensitive skin. I enjoyed their lipstick and lip balm range so thought I'd try the eyeshadows. These are sold as refills. I brought 9 to fill their Red Apple Branded small Z-Palette. I'm not that impressed for the $$$. I think they are aimed at a natural work look for an older working woman who doesn't expect much from her makeup. However, I did find a good pigmented black, "Black Magic", and a nice creamy golden brown satin, "Twinkle Taupe" which I am really enjoying.

The colour range is very natural, reminding me of the ashy Urban Decay Naked 1 palette shades which is out of fashion right now. Needless to say there aren't any exciting metallics or duochromes.

Low to moderate pigment, blend ok, have a dusty, dry slightly grainy feel with some fallout. They also highlight dry skin texture a little and are not long wearing.
Black Magic E12 - very black, good pigment, wears well. Works better for me than the MAC Carbon!! I use this for soft lining eyes with a synthetic angled brush.
Clean Slate - matt cool dark grey, good for a smoky eye or defining the outer corner
Espresso E6 - dark cool brown, a bit sheer and dry, good for filling in brows for a brunette, or defining the outer corner of eyes for a more natural look
Porcelain E8 - off white/pale ashy beige, a bit grainy and dry. I used as an allover base. Its its ashy undertone didn't light up my eyes so it doesn't work as a matte highlight. I much prefer the smooth texture and brightness of Lancome matte eyeshadow in "Cream".

Light to medium pigment, lots of fallout, severely highlight texture. All but one shade (Twinkle Taupe) made my eyes look really old, and tired, with wrinkly scaly lids.
Twinkle Taupe E10 - medium neutral brown with soft gold shimmer. Great for the crease or defining the outer corner. This one

Overall, I think they are more LA Girl or Maybelline quality. I suppose at that price I was wanting Colour Pop or Anastasia Beverley Hills. I probably would try other gluten free brands of eyeshadows next time, but I am planning to splurge on more Red Apple lipsticks, glosses and their famous mascara.

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Hair Styling Tools -BaByliss Pro -Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

on 7/7/2018 5:16:00 AM


This is a really great flat iron! Had mine for 4 years & I'm gonna get a new one ONLY cuz the paint has started to peel off on the sides & it doesn't look as pretty as it used to. BUT after 4 years, it still works as good as it ever did. My hair is thick, curly, coarse & frizzy. And even in the disgusting NYC summers, using this flat iron, my hair is totally straight, with absolutely no poof or frizz. It does sometimes wave up a bit when it's very damp or humid, but a quick touch-up takes care of it. I don't even need to use much product. Yeah, this iron is that good! One thing I'll say is it must be cleaned after every use. No other flat iron I've ever had attracts whatever oil or anything else in my hair than this one. So be sure to clean it (very simple -- with paper towel & dish-washing liquid) & it should last a long time. This was way better for me than GHD & so much cheaper. You can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon for a little over 100 bucks. Well worth it!

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Brows -Soap & Glory -Soap & Glory ARCHERY™ 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush

on 7/7/2018 4:59:00 AM


After trying many drugstore and high-end eyebrow pencils and liners and after being previously disappointed with Rimmel's eyebrow pencil which was just cheap and made my eyebrows look drawn, I decided to give this middle-range eyebrow pencil a go--I don't know why this is not praised enough but this the best eyebrow liner I have tried so far. The liner is very precise and fills out any blank spots easily with a single stroke and most importantly without looking obvious. I have this in the shade dark chocolate and is perfect for my almost black dark brown eyebrows. This also lasts more than any other brands I have tried which simply get wiped away with sweat and accidental touches. My HG eyebrow liner for now...

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